Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I was lying in bed and thinking"Why does bad things happen to good people" and I don't have an answer. My eldest sister has always been there for me.I am the youngest sister in a large family .I lost my mother even before my children were born and my sister acted as my mother,she helped me alot through everything I have been through.Has been by my side through all the Joys and the sorrows.If there was anything I needed I had to just call her up and she would be there to help me.She stayed at my bedside while I was in the hospital for my back surgery.Always looking out for others and thats why I am sad.My sister is in Bangalore right now, her first vacation to India since 1993.She was so sad to take this vacation because she wanted me to go to India too. She was hardly there 10 days when she found out she has breast cancer.It is a shock to all of us because we don't even have a family history of it and this was something we did not even think would happen. I spoke to her last night,they are trying to get an early return flight so she can start her treatment. She is trying to stay strong and has a very positive atitude. Please pray for her that she will be well and will have a safe trip. I still don't have the answer"WHY DOES BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE" Do YOU?
Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.
Amy Li

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Margie 12:16 PM  

I so can relate to this post!
I have a sister that has breast cancer too...she has been battling it for a few years now!
It is so very hearbreaking when those we love have to face such hardships.
I am so very, very sorry to hear about your sister!

My sister is such a wonderful person, and I so often wonder why she is now so burdended.
I am going to keep your sister in my good thoughts and prayers.
As for bad things happening to good people...I do not have an answer...I wish I did.
All I know is that God has helped me dealing with many difficult times lately....He is my refugee!

priya 12:39 PM  


Sorry to hear that and my prayers are ther for her. She just needs to be strong and wish people do not talk about it too much to her which can bring sadness.

Dawn....सेहर 12:40 PM  

Dear that is something very sad and I guess everyone has that question but without an answer! But I believe he always test the good people as good people always have a better and different way to respond as compared to bad ones!
But for your sister I will say...be strong and she will recover if its for real! Breast cancer is something that now a days its not something that one should fear. There are best treatments and am sure soon your sister will resume to her vacation without any worry and fear (amen)
I will surely pray for her good health meanwhile you be strong and play the part that your sister used to play for you!
Everything will be fine dear...be calm and strong!
Good Luck to your sister

Lisa Francisco 1:43 PM  

I wish your sister and your family the best in these times.

starry nights 1:44 PM  

Margie..thank you.And remember her in your prayers.

starry nights 1:45 PM  

Priya..thank you.yes she is very positive and has a very good outlook on life right now.I just worry about how she will do during the treatment phase.

starry nights 1:46 PM  

Dawn..thank you.you are so sweet and kind.I still don't understand why these things happen.What is god's plan.

starry nights 1:47 PM  

Lisa..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.thank you .

mathew 1:48 PM  

I have faith that you and your sis will face it and dont succumb to the initial shock..my prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery..

Id it is 1:49 PM  

But there are good things awaiting...your sister will now receive timely and cutting edge treatment and will be in remission sooner than you know! Look at the glass as being half full; the cancer was detected; and that in itself is a blessing.
Be brave.

starry nights 1:55 PM  

Mathew..thank you.

starry nights 1:57 PM  

Id it is..So true.the cancer has been detected early and she will be starting treatment as soon as she gets here.Sometimes we fail to look at the glass half full always look at the glass half empty.thank you for reminding me.

Shionge 4:15 PM  

Sorry to hear this my dear friend and I wish that with this early awareness, treatment would be faster too.

Hang in there pal and we'll be praying for her.

Shiva 4:19 PM  


May God be with her always. Her strength and will and the kind of support she has from a siter like you, will definitely help her get over this. Things happen by chance. It rains alike for good and bad. Hope she gets the divine hands through the doctor! Let's pray for her.

Jac 5:09 PM  

There are many things that happens and we look for answers to that.

It is because we compare things with people who don't have it. Let us think of the lot who doesn't have a cure or proper treatment.

Your sister needs courage and I think that you are the best person to induce it in her.
Please don't feel sorry !! Just act Lalitha ! Give her the best cure you can give her...courage.

