Monday, June 21, 2010


I saw the movie "Shutter Island" yesterday,I think it was an awesome movie and so did "J" .It did start out a little slow but kept you at the edge of your seat.It made you realize how fragile the mind was and how easy it is for a person to live two different lives and to think it is real.I think even in our daily lives we sometimes do and think things that are not real and we believe it is.It is very easy to get caught up and make it real and believe it too that it may make people around you believe. think often as children we have make believe characters and stories and believe them, but as we grow older we know better and do not believe those things,It is a disease when even as an adult you fail to seperate the two.
For those who have not seen this movie I recommend it.I am unable to go to the movies so was happy to see it on video.


Priya 10:42 AM  

Great video Starry. Enjoyed it. Haven't seen the movie yet and will sure keep in my checklist.

mystic rose 3:26 AM  

Psychological thrillers are not my cup of tea, so didn't bother picking it up. I will, next time :)

Jeevan 12:19 AM  

Nice thoughts being shared starry. Inspiring quotes!

starry 8:01 AM  

Thanks Priya

starry 8:14 AM  

Mystic..I am not for psych thrillers either, this was different.

starry 8:14 AM  


hillgrandmom 11:44 PM  

Wayne Dyer has influenced me a great deal.

White Magpie 8:36 PM  

Unfortunately, I read the book a long time back and didnt want to mar the impression. Awesome read..

Manish Juneja 1:25 AM  

i think very soon i will watch this movie :)
good going staryy

starry 8:08 AM  

Hill grandmm...I am beginning to read some of his books and they are very inspirational.

starry 8:08 AM  

white magpie..the movie was quite good.

starry 8:09 AM  

Manish.I think you will like this movie, there is quite a bit of suspense.

Neha 2:19 AM  

I have heard so many great reviews of this movie...and its time for me to watch it too...just that these days I have been so engrossed with soaps, that movies have been pushed a little back..

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