Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Electric pulsations throughout
sometimes uneasy,jittery ,feelings of distraught.
But makes me feel less pain
helps me regain some of the day that is left and not be in pain.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I was tagged by White Magpie to do the following tag.

THE "IF" Tag

If I were a month.....I would have to pick the month of JUne.because it is the month of my birth, the first day of summer starts in June and also, most schools close in June so it is often a vacation month.

If I were a day of the week....I would have to pick Friday.I always loved Friday just because it was the end of the week,when I was a child I loved fridays because ther was no school on saturday.Now I am glad because "j" will be home on saturday.

If I were a time of day....It would have to be 5.30 am because it is the time that "J"wakes me up,its the time of day that we have coffee together and have some quality time.

If I were a season....I would be winter because without it there would be no spring.

If I were a planet....I would be earth.nothing comes close to the planet earth with all its beauty and life.

If I were a sea animal...I would be a dolphin.I think they are cute and harmless

If I were a direction....I would be East for obvious reasons.

If I were a piece of furniture....I would be a bed because when my back hurts too much I find refuge in my bed.

If I were a liquid.....It would have to be water.No life without water.

If I were a tree....I would be an Oak because it is big and strong.

If I were a tool....I would be a wood cutter because you can carve out many shapes and build so many things.

If I were an element....Being a woman it would have to be Gold.

If I were a gemstone......A diamond indeed,

If I were a musical instrument....I would be a flute.I love the beautiful sound of the flute,it is very peaceful.

If I were a color.....
It would have to be blue, because I love the blue skies.

If I were a emotion.....It would have to be Joy.

If I were a fruit...It would have to be a Mango.Because I love mangoes

If I were a sound...
It would have to be the sound of Music, because music soothes the soul.

If I were a car.....
it would have to be a BMW because I think it is a cool car to drive.

If I were food.......it owuld have to be rice, because I love rice and I think it is a food widely available and feeds a lot of people, the rich and the poor.

If I were a taste.....It would have to be sweet.I have a sweet tooth and love sweets

If I were a scent....
It would have to be Jasmine.I love the smell of jasmine

If I were a pair of shoes.....It would have to be a pair of leather shoes with a soft sole.

If I were a bird....It would have to be an eagle,to soar across the skies .

I am going to tag Priya and Deepa and Renu


Tuesday, May 04, 2010


On this bright,and sunny spring morning
I wake up to hear the birds sing.
I think to myself,no matter where or what
The birds begin their day with a song in their hearts.

Each bird sings in their special way,
sometimes they are just echoing the way.
Without worrying what the others have to say.
Yet when we listen, there is no chaos,
Each sound is distinctive and clear
It all depends on what we want to hear.

And the birds sing.