Thursday, February 15, 2007

IDOLMANIA........MY 150th POST

I have to admit I am an Idol fan and have been for the last five years. I know "J" does not think too much of American Idol. Last night I was ecstatic because an Indian kid made it to the top 24.I do hope he makes it to the top ten. I think American Idol even with all the hype that surrounds it, does give opportunities for everyone to show their talent. I know that some really talented people do not make it , but then thats life.

On another note..I went for my three month check up yesterday, it was a nice long ride to Beverly Hills. There was a lot of traffic returning because it was peak hour but it was Ok. I have to say that I spent some quality time with "J" on Valentine's Day. we talked all the way there and back. I am really happy that the doctor said that my back is healing well.The CT scans looked good.The doctor showed me pictures of my back with the artifical Disc and on the second level you can see the spinal cage and a plate with two long screws. So now I start Physical Therapy for eight weeks. After which I hope to be doing a lot more.My first stop may be to a mall, which I have not seen for a couple of years. Thank you all for your prayers and support. I think I have made it after all.


Ghost Particle 9:42 AM  

Yes u did it! Wish you good health always.

Happy 150th post!

starry nights 10:18 AM  

Thank you Ghost.I think the patience has paid off.

Eclipsed Thoughts 10:25 AM  

congrats... u have done it and i am sure you are gonna be perfect soon...

And yeah, congrats on the 150th post... where's treat??? party!!!!

yay yay!!!

Kai C. 10:44 AM  

that idol guy is cute.

Mystic Rose 11:12 AM  

Hi starry,
glad to know youa re doing well and you back is healing well.

thats wonderful! :)

starry nights 12:22 PM  

Eclipsed thoughts..thank you.I feel so good now that my back is doing well.

starry nights 12:22 PM  

Kai..I think so too.

starry nights 12:23 PM  

Mystic rose..thank you.

Asha 1:03 PM  

Lalitha,I didn't realize it was that bad! WOW!! You are a tough girl,get well fully and then raid the mall!:)) Do not rush anything.Congrats on 150th post.
Hey! Me too.I watch every episode and I like that Sanjaya and I am glad his sister, the cocky one got dropped.Sanjaya is very good and he needs a haircut pretty desperately.I would give him a cut myself free of charge,I can't stand it! :D
Take it easy.Lots of love from me too!:)

Shiva 1:04 PM  

Glad that you had a wonderful valentine's day. Have a wonderful health. I'll pray too

polona 1:48 PM  

that's wonderful news! and very appropriate for 150th post.
congrats and best wishes!

Id it is 2:02 PM  

That's great news! I'm not much of a mall person, but I can imagine how excited you must feel to visit one after a long time. Enjoy.

starry nights 2:59 PM  

Asha..I thought of the same thing.If he was my kid he would have got a hair cut. But he is still cute..I hope he makes it.I think he sings well too. Yes I have been home for three years now with this back injury.

starry nights 2:59 PM  

Shiva..thank you.

starry nights 3:00 PM  

Polona..thank you.

starry nights 3:02 PM  

Id it is..Yes I am excited because we have a new mall which opened in 2005 and I am yet to see it.The city I live in did not have a mall and so it is kind of special.

Keshi 4:38 PM  

wow good to hear ur doing well health-wise Starry. HUGGGGGGGZ well-done!

Im an Aus idol fan :) I watch American idol too. Only when it's come to the final 10 or so. U know Im such a music buff.

Congrattz on the 150th!!


Orchid 4:44 PM  

First, I am very excited too for that kid Sanjaya...maybe we can get everyone to vote for him now!?!

really glad about your health and also glad that you got some quiet time with hubby on V-day :)


Mumbai Guy 6:18 PM  

I think this idol guy would make it to top 5. If not, it would be sad coz he looks better than most of them.
Congrats on your 150th and happy valentines.


deepsat 7:10 PM  

happy 150th post!!!

take care of your health!!!


Mindinside 7:25 PM  

hope ur doing well ..
Keep posting

Aditi 7:43 PM  

yipee u'll be all better for summer

brute 8:54 PM  

woohoo! congrats! party maam!!!!!!!!!!!

Cyberkitty 9:36 PM  

congratulations on ur 150th post. i had stopped wathcing American Idol after the first few seasons but seing that an Indian kid is doing well, i'll check out the remaining telecasts.

trinitystar 4:24 AM  

Congratulations on your 150th post!