Blessed 5:23 PM  

Hello Miss Starry,
My heart goes out to you and your sister. I have to say that on a positive note that there all alot of great advancements in the field of breast cancer.
Do you remember when I wrote of my sister having surgery not too long ago?
It was for her implants. My sister
had implants put in becuz she had her right breast removed back in Feb 06 due to breast cancer. My sister is 44. This was her 2nd bout with breast cancer that is why she had to have a partial mastectomy this time. First bout with breast cancer was age 32.
We do not have a history of breast cancer in our family except for our grandfathers sister and her daughter (don't know them). Our mother died at 32 from a car accident so we don't know of any illnesses that she may have gotten.
NE ways, my sister is doing good.
She did get a 2nd opinion too when it came to oncology.
She went thru one form of chemo and didn't lose her hair. Then she did about 6 treatments of this other type of chemo called Herceptin. The herceptin has a bad side effect of one's heart decreasing in it's pumping ability. My sister's heart pumping ability did decrease 11%. She stopped that treatment and now she is on some pill which I can't remember the name of for 5 years.
Her prognosis is good. She is a tough cookie. And I'm sure your sister is too!!!! God bless her.
I don't know why good things happen to good people. I don't think it's God punishing us, I just think evil exists in all kinds of shapes and forms. I think too that we should put our faith in God and He will lead us and He will be with us every step of the way...thru our trials, pain, suffering, illnesses, joys, recoveries.
I will keep your sister and you in my prayers. I know she is afraid. Let her know so many are lifting her up in prayer.
Many blessings to you all!!!!

Suji 6:33 PM  

Starry, so sorry to hear this. My prayers are with your sister and you. Hope she has a safe journey back and gets well soon.

southpaw 6:36 PM  

I m so sorry to know this lalitha, tell her to come back soon, the sooner the treatment starts the faster she'll recover and hv faith and dont worry she'll be perfectly fine, its a curable ailment.

Lisa Francisco 6:53 PM  

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I know this may be weird. I'll ask my brother who is buddhist to keep you and your sister in his thoughts when he does his morning chant. :)


Aditi 6:55 PM  

My sister and I always tell each other
"sisters by birth friends by choice"
You put it best.. a sister is a friend who never goes away..
I hope your sister's tumor was caught early and things will be ok...

Loga 7:23 PM  

Visting u after a long time, My prayers for ur sister, U need to give strength to ur sis

deepsat 7:25 PM  

thats a nice post!! wishes to you and your wonderful sister. hope the fog moves away soon!

Sugarlips 7:55 PM  

Starry my heartiest prayers goes for your sis...Inshallah she will be fine and as u mentioned she had been a mother figure to u all your life now its time for u to take good care of her...she needs your support so be brave and God always test his beloved ones always remember that.
I hope she gets well soon :)

Stay Beautiful..!!

Keshi 8:18 PM  

ok Starry now Im crying!


Keshi 8:22 PM  

Im so sorry abt that b4...I cudnt help crying cos u made me think o fmy family and how I'd react in a situation like this.

thats such bad news. And this is why I always ask the same Qn...why doed bad things happen to good people? I really dun get it. And no ans really helps.

The only thing I can think of is Karma...but then again Im not to sure abt that too. W.O. proof I dun wanna believe in a Karma system too. I mean why do we have to pay a heavy price for something we did in a former life? I dun get it. I believe in things happening rite now. So if we r good ppl in this life, we should get a good life rite now!

I hope ur sis recovers fully. I will pray for her. Margie too has a sis and a friend with Cancer. I dunno how u 2 r coping...u guys r really strong.


Saira 9:41 PM  

Sisters are so special and i can say it as well...i havent met my sis since past 5 1/2 yrs...
Im so sorry for ur sis...but im sure ill pray for her and she'll be fine...God just take all the hardship tests for good ppl...thats it...
take care

brute 10:50 PM  

let god give her enuf strenght...

Jeevan 11:58 PM  

Sorry to know this about your sister, don't worry, she will be all right with her treatment soon.

will pray for her cure. Hope your support to her will sure make her feel nothing has happed!

vinay 3:09 AM  

I am really sorry about this. I will pray for your sisters health.I am sure god will listen to my prayers...stay strong...and support to you all from across the miles...

love,prayers and hugs...

Krithika 5:29 AM  

i'm so sorry..I will pray for ur sister and we know prayers can move mountains and this will.Morever, there ARE SO many ppl who have fighted breast cancer and still goin strong healthwise..
(Kylie minogue also)It's not a disease jus a disorder.
take care starry..Will pray for her.

Asha 6:17 AM  

My prayers are with her L! I don't have sisters but I wish I had one.So sorry about the illness but we don't know why bad things happen to good people, and it always happens that way.Support her and hang in there for her my friend.

