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When you reach for that mug in the morning , you may get more benefits than a jump.
start to the day.

Daily cups of coffee have been linked to a reduced risk of Parkinson's disease, liver cancer, gallstones and type 2 diabetes. In addition, green tea and white tea have been touted for their health benefits.

"What's interesting really is for years we were beating up on coffee. … And now study after study is suggesting benefits," said "Good Morning America" medical contributor David Katz.

So given the choice between coffee and tea, what's the healthiest thing you can reach for in the morning?

How Much to Have?
The maximum recommended amount of coffee is four 8-ounce cups a day, although it depends on the individual in terms of body size, among other factors. Because caffeine has been shown to raise blood pressure, you should limit your intake if you have any blood pressure abnormalities. More than four cups is never recommended.

There is the strong suggestion that the antioxidants in tea — whether it's black, green or white — have health benefits. Antioxidants can prevent inflammation of the blood vessels, and it has been linked to reduced risk for cancer. In terms of antioxidants, white tea has the most, followed by green tea, black tea and coffee. Green and white teas are made from different parts of the tea leaves, but both are minimally processed, unlike black tea, which is fermented. It appears the process of fermentation reduces the antioxidants in the final product.

Caffeine is associated with enhanced alertness, increased productivity and concentration when you're driving, and enhanced athletic performances. In terms of caffeine, coffee has the most followed by black tea, green tea and white tea.

Tea Vs. Tea Beverages

Because the health benefits of tea has become more recognized by the public, some manufacturers are putting a small amount of it in a product, then adding ingredients that are bad for you, such as sugar. For instance, a Snapple Green Tea has 46 grams of sugar in it — the equivalent of about 11 sugar cubes. That's more than twice as much sugar as you get in a Hershey chocolate bar, which as 22 grams of sugar. Just because the label says white tea doesn't make it a healthy drink.

"Coffee or Tea?
If you have a choice between coffee or tea, Katz says tea is better. If coffee is part of your morning routine, you have nothing to worry about



Yogi 11:36 AM  

tea rocks!!coffee i cant stand :D

priya 11:37 AM  

My favorite is always "TEA". I can't think of not having my tea a day. As my husband loves coffee, I share coffee in the morning and tea in the evening...

starry nights 11:40 AM  

Yogi..glad you start your day out with a cupof tea mine has to be coffee.

starry nights 11:41 AM  

Priya..I have to have a cup of tea in the evening also. But coffee is a must for me and my husband in the morning.

Contented 1:47 PM  

I used to be teaholic, but my foreign stay ruined that habit and made me coffee adict. Whether I drink tea every day or not but at work I take coffee atleast twice a day...

samuru999 1:47 PM  

I like them both...
but I guess tea is my favorite!
I just had a glass of iced green
tea... yummy!
Great post starry!

starry nights 2:17 PM  

Thats so true.when we go to India it is tea most of the time and coffee occasionally.Maybe just in the morning.

starry nights 2:18 PM  

Samuru..iced tea sounds good.especially today because it is so hot.

starry nights 2:18 PM  

Contented..has the rains stopped.Are you having a nice cup of coffee?

forgotten somebody 5:36 PM  

thanks for appreciating my blog. i truly write as an outlet, and i'm touched when someone else takes the time to read what i've written.

and i'm very glad to hear my tea is beneficial.

southpaw 7:21 PM  

***Black coffee.

Mindinside 7:47 PM  

I like both

starry nights 8:02 PM is good.

starry nights 8:02 PM  

Secret keeper.thanks for stopping by and do come again.

starry nights 8:04 PM coffee em!Have tried to acquire the taste, but cant need some cream and sugar.

Mumbai Guy 8:28 PM  

Tea wid lots of milk is my must have morning beverage. Black coffee from starbucks is what I need in afternoon.

Ganesh Ranganathan 9:36 PM  

I am a coffee buff too, during exam time...minimum 6 cups a day...:-)

b v n 9:37 PM  

Oh...thats refreshing like a hot cuppa
cappuchino...great news for guys like me survive just on mugs of coffee day n nite.Thanks.

is there some indirect benefits for cigarrettes also...maybe it will take some more yrs of research

neihal 9:38 PM  

Coffee..specially in the's the best way to start the day...The first time I had tea was four months back...and I still dont like tea with milk...I prefer lemon-ginger. Nowdays I usually have black tea in the morning and coffee in the evenings.

neihal 9:40 PM  

Hey forgot to mention....good post...why cant I come up with something like that...hmmm...nevermind.

southpaw 9:41 PM  

No creame, no sugar, plain black coffee..:)

Arun 9:50 PM  

it was tea b4 landing its coffee...though not a junkie to either! Also, I have never experienced the phenomenon of "drink coffee to keep awake"!! When sleepy, nothing keeps me awake! :)

Mr. J 9:52 PM  

I drink black coffee. Early morning. It's heaven.

