Tuesday, February 13, 2007


To "J" My Valentine.Thank you for always being there for me.

I think the best valentine days I had was when my children were young.There was always candy to be bought and cards to be made.The day before would be spent addressing each card and attaching a candy to it.The children would go to school excited and would come back with a brown bag filled with cards and candy. We did this year after year until they reached Junior high ,after which they did not want me to see the cards they received. Adults spend too much of time worrying about what present to buy or what they would receive. There are people who are going to be sad especially the ones who do not have a valentine. Some couples are going to end up fighting because the day was forgotten and they did not receive any card or candy or was not taken out for diner.

Valentines day was not a special day for me and "J". I don't think we ever exchanged anything. In a way I think it was good because there was no expectations so there was no disappointment. I think everyday should be valentines day. It does not have to be cards or candy but just expressing your love for each other.



priya 10:47 AM  

Thaz a beautiful dedication starry. Have a good one. I feel thinking back the first days of how we met him/her and the fresh memories of marriage brings the essence back.

starry nights 11:47 AM  

Thank you Priya..I think so too.

Maya 12:37 PM  

happy valentine's day mom-- i love you so much and that's what valentine's day is about :)

love, maya

Maya 12:38 PM  

happy valentine's day mom-- i love you so much and that's what valentine's day is all about :)

love, maya

Shiva 12:42 PM  


"there was no expectations so there was no disappointment"

Amazing. It always expectation that brings misery in any relationship.

"It does not have to be cards or candy but just expressing your love for each other."

We keep wasting effor and time in choosing the right gift for any occasion, while the greatest gift is the love expressed in the right way.

Just reminded of Bryan Adam's " Have you really loved a woman...."

starry nights 1:42 PM  

Maya..thank you.I miss putting together all those valentine days cards with you.

starry nights 1:42 PM  

Shiva..thank you. I love that song of Bryan Adams."when a man loves a woman"

brute 2:49 PM  

happy valentine's day lalitha.. :)

Shionge 4:21 PM  

So well said Lalitha...simple & sweet :d

Happy Valentine's Day Pal!

Keshi 5:40 PM  

Beautiful post Starry and so true!

there should be LOVE everyday.


passerby55 5:54 PM  

"I think it was good because there was no expectations so there was no disappointment ...

you just wrote something which means so much, understood only by those who know what is all love about!

Lalitha..celebrating a lovely Red day with you.Have a lovely day. SO will I.


Kai C. 6:08 PM  

happy valentine's day

Aditi 6:32 PM  

happy valentines day =)

deepsat 7:00 PM  

nice dedication!! wishes for you on valentine's day!!


Dawn....सेहर 7:06 PM  

Very well said and I totally agree with you :)
Happy Valentine's Day dear to you both

southpaw 7:15 PM  

Happy valentine's day buddy...:)

starry nights 7:24 PM  

Brute..thanks.Happy V-day to you too.

starry nights 7:25 PM  

Shionge..Happy v-day to you.thanks

starry nights 7:25 PM  

Keshi..thank you

starry nights 7:26 PM  

Passerby..thank you

starry nights 7:26 PM  

Kai..Happy v-day to you.have a wonderful day.

starry nights 7:27 PM  

Aditi..Thanks.Happy V-day to you

starry nights 7:27 PM  

Deepsat..happy v-day to you.thank you

starry nights 7:27 PM  

Dawn..thank you.Happy v-day to you.

starry nights 7:28 PM  

Raj..Happy V-day to you.thank you.

Neihal 7:50 PM  

U r sooooo sweet....and I totally agree with you :)

Blessed 7:56 PM  

How beautiful!!!!!!
Happy Valentine's Day Sweet, loving Starry!!!!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 8:02 PM  

same to u ....

i really dont understand the concept of keeping a day apart for love. ... but it is nice to watch the happiness in the air

Orchid 8:52 PM  

I am in that "card and candy" stage with A. Also, hubby and I always celebrate this time of the yr..not so much because of Valentine's Day but because we met each other for the first time on Feb 15th...but you are right, symbolism has no meaning after spending so much time with a person..I think you kind of know how much he/she means to you.

Abhishek Upadhyay 10:03 PM  

Happy valentines day Lalitha.

What you said is so correct.No expectations from our near ones for gifts and hence no disappointment.:)

Ganesh Ranganathan 10:38 PM  

Happy Velentines Day to you and J, starry..

geetha 12:40 AM  

Very sweet.. Love is everywhere, everyday. Gifts are just material which is not equivalent to the everyday action and thoughts of love for one another.
Happy Valentines Day to you!

Jeevan 1:58 AM  

"I think everyday should be valentines day", that may be cool dear:)

Happy Valentines.

trinitystar 4:12 AM  

A wonderful post starry nights.

