Tuesday, August 21, 2007


A magnitude-8 earthquake struck the coast of Peru.Thousands of families were left homeless.According to the peruvian Government the quake's death toll stands at over 500, with hundreds more injured and at least 80,000 people affected. Authorities estimate that at least 80 percent of houses in Pisco have been destroyed, leaving at least thousands of people homeless .

Pisco's mayor said at least 200 people were buried in the rubble of a church where they had been attending a service. Some 17 others were killed inside a church in Ica, according to the Canal N cable news station. The historic Senor de Luren church was among several heavily damaged in Ica, where at least 57 bodies were taken to the morgue.

Services were packed when the quake struck at 6:40 p.m. Wednesday because Aug. 15 is celebrated by Roman Catholics as the day when the Virgin Mary rose up to heaven.

As I sit reading this today I am sad because I ask myself this question "where was God?" These people were praying to God, most probably asking Him to take care of their families and themselves. I am always troubled when I read something like this. In my mind if God was the protector of all people how did he allow this to happen? I have so many questions and most of them unanswered. Most people will say that it is God's will,I find it hard to believe that God would do this especially to children. Do you have any answers. Where do you think God was?


iamnasra 12:29 PM  

It hurts to know in the deep of praying that the hands of fate and God had worked and took lives of many ..I stand you and I keep question good but as I live life I know God is there perhaps at point we dont feel he is there ...its all in the book of life that one way or another we will persih from the palm of earth..it could be an illness, sudden death, accident, murder, drown, even we take our lives by our own hands...or waether distaster tusnami, volcano, hurricane, katrina, Guno..Its a work of the Creater, at times we have to die to give space for those who are just born, taking their steps to life...

I can not tell you where is God ..you have to see your Creator within you ...

polona 1:13 PM  

seems like nature has conspired against humanity. serves us right for abusing her for so long... although i agree, that's a great tragedy, and who knows how much damage hurricane dean will cause...

_Jonathan_ 7:24 PM  

I don't where is God...


Keshi 7:37 PM  

u know Starry, u wudnt believe it, i thought of the exact same Qn when I read abt it on papers! AMAZING u wrote abt it today!


Can someone ans this.


Aditi 7:51 PM  

I asked myself where god was when terrorists took hostages at a Swaminarayan temple in Gujarat and killed.. bloodshed and blood stains that are still visible on the steps of the temple...
I asked where god was when a bomb blast took place on a tuesday at a hanuman temple in benaras.. causing havoc..

earthquake was still natural this was violence at a place of worship..

maybe god has a reason we cannot fathom?

Jeevan 2:14 AM  

I feel human is the god. Its nature’s changes, the god (human) can’t stop than accepting. About terrorism that does the same is where can we go to end? When it was god’s action.

How are u dear? Take care.

J 8:26 AM  

Starryy.. good to see you back.

Hmmm, where was God.. I guess that is a question only he can answer.

How you been?

Id it is 9:12 AM  

The randomness of life is what makes it so delectable. It seeps us in sadness one instance and has us in the highs of happiness the moment after. As for god...

mystic rose 9:59 AM  

that is tragic. but like life, everyone will find the courage to rebuild and live. and aid and help will pour in from all corners of the world, its in adversity that the best of man comes out. yes, i know, it doesnt mitigate the loss of thsoe families, but this has been the way the world, the universe has always been. natural events happen, simply because that is the nature - the earth is still evolving, tectonic plates shifting.

Would God say oops.. the earth is going to shift there, and they a re praying to the great ME. so no earth quake there?(would he not be human then?) we are free to live our life the way we want, starry..and that means making choices and going thru calamities.

A spiritual life gives an inner balance and harmony to face upto the problems, be dynamic and be compassioante and joyful within.
at the minimum.

starry nights 12:11 PM  

Thank you iamnasra.

starry nights 12:12 PM  

Yes and tragedies occur one after another, the sad part is so many innocent lives are lost and some are saved.what saves them or who and why is he partial.

starry nights 12:13 PM  

Jonathan..I feel the same wa.

starry nights 12:14 PM  

Keshi..have no answers only question after question.

starry nights 12:15 PM  

Aditi..yes I really don't know why these aweful things are commited,and some are done because of religion.really sad.

starry nights 12:15 PM  

Jeevan..thank you

starry nights 12:16 PM  

J..i am doing well and it is good to be back.how are you and whats new?

starry nights 12:17 PM  

Mystic..thank you.

starry nights 12:17 PM  

id it is..where was God?

Anali 5:54 PM  

I ask myself the same thing all the time. I don't understand.

Sweetstickychewy 10:01 PM  

Hello Starry

Hmm..Where was God?

I'm with J on that starry on He can answer.


Anonymous,  10:45 PM  

There are always an answer for everything but the answer is difficult to understand.

