Wednesday, July 18, 2007


She lies curled up in bed
I touch her forehead
And feel the heat.
She can barely open her eyes
She is so weak.

I give her medication
To bring down the fever
And massage her legs
because she has pain in her feet.
Through it all she always asks
if I am alright.

This goes on for more than a week after chemo.
Then all of a sudden
The fever is gone.
She perks up and smiles.
The down time is over.

She has a few days to refuel and recover
Until the next Chemo
Then it will start over.

Thank you everyone for keeping my sister in your prayers.She had her fourth treatment yesterday. Only two more to go.She is doing better, just very tired and weak, and lost all her hair, but I tell her she is going to have more hair than me when it grows back. She has an awesome attitude and I think thats what gets her through.