Monday, February 26, 2007


Keshi 7:04 PM  

That's beautiful, charming, sweet, sensitive and loving Starry indeed!


Aditi 8:06 PM  

ahh i was a wildcat lovebug junkie monkey and i forget the second one...but basically nothing in common

Dawn....सेहर 8:41 PM  

WOW...I love the art of pot making...I guess that is what something which I never got to try :)

Neihal 8:42 PM  

very interesting Starry :)
me too love coffee..maybe someday we ll have it together :D

Margie 10:27 PM  

What a neat post!
I really enjoyed it!
Thanks Starry!

Shionge 11:15 PM  

Hey very cool :)

Princess 11:42 PM  

gr8 choices,
a free bird..

check mine also :)

Cyberkitty 2:41 AM  

ooh you really like coffee. I did this script too - here's the link

Jeevan 3:00 AM  

Cool one dear! let me bring something from there:)

priya 5:21 AM  

Starry: That was awesome... I tried testing mine too and it was just cool.

Sanjay 5:34 AM  

Very interesting, I guess I have to try my own.

Asha 6:09 AM  

LOL @ the hairy guy!!

starry nights 8:13 AM takes different people to make this beautiful world we live in.

starry nights 8:14 AM  

Dawn I have never tried pot making but I think I would love to because i do like making stuff with my hands.

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Neihal..thanks.Yes I would love to meet you at a starbucks.

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Margie..thanks.How about you trying it.

starry nights 8:15 AM  


starry nights 8:16 AM  

Princess.yes to be free as a bird and just fly to distant places.wouldn't that be neat.

starry nights 8:20 AM  

Jeevan thanks.

starry nights 8:20 AM  

Priya..thats neat.did you post yours.

starry nights 8:21 AM  

Sanjay..thanks you should.

starry nights 8:21 AM  

Asha..Yeah too hairy for my liking.

priya 9:13 AM  

I didn't post it. If you want I will do it ok.

starry nights 12:15 PM  

yeah Priya post it.

Shiva 4:10 PM  

Starry, Lively choices. Looks like you have inspired lot of our friends to try this out. Great!

Orchid 7:50 AM  

we have a couple of things in common and will let you check it out for yourself on my blog :)

starry nights 9:51 AM  

Shiva..thank you

starry nights 9:51 AM  

Orchid..thanks.will check your blog out.

b v n 2:35 PM  

this one is cool, I tried it out yesterday...pretty accurate should say :)

Lotus Reads 3:31 AM  

Hi, Starry!

I loved this!!! I have never tried pottery but I used to sculpt with clay when I lived in Dubai. My neighbor was an art teacher at a nearby college and even had a kilm in her backyard...I used to create something every week. Those were the days! :)

starry nights 8:41 AM  

Bvn..thats good.I have to check your blog.

starry nights 8:42 AM  

Lotus reads.I have never done any pottery work but love to work with my hands and would love to learn pottery some day.I think it is fun and you can be creative.

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