Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A moment of anger
hurtful words
Pierces the soul
shatters like glass
The pain is endless

Then there is silence
days go into nights
Nights go into days
No words are exchanged
No apologies,only the silence
and the pain.
Will it ever ease?


Anonymous,  12:35 PM  

It takes a bit of time for a mountain to heal from the lava of pain


Asha 2:13 PM  

Time heals everything but you never forget the words that hurt! Think before you speak. Apologize if it's your fault!Life is too short!!:)
Happy I day to you.

polona 2:31 PM  

oohh... so poignant.

take care!

priya 3:29 PM  

Who hurt you starry??

Anger is a deadly virus needs to be controlled if not it hurts forever.

Will it ease? Why not if someone let go of their ego and come down to renew their friendship or relationship.

If that person is very important or too close, it doesn't matter at all. But not at all times coz it will be taken for granted every other time.

Keshi 8:22 PM  

I know that feeling Starry...it hurts alot.

HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! Hope the silence will be broken with that due apology...



Jac 10:14 PM  

You ok starry ?

You have a soul that no one would dare to hurt. So I wonder !!!

Shionge 4:57 AM  

Hope that time will heal all wound Ms. starry...take care my dear friend :D

Sweetstickychewy 6:31 AM  

Usually when pride and ego gets out of the picture. The pain will ease. But yet its so much easier said than done. The silence itself hurt much sometimes.

It will simmer down.;)


pRicky 10:47 AM  

only if you wish it to ease I suppose...
How have you been?

wildflower 11:53 AM  

Life Is Sorrow

never mind... It Goes On!

Aditi 9:20 PM  

well written..such silences are sometimes far more painful then hasty angry words

Jeevan 3:47 AM  

Hugsss dear! Take care.

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? 11:01 AM  

Loved the look and feel of ur blog!

Anonymous,  12:21 AM  

Sometimes silence helps us to take a pause, revisit our lives and any mistakes and after realising them, once again move on with a new understanding. But its true this period of silence is more hurting than any other phase!

Anali 8:45 AM  

Oh Starry this poem is so sad! It really makes me want to cry. I hope you are okay. I wish there was something I could do. Take care.

trinitystar 2:33 AM  

Sometimes people say things they dont really mean.
funny the tongue lives in a very wet place ... hence things slip out.
Forgiveness is good for healing.
hugs for you.

Alapana 5:11 AM  

With the days turning into nights and the darkness of the night giving away to the little sunshine there wont be the Silence for long,Trust me,Every word will occupy that silence very soon,Just give it some time.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 3:15 AM  

nopes .. it never really does get better :||

Hyderabadi's 2:12 PM  

Take care...

Dollar $ab 9:21 AM  

life's too short ...get a hold of it...a good read

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