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PROBLEM: Cookies are short pieces of data used by web servers to help
identify web users. The popular concepts and rumors about what a
cookie can do has reached almost mystical proportions,
frightening users and worrying their managers.

PLATFORM: Any platform that can use a modern web browser.

DAMAGE: No damage to files or systems. Cookies are only used to identify
a web user though they may be used to track a user's browsing habits.

: No files are destroyed or compromised by cookies, but if
you are concerned about being identified or about having your web
browsing traced through the use of a cookie, set your browser to
not accept cookies or use one of the new cookie blocking
packages. Note that blocking all cookies prevents some online
services from working. Also, preventing your browser from
accepting cookies does not make you an anonymous user, it just
makes it more difficult to track your usage.

Smells awesome, tastes scrumptious, tempting, , addicting. so many different kinds for so many different occasions cannot stop with one.

There are many rumors that cookies are unhealthy for you, but don't believe all the rumors.cookies eaten in moderation is good for your soul.Makes you feel content and happy. Brings back many beautiful memories of when you were a kid.

Don't bake too many cookies.Limit it to a few on special occasions.One cannot avoid having cookies in the house especially if there are children.But those cookies usually disappear really fast. If you don't want to be identified as ther person who stole the last cookie make sure you dont leave a trail of crumbs.Hide some in a cookie jar, sneaking a cookie when the kids are at school does not make you an anonymous user, it will just make it hard to track your usage. .

Chocolate chip cookies, Christmas cookies,
Internet cookies and Fortune cookies.
Sweet cookies and Spicy cookies.
Large cookies, medium cookies and small cookies.
Hard cookies, chewy cookies and soft cookies.
So many different kinds of cookies.

Cookies we eat, cookies we share
Cookies we bake, cookies we take
Cookies are part of our everyday intake.
Cookies we enable
Cookies we disable
Cookies on the web,cookies on the shelf
Cookies for everyone
Please help yourself.


Sanjaya made it to the second round.Nineteen more to go.Good luck to him and I hope he selects a better song.


Margie 2:28 PM  

Wish I had some cookies right now!
The ones pictured here look so yummy!
My mom used to bake the most yummy oatmeal cookies I have ever eaten!
Your post here is bringing back memories of how I always asked her to bake them on weekends...and she always did!
Cute post...I enjoyed it.
Thanks Starry!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Fuzzylogic 2:36 PM  

Yum yum,such good looking cookies:)made me hungry:)Wow great that Sanjaya made it,he better make it a good show next week,I have taken up watching the idol again breaking my vow not to watch it again!Have a great weekend Starry!

Shiva 2:56 PM  

Help yourself? Don't know how to grab them:). Mouth-watering pictures.

A good analogy of e-cookies and mom-cookies. The poem si like a rhyme and so, cute.

priya 3:50 PM  

Starry: Which cookie is your favorite?? Cute post but you made me hungry now.

brute 4:53 PM  

delicious post lalitha .. enjoied the cookies.. :P

and all the best to Sanjaya! hope he rocks... :)

Mumbai Guy 5:15 PM  

I thought your making cookies and inviting everyone to have them :(

Mystic Rose 5:30 PM  


they look absolutely yummy! even though Im not all that into cookies!!

Aditi 7:14 PM  

nice post..
i heard sanjaya is in trbl cuz of his voice quality.. i hope he makes it too

Jeevan 3:37 AM  

Sweet cookies!! my fav food in my childhood is cream cookies.

Cyberkitty 6:08 AM  

nice mom has never made cookies but i prefer the eatable cookies any day !

Asha 6:43 AM  

WOW!! That's lot of thinking for cookies!!!Very nice.

Sanjaya supposedly is in top 4 singers!! Good luck to him!:)

Dawn....सेहर 11:56 AM  

boy whats many cookies !
Am not a fan of cookies... neither of chocolate so I will pass on for those who like it the most ;)

But I do love cakes so baking is something that reminded me of my childhood days :D
Thanks dear

Neers 12:01 PM  

and those cookies dint lemme go through the whole post in peace! :p
hi lalitha, am good... jus quite busy with moving profiles at work. how have you been?

Krithika 8:47 PM  

hahaaa..that is so SWEET! i love's a store called Cookie-Man here in Chennai and their cookies are the best!

Kai C. 9:18 PM  

me luv
chip cookies

Mr. J 1:09 AM  

Hahaha.. interesting take on Cookies. Ok, now let me go eat some :P

Lotus Reads 3:47 AM  

A very creative post, Starry, and I am hungry now! :)

I didn't watch Wednesday's "Idol", but am glad to hear Sanjaya made it to the second continuing to root for him, so are the kids! :)

Shionge 6:39 AM, I only know this Lalitha :)

C is for cookies is good enought for me...yayayay...