Sounds like you have been in the wars.

Cute and talented Kid. Is there anywhere we can get to listen to his voice.
We all have a tallent ... its just some of us has not discovered yet!
hugs for you.

samuru999 6:10 AM  

Hi Starry
I too am an Idol fan, and also hope this kid makes it to the top was so sad when he was crying and hugging his sister because she was cut!
Congrats on your 150th post...look forward to many more from you!

Hey, did you get my ecard?
Have a great weekend!
So glad to hear your back is healing well!


priya 7:12 AM  

Congrats on your 150th post and way to go starry.

You are already ther.... and glad you are doing fine.

starry nights 1:21 PM  

Keshi..thank you.I have never seen aussie Idol.It is never shown over you watch american idol.

starry nights 1:23 PM  

Orchid..thank you.I am excited about Sanjaya also.How about that another idol fan.

starry nights 1:24 PM  

Mumbai Guy..Thank you.hope you had a good valentine's day.I hope Sanjaya makes it too.He looks cute and has a good voice.

starry nights 1:24 PM  

Deepsat..thank you

starry nights 1:24 PM  

Mindinside..thank you.

starry nights 1:25 PM  

Aditi..yes I hope to be in INdia this summer.Thanks.

starry nights 1:25 PM  

Brute..thank you. Yes I think a party is in order.

starry nights 1:26 PM  

Cyberkitty. yes please do and vote for him.we have never had an indian kid on this show.I do hope he makes it to the top ten.I think many people are rooting for him.

starry nights 1:28 PM  

Trinitystar..I don't know where you can go to listen to him sing.only if you watch American idol.You are right So much talent out there that needs to be discovered.

starry nights 1:29 PM  

Margie..thank you for the E card that was really sweet of you.loved it.I hope he makes it to the top also.Nice to see you around Margie.take care and have a good weekend.

starry nights 1:30 PM  

Priya..thank you.have a good weekend.

Fuzzylogic 2:42 PM  

I don't watch the idol stuff,it was good initially but I guess I grew out of it,but this kid sounds interesting,maybe I will catch a few episodes to see how he fares.But I'm glad a Indian kid is up there.By the way glad to hear your health is improving and you are doing well.And hey congrats on 150th post!:)

Dawn....सेहर 2:44 PM  

Good to hear that you are doing better...good luck and Congrats on the 150th post ;)

Twisted DNA 3:52 PM  

Wow... 150th post! Congratulations! Wish you luck with next milestone... er.. 1000? :)

Mystic Rose 6:10 PM  

Hi starry,

do you celebrate Shivratri?
Tonight is Shivratri..

have a great long weekend, starry!

Anonymous,  6:18 PM  

150 th ?
u must be old

i love old girls

Neihal 8:02 PM  

150 posts!
Congrats Starry :)
Glad that ur back is healing well. Take care :)

Sreejith Kumar 8:38 PM  

Congratulations on making the 150th post! Great new template as well 'idol'.... :-)

Anali 9:18 PM  

Yaaaay Starry! I'm so glad that you are healing well and congratulations on the 150th post!!

Ganesh Ranganathan 3:25 AM  

Happy 150'th post starry...

I read your blog and wanted a bit of information

Actually my mom suffers from two slipped discs in her upper spinal cord. She suffers from a lot of pain because of this. What was your surgery like? HOw many days did you spend in the hospital? How many days did you take for complete recovery.

I would really be grateful if you could send me the information to my email address


Sumitha 4:35 AM  

After battling for 3 long years,glad that you are getting back to normal Star!You will be very fine soon!Congrats on the 150th post too:)

starry nights 5:18 AM  

Twisted DNa thank you

starry nights 5:18 AM  

Mystic rose.Happy shivrathri to you and have a good weekend.

starry nights 5:19 AM  

Saby..old is gold you know.

starry nights 5:20 AM  

Ganesh thank you. I have emailed you some info.I hope she will feel better soon.

david santos 7:45 AM  

Very, very good
Tank you

AlterinG Abhishek 8:38 AM  

Oh! my gawd!!!


amazing blog backdrop!!!

Krithika 8:53 AM  

congratulations starry!,I have loved all ur posts esp the one abt tears.It was very touchy.Thought I could jus share it with u..