Dear starry thank you am happy to see your comment ..thanks for visiting my page

Krithika 6:03 AM  

my mom says that even god can not hold off destiny's call..
hmm yes but that doesn quite answer the question

Alexis 8:11 AM  

God is where he always is, I think so. When something nice happens we thank God, but won't ask where he is...we don't need to know that...we only want to say thank you for the nice little things. Only when something bad or terrible happens we asks the question "where was God?"

But the location is not important. The fact that there is God and he has some plans for all that is happening is the important thing.

And as for the natural calamities, as someone has already pointed out, we have to share the blame, as we have used and abused nature and are still doing so. It is tragic that innocent people have to suffer the consequences of the actions of their fellow greedy human beings. But that is life.

pink ginger 珂琳 9:01 AM  

I used to asked the same question 'where was god'?
Perhaps we're not able to analize god by human mind. We must have faith.
God bless.

starry nights 10:07 AM  

Anali..I think after reading all the comments I have to accept and faith that everything happens for a reason.And God is not to blame for the calamaties byt man.

starry nights 10:08 AM  

sweetstickyshewy...I think what people are saying is that God was there but we have to pay for what we do.

starry nights 10:09 AM  

mindinside..I am sure there is a logical answer, sometimes it is better to believe than ask questions, because sometimes there are no answers.

starry nights 10:10 AM  

Krithika..I think your Mom is right.

starry nights 10:11 AM  

Alexis..thanks for stopping by.How are you. I can understand what you are saying and it is true these questions never come up when everything is going well in our lives.I think because we are arrogant enough to think that God has to always protect us and do good.

starry nights 10:12 AM  

pink ginger....true sometimes all we need is to have faith and believe.

The Black King 12:31 PM  

God is equally responsible for the woes as he is for the good things that happen to us, if you believe he exists. Therefore, I don't respect 'Him' as the omnipotent benefactor of us all --- instead the concept is rather an elaborate scheme designed to provide mental support, I think.

Twisted DNA 1:51 PM  

Lalitha, it's a very sad thing that happened. Every time a calamity happens we try to find a way to explain it to ourselves don't we! I personally attribute it to the randomness in nature and try not to explain it.

As to the question you asked, you already know what my answer is, given that I am an atheist

Anonymous,  12:50 AM  

Its such a sad sight...but as for God, I believe everything is being done by him and according to him until their is destruction their cannot be any construction and if there is no construction, nothing new can come out...perhaps that is his way of seeing things...We just have to feel his existence silently...!

starry nights 8:16 AM  

The black king..thanks.

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Twisted DNA..thanks. Sometimes it is really hard to understand.

starry nights 8:17 AM  

Kalyan,Thanks but it is easier said than done.

Kiran 11:12 AM  

Gos exists within us as good or bad. If we help each other without hate, everything stays.

Jac 6:50 PM  

If all questions about GOD are answered right away, then His presence won't be important anymore.

Starry, if you have thousands of children... would it be possible for you to keep an eye on every one of them whereever they are ? Sometimes you can't keep track of everything.

Suji 10:15 PM  

Hey God never promised us that we will not die if we pray to him. If that had been the case...no pious person wud have ever died. Everybody has to die some day or the other.

Drama Div@ 7:35 AM  


I do not blame Him since many ppl only think of Him only when they are in trouble, not before...

Keshi 11:52 PM  

hows u Starry n how is ur sis now?


mathew 5:49 AM  

a question which all of us might have asked sometime or the other...when I read about holocaust I thought the same..but then the question was how inhuman humans are....

If God was to think like us..then what difference does it make..the power that be should have been beyond the comprehension of a silly human brain...

So i guess have faith.then there is a reason for you to hope for!!

Lotus Reads 7:22 PM  

Like you, I, too, find myself asking the "where was God" question when something this devastating takes place, but I haven't received an answer yet.

AVIANA 9:09 AM  

God was there when the firemen came to help the people in the ruble...

God was there when a woman helped an elderly man as a rock laid on his leg...

God was there when a father got his son away from the spot his son was standing so that he could take the hit...

God was there when that child cried under piles of concrete and a samaritan heard his cries and found him under mounds of bricks and stones....

God was there when the daughter, under the rocks, talked on her cellphone with one bar left and said her last words on her mother's answering machine..."I'm scared...I love you..."

Dotm 5:54 AM  

I think we wonder even more when something happens in a Church as we feel it should be the safest place to be and should be blessed by God since it was built in honor of him. My next thought is who am I, why should I expect to understand God`s reasons for allowing these things to happen. Then I have to admit that if nothing ever happened our world would become so overpopulated that we would all die for lack of enough land to grow food on. Every year I watch even more woods being torn down to build more homes and I wonder if some day there will be no woods left and no wood left to use or any trees to stop the soil from sliding and causing even more problems. Why do people have to suffer before they die, is it to help us let them go?
Always unanswered questions that we have no for sure answers to.

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