C is for cookies is good enought for me...

Yep! Together with Cookie Monster, Cookies is good enought for me yayayay

Thank you dear pal!

Suji 7:13 AM  

Yummy post. Thats a real nice way of looking at cookies...both real and virtual. :)

polona 11:19 AM  

what a delightful post!
i love both takes on cookies :o)

Anali 1:32 PM  

COOKIES!!!!!!!!! Yum! I love this post!

Blessed 2:13 PM  

Now I'm just craving some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and don't forget the glass of milk.

What is this 'word of the day' cookies thing ya going on here?
What is this game?

trinitystar 4:31 PM  

I enjoyed you cookie advice ... like others could just eat one.

deepsat 7:12 PM  

very nice post!!

Keshi 7:18 PM  

hey thats really neat n cute!

btw there's another cookie ard..some of my blog mates call me kookie :):)


Princess 10:28 PM  

good to know more about diff types of cookies and the solutions for problems caused by them. :)

how r u?

adi 12:48 AM  

delicious :)

adi 12:49 AM  

and yes, interesting collaboation of a cookie and a cookie :)

artnavy 2:10 AM  

i love cookieman cookies

faith 2:30 AM  

YUM YUM oh iam so hungry rt now.. can i have one :P

yummy post starry !

Contented 8:15 AM  

Love cookies. Specially the Butter ones...:P

Interesting post!

starry nights 10:30 AM  

Sreejith..I am good.thanks.How are you.

starry nights 10:30 AM  

Margie..thank you.

starry nights 10:31 AM  

Fuzzylogic..Yeah.I hope he makes it too.I think he has been given another chance. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

starry nights 10:32 AM  

Shiva..thank you

starry nights 10:32 AM  

Priya..I like them all.thanks.

starry nights 10:33 AM  

Brute..thanks.I hope Sanjaya makes it too.

starry nights 10:34 AM  

Mumbai Guy..I wish I could have you all over to my house to share some cookies.

starry nights 10:34 AM  

Mystic rose..thanks.I am not a really big fan of cookies but love to have one ever so often.

starry nights 10:35 AM  

Aditi..Thanks.I hope he makes it too.

starry nights 10:36 AM  

Jeevan thanks. My favorite childhood cookie is the Parle glucose biscuit.I still love them.

starry nights 10:37 AM  

Asha.. thanks.Yes I heard that too ,he is in the top 4%.I hope he makes it.

starry nights 10:37 AM  

Cyberkitty..My mom never made cookies either, neither did I.I just bought them from the store for my kids.

starry nights 10:39 AM  

Dawn..thanks.I love cakes too.have not baked any , am not too good but want to try to one day.

starry nights 10:40 AM  

Neers..thanks.Nice to see you by.take care.did you help yourself to a cookie?

starry nights 10:41 AM  

Krithika..thanks.will defintly want to check out the cookie man when I visit Chennai.

starry nights 10:42 AM yourself to one.thanks.

starry nights 10:43 AM  

Lotus reads..thanks.Yes I am rooting for him.I hope he makes it to another round.

starry nights 10:44 AM  

Shionge..thanks.I completly forgot about the cookie monster.

starry nights 10:45 AM  


starry nights 10:46 AM  

Blessed..Yes I was hungry after doing this post too. Mona has this word she posts every thursdeay.Its friday's word and then you write something on I decided to take her word , you can too.

starry nights 10:47 AM  


starry nights 10:47 AM  


starry nights 10:48 AM  


starry nights 10:48 AM  

Keshi Kookie..thats that.

starry nights 10:49 AM  

Princess.thanks.I am doing a lot better.

starry nights 10:50 AM  

ArtNavy..I have to get a cookieman's cookie on my next visit.

starry nights 10:51 AM yourself.ther is one for all.

starry nights 10:51 AM  

Sanjay..have one too.

starry nights 10:51 AM too.they are delicious.

mathew 12:35 PM  

you could have avoided the snaps.!! :-(

tempting enough!!

Nabeel 6:44 PM  

i used to have the same looking cookies (last picture) back in pakistan .. they were called Chocolate Biscuits .. i loved themmmmmm !!

pink ginger 珂琳 7:06 AM  

awesome !! yes!! cookies good for soul, it just like a sunshine to cheer you up, like a wind to embraced your heart, to help you to destress.
got to go, I need cookies now.

starry nights 8:24 AM  

Mathew..That was the idea.

starry nights 8:24 AM  

Nabeel..yes i love those cookies too.

starry nights 8:25 AM  

Pink ginger.yes I really do think cookies are good for your soul.

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