Hoping for you to heal up soon..Good luck with everything :)

starry nights 11:32 AM  

Neihal..thank you

starry nights 11:33 AM  

Srijith..thank you.The credit for the template goes to Yogi.

starry nights 11:33 AM  

Anali..thank you

starry nights 11:34 AM  

David..thank you

starry nights 11:35 AM  

Abhishek..thanks.good to see you around.The credit for the template goes to Yogi.It his design and color combination.I think it is awesome.It depicts sunny skies and starry nights.

starry nights 11:36 AM  

Sumitha..thank you.

starry nights 11:36 AM  

Krithika..thank you so much for those kind words.

Sugarlips 8:01 PM  

I'm so glad you are doing well :)
keep it that way :)

I also am an Idol fan :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

starry nights 10:22 PM  

sugarlips thank you.

KCS 11:18 PM  

Hello Lalitha,
Hopped in through my hubby's blogroll. Congratulations on your 150th post and also very glad to know that you are recovering well, hope you fully recover and please take care during the physical therapy.

Neers 11:59 PM  

heyyy... hail india!! :) and lalitha! thankoo! :) its today!

Neers 12:01 AM  

heyyy... hows your back, now?

hillgrandmom 2:05 AM  

Glad to know your back is doing fine and that you can get back to doing whatever you want.
American Idol is avidly watched by my children. So whenever one of them is in town I watch. Some of the singers are truly awesome.

Suji 5:09 AM  

Starry, wish you a speedy recovery, good health and happiness. Good to know u had a wonderful valentine's day. May it be so for year's to come.

Suji 5:21 AM  

Btw forgot to mention. Nice template. Am visiting after a long time.

Lotus Reads 5:36 AM  

Congrats on the 150th post, Starry and here's to many, many more!

My kids love American Idol, so I am also glued to the TV every Tuesday and Wednesday night! :)

I just noticed from your profile you're a Cancerian? :) I'm one, too!

Hope you're having a great weekend,Lalitha!

my life.... 7:05 AM  

hey Lali, i pray that u will well gal... don t worry alot... god will definately bless u with good health... mmm.. Indian making to top 24? great news!!!in fact, we have even singapore idol too annually...

starry nights 11:31 AM  

Kcs..welcome to my blog and I do hope you stop by again.thank you .

Lotus Reads 1:13 PM  

Starry, my second comment, but I also wanted to say I am sooo glad your back is healing well! I hope the Physical therapy goes well and that you never experience a problem with it again.


starry nights 3:56 PM  

Hillgrandmom..thank you.I am coming along good. I love american idol and waiting to see how far Sanjaya goes.

starry nights 4:33 PM  

Suji..thank you. The credit for the new look goes to Yogi.It was his creation.

starry nights 4:34 PM  

Lotus reads..ANother idol fan. Thats what I do every tuesday and wednesday night."J" really cannot stand that show but puts up because he knows I like it.Cancerians rule.

starry nights 4:35 PM  

My life..thank you. did not know there is a singapore Idol.wish it would be telecast over here.I heard there is an Aussie idol also.

southpaw 6:32 PM  

wow!thats good just pass those 8 weeks of physical therapy carefully and u'll be perfectly fine...:)

starry nights 7:23 PM  

Lotus reads..Thank you so much.I am hoping it goes well and I will b e back to my normal self again.

starry nights 7:23 PM  

Raj..thank you.I am coming really close to the trip to India.

Sunita 7:49 PM  

Thanks for checking on me starry:) and m glad u r recovering well, take care:)

Me again 7:52 PM  

I didn't know about your back. Pray and wish that you recover soon.If in Bangalore, jus leave a scrap on my blog will update you on things here.

starry nights 8:21 PM  

Sunita..thank you.

starry nights 8:22 PM  

Me again.Thank you. I surely will.Hope to make it to Bangalore this summer If all goes well.It all depends on how good my back is.

Jeevan 3:33 AM  

Good that your health is improving very fast and wish to full recover soon...

Congrats for our 150th post. keep smiling:)

Shionge 6:08 PM  

Yo...that's definitely a piece of good news..glad that you're getting back now Lalitha!

Daniel & Anu 8:41 AM  

Yeah!! We're so glad to hear that you are doing better! We'll definitely keep praying for you. I can't wait to to see you back to your old self!

starry nights 11:56 AM  

Jeevan.. Thank you

starry nights 11:56 AM  

Shionge..thank you

starry nights 11:57 AM  

Daniel& Anu..thank you so much.I cannot wait either.I may make it up to Syracuse.

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