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I first want to thank each and everyone of you for stopping by and asking about my sister.I have some good news, the doctor said she does not need the last two chemo's so they have stopped it.she was getting very weak and her heart was getting overloaded. so now she just has to get stronger and her hair has to start growing back. We could not have made it without all the prayers and kind wishes from everyone especially all my dearest, dearest blogging friends.Thank you for staying with me through this rough course. Now I see the light at the end of this tunnel.I will be back blogging soon ,I have so much to catch up on and so many posts to read.take care.


chitra 1:48 AM  

hi dear,

I cant tll you how glad I am to read your post that all is fine with your sister.

I was getting worried.

Take your time.

priya 2:19 AM  

What a beautiful pic' starry. Good news and feels so good to know she doesn't have to go thru' such hardships again.

Take care Starry.

Srivalli 4:29 AM  

So glad to know the update about your sister...hope she gets better soon...

thanks for taking time to drop a line in my blog...very nice of you....

I have immensely enjoyed reading your pleasure has been mine...


Jeevan 4:37 AM  

Those really great news about ur sister and the much activities on your way here soon! Take care dear:)

wow that's lovely pic.

Srijith Unni 5:32 AM  

Hi Starry,!

So nice to see you back after such a long time. ! Good to hear that your sister`s doing good.! Wish you both many more healthy, hearty and happy years to come.

Waiting eagerly to read more of your wonderful posts..

With Best Regards,

Asha 7:30 AM  

L! That is wonderful news!! So nice to hear that she doesn't have to go thru' that anymore.
You have been great sister to her,good for you.Take your time,do not rush to blogging,it's secondary.Hope you are doing well too.Hugs!:)

Anali 7:33 PM  

Starry - I'm still sending prayers for you and your sister. I hope that she gets stronger everyday and that there are lots of good times ahead for both of you! Take care! ; )

The Black King 12:23 AM  

Looking forward to your posts! And wish a very speedy recovery to your sister.

Aditi 12:50 AM  

yay i am happy that she doesnt need the final treatments.. that things are finally calming down and you have weathered the worse...
welcome back

mathew 8:42 AM  

That is awesome news!!!! :-)
cheers to the fighting spirit!!

Shionge 8:41 AM  

Hiya pal...just swing by and read your update which is wonderful :D Glad that all is progressing well and yes I did miss you at my blog kekekek...still, take your time and all the best to your sister :D

pravin 12:15 AM  

I'm glad she's getting better. I lost two family members to cancer, and it wasn't pleasant.

Daniel & Anu 7:01 AM  

All our prayers have been heard! What a miracle that the chemo is over just as she was wanting to stop the treatment!

Neers 5:28 AM  

hey hi... how have you been? long time! a very happy independence day!

starry nights 10:25 AM  

Chitra..thank you

starry nights 10:25 AM  

Priya..thank you and yes it was a relief when the doctor said she does not need any more chemo.

starry nights 10:26 AM  

srivalli..thank you so much.

starry nights 10:26 AM  

Jeevan..thank you

starry nights 10:27 AM  

Srijith..thank you

starry nights 10:27 AM  

Asha..thank you so much.

starry nights 10:28 AM  

Anali..thank you so much.

starry nights 10:28 AM  

The black king..thank you

starry nights 10:29 AM  

Aditi..thank you

starry nights 10:29 AM  

Mathew..thank you

starry nights 10:30 AM  

Shionge..thank you.Yeah I did miss out on a lot of stuff but my sister needed me.

starry nights 10:31 AM  

Pravin..I am sorry about the loss, I can just imagine how hard it must have been.take care.

starry nights 10:31 AM  

Daniel & Anu..thanks and yes it sure was a miracle and we are so happy.

starry nights 10:32 AM  

Neers..thanks and how are you doing.thanks for stopping by.

Alexis 10:55 AM  

Nice to hear that your sister won't be needing the last two chemo sessions... Thank God for that...

As so many of the blogpals have expressed take your own time...

Wish you and your sister health and happiness...

Dotm 7:06 PM  

Such good news! Now your sisters hair can start growing back more beautiful than ever. They say that good things happen to those who wait and your sister sure has waited a long time for her good news. I am happy for her. You are such a loving caring sister. I wish everyone had someone to love them as much as your love for your sister shows in your writing..

Nabeel 8:22 PM  

the reflection looks soo magnificent, and of course the mountain too, stands tall and mighty.

Nabeel 8:23 PM  

God speed @ your sister's recovery

Lotus Reads 7:24 PM  

Starry, that is the best news I have heard all week! May your sister quickly recover her strength and get over the effects of the chemotherapy. Keep us posted, OK?

adi 11:09 PM  

i sincerely pray that u guys be happy
thanks to gopal, he heeded my prayers :)
pls take care all of you

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