Sudarshan 10:24 PM  

Refreshing post and pic;-)

I love Coffee:-) I drink maybe one cup a day..but I don't like tea at all lol..I still drink a cup of milk a day lol:-)

All in all,coffee rocks!!!

Natasha 10:28 PM  

I can never start my day without a cup of tea in the morning! Very informative post, now I don't feel so guilty about the caffeine intake.

Rose 10:36 PM  


This post is like vedavakyam for a coffe-addict like me.. Thanks starry-eyes.. I wud be obliged to you for life..

~with a dramatic bollywood-movie-style hands-in-the-air-gesture~

;) ;) ;)


prithz 11:31 PM  

My morning cup is a cchocolate health drink. I take tea in the afternoon. No coffee at all!!!

chitra 12:53 AM  

It is morning tea at my home, at my parents and in laws place, it is the filter coffee.

Well, anyway thanks for telling me the nice things abt coffee and tea.
i shall use it as i ahve always been mocked for my addiction to these two beverages!

Contented 1:57 AM  

Its raining now and then....cloudy and dull weather....Always asking me to have my coffee to feel energetic..hehe

Has to be me 1:57 AM  

Im a tea person! Coffee's too bitter 4 me! Infact these days I seem to have fallen in love with Rooiboos tea (its a herbal tea & has no caffeine!)

The Brown eyed one 3:21 AM  

My drink would always be coffee. I can't lice without my Nescafe' after breakfast

Sumitha 3:34 AM  

Its black tea in the morning and cofee in the evening for me and hubby,although anytime given a choice between the two,I would prefer tea!

Jeevan 4:19 AM  

COFFEE OR TEA ? for me Complane:)

Alapana 4:25 AM  

Errrrrrrrr,I never tasted T or Coffee till date:( Yeah,yeah,I know what everyone says,Infact every morning when i make coffee for my Hubby i get to ehar from him what all i am missing in my life without a cup of either of them:) But what to do,old habts die hard.No Tea or Coffee for me:)

Blessed 6:21 AM  

Instead of coffee, I reach for an Ale-8. That is a soft drink that is made here in KY. They say that it has a ton of caffiene. I do like a good ole cup of java but evidently the caffiene level is so high that I literally climb the walls and feel as if I'm on speed.
I do like a cup of hot tea. I like flavored teas as apple cinnamon hot tea with a splash of milk and honey (especially in the winter).
I do like my sweet tea, too. Afterall, I'm from the south.
And thanx for visiting my blog.
I am enjoying visting yours.

Aditi 6:36 AM  

Never been much of a coffee or tea drinker (although i prefer the former if i have to) but definitely some interesting information on here..

Hip Grandma 6:43 AM  

i like both coffee and tea.but i have to begin my day with coffee.typical tamilian

gumbee 7:32 AM  

I don't really drink anything in the morning, until I get thirsty, and then I'll have a soda or ice tea. I don't drink coffee. But everytime I go to a restaurant or someone's house, I usually get tea. We also drink ice tea at home.

Suji 7:50 AM  

Tea tea tea!!! You must have guessed that by my current post....hehehe. I always knew tea was good for me....thanks for validating my belief. :)

starry nights 7:54 AM  

Mumbai guy sounds good. I need lots of mlk in my cofee too.

starry nights 7:55 AM  

Ganesh...addicted to coffee. sometimes I think I am too.

starry nights 7:56 AM  

Bvn...I think yu better stay with just the coffee. leave the cigarretts behind.

starry nights 7:58 AM  

Neihal..thank you. the first time I had black tea was in a chinese tea actually. I like tea with lots of milk and sugar or sweetner.

starry nights 7:59 AM  

Arun...I think it does work for some people. have had lots of cofee to stay awake at work and during exams.

starry nights 7:59 AM  

Me..have to try the black coffee

starry nights 8:00 AM  

Sudarshan..I have to agee with you. coffee rocks and it rocks even better with a starbucks.

starry nights 8:02 AM  

Natasha..go ahead enjoy your cup of tea or coffee.they are both good for you.

starry nights 8:03 AM  

Rose..thank I felt the same way when I read this article because I LOVE MY COFFEE!

starry nights 8:04 AM  

Prithz...Milk is good. My children love chocolate milk. dont know how you stay away from the coffee.

