Friday, June 11, 2010


Differences set aside,countries comes together
Teams dressed in colors
Show case their talent
Once in a lifetime opportunity for some
prayers said, medallions held
To be the team that emerges the winner.

Across the stands, a sea of color
spectators buzzing like bees
traveled by air, land and sea
painted faces,waving flags
children inspired .

Referees running
legs flying
heads knocking
A goal scored
fans in an uproar .

For some defeat, hopes destroyed
dreams unfulfilled.
For others, lessons learned
sportsmanship earned
still time to be the best team that wins.

I love soccor.


Priya 9:45 AM  

Touchwood Starry. I posted one in my Poetry blog too.

You have very well fit those words here.

Asha 11:58 AM  

Yeah, good for them! :)

Have a great weekend L.

Anonymous,  1:37 PM  

Very nice poem Starry. Enjoyed reading it. I too love soccer. Who are you rooting for this world cup? :) My favorite is Brazil.

starry 6:06 PM  


starry 6:07 PM  

Asha you have a good weekend too.

starry 6:08 PM  

I love Brazil too.have not picked a favorite yet.want to enjoy the game until the end and then I will pick between the last two.this way there is not a lot of pressure.

Anali 9:44 PM  

Have a great weekend and enjoy the games (matches?)! ; )

Anonymous,  2:50 AM  

Nice poem, Starry! It's nice that you were able to relate a poem to a current event :-)

Tomz 3:59 AM  

I confess that I am not a much sporty one..
Yet everyone hear has also caught with the worldcup fever..

mystic rose 4:59 AM  

I love soccer too!
And your poem was quite light hearted :)

starry 7:19 AM  

sashindobutsu....welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.thanks.

starry 7:20 AM have a good weekend too.

starry 7:20 AM  

Tomz....welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.thank you.

starry 7:21 AM  

Mystic rose..thanks.

Kai C. 5:09 PM  

that's awesome. i'm doing fine. how about you?

Srijith Unni 2:08 AM  

Good one.. World cup fever indeed.!

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!
With Best Regards,

kavita 8:06 AM  

Loved reading your poem...your love for soccer is quite evident.
Thanks for visiting me the other day.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 3:11 PM  

lots of snaps ... good good
hopw your back is much better now ... how are you feeling ?

Adee 12:10 AM  

:) brought a smile to my face. somebody sure is a soccer fan. so who r u rooting for this time?

starry 11:10 AM  

kai good to hear from you and that you are doing well.Are you watching soccor too.

starry 11:10 AM  

Srijith.. spending my days enjoying the matches.

starry 11:11 AM  

kavita..thanks and please stop by here again.

starry 11:12 AM  

Adee..Yes I love soccor and I am waiting for the Brazil portugal game.I want Brazil to win.

Jeevan 1:10 AM  

lovely raved !

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