Saturday, June 19, 2010


Fathers day is a day of commemoration and celebration of Dad. It is a day to honor your father. Happy Fathers Day To All The Dads in the world.

When I think of my father
I remember a man of small stature, soft spoken
A silent provider, immaculately dressed
Shoes shining bright.
Always reading a newspaper, smoking a pipe,
Occasionally playing the Harmonica,
Watching wrestling matches into the wee hours
of the night.

I saw love in his eyes
Always giving without compromise.
A man of few words, confident and fair
Even though he was always away
I knew he still cared.

Proud of his children, and
he went to great lengths
To give us what we needed depriving himself.
He taught me the things in life that
I needed to know.
He was the tower of strength, source of love
Even in the midst of my imperfections and pitfalls
He accepted me and helped me grow.

I remember the train rides to and fro
And helping me with my home work because
I did not know.
He was a man who enforced discipline
Yet lenient in some
My mothers best friend
Who was there to the end.

I am sad that he is no more
But he lives in my heart
He will always be remembered
Not only today but forever .
I am honored to have known this man
I wish you were here Dad.


Gauri 4:59 AM  

Hugs, Starry.

Hope you are doing better now, healthwise.

starry 7:24 AM  

Thanks Gauri.I am doing better.

Jeevan 12:23 AM  

So beautiful and touching lines. I think of my father while reading this. peace :)

hillgrandmom 11:42 PM  

Starry, I do love your poetry!

White Magpie 8:37 PM  

Hugs..thats all..

starry 8:27 AM  

Hillgrandmom..thank you

starry 8:28 AM  

White magpie...thanks

starry 8:28 AM  

Jeevan..thank you

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