Orchid 7:54 AM  

I am so terribly sorry for your sister. The positive attitude will definitely help her and ofcourse there is no substitute for the support that a wonderful family can give and I am sure your sister will be glad to have you through this difficult time. The treatment is not going to be easy but hope and faith will see us through the most difficult things.

starry nights 9:27 AM  

Shionge..thank you

starry nights 9:27 AM  

Shiva..thank you

starry nights 9:28 AM  

Jac..thank you for those kind words.Yes I have to give her courage.

starry nights 9:31 AM  

Blessed..thank you.Makes me feel better that your sister is doing well.Yes I think that in times like this we rely on God a lot more,maybe thats why these things happen.

starry nights 9:31 AM  

Suji..thank you for your prayers.

starry nights 9:33 AM  

Raj..thank you.She has a flight from Bangalore on the 5th of march and she sees the doctor on the 7th. She was very impressed with how soon all the diagnostic tests were done in India.

starry nights 9:34 AM  

Lisa..thank you.I think God hears everyones prayers.

starry nights 9:35 AM  

Aditi...thank you.I think sisters will always be here to stay.

starry nights 9:35 AM  

Loga..thank you for stopping by.Thank you for remembering my sister.

starry nights 9:36 AM  

Deepsat..thank you .I hope so too.

starry nights 9:37 AM  

Sugarlips..thank you.I know I have to be strong for her and help her through this difficult time.

starry nights 9:41 AM  

Keshi..thank you.I always ask this question.Sometimes I have to believe ther is a purpose in these things happening.I was reminded of how my illness brought so many people closer including my own family."J" is more understanding, I got to spend more time with my children, before my illness my life was like a roller coaster, did not have much time.Maybe God was telling me to slow down and make me appreciate and value the people and things around me, and the simple things in life that we take for granted.

starry nights 9:42 AM  

Saira..thank you.I do hope you get to see your sister.thank you for your prayers.

starry nights 9:42 AM  

Brute..thank you

starry nights 9:43 AM  

Jeevan..thank you.

starry nights 9:43 AM  

Thank you Vinay.

starry nights 9:44 AM  

Krithika..thank you.So many people praying for her.I am sure God will keep her in his care.

starry nights 9:45 AM  

Asha..thank you.

starry nights 9:46 AM  

Orchid..thank you.I am sure our family is going to be there for her and see her through this difficult time.Isn't that what families are for.Bad times and good times.

KK 11:57 AM  

Sorry to hear about your sister Starry. Our prayers are always there with her. I too have wondered why only gud people get more sufferings... but no answer yet...
You are absolutely right having a sister is like have a best friend...
May god bless your sister and give her the strength and courage to fight this out.

Contented 12:40 PM  

Very sad to hear about your sister. I wish and pray GOD gives enough strength to her and your family to fight the hard times!

Mystic Rose 1:04 PM  

hi starry,

so sorry to hear that..I hope everything goes well and she will be cured..these days being cured is more a certainty than otherwise, its good that it has been detected in early stages.

its true isnt it, you cant get rid fo sisters no matter what you do... one of the few certain things in life, its wonderful.


starry nights 1:42 PM  

kk..Thank you.

starry nights 1:42 PM  

Contented..Thank you.

starry nights 1:44 PM  

Mystic Rose..Thank you.I am glad it was found early enough that she can be treated,It is true we have come a long way with treatment for these ilnesses.thank you for remembering her.

trinitystar 4:05 PM  

Starry, starry nights,
Of course it is a shock ... being positive for your sister will help her as she stood by you ... you will for her ... my friend had bc and she is fine although she does have to go for check ups. Dont think the worse. Or of what might be ... think of now and be your sisters support ... keep her laughing. Hugs for you ... and a prayer on its way.

Keshi 5:13 PM  

**God was telling me to slow down and make me appreciate and value the people and things around me, and the simple things in life that we take for granted

I so believe in that Starry. I mean when a really difficult challenge is thrown at us, our whole perspective in life changes for a very valid reason...a good one usually.

HUGGGGGGGGGZ keep the faith!

Fuzzylogic 7:30 PM  

((Starry))I'm so sorry to her about your sister.I don't have an answer as to why bad things happen to good people because I have found a lot many times it's unfair and can't justify it in any way.Perhaps right now it helps to focus on the positive aspects being that it was diagnosed at an early stage so the essential steps and treatment can be started to halt the progression.She will need a whole lot of support from her family and I'm sure you will be for there for her through these difficult times.Keep the faith and have a positive attitude.There's always light at the end of the tunnel.
I will keep your sister in my prayers.

faith 9:11 PM  

:( will pray for her from this moment on.. iam sure things will be fine.. have faith starry.. i knw you are one strong lady..

since last few months iam asking same Q to myself and others but i think no one have the answer :(

take care..

Mr. J 9:19 PM  

Hey, that song, you lift me up is such a nice and soothing one. Nice choice.