starry nights 8:04 AM  

Chitra welcome to my blog and enjou your cup of tea/coffee.

starry nights 8:05 AM  

Contented..when it is rainy and blue cofee or tea is good for you. will warm your spirit.hehe

starry nights 8:06 AM  

Hastobe me...have not heard of this tea.but willing to give it a try,

starry nights 8:07 AM  

Brown eyed one. A Girl after my own heart.

starry nights 8:08 AM many people like black tea. I always thought most indians liked tea with milk. I have never had black tea.dont like black coffee.

starry nights 8:09 AM are the healthy one.

starry nights 8:10 AM  

Alapana..Thanks for stopping by and please do come again. never met anyone before who did not like either one.One day stop at a starbucks and have a nice caramel Frapuccino. Wow! thats really good.

starry nights 8:11 AM  

Passerby55..sorry.this morning I am serving coffee with lots of cream and sugar.

starry nights 8:13 AM  

Blessed. Thanks for stopping by.I have tried flavored teas. I like cinnamon and lemon. sometimes mint.
Coffee brings me to life.

starry nights 8:14 AM  

Aditi.. Good girl you. Not addicted to either.

starry nights 8:14 AM for me too.

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Stacy..welcome to my blog and please come again. How do you guys stay away from coffee.

starry nights 8:47 AM  

Suji...true. You love tea. I like coffee.I am glad they are both good for you.

Delaleuverses 9:30 AM  

I prefer green tea, coffee makes me too edgy and then it wears off after a couple of hours, I hate that. Great post

Dawn....सेहर 11:39 AM  

Well dear I have read both sides of coffee being good and bad...but cant help without drinking my morning coffee ;) I just love it!
Lately I heard in a group lunch couple of colleagues said is fast forward towards aging..and I said I dont care :D...!
I am not an addict but love my first kick in the morning :D
Good thought provoking n some piece of knowledge filled post

David E. Patton 1:20 PM  

I drink about two pots of coffee aday. I really love the stuff, and now I get bad news but I also smoke both cigarettes and weed. So I know that I am at risk. But the way I see it is that life is hazardous to your health. I'm counting on the longevity that my family seem to have to get me through to the ripe old age of 90 or so.

Too_Many_Thoughts 1:41 PM  

i dont like tea or coffee, but this sure inspiries me hehe
since most desis drink chai!

starry nights 4:51 PM  

Dela..I think green tea is good for you too. but need that cup of coffee in the morning.

starry nights 4:51 PM  

Thank you Dawn.I need that cofee to kick start my morning too.

starry nights 4:53 PM  

David..I do hope those good genes carry you through. Thanks for stopping by my blog and please do come again.

starry nights 4:54 PM  

Too many thoughts..dont drink tea or coffee.Good habit.cant help myself I am addicted to coffee and love tea as well.Desi's do love their tea.

archana 5:17 PM  

Tea, Tea,Tea !!!! I start up my mornings with a hot cup of black tea, sometimes with milk. Loves coffee to , but mostly by the middle of the day. I loved that photo. Thank you

Keshi 6:07 PM  

I basically cant live w.o. coffee...only have 1 cup per day but I need that somehow.

**"What's interesting really is for years we were beating up on coffee. … And now study after study is suggesting benefits,"

I never listened to anyone - I have always had coffee and will always do so :) Cos I just knew coffee cant be bad for u. back in SL coffee cures anything - headache, stomach ache or any kinda minor illnesses. So it just had to be good na. Who cares what the scientists say - they never really said anything right anyways lol!


nandi23 6:26 PM  

either one is awesome, coffee raises the bp, thats a good thing, more blood rushing to the brain = more oxygen = more thinking!!!
however there is a lethal dose of caffeine, 10g, no worries this is about 85 cups of coffee in one go :D, Not even the biggest coffee fanatic can reach this!

Ashley 6:48 PM  

Today, I had two cups of coffee (with Splenda sweetener), one cup of sugary, traditional chai, and two cups of (plain) hot green tea.

I can't choose between coffee or tea -- unless I am somewhere that demands I choose wisely -- spicy chai in northern India; hot, black tea in England; iced tea the southern US; and coffee in the Pacific Northwest!

starry nights 7:25 PM  

Archana..tea with lots of milk sounds good.thanks.I would love to have a cup of coffee with you .

starry nights 7:26 PM  

Keshi..I love coffee too. ayou are right they are always beating up coffee but cofee has been with me forever.cant live without it.

starry nights 7:29 PM  

Nandi..true. I like both but coffee does something for me that tea cant.

starry nights 7:31 PM  

Ashley..thanks for stopping by my blog and please do come again. true sometimes its where you are that dictates what u drink. I like spicy chai also and use splenda with cofee and tea.Thank god for splena because I drin about 2 cups of coffee and 1 cup of tea each day.

