Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I was lying in bed and thinking"Why does bad things happen to good people" and I don't have an answer. My eldest sister has always been there for me.I am the youngest sister in a large family .I lost my mother even before my children were born and my sister acted as my mother,she helped me alot through everything I have been through.Has been by my side through all the Joys and the sorrows.If there was anything I needed I had to just call her up and she would be there to help me.She stayed at my bedside while I was in the hospital for my back surgery.Always looking out for others and thats why I am sad.My sister is in Bangalore right now, her first vacation to India since 1993.She was so sad to take this vacation because she wanted me to go to India too. She was hardly there 10 days when she found out she has breast cancer.It is a shock to all of us because we don't even have a family history of it and this was something we did not even think would happen. I spoke to her last night,they are trying to get an early return flight so she can start her treatment. She is trying to stay strong and has a very positive atitude. Please pray for her that she will be well and will have a safe trip. I still don't have the answer"WHY DOES BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE" Do YOU?
Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.
Amy Li

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Monday, February 26, 2007


Friday, February 23, 2007



PROBLEM: Cookies are short pieces of data used by web servers to help
identify web users. The popular concepts and rumors about what a
cookie can do has reached almost mystical proportions,
frightening users and worrying their managers.

PLATFORM: Any platform that can use a modern web browser.

DAMAGE: No damage to files or systems. Cookies are only used to identify
a web user though they may be used to track a user's browsing habits.

: No files are destroyed or compromised by cookies, but if
you are concerned about being identified or about having your web
browsing traced through the use of a cookie, set your browser to
not accept cookies or use one of the new cookie blocking
packages. Note that blocking all cookies prevents some online
services from working. Also, preventing your browser from
accepting cookies does not make you an anonymous user, it just
makes it more difficult to track your usage.

Smells awesome, tastes scrumptious, tempting, , addicting. so many different kinds for so many different occasions cannot stop with one.

There are many rumors that cookies are unhealthy for you, but don't believe all the rumors.cookies eaten in moderation is good for your soul.Makes you feel content and happy. Brings back many beautiful memories of when you were a kid.

Don't bake too many cookies.Limit it to a few on special occasions.One cannot avoid having cookies in the house especially if there are children.But those cookies usually disappear really fast. If you don't want to be identified as ther person who stole the last cookie make sure you dont leave a trail of crumbs.Hide some in a cookie jar, sneaking a cookie when the kids are at school does not make you an anonymous user, it will just make it hard to track your usage. .

Chocolate chip cookies, Christmas cookies,
Internet cookies and Fortune cookies.
Sweet cookies and Spicy cookies.
Large cookies, medium cookies and small cookies.
Hard cookies, chewy cookies and soft cookies.
So many different kinds of cookies.

Cookies we eat, cookies we share
Cookies we bake, cookies we take
Cookies are part of our everyday intake.
Cookies we enable
Cookies we disable
Cookies on the web,cookies on the shelf
Cookies for everyone
Please help yourself.


Sanjaya made it to the second round.Nineteen more to go.Good luck to him and I hope he selects a better song.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

WHAT I HAVE LEARNED.....................

Thank you all my friends who commented on my post about "Quarrel". I have gained a lot of insight about why we quarrel and what one can do.I thought I would summarize it so others can also take something back .

Why we quarrel:

  1. We argue because we care.
  2. Two opposite views always bring on a quarrel.
  3. Sometimes we argue because we get a false sense of satisfaction when we win.
  4. Quarrels emerge when one person feels threatened.
  5. Most often we concentrate on the adversary rather than the issue.
  6. The focus is shifted from the problem to the person.
  7. Unless there is acceptance and realization that we cannot force our opinions and thoughts on others. we will quarrel .
What we can do :
  1. Try to remain calm.
  2. Listen with your heart and be patient.
  3. Think before you speak.
  4. Do not bring out past issues, try to keep focused on the present problem.
  5. Do not say hurtful things.
  6. Do not add fuel to the fire, instead find a way to dampen things.
  7. Your tone of voice should be kept low.
  8. Do not have an argument when you are already angry.
  9. Try not to lose our individuality.
  10. It is better to let go than to try to prove a point.
  11. Feelings and emotions should be kept outside the box.
  12. If you feel an argument is going nowhere it is alright to make a sacrifice and walk away. Swallow your pride.
  13. Sometimes walking away shuts the other person out so return when the coast is clear and you are not angry and then try to have a decent conversation.
  14. Do not try and force your opinions and thoughts on others.
  15. And dear God please help me follow these rules!

A Note to idol fans.
I don't think Sanjaya did very well yesterday on American Idol.I hope he gets another chance and is not voted out.I am still rooting for him.

I LOve this song By Cat Stevens.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

ANOTHER TAG........................


FAVORITE COLORS: Blue, Green, purple and orange


FAVORITE FOOD: Indian food


TAMIL: NO favorite movies, have seen a few that I liked a lot.

FAVORITE SONGS: I have a lot of favorite Hindi and English songs.

FAVORITE SPORT: Love to watch Basketball, wrestling and Boxing. Played hockey in school.

FAVORITE SEASON: Love spring and summer.

FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK: I always loved Fridays. I think the feeling of not having to go to work and get the kids ready for school made it really nice. Even though I don't work now still like Fridays.


FAVORITE TIME OF DAY: Mornings.I think its because I feel really good in the morning and have no pain after resting at night.


Current mood: Happy

Current time: 1pm

Current taste: Coffee

Current clothes: Capri pants and a tee shirt

Current color of toe nail: none

Current desk top: starry nights

Current thoughts: when am I going to finish this tag.

