Tuesday, June 08, 2010


In between a busy day he
Takes time off ,drives me to the doctor
comforts, re assures and cares
Thank you for always being there.

Had a doctor visit today,it was a really long day, lots of traffic and in the end I did not get to see the doctor because he was doing some procedures at the hospital.I took some pictures from the car of the city .thought I would share them.

A Mercedes Taxi Cab.

A nice small cute home, not all the houses in Beverly hills are mansions.

Love the beautiful trees

$8/hr to park here...quite steep!

A beautiful apartment building

A street in Beverly hills lined with beautiful purple flowers

A view of the civic center

An Ad for the farmers market




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Asha 2:57 PM  

That's nice of him to do that for you!:)

Priya 6:25 AM  

Pretty good pics ther Starry. My.. 8 dollars an hr is something really..

U went all the way and cudn't see the Doc. That must be tiring indeed.

You tk:))

Jeevan 2:19 AM  

Very neatly progressed vehicles, even it was busy traffic! I wonder when we’re here going to experience such neat traffic conjunction. Nice pictures :)

starry 6:58 PM  

yes.I am fortunate.

starry 6:58 PM  

Yes went all the way thru a lot of traffic and did not see the doc.

starry 6:59 PM  

Yes even in heavy traffic there is always an order , I think it is because there are no other vehicles besides cars maybe a motorcycle once in a way.

Asha 4:33 AM  

Starry, you do get a small pack Flax seeds powder, I keep it in the fridge so it doesn't go rancid and use it to make quick chutney powder or in Parathas or even in breads.
Freshly ground powder is even better, retains more nutrients,but don't use the whole Flax seeds, they say they don't digest as whole seeds.

Neha 4:01 AM  

How are you now?

hillgrandmom 11:41 PM  

Hope your doctor's visit--when you were able to get to see him--was good.

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