Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Green (Algeria) and White(USA)
Are in for a fight
The winner may go on
the looser will go home.
May the best team win.

This is really an exciting match.


Priya 9:39 AM  

US finally got that goal. Phew!!!

Jeevan 3:22 AM  

nice one!

mystic rose 8:05 PM  

Ah, you are really into soccer, starry.
I love soccer too :)Though am not watching much nowadays.

What about that 10 hour fifth set at Wimbledon, eh? I think in the end Mahut just gave out of sheer fatigue.

Manish Juneja 1:21 AM  

i like the construct of ur blog ....

starry 8:14 PM  

Priya..yes they did.

starry 8:14 PM  


starry 8:15 PM  

Mystic..yes I am going to miss soccer now that it is finally starting to wind down.

starry 8:16 PM  

Manish..welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.thanks.

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