Thursday, February 08, 2007


Tears are shed every day
Tears are shed come what may.
It may mean many things
Sometimes it is hard to explain
sometimes it is tears of joy
And sometimes it is pain.

Some tears are shed in silence
Because we don't want anyone to hear.
Some tears tell of the strength that we have
And some tell of our fear.

Some tears are shed aloud
Because we want to be heard.
Some tears are a call for help
Some tears just go unheard.

Some tears we cry, they often say
The words we do not speak.
Some tears are for the anger we feel.
Some tears are for the love we seek.

Some tears are shed when life is lost
Some tears are shed when one is born
Life may come and life may go
The nights may be long and dark
But the morning brings another spark.


priya 10:16 AM  

Lovely starry. My tears are always under the pillow...

starry nights 10:30 AM  

For the most part mine are too,often unheard.

polona 12:00 PM  

this poem actually brouht tears to my eyes :)
beautiful, starry!

Asha 2:12 PM  

Thank GOD for the morning spark!!:)

Tears may come and go but sparkly mornings are always there to hug you!

Asha 2:15 PM  

Thank GOD for the morning spark!:))

Tears may come and go but the sparkly mornings will always be there to embrace you!

Asha 2:17 PM  

Thank GOD for the morning spark!:))

Tears may come and go but the sparkly mornings will always be there to embrace you!

Anonymous,  2:17 PM  

Thank GOD for the morning spark!:))

Tears may come and go but the sparkly mornings will always be there to embrace you!


Asha 2:18 PM  

Thank GOD for the morning spark!:))

Tears may come and go but the sparkly mornings will always be there to embrace you!

Shiva 6:35 PM  

Amazing poem. Pain is the profoundest of all feelings and this poems makes pain pleasurable!

Jac 6:39 PM  

some tears are just silent, with out a drop
yet, you know it before it is out

starry nights 7:07 PM  

Asha..true .thank God for that morning spark.

starry nights 7:08 PM  

Jac..Yes we all have those silent tears.

Keshi 8:33 PM  

Lovelypost on tears Starry!

**Some tears just go unheard.

most of my tears r that kind. Im the most unheard in real life.


Eclipsed Thoughts 9:58 PM  

nice poem starry... as always,,,,

P.S.: It is difficult to read because of the color combination... can you do something about it?

geetha 10:37 PM  

Beautiful poem..
Many meanings of tears.. sometimes wrongly understood by people. But every drop is definitely meaningful.

Aditi 11:16 PM  

beautiful.. silent tears shed sometimes because its all there is to comfort..

Princess 11:24 PM  

Tears are a sort of expression..
I feel it is a sort of outburst for the unconscious mind which holds sadness which can never be revealed otherwise..

faith 2:47 AM  


Sanjay 5:04 AM  

I loved your poem. Tears interpreted in so many different ways!

Lotus Reads 5:58 AM  

How beautifully written, Starry, and so true, too. There are many different kinds of tears and all of them are good because they are tangible expressions of our different emotions. This was wonderful to read, I thank you for sharing.

brute 6:04 AM  

hey tht was good poem... i loved it....
hey btw u have been tagged chk my blog..

Yogi 6:21 AM  

this is beautiful lalitha, i always look at tears with a differnt perspective tho..seems i forget actual causes..and seems like i was able to set the template right, there are a few others i make which look perfect for yours, but unfortunately, im still waiting to make a non black one :)

Yogi 7:38 AM  

hi lalitha

i just uploaded a new template in for the day, depending on how you like it, ill let it on or go back to the old one!

starry nights 9:07 AM  

Keshi..I think for the most part we shed silent tears.

starry nights 9:08 AM  

Eclipsed thoughts..sorry about that.I hope you can read it now.

starry nights 9:09 AM true.every tear has a different meaning to each one.

starry nights 9:10 AM true.I did not think about that.there is some comfort when you cry.

starry nights 9:11 AM  

Princess..yes tears are an expression of what we feel inside.

starry nights 9:11 AM  

Faith.thank you

starry nights 9:11 AM  

Sanjay..thank you

starry nights 9:12 AM  

Lotus reads.thank you.

starry nights 9:12 AM  

Brute.thank you.I will check your blog.thanks for the tag.

starry nights 9:14 AM  

Yogi..thanks. I will leave it on for now and see how people like is a different look.sunny skies and starry nights.

Jac 11:49 AM  

It is cuter than the real sky starry !!!

Woderful colour imagination !!

priya 2:01 PM  

Starry: Love your new and colorful header iamge. Way to go starry...

Blessed 2:43 PM  

How sweet and sad Miss Starry....
Sometimes I think I have cried enough tears. I sometimes wonder how I can still conjure up more tears. How come they haven't run dry? But I am glad I can cry. It cleanses me and hopefully, helps me live longer.
Hope you have a nice weekend.

starry nights 2:55 PM  

Priya..thanks.My friend Yogi did this new you like it.

starry nights 2:55 PM  


pRicky 6:12 PM  

one cancerian to another...
I know what you mean...

deepsat 7:16 PM  

beautiful words!!! for most part, it lets out a lot of the burden!! and sometimes it even shows the happiness and love!!


my life.... 7:49 PM  

lali, i agree with u... some tears are also on the lookout for love... i believe that the eyes are pwerful tool for expression and communication...

