Thursday, June 03, 2010


Ok I literally don't have a broken heart but a heart that is misbehaving.does not want to follow a pattern but do what it pleases.I dont have any chest pains or anything serious but sometimes I just have a sinking feeling when it skips a beat.I think my heart is enjoying all this good weather we are having and just feels like skipping around.Went to the cardiologist on Tuesday and I have an event monitor is recording all my heart beats and then will send the information to the doctor via blue tooth technology.I was impressed with the device.I have posted a picture to show you what it looks like. this is my second day with it on and may have to have it on for another day or untill the doctor says it has to come I am just resting at home watching tv and I watched a movie "Wake up Sid" which was really good and had a happy all my friends have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by.


Priya 7:43 PM  

You take care Starry. Everything will be ok. Just relax and do things you like. Lets be positive and be happy.

Srijith Unni 10:53 PM  

Starry, I dont know whether to feel happy or sad. I sincerely wish your heart will stay healthy.

Happy Weekend to you too.

Have Fun, Take Care and God BLess!

With Best Regards,

Sorcerer 12:15 AM  

wow!! cool technology!
Get well soon
came from Deepa's blog!

Gauri 1:33 AM  

Take care, Starry.



Asha 4:07 AM  

Take care L, sounds like a scary thing but I think doctors are very capable. Don't stress out too much, enjoy the movies. Have a restful weekend! :)

starry 8:08 AM  


starry 8:08 AM  

Srijith..Thanks and you have a good weekend too.

starry 8:30 AM  

Socerer...welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.thanks

starry 8:30 AM  


starry 8:31 AM  

Asha..thanks.It is not too bad and I am sure it can be fixed.

hillgrandmom 9:57 AM  

Take care and get your rest. Hugs

Ajnabi 9:04 PM  

you will get better soon.. dont worry... bcoz.. Dil to bachha hai ji... :)

btw i also liked wake up sid and one more movie.. Rocketsingh-Salesman of the year.. if you haven't watched that, go for it.. simple and nice movie.

take care.

mystic rose 5:02 AM  

I loved Wake up Sid :)

And take care, starry. My heart's been doing that too for a while now.

Neha 3:57 AM  

Thats a nice movie. Keep watching such nice, happy, simple movies, eat healthy, be in the compnay of loved ones, and your heart will be all hail and heart again. It is just missing all these :)Hence misbehaving.

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