Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have been tagged by Srijith to do this book tag. I have been really busy for the last couple of weeks and have not had time to read or visit many blogs, something I feel really sad about. I miss all my blogger friends and most of all I miss all the interesting posts and poems. Now back to the tag..

1..I have to simply take a book, turn to page 123 and reproduce the fifth paragraph .

I reach over to my nightstand and take the book "Always believe in yourself and your dreams" edited by Patricia Wayant. The book has only 63 pages so I close my eyes and open the middle of the book. There is a poem "Create your own world." by Dena Dilaconi .

The last paragraph says It is up to each of us to decide which way we want to go; how far or how fast we go in life are the choices we all must make for ourselves"

This last paragraph hit home to me because there was is much truth in that phrase. I know that everyone does not get the same opportunities in life, but it is up to each one to create the world we live in. We can either take the worst circumstance and make it better or we can just accept it and be miserable.

I have to share this second poem with you:


by Linda E Knight

This life is the only one you are given

Look for opportunities to grow
and never be discouraged.
Replace your weakness with positives.

Take life's broken pieces
and re- create your dreams.
Never measure the future by the past
let yesterday become a memory
and to-morrow a promise.

Begin each day by focusing on all that is good
And you will be in a position to handle whatever
comes along.
Take responsibility for your actions
never make excuses for not being the best
you can be.

If you should slip,
be comforted by the thought
that we all do sometimes.
Determine your to-morrow
by the choices you make today.

Do you think we create the world we live in , or does destiny play a part?

I dont know if others have done this tag but anyone who wishes to can take it up.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007


For three weeks he has come and gone
Back and forth round and round.
Hitting his head on the window pane
Trying to enter, maybe seeing
his reflection in a mirror in vain.

Confused, disoriented, maybe lost
Why does he come back to the same place at any cost.
He leaves when the sun goes down
And returns at the break of dawn.

I wish I knew what he wanted or what he is looking for
I appear helpless just like him.
As he goes round and round
And finally hits the ground.

I took this video of the bird from my bedroom. , he used to wake us up every day,I miss him even though sometimes I wished he did not come.Isn't life like that sometimes. Sorry for not visiting any blogs. I was with my sister, she completed her first dose of chemo and is doing fairly well, just very weak.Will be going for her next treatment in two weeks. Please continue to pray for her.I have started physical therapy. my back is still bothering me but is getting better. We are coming to the end of American Idol.I am not sure who I would like to win because I like Blake and Jordan.


Friday, May 11, 2007


A beautiful smile, a soft voice,
A kind heart and a soft hand.
This is what comes to my mind
When I think of my mother.

Always forgiving, rarely complaining,
Through the many hardships she had to endure.
Taking care of the children,cooking and cleaning,
Trying to read a book inbetween.
Good at sewing, knitting and crochet,
Not forgetting embroidery too.

Taught me to be patient and kind
To take one day at a time.
Embrace all people, don't say anything unkind.
Treat others the way you would want to be treated
She would say.
And don't forget to say your prayers each day.

I am thankful to God for the time I had with her,
Resentful at times because she was taken away too soon.
Never had a chance to say I am sorry
Or to give her a big hug
And say Thank you and I love you.



Tuesday, May 01, 2007


We met in a classroom
Instantly we were friends.
Spent three years together
Had so much of fun
We could not be apart.
And always vowed
we would be friends forever.

We stood by each other
skipped classes, went to movies
Walked through the park.
Helped each other with homework
Shared our lunch
There was always a laugh.

Then came a day when we parted ways
I came to the U.S. You stayed in India
The letters were frequent, then they were few.
I was starting a new life
And forgot there was you.

The years have gone by
I often think of the good times
we had.
I wish I could relive them
The good and the bad.
I have tried to contact you
But heard that you had left
the country too.

Each night when I say my prayers
I always say a special prayer for you.
Good friends are rare to come by
I wish I had you.
Time has gone by
I am a mother of two.
I often think of you
And wonder if you have a family too.
I would love to meet yours and show mine to you.