Robyn 8:49 PM  
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Robyn 8:56 PM  

yes, this is perfect! I've heard there are health benefit to coffee. I drink coffee during the week in the a.m and tea on the weekends (usually black or green tea).

Here's a fun coffee quiz -
(just put the link together and paste in your browser, wouldn't view correctly in this comment)

I was a Soy Latte!

Check it out and post it on your blog if you'd like :)


V N 10:31 PM  

Late here, but I hv to tell u that me, a tea freak!

Apoplexy 11:25 PM  

Nice blog says a tea voter

Johnny 12:16 AM  

I like black coffee. But coffee is adictive!

Anand 2:12 AM  

ha well!
I dont drink either..will choclate milk with choc conrflakes do instead?:-)

Maya Cassis 2:13 AM  

I hate both beverages but when i have a headache,a small one,a tea always helps relieve it for sometime at least...COffee always gives me gastritis and makes me feel all grown up too at the same time!haha

mathew 2:28 AM  

tea in the morning and coffee for rest of the day..thats how i like it!!!

chandni 3:24 AM  

Chai does it for me...especially since my return from the US....

the diff is...its a hug American size mug now as compared to the cup ;)

adi 4:26 AM  

have always liked tea especially if prepared by my pa

coffee has always been associated with office, business meetings and 'rakhi bhabhi'- my boss' wife

though, the doc has advised me to drink lots of coffee to counter low bp that i suddenly have been blessed with ;)

Hiren 8:50 AM  

I can't imagine having coffee regularly. Tea one can have as many times as one wants.

starry nights 9:48 AM  

Robyn..thanks for the link for the coffee quiz.its too late now so I may ue it another time.thanks for stopping by.and come back again.

starry nights 9:49 AM  

Apoplexy..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again. tea lover are Yu?

starry nights 9:50 AM  

Velu..I think you were busy drinking tea. me I drink coffee a lot.

starry nights 9:51 AM  

Johnny..Welcome to my blog and please do come again. Coffee is addictive but cant help myself.Hopelessly in love with coffee.

starry nights 9:52 AM  

Anand Oh so u are a chocolate lover!

starry nights 9:53 AM  

Maya I think its just tea for you.I have heard about people having gastritis after having coffee, I think its when it is too strong and black.My stomach can take anything.

starry nights 9:54 AM  

Matthew. Its just the reverse for me.

starry nights 9:55 AM  

Chandni..I know what u mean.When I visit India I miss drinking my coffee in those huge mugs.I hate drinking cofeee in a tea cup.I think cofeee should be drunk from a cofeee mug.

starry nights 9:57 AM  

Adi..good to see you back. Lucky for you that you have low B/P.Go ahead and drink lots of cofee and enjoy your tea as well.I wish my Ma was alive to make me a cup of cofee.

starry nights 9:59 AM  

Hiren. You have to ask a coffee lover how they do it, because you can drink as many cups and still not feel too jittery with all that caffeine.


Hey...Sorry am late...I forst love the picture of the tea or coffe cup...very majestic n a great pick...

As you rightly mentioned the scene is changing I understand..>Earlier it was a NO NO to coffe n OK to tea but seems tht research is showinf alternative things too...

Me not addicted to either of it but maybe once in a while I do get a latte from Starbucks...

I make this chocolate drink with milk in themorning with a pinch of coffee just for the aroma...

So I am milk drinker in all senses!

starry nights 10:08 AM  

Scribblez..should have had that morning cofeee. Just kidding. I dont know what I would do without that morning cup of cofee.

Saurabh 7:40 PM  

I usually grab a cup of tea as I walk into the office. But I still think we should not be addicted to anything whether tea of coffee. The pictures are very nice. Did you take them?

Inji Pennu 9:25 AM  

Actually I would say when we add milk like the Indian way, caffiene in tea,coffee,chocolate dilutes.

Why Am I 2:49 AM  

coffe coffe coffeee!!!...esp filter cofffee:)...gimme caffeine ne day!

starry nights 2:50 PM  

Saurabh..No I did not take those pictures.they are off the net.

starry nights 2:51 PM  

Inji pennu..true.

starry nights 2:52 PM  

Why am I..A person after my own heart. its coffee, coffee and coffee for me all day.thank you

nandi23 7:37 PM  

now the coffee fans are gonna rule the world starry:D, look at what you have done! lol, smile

starry nights 7:47 PM  

Nandi..yeah coffee rules.

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