Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Electric pulsations throughout
sometimes uneasy,jittery ,feelings of distraught.
But makes me feel less pain
helps me regain some of the day that is left and not be in pain.


Renu 8:57 PM  

hello lalitha ! Are you OK?....

Anya 7:46 AM  

So so touching words :(
I send you a big hug

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 9:25 AM  

i hope you are ok.

Did your tag, btw !

starry 6:08 PM  

Feeling a lot better renu,thanks.

starry 6:08 PM  

Thanks anya

starry 6:10 PM  

Better deepa. Thanks.will check out your tag

Shana 5:49 AM  

Thanks very much for the visit and comment.

Asha 5:55 AM  

Hugs to you sweetie, hope you feel better.
I had a busy weekend since kids are home now, sometimes stressful(thanks to my husband not kids! :P) but doing okay.Sending my prayers to you.

Ajnabi 4:25 PM  

hey...why dont u chk my today's post..!! you will feel great after that.. :)

eat well, drink well and rest well....

and u will be fine...!

Jeevan 4:02 AM  

I hope u get out of pain soon. I have gone through stimulation therapy for long time before and i could understand who it might feel, and keeping it on pain could increase but less it more later. take care dear

starry 6:26 PM  

shana you are welcome.thanks for stopping by.

starry 6:27 PM  

Asha.thank you.I am sure it is a lot of fun with the kids home.will your son be going to college soon?

starry 6:27 PM  

Ajnabi..thanks.i will check out your post.

starry 6:28 PM  

Jeevan sorry you had to go thru that.but you know how it feels.hope you are having a good day.

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