Tuesday, May 04, 2010


On this bright,and sunny spring morning
I wake up to hear the birds sing.
I think to myself,no matter where or what
The birds begin their day with a song in their hearts.

Each bird sings in their special way,
sometimes they are just echoing the way.
Without worrying what the others have to say.
Yet when we listen, there is no chaos,
Each sound is distinctive and clear
It all depends on what we want to hear.

And the birds sing.


Priya 9:46 AM  

That was fantastic job Starry. How wonderful to listen to them and I will say its a gift indeed.

mystic rose 3:24 AM  

Yay for the birds! Its lovely!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 9:25 AM  

couldnt get the music

starry 9:46 AM  

thanks priya.

starry 9:46 AM  


starry 9:47 AM  

Deepa..it is a video of the birds singing.don't know why it did not work.

Shana 8:15 AM  

Hey there... thanks for visiting!!

krystyna 5:23 PM  

The Birds Sings
You're writing from your beautiful soul!

Video works,
look like not work -black,
but works.

White Magpie 7:59 PM  

Yes it all depends on what you want to hear. I've got a cuckoo for a morning pal..

BTW, you are tagged...

Jeevan 3:50 AM  

I used to listen birds singing in evening and its fun trying to mimic alike and along with them. It sounds pleasant, Thanks for the video.

Anonymous,  2:49 PM  

Beautiful! It feels so good to listen to birds sing. I feel there's something in their songs but can't describe it in words. Mixed feelings of melancholy and bliss and life. And yes, the video is nice. You have beautifully captured their song.

Kai C. 4:04 PM  

Im fine.. How are you? I love when the birds sing

Anya 8:35 AM  

Its always so relaxing the sounds from birds :))))
I 'm living almost near a wood
I hear many birds the whole day!!!


Id it is 3:21 PM  

"It all depends on what we want to hear" : )

Anali 9:55 AM  

I hope you're enjoying the day Starry! : )

Dawn....सेहर 6:38 PM  

Awesome! coming after a long time and what a change :)
It was amazing to hear ...keep up the good work dear
God Bless You

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 7:37 AM  

it's not loading for me

Asha 8:49 AM  

Hi Starry, love to hear the birds sing in the morning. Great thoughts. I have a cd in my iTouch with lots of kinds of Bird chirping/singing, runs for an hour! :)

starry 8:13 PM  

krystyna..thank you

starry 8:14 PM  

shana..thank you too for stopping by my blog,I do hope you stop by again.

starry 8:15 PM  

White Magpie..thanks.I have to check out your blog for the tag.

starry 8:15 PM  

Jeevan..yes it is so nice to hear the birds sing.thanks.

starry 8:16 PM  


starry 8:16 PM  

Kai..I am doing good.Yes I love it when the birds sing too.

starry 8:17 PM  

Anya..that must be awesome.being so close to nature.

starry 8:17 PM  

Iditis..so true.

starry 8:18 PM  

Anali..my day is going good.thanks.hope yours is too.

starry 8:18 PM  


starry 8:19 PM  

Deepa..sorry it is not loading for you.Just imagine the birds singing.

starry 8:20 PM  

Asha..thank you.Thats a good way to hear the birds sing for a whole hour.How are you doing.

Renu 9:27 PM  

I also love listening to their chirping, once I was in warora and there in the evening hundreds of birdsw ill come in my back yard and I used to put some rice and water for them and it was so heart warming to see them coming regularly.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 7:09 AM  

finally ... got to hear & see the video

where is this ? South India (Kerala) ?

starry 10:05 AM  

Renu..I love to hear the birds sing too.

starry 10:06 AM  

Deepa..I am glad you finally got to hear the birds sing.THis is in my backyard in simi valley california.

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