Sunday, June 17, 2007


Well! friends, I have not been reading any blogs and have not posted anything.sometimes I just feel so over whelmed. I had to have an EMG done to check on the nerve conduction because of the numbness I feel in my toes.It was not too bad,just some electrical jolts along the path of the nerve down my legs.It was just a bit uncomfortable. On Friday I had to have a Myelo-CT scan done.I was very nervous because I was told I could not have any sedation.Apparently I have been spoiled with being given sedation before all my other proceedures. Actually it was not as bad as I thought it would be.SOme dye was injected into the spinal canal and then the Ct was done. Here is a picture of my spine with the artificial disc and the interbody cage with fusion below. I am doing better today, was not feeling too good the past few days, a lot of back and leg pain.I think it will pass.I hope you guys had a good week. I sure miss all of you.Thank you for keeping my sister in your prayers.she will be undergoing her third chemo treatment next week.


Velu Nair 8:29 AM  

I wonder if it got posted. So am posting the comment once again. keeping out fingers crossed. Dont ya worry, Starry. Things are gonna be better real soon!

polona 12:53 PM  

my best wishes to both you and your sister.
take care!

_Jonathan_ 1:27 PM  

Well, u are a really powerful girl, I know that. And the image says the same: U are full of strength and electricity.
get well soon!!

The Black King 4:39 PM  

My best wishes for a speedy recovery. BTW, love your blog template!

Aditi 8:56 PM  

ouch.. lalitha i hope u get better quickly and the toe numbness passes... hopefully your sister is also doing better now and the chemo sessions are having an effect?
you are missed

chitra 9:49 PM  

I hope you get well soon. prbably it is because you did not get enough time to recuperate post surgery and you had to travel long distance to take care of your sis. I am sure it is more due to mental stress that u wd be undergoing.

Take care. love you.

Neihal 10:42 PM  

my best wishes for you and your sis Starry. Good to hear from you. :)
Take care

pria,  3:06 AM  

Good wishes to you both Starry and be cheerful.

Get wel and come back with a big bang:)

Asha 6:16 AM  

Hi L! Take it easy and get better.Blogging is secondary.Best wishes to you and to your sis too:)

Alexis 7:11 AM  

Wishing you and your sister all the very best. Get well soon..

starry nights 8:55 AM  

Velu..thank you

starry nights 8:55 AM  

Polona..thank you

starry nights 8:56 AM  

Jonathan..thank you

starry nights 8:56 AM  

the black thing.thank you and welcome to my blog.I do hope you stop by again.

starry nights 8:57 AM  

Aditi..thank you.

starry nights 8:58 AM  

chitra..thank you.I think it is everything put together.sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going.

starry nights 8:58 AM  

neihal..thank you

starry nights 8:58 AM  

pria..thank you

starry nights 8:59 AM  

Asha..thank you

starry nights 9:00 AM  

Alexis..thank you and how are you doing?

Keshi 6:38 PM  

WOW Starry u r a brave gal! HUGGGGGGGGGGGGZ! Plz TC of urself. Ur going thru alot. I'll pray for ya.

I hope ur sis gets better too.

TC sweetie MWAH!

Ekta 11:57 PM  

oh dear! sounds bad!!Do hope u get well soon and recover completely!

Sunil Parmar 12:38 AM  

Get well soon...
Waiting for your next post. :)

Nachi 2:44 AM  

wow! i came back to your blog after a long long sabbatical...and the first thing i get to see is an X-Ray/CT scan of your back!

...i really hope that you both feel better soon Starry! my best wishes to both you and your sister...

trinitystar 7:18 AM  

Oh Starry ... Ive not been here myself for various reasons ... sorry to hear you have a problem. Hope you are well soon. I am sure it must be very uncomfortable.

Shionge 6:35 PM  

No worries're in our thoughts...take care and hugsssss......big hugz :D

Kavi 10:52 PM  

My best wishes to you and your sister ! Life has its ways of bounce back, and am looking forward to that happening for both of you !

Sudha 6:55 AM  

Lalitha, nice to know your feeling better..take care..

starry nights 7:25 AM  

keshi..thank you.

starry nights 7:26 AM  

ekta..thank you

starry nights 7:26 AM  

sunil..thank you

starry nights 7:26 AM  

nachi..good to see you back.thank you

starry nights 7:27 AM  

Trinitystar..thank you.

starry nights 7:27 AM  

shionge..thank you

starry nights 7:27 AM  

Kavi..thank you for your kind thoughts.

starry nights 7:28 AM  

sudha..thank you

Anali 8:48 AM  

I'll keep the prayers coming Starry! My best to you and your sister!

Margie 9:41 AM  

Hi Starry
So sorry to hear your news!
Sending lots of good wishes your way!
You and your sister will be remembered in my prayers!

Take good care of yourself!


KK 11:50 AM  

Starry, Hope you are doing better now... Will pray to god for you and your sister... Get well soon Starry...

Sorry I was on a short hiatus and hence haven't visited your blog for long...

Id it is 2:25 PM  

Hope you feel better, soon.

Suji 5:49 AM  

Get well soon Starry. My prayers with you n ur sis.

Nandini 8:05 PM  

actually that looks very painful, with the location of the disc. How are you coping?
And how is your sister coping with chemo?

I wish both of you speedy recoveries, pain is never a fun thing!

adi 12:35 AM  

hope u r fine now. i also underwent a little tumble, myself :) and btw, u r blogrolled on delhidreams now.
take care.

mathew 12:40 AM  

nice to know u are doin good..and in postive spirits!!

Lotus Reads 7:18 AM  

Starry, I am so sorry you haven't feeling well, but on the other hand, I am so glad that the Myelo-CT was not as painful as you thought. Thank you for all the information on it, I did not know much about this scan. Here's hoping the pain and numbness go away soon and that you can return to feeling normal. Continuing our prayers for your sister.


Blessed 7:18 AM  

What a pic!
It just looks painful.
I am thinking of you and your sister!

Ganesh Ranganathan 12:12 AM  

Oh Starry...that scan looks so painful :-( ....hope you will recover ASAP

AVIANA 9:59 AM  


how are you? u're worrying me with this post. i wish you nothing but the best...relax take it easy.....

make sure u're able to peacefully release any may have chicki.....

feel better soon..... :)

hillgrandmom 11:24 AM  

Get well soon wishes to both you and your sister. God bless.

Dawn....सेहर 7:19 PM  

My best wishes to you n your sis dear! take care

Princess 3:18 AM  

hi starry,

how are you? Hope everything is very fine with you....

Your sister will also be fine..

Take care,

starry nights 8:51 AM  

Anali..thank you

starry nights 8:51 AM  

Margie..thank you

starry nights 8:52 AM  

id it is..thank you

starry nights 8:52 AM  

Nandani..thank you. The pain is getting better, I sometimes have bad days but for the most part it is tolerable

starry nights 8:53 AM  

Suji..thank you

starry nights 8:53 AM  

Adi..thanks.sorry I have not stopped by.

starry nights 8:54 AM  

Mathew..thank you

starry nights 8:54 AM  

Lotus reads..thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers for me and my sister. My sister needs it more.

starry nights 8:55 AM  

Blessed..thank you

starry nights 8:55 AM  

Aviana..I am doing a lot better, not as painful as it looks.thanks for thinking about me.

starry nights 8:55 AM  

Ganesh..thank you

starry nights 8:56 AM  


starry nights 8:56 AM  

Dawn..thank you

starry nights 8:56 AM  

princess..thank you

trinitystar 11:28 AM  

Oh Starry you are still not here ... hope you are making a recovery.
hugs for you. :o)

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