Wednesday, July 18, 2007


She lies curled up in bed
I touch her forehead
And feel the heat.
She can barely open her eyes
She is so weak.

I give her medication
To bring down the fever
And massage her legs
because she has pain in her feet.
Through it all she always asks
if I am alright.

This goes on for more than a week after chemo.
Then all of a sudden
The fever is gone.
She perks up and smiles.
The down time is over.

She has a few days to refuel and recover
Until the next Chemo
Then it will start over.

Thank you everyone for keeping my sister in your prayers.She had her fourth treatment yesterday. Only two more to go.She is doing better, just very tired and weak, and lost all her hair, but I tell her she is going to have more hair than me when it grows back. She has an awesome attitude and I think thats what gets her through.


Asha 2:45 PM  

Lalitha,that was so heart wrenching girl.Hope she gets better soon.
I have a neighbor with breast cancer.She went thru' all that and now she looks and feels lot better.So,hang in there.She will be better!Take care of yourself too!Hugs and keep smiling.

Aditi 11:09 PM  

aww starry i sincerely do hope that things get a lot better for u.. first your surgery adn now this..
u sisters are lucky to have each other

starry nights 8:54 AM  

Asha..thank you

starry nights 8:54 AM  

Aditi..thank you.Yes we are lucky to have each other.I think I am more lucky to have such an awesome sister.

Lotus Reads 1:23 PM  

Starry, I am so glad your sister's positive attitude is seeing her through this unfortunate time. All I can think is she is so lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her. Stay strong for each other.

iamnasra 1:56 PM  

Its hard but May the vreator of this Univerese give the willpower to go through this for you and your sister ...

Princess 2:04 AM  

oh! i am so happy that your sister is well.. :)


chandni 3:52 AM  

That was beautiful Lalitha.

I am sure you are very proud of your sister fr being so strong and for having such a positive attitude...tell her all ur blog friends are also proud of her!

To be in such pain and still be thoughtful of asking about another..that is truly selfless.

God bless you both

Jeevan 5:28 AM  

It’s a lovely poem that feels how cared u at ur sister! She would be get well half in your love dear, take care both.

Anali 7:58 AM  

Take care Starry. You and your sister have been through so much. I'm wishing you both all of my best.

Blessed 2:47 PM  

Hi Starry!
Glad your sister is almost through!
Thinking of you both!
Many blessings!

Dawn....सेहर 3:26 PM  

aww! thats so touching dear!
Have confidence n be strong n keep the faith

Good luck to all

Dotm 3:35 PM  

Starynights, God Bless your sister and her wonderful attitude that carries her thru so much hard times. But, I have noticed you also have that fighting, looking forward to the future with all you have had to handle. Hope your back is giving you lots less pain now.
You have to have some wonderful parents to have instowed such a bright outlook ahead attitude into both you and your sister. God`s speed to good health to both of you.
Such a loving, caring, honest poem.
Happy late birthday to you. Hope it was a wonderful day for you.

Jac 7:47 PM  

Keep on the faith and give her strength, thats all she needs. She will be bubbling soon.

My prayers always, everyday !

Margie 9:37 AM  

Dear Starry
I have not forgotten you or your sister!
I keep you both in my prayers!

Your sister will be ok!
My sister went through all the chemo for her breast cancer, just like your sister.
And, she is doing fine now!

May God be there to see both of you through this difficult time!

Take care dear!


Krithika 9:09 PM  

hi are you? i'm very happy for the two of you.she's very lucky to have best wishes for her recovery. :)

Hip Grandma 9:55 AM  

Lalitha, with a caring sister like you why will your sister not recover?My wishes for a speedy recovery.

Pritika Gupta 4:30 PM  

yeah waqt bhi gujar jayega..

Ekta 12:08 AM  

hey ur tagged!!

trinitystar 1:33 AM  

You are a wonderful selfless sister of love.
Hope she gets well soon. Look after yourself too Starry ... you need the strength.
hugs and blessings.

Anonymous,  3:46 AM  

god bless, and i am sure both of you will come out of this in flying colours....

Ekta 1:55 AM  

i know how difficult this must be...not just for u but for her but for u and ur family as hope she recovers completely soon and had a smile on her face always

starry nights 8:10 AM  

lotus reads..thank you.we are just lucky to have each other.

starry nights 8:10 AM  

Iamnasra..thank you.

starry nights 8:11 AM  

Princess..thank you

starry nights 8:11 AM  

Chandni..thank you. I always tell her about my blog friends and that everyone is praying for her.

starry nights 8:12 AM  

Jeevan..thank you

starry nights 8:12 AM  

Anali..thank you

starry nights 8:12 AM  

Blessed..thank you

starry nights 8:13 AM  

Dawn..thank you

starry nights 8:14 AM  

DotM..thank you for your kind words.I am lucky to have such a wonderful sister.

starry nights 8:14 AM  

Jac..thank you

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Margie..thank you.I do keep your family in my prayers also. I do hope everything is ok.

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Krithika..thank you

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Hipgrandma..thank you

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Prithika..thank you

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Ekta..thank you. I will check it out.

starry nights 8:22 AM  

Trinity star..thank you

starry nights 8:22 AM  

Appu thank you

Kai C. 9:10 AM  

awwwww. i'm glad that your sister is better. and hope youre doing fine.
wam hugs

Keshi 8:11 PM  

Praying for ur sis to get better....


priya 3:59 AM  

That was beautiful starry. Stay strong for each other and take care.

AVIANA 6:09 AM  


We haven't heard from you in a long while! How are you? How is your sister now?

It is tough but you guys are hanging in there. The sweat that is coming out of her is the heat of the fire inside her that will come out with a great force as she takes on life when all is over. It is just waiting for her to walk and take life with her bare hands.

She will be a force to deal with when all is done. You can't hide that fire of life she has inside.

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by! :)


Dh@v@! 2:55 PM  

good to know that.

may god bless u

Fuzzylogic 9:38 AM  

That really was so touching Starry!I'm sure you and your sis will make it through these hard times. Hang in there. Take care.

Dotm 12:56 PM  

Starry, Thanks for the hugs you left on my site. (((Hugs))) for both you and your sister. Just dropping by to let you know I am thinking of you and wishing both you and your sister all the best. I bet she has the softest and prettiest hair when it grows back in.

chitra 4:12 AM  

Long time. how is your sister? my prayers are with you both. may you gain the strength to live through the trying time. Take care and get bk soon.

Keshi 12:09 AM  

hows ur sis Starry?


AVIANA 5:06 PM  

how are you?

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