Tuesday, June 26, 2007



As I lie in bed this morning I think of the years gone by.I can truly say that for the most part I have happy memories . It may have been a little hard growing up because we were many children but still my mother made each one of us feel special.Not with buying us many presents but with just a hug, a special meal and a tin of sweets that we can give to the other children in school.I did look forward to going to school on my birthday.

God has blessed me with a caring husband, two lovely children and many brothers and sisters and a host of friends especially my blogging friends because they unconditionally care about me and wish me well.Someone they had never seen or met before but only through blogworld. Thank you each and every one of you for making the last year go by really fast,I made it through surgery really well and am recovering good, better than most people. I am thankful for being able to get up each morning and look at the beautiful world we live in, listen to the birds chirp, admire the butterflies and the flowers and be able to take care of myself.

My birthday wish is that my sister will be well soon, get through the chemo and be able to visit India soon. Another year has passed and a new year begins, I am sure this year is going to be even better than the year before. Thank you each and everyone of you for being with me through the good and the bad times.I also want to wish everyone who is having a birthday a Happy one.

I got a special Birthday present from "J" .it is called a skyscout.I think it was a very thoughtful gift, because he knows how much I love looking at the stars and the sky.Through which I can locate the stars and know the names.it works of a GPS. It is really neat. Our backyard is really open and we can see a lot of stars at night so I am sure it is going to be a lot of fun. Take care , I will be with my sister for the next week as she goes through her chemo.please remember her in your prayers.


polona 10:40 AM  

happy birthday, starry!
may you have a wonderful year ahead.
most of all i wish for your sister to get well.

Shiva 10:54 AM  

Wish youy happy a very Happy Birthday Starry. That was wonderful gift from J.

The Black King 11:41 AM  

Birthday wishes to you, and best wishes for a speedy recovery to your sister.

Kavi 12:28 PM  

Happy birthday !

May this day be the harbinger of a great year to follow ! your true spirit of wanting a better life for your sister will pull both of you through !

This no end ! Perhaps a bend !

Happy birthday once again !

Margie 2:07 PM  

Your Birthday!
Oh I'm so glad I happened to come by today.
I wish you a wonderful day full of lots of joy and laughter.

Take care Starry!
I hope your sister will be well soon as you do!
You too Starry....feel better soon!

Your sister is lucky to have such a caring sister like you!
I'm sure you are a big comfort to her.

Happy Birthday!


trinitystar 4:25 PM  

Happy Birthday Starry,
Hope the wish for your sister will be granted.
I would be interested to know about your gadget. I love gazing at the stars ... unfortunately living in the city most of them are obscured to the naked eye by the street lighting.
Nice to know you are make a good recovery.
Hugs for you.

AVIANA 5:09 PM  

Happy Birthday sweetie!

i wish you happiness, joy, and a special love....a special love that will be the sky that holds the stars for you... :)

starry nights 5:28 PM  

Polona..thank you

starry nights 5:29 PM  

shiva..thank you

starry nights 5:29 PM  

THeblack king..thank you

starry nights 5:29 PM  

Kavi..thank you

starry nights 5:30 PM  

Margie thank you

starry nights 5:31 PM  

Trinity star..thank you.It is called sky scout and it works of a gps. You look at a star and it will locate it and name the star you are looking at.

starry nights 5:32 PM  

Aviana..thank you

Keshi 8:57 PM  

awwwww HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 26th Starry! MWAHHHHHHHHHH!

U r a VERY special person...no doubt it and I really am lucky to have found ya here in Blogville. I hope u had the BEST day ever!


WOW neat stuff! So Starry is gonna be Star-gazing all the time now ha..COOL! :)


Keshi 8:58 PM  

btw my bday was on the 25th of June...so we r next to each other COOL again! :)


Srijith Unni 9:10 PM  

A wonderful message for the day. Wish you a very warm and happy birthday. It`s so nice to see you rejoicing your gifts in life and truly realizing their value, value of love.

Have Fun, Take Care and God BLess!

With Best Regards,

Anali 10:27 PM  

Happy Birthday Starry! I wish for you all your birthday wishes! Take care!

pria,  11:23 PM  

Have a wonderful birthday Starry and thaz a cool gift.

Asha 5:58 AM  

Happy Birthday to you Starry!!!A great, very thoughtful gift!!Enjoy the day and many happy days to come too.Hugs and kisses from me:))

Dawn....सेहर 7:51 PM  

Happy Birthday dear....

I wish you only happiness...true happiness


chitra 11:22 PM  

Belated birthday greetings, dear. May this year be starry and beautiful.

Please do take care of yourself and your sis. My best wishes for her too.

adi 8:00 AM  

happy birthday starry, and do take care of yourself and our sister, see you soon on delhidreams
take care

starry nights 9:36 PM  

keshi..thanks and a happy belated birthday wish for you.you guessed I am going to be stargazing.

starry nights 9:37 PM  

srijith.thank you

my life.... 5:53 AM  

Happy birthday to u Lali! don t worry alot, yr wish of yr sister getting recovered soon will be realised soon.... send my regards to yr sister gal... may god bless both of u :)

brute 9:08 PM  

oopppss....belated wishes for ur b'day

dharmabum 9:12 PM  

my prayers for ur sis, hope she gets well soon.

oh, and happy star gazing :)

Hip Grandma 11:44 PM  

Happy b'day Lalitha.A sensitive person like you needs only the best in life.how is your sister.and your bach ache?Mentioned you in my list of thinking bloggers.

hillgrandmom 7:26 AM  

Happy Birthday Starry! May your wishes come true (for both your sister & you)

Blessed 6:45 AM  

Well, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY, Miss Starry!
I hope you have a good week.
You are very inspiring!!!