Mr. J 9:21 PM  

Opps.. raise me up. :D I think I did sing this song a couple of times at church. Hmm!!

Mr. J 9:21 PM  

Ohh, soorry for the spam.. but it's nice listening to it early in the morning.. I think this song makes my day.

Ankit 11:49 PM  

Hey nice post ... :)_

Ankit 11:51 PM  

Hey nice post .... may god with your sister :)

Sunita 12:49 AM  

Starry, My aunty who was detected of breast cancer a couple of years ago lives a normal life today. An early stage detection will surely help complete cure. You and your family will be in our prayers.
I recently came across a child fighting cancer in my neighbourhood and am trying to help in little ways that I can.

Lotus Reads 3:28 AM  

Starry, I was so sorry to read about your sister. I have a sister too and I know how they become your best friends and your closest confidantes. I have no answer to the question you asked, "Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People", really. However, there is a book titled "When Bad Things Happen to Good People" and the author, a rabbi, has tried to explain how to handle things when something devastating happens to us. You can find the salient points here:


Your sister's positivity and the support of her loving family will see her through I know. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted, ok?

geetha 4:25 AM  

So sad to hear the news. My prayers for your sister.

Like how God showed she is a good sister to you, this is the time you are right by her to show that she has you... she is not alone. elp her be strong and she will cope well.

starry nights 8:27 AM  

Trinity star..thank you for those positive thoughts. I know in my heart she is going to do well because she has a positive attitude also.

starry nights 8:28 AM  

Keshi..thank you.

starry nights 8:30 AM  

Fuzzylogic..thank you.I will be there for her and will help her along.she is a very strong person and I am sure she is going to be ok.I am glad it was detected early.Thank you for keeping her in your prayers.

starry nights 8:31 AM  

Faith..thank you and please do remember her in your prayers.

starry nights 8:31 AM  

Mr J thank you.Yes it is one of my favorite songs too.

starry nights 8:32 AM  

Ankit.thank you

starry nights 8:33 AM  

Sunita thank you.Yes with early detection and treatment I have heard of a number of people who are doing well.It makes you feel better.Thank you for your prayers.

starry nights 8:34 AM  

Lotus reads.thank you.I have heard of the book and will check the link.I am positive she will be ok.Thank you for your prayers.I will keep you posted on her progress.

starry nights 8:35 AM  

Geetha..Thank you.I have to be strong and help my sister through this.

Alexis 9:43 AM  

So sorry to hear about your sister. Hope she will be fine with the treatment. Why bad things happen to good people? I have been asking that question for the last 13 years. But if you have not read the book "Why bad things happen to good people" by Harold S. Kushner, read it. You will get some answers. Will definitely pray for your sister. May God give all of you strength and blessings so that she gets well soon.

Eclipsed Thoughts 12:12 PM  

Starry... we will keep your sister in our prayers, she will battle it and come out fine... dont worry... keep the faith!

polona 1:36 PM  

oh, i'm sorry to hear that.
my thoughts go out to your sister.
take care!

Anali 1:45 PM  

Oh Starry I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's diagnosis. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. It's been 21 years!! There are so many treatments available now that it is a disease that can be fought! I'm sure that your sister will be fine. And I will say many prayers too!

Sanjay 5:36 PM  

Sorry to hear that. May she have the strength to come out of this better, stronger and healthier.

Gauri 7:33 AM  

Oh Starry - I'm so sorry to hear this.

Hope your sister has a safe flight back and starts her treatment soon and best wishes for a full recovery,

Prayers and Hugs


Mother of Invention 3:36 PM  

I am the youngest of 3 girls and my sisters mother me too. They were both diagnosed with breast cancer last year and it's not in our family either. Best of luck to your sister.

Dotm 8:16 PM  

Saying a prayer for everything to go well for your sister. You mentioned you have always been able to lean on her. Now, you can repay her kindness by letting her lean on you for a while. That is a real sister love connection which is ao precious to have. God bless you both.

starry nights 1:28 PM  

Anali..Thank you.

starry nights 1:28 PM  

Polona..thank you

starry nights 1:28 PM  

Sanjay..thank you

starry nights 1:28 PM  

Sanjay..thank you

starry nights 1:29 PM  

Mother of invention..Thank you and welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.

starry nights 1:29 PM  

Gauri..thank you.

starry nights 1:30 PM  

DotM ..Thank you. Yes I will be there for her to lean on.

anisha 11:46 PM  

hey...read ur blog for the first time, and I know what you must be going through, similar situation at my home...even I cant figure out why God does dis to good people?but of one thing I am sure of,you should have faith in God and everything will be alright, I hope your siser gets well soon!

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