Tuesday, April 24, 2007

(These pics were taken by my nephew) He captured the blue and dark skies really nicely and also some pics of vegas at night and also one of the Joshua tree. It is supposed to be one of the oldest trees on the planet.

It was about to rain and we could see the dark skies on one side and blue skies on the other side.It was an awesome sight.

Here the skies are getting really dark

I think we can see the rain falling in the distance

Blue skies after the rain.

Joshua trees (and most other yuccas) rely on the female Pronuba Moth (Tegeticula) for pollination. No other animal visiting the blooms transfers the pollen from one flower to another. In fact, the female Yucca Moth has evolved special organs to collect and distribute the pollen onto the surface of the flower. She then lays her eggs in the flowers' ovaries, and when the larvae hatch, they feed on the yucca seeds.

Without the moth's pollination, the Joshua Tree could not reproduce, nor could the moth, whose larvae would have no seeds to eat. Although an old Joshua Trees can sprout new plants from its roots, only the seeds produced in pollinated flowers can scatter far enough to establish a new stand.

Mormon pioneers are said to have named this species "Joshua" Tree because it mimicked the Old Testament prophet Joshua waving them, with upraised arms, on toward the promised land. This unique species grows abundantly at Joshua Tree National Park in California and Joshua Forest Parkway in Western Arizona.


Friday, April 13, 2007


Hi everyone.I am sorry for not posting anything earlier.I have been very busy.My sister is doing well post mastectomy.She will be seeing an oncologist soon.thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts. I had to have a nerve block to help some of the sciatic pain that I have been having.It is a beautiful spring day.I hear the birds chirping, there are a lot of flowers and butterflies. My nephew and his family is visiting from India,we are going to Las Vegas for the weekend.It is a get well trip.Will post some pictures when I get back. Have a good weekend everyone.