Shionge 5:28 PM  

Hiya Pal....thanks for the update and glad that you are progressing well.

Happy Belated Birthday greetings and many many happy returns :D

Jim 9:29 PM  

Happy bday Lalitha
i hope to be in california before January 2008

hope to see u

Princess 3:43 AM  

hi starry,

belated B'day wishes...
sorry yaar! for this delay in wishing, though it is late my wishes are there for you to have a very great year...


Kalpana 4:03 AM  

Happy Birthday To YOU! Sorry to wish you late. My regards to your Sis too!

Cyberkitty 8:58 AM  

Happy Birthday and wishing you a speedy recovery...

Fuzzylogic 7:54 PM  

This is really going to be a very belated Birthday wish for you Starry but I do hope you had a good one. I pray the coming year will usher in some good health to both you and your sis and family. Loved that gift from J. That was certainly thoughtful!Take care dear friend!

pRicky 3:00 PM  

Oh Starry...
Each time I come to you blog I go with this feeling of overwhelming need to give you a hug...
A very Very Happy birthday...
Its been such a pleasure having to know whatever little of you through this blog...
Both my blogs benefit by your attention whenever you visit them
Wishes and prayers for both you and your sis

pRicky 3:02 PM  

Oh Starry...
Each time I come to you blog I go with this feeling of overwhelming need to give you a hug...
A very Very Happy birthday...
Its been such a pleasure having to know whatever little of you through this blog...
Both my blogs benefit by your attention whenever you visit them
Wishes and prayers for both you and your sis

christabelle 5:28 AM  

Oh dear me!! I'm so sorry I missed your birthdy, I wish you alll the very best Lalitha and I thank God for you, may all your dreams and wishes for the years ahead come true.

If the oceans belong to me I'll gladly give them to you!!

Id it is 12:43 PM  

Greetings! Have a wonderful year ahead.
Best wishes for your sister; she's lucky to have a sister like you.

mathew 1:00 AM  

really belated greetings...!!!
it is birthday time in blog world..it was mine on 28th..lot of cancerians around here too!!!

Anshuman Ghosh 10:16 PM  

you have been Tagged - Rules are posted on my blog :-)

starry nights 3:07 PM  

My life..thank you

starry nights 3:07 PM  

Brute..thank you

starry nights 3:08 PM  

dharmabum..thank you

starry nights 3:08 PM  

Hipgrandma..thank you.

starry nights 3:09 PM  

hillgrandma..thank you

starry nights 3:09 PM  

Blessed..thank you

starry nights 3:10 PM  

Shionge..thank you

starry nights 3:10 PM  

Jim..thank you.hope to see you too.

starry nights 3:10 PM  

princess..thank you

starry nights 3:10 PM  

Kalpana..thank you

starry nights 3:11 PM  

cyberkitty..thank you

starry nights 3:11 PM  

Fuzzylogic..thank you

starry nights 3:12 PM  

pricky..thank you and especially for the hugs.I need them.

starry nights 3:13 PM  

christabelle..thank you

starry nights 3:13 PM  

id it is..thank you

starry nights 3:14 PM  

mathew..thank you.actually mine was on the 28th.happy belated wishes to you too.

starry nights 3:14 PM  

Thank you anshuman.I will check your blog out.

Keshi 9:37 PM  

btw I wanted to ask u abt her...how is she now?


Jim 3:07 AM  

cheapskate !
not just coffee
bfast-lunch- dinner for 3 days at least

hope to be there by January 2008

Jeevan 3:51 AM  

Belated Happy Birthday dear:) J really knows what makes u happy, that was this skyscout. Enjoy! Hope you sister is doing well now.

Mumbai Guy 6:58 PM  

Happy Birthday Starry. May God grant you wish you asked.

Lotus Reads 5:37 AM  

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Starry! My daughter is also born on 26th June. She is an amazing girl, sensitive, caring, fun-loving, resilient, as are you from what I see.

The Skyscout sounds like a truly wonderful gift...here's wishing you many happy evenings of star gazing!

b v n 11:30 PM  

hey Starry, Happy budday. AND indeed it was a nice gift!! you can now make more sense of "starry nights" :)))

pria,  8:50 AM  

How are you Starry?

Be in touch and hope your sister is fine too.

Mother of Invention 5:31 PM  

A much belated B-day and I hope you are gazing at a million stars with your present. My thoughts are also with your sister.

Blessed 5:43 PM  

Just stopping in to see how you are. I hope things are well.

Ekta 10:05 PM  

Belated bday wishes..hope the yr brings u loads of joy!!
Also heres wishing ur sister gets hale and hearty soon and may god give her the strength to recover and endure all the pain

_Jonathan_ 8:37 AM  

Happy birthday girl!!!

It's good to have your family close to u... that's a real luxury.

bye bye---

Jayashree 11:11 AM  

Hope you had a wonderful birthday. I've been away from blogosphere for a while.....now that Iam back Iam busy catching up with everything that's been blogged about on my favourite blogs...yours being one among them.
I will keep your sister in my prayers...hope she recovers soon.

Me again 3:29 AM  

Happy Belated Birthday!
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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