How true ... adults do worry too much ... children are just proud to give their little gifts. They do not need to impress ... we think we have to impress. It is not what you give ... it is the feeling you give with it.
hugs for you

a >------<-------<@ for you

Krithika 4:44 AM  

happy valentine's day! yes.Everyday should be valentine's day.things get too commercial these days

Princess 6:36 AM  


Lotus Reads 7:46 AM  

You said I think everyday should be valentines day. It does not have to be cards or candy but just expressing your love for each other.

Starry, I couldn't agree more, truly!

BTW, we grew up listening to music from "The Seekers". It felt so nostalgic to see this video on your blog this morning. A beautiful pick for Valentine's Day. There was another song of theirs that I loved, called "Walk With Me".

A Happy Valentine's Day to you, Starry!

starry nights 10:06 AM  

Neihal..thank you

starry nights 10:07 AM  

Blessed..thank you and happy valentines day to you too.

starry nights 10:09 AM  

Deepa..there is no harm in keeping a day for love.But what I was trying to say was that if we thought that everyday was valentines day then we would be able to appreciate each other more. It is nice to see love in the air with all those chocolates and flowers.

starry nights 10:10 AM  

Orchid..happy valentines day to you.It is OK to exchange gifts and candy but to get bent out of shape just because someone who you love and loves you forgets to buy you a card or flowers.

starry nights 10:11 AM  

Geetha..happy valentines day to you .

starry nights 10:11 AM  

Jeevan..thank you

starry nights 10:12 AM  

Abhishek..thank you.Happy v-day to you.

starry nights 10:13 AM  

Ganesh..happy v-day to you too.

starry nights 10:14 AM  

Trinitystar..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.thank you.Happy valentines day to you.and you are right I wish we could still have the innocence of children.

starry nights 10:15 AM  

Krithika..happy v-day to you.Yes it gets more and more commercialized each year.I think it is the businesses which push this a lot too.

starry nights 10:16 AM  

Princess.happy valentines day to you too.

starry nights 10:17 AM  

Lotus reads..happy valentine's day to you.Atlast someone who remembers the seekers.I grew up also listening to the seekers.My brother found a collection of theirs on you tube and and sent them to me.I can never get tired of listening to their music.

christabelle 10:25 AM  

Missed you so much dear lalitha.

That was a good one there, u know what, I agree with you one hunderd percent, I think too much emphasis is being made of this day, valentine to me should not only be on feb 14 but 365/7.

As usual, good thots.

Have a very fulfilled today and always.

Take care.

Anali 11:57 AM  

Happy Valentine's Day!

starry nights 1:23 PM  

Happy Valentine's day Christabelle.Hope you have a fun day too.

starry nights 1:24 PM  

Happy Valentine's day Anali.

Fuzzylogic 1:31 PM  

That was a beautiful post Starry,I couldn't agree more for the things you said.I don't believe in one big day to say I love the special person in my life.It's far too commercialized to my liking.You have a wonderful day Starry!

KK 1:44 PM  

Happy Valentines day Starry!!!

samuru999 8:06 PM  

Dear Starry
Just dropping in to wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day, before the day is over.
I love this post...thank you for adding to my day with it!
And thank you so much for visiting me today with your Valentine Day wishes...so kind of you!

I send warm HUGGGGGGGGZ back to you!
Bless you and all your loved ones!

P.S I hope to be back posting soon!

pRicky 8:24 PM  

hope u had a pleasent one...
simple and subtle conveys it all...

Mystic Rose 8:58 PM  

Hi starry, thats a lovely post :)

happy hearts day to you! hope you had a wonderful time today.

Sugarlips 9:22 PM  

A beautiful post :)
Happy Valentine's Day Starry :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Eclipsed Thoughts 10:58 PM  

Hey.. that is so sweet... every day should be a valentine's day indeed...

adi 12:20 AM  

i don't normally believe in dedicating days to love or to mother or to father, as i feel, these are endless
but for those who believe in v-day, i wish them all the best in love n life this year
and starry, i think you need not say anything, your dedication is enough to speak on your behalf...
and most of all, i love the way you love life, your spirit is what motivates me most :)
greetings to J and love to maya and vijay
may you all be always in love, always together

Cyberkitty 1:38 AM  

happy valentines day to you too..hope u had a good day !

Sanjay 4:13 AM  

That's lovely :)

starry nights 8:11 AM  

Fuzzylogic..thank you.

starry nights 8:13 AM  

Margie..It was nice to see you here.I hope everything is going well.And waiting to read all your poems.Take care.Thank you.

starry nights 8:14 AM  

Pricky ..thank you

starry nights 8:14 AM  

Mystic rose..thank you

starry nights 8:14 AM  

Sugarlips..thank you

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Eclipsed thoughts..thank you

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Adi..thank you so much.

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Cyberkitty..thank you

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Sanjay..thank you

meet_me 9:40 AM  

I know I am late ;)
An awesome post...
Thanks for ur lovely comment ...

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