Current surrounding: My bed , TV and Treadmill.


First best friend...Grace she was in my school.

First screen name..none

First pet: A dog called Gypsy

First piercing...My ear lobes

First Album....The beatles and ABBA

First Movie..my memory is not that clear


Last cigarette: The surgeon general warns against cigarette smoking

Last alcoholic drink: A couple sips of Absolut mandrin last night , Non alcoholic....Coffee

Last car ride...to Beverly hills to the doctor

Last movie.."Lily of the fields" saw it on TV on Sunday

Last phone call..Called "J" at work , he is not having a good day.

Last Book you read: I am currently reading a book"Stumbling on Happiness" By Daniel Gilbert

Have you ever broken the law: NO
Have yo ever been arrested: NO
Have you ever been on tv: Yes on home videos
Have you ever lied: Have you?
then you have the answer
Have you ever kissed some one you did not know: You think I am stupid

FOUR PLACES YOU HAVE BEEN TO-DAY: I have been to the Bathroom, living room, kitchen and the Bedroom

THREE PEOPLE YOU CAN TELL ANYTHING TO: My sisters , "J" and my daughter.

1..To stay healthy
2..My family

I would love to go into space but it aint happening so the next best thing would be TIBET.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Quarrel

What starts out as a simple discussion sometimes ends in a big quarrel.Why does this happen I ask myself. Is it because we have strong minds or is it because it is in our nature to quarrel.sometimes it starts off as an argument and then hurtful words are said when one feels they are losing the argument.Is it because they don't love or care for each other or is it because the fear of losing was too great.
Why is it that something very simple can escalate to a really big argument. Should one just stay quiet even when one knows it is not right.Is trying to explain yourself considered an argument.I don't know these answers and was just trying to understand the human mind. Because in the end both people are sad and bruised.Then why do we do these things. Does it make people come closer or does it drive them apart.
What do You think? Should one person keep quiet and just walk away? I don't know. ANY ANSWERS?


Thursday, February 15, 2007

IDOLMANIA........MY 150th POST

I have to admit I am an Idol fan and have been for the last five years. I know "J" does not think too much of American Idol. Last night I was ecstatic because an Indian kid made it to the top 24.I do hope he makes it to the top ten. I think American Idol even with all the hype that surrounds it, does give opportunities for everyone to show their talent. I know that some really talented people do not make it , but then thats life.

On another note..I went for my three month check up yesterday, it was a nice long ride to Beverly Hills. There was a lot of traffic returning because it was peak hour but it was Ok. I have to say that I spent some quality time with "J" on Valentine's Day. we talked all the way there and back. I am really happy that the doctor said that my back is healing well.The CT scans looked good.The doctor showed me pictures of my back with the artifical Disc and on the second level you can see the spinal cage and a plate with two long screws. So now I start Physical Therapy for eight weeks. After which I hope to be doing a lot more.My first stop may be to a mall, which I have not seen for a couple of years. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I think I have made it after all.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007


To "J" My Valentine.Thank you for always being there for me.

I think the best valentine days I had was when my children were young.There was always candy to be bought and cards to be made.The day before would be spent addressing each card and attaching a candy to it.The children would go to school excited and would come back with a brown bag filled with cards and candy. We did this year after year until they reached Junior high ,after which they did not want me to see the cards they received. Adults spend too much of time worrying about what present to buy or what they would receive. There are people who are going to be sad especially the ones who do not have a valentine. Some couples are going to end up fighting because the day was forgotten and they did not receive any card or candy or was not taken out for diner.

Valentines day was not a special day for me and "J". I don't think we ever exchanged anything. In a way I think it was good because there was no expectations so there was no disappointment. I think everyday should be valentines day. It does not have to be cards or candy but just expressing your love for each other.



Thursday, February 08, 2007


Tears are shed every day
Tears are shed come what may.
It may mean many things
Sometimes it is hard to explain
sometimes it is tears of joy
And sometimes it is pain.

Some tears are shed in silence
Because we don't want anyone to hear.
Some tears tell of the strength that we have
And some tell of our fear.

Some tears are shed aloud
Because we want to be heard.
Some tears are a call for help
Some tears just go unheard.

Some tears we cry, they often say
The words we do not speak.
Some tears are for the anger we feel.
Some tears are for the love we seek.

Some tears are shed when life is lost
Some tears are shed when one is born
Life may come and life may go
The nights may be long and dark
But the morning brings another spark.


Monday, February 05, 2007


Read this article in the BBC news and thought I would share it. makes me feel proud to be an indian woman. You read about the important jobs they hold all over the world and in space. I think all women should be proud.

A unit of United Nations peacekeepers with a difference has arrived for work in Liberia - they are all women.
More than 100 female peacekeepers from India are there to work as an armed police unit to help stabilise Liberia which, after years of war, is trying to rebuild its own police force from scratch.
Stepping off the chartered plane in immaculate blue uniforms and berets, the 103 women were immediately on parade and probably bewildered by the media frenzy.
It is just a coincidence that the first all-female peacekeeping force is in Liberia, the first African country to elect a female president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.
Crime is high especially in Monrovia and the war has left a degree of violence simmering just below the surface.
Terrible reputation
But having served in turbulent areas, including parts of northern India, the commander Seema Dhundiya says they are well prepared.
"These girls are experienced and have been trained. They have worked in areas of India where there was insurgency. They will do a good job and the Liberian ladies will get motivated and inspired to come forward and join the regular police."