Neihal 8:37 PM  

Oh this is just so beautiful :)

Fuzzylogic 9:00 PM  

Beautiful poem starry!Tears shed with joy I feel are the tears I would wish for everyone.Love the various shades of it which you have explored.By the way the new look of the header is amazing,I love the daylight part of it,it has such a positive vibe!

passerby55 11:08 PM  

Nice post on Tears.

I think it's better to shed them and let your kind, generous hands clean them.

Lalitha, have you seen small, young children cry and then how they clean each others tears with their handkerchief. I had ones seen such in a small classroom. It was a sweet tearful moment to watch.

Jeevan 3:08 AM  

Some of my nights are in tears! Wish all tears must not come from pain.

Loved the poem dear:)

mathew 5:07 AM  

u summed up everythin in that..i think tears are in good in is a relief after crying many a time.........

prithz 8:51 AM  

Awesome post Starry! Each line was beautiful. :)

Orchid 12:43 PM  

but why??? A poem on tears?

priya 2:46 PM  

Awesome starry. Just love it.

priya 2:48 PM  

Starry: Is everything fine with the name crossing??

Sugarlips 3:09 PM  

So evocative!!

Stay Beautiful..!!

starry nights 8:18 PM  


starry nights 8:18 PM  

Deepsat..thank you.

starry nights 8:19 PM  

My true.tears and eyes are a way of communication.

starry nights 8:20 PM  

Neihal..thank you

starry nights 8:21 PM  

Fuzzylogic..thank you .Actually my friend Yogi did this header for me and it was his imagination and colors.I think he did such a good job.I love it too.I have named it sunny skies and starry nights.

starry nights 8:22 PM  

Passerby55.I think what you said is so true.and I have seen it happen.I think there is some comfort when someone else wipes your tears.

starry nights 8:23 PM  

Jeevan..thank you

starry nights 8:24 PM  

Matthew..thank you. I think tears are good , it is a way to express ourselves.

starry nights 8:24 PM  

Prithz..thank you

starry nights 8:25 PM  

Orchid..don't know why. I was sad and wondered about tears.where they come from and what they mean.

starry nights 8:25 PM  

Priya..thanks. No I have not figured it out yet.

starry nights 8:26 PM  

Sugarlips..thank you

gautami tripathy 11:31 PM  

This is one of the most famous works of Man Ray. I simply love the picture. It goes so well with your poem..

For more on Man Ray's Tears chk here

Krithika 1:35 AM  

very touchy..loved these lines

Some tears we cry, they often say
The words we do not speak.
Some tears are for the anger we feel.
Some tears are for the love we seek.

How are you? and how's ur health?

Kai C. 9:56 AM  


i love your new look

starry nights 3:23 PM  

Gautami..welcome to my blog and please do come by again.Thanks for the info on man ray.did not know he was the artist behind the picture.I knew it was from the getty library of pictures.

starry nights 3:24 PM  

Krithika..thank you.I am doing better , getting there slowly.Hope to visit India in the summer.thats my goal.thanks for asking.

starry nights 3:24 PM  

Kai..thank you.My friend did that for me.

Kai C. 4:41 PM  

i'm fine. how are you?

Id it is 4:51 PM  

Heart rending words, and there's truth to each one of those tearing moments you cite. Beautifully woven!

starry nights 6:59 PM  

Kai..I am doing much better.thank you.

starry nights 6:59 PM  

Id it is..thank you

shruti 2:24 AM  

tears are too mysterious to understand..but then it convey all ur feelings..

pink ginger 珂琳 6:18 AM  

do not shed silence tears, let it out, let it out..

suemamma 7:57 AM  

Your poetry is truly awesome!
I saw all the comments on the new header and would like to add my appreciation of it. Looks great.

Robyn 10:22 AM  

that is so beautiful...I think mine too are most often unheard.

Sometimes we just need to sleep and wake up to a new day! and now with daylight savings time moved up three weeks that means the sun will wake me up every morning! I'm tired of these short and dreary days :)


mommyof2 10:26 AM  


Every type of tear for every type of emotion:-)So different and still the same:-)

starry nights 11:30 AM true.thanks

starry nights 11:31 AM  

Pink ginger..yes but sometimes it is hard to.thanks.

starry nights 11:31 AM  

Suemamma...thank you

starry nights 11:32 AM  


starry nights 11:32 AM  

Mommy of 2..thanks.

southpaw 5:28 PM  

Yo lalitha, thanks a lot for those words at my place, really appreciate that...:)

Has to be me 5:11 AM  

Beautiful poem there starry....tears are esp so vital for each women...cos they r so dear n just 4 us....
I probably share all my tears with my pillow!

starry nights 9:06 AM  

Has to be me..thanks.

ari4u 6:42 PM  

Sorry, i havent been blogging much these days. Its been so long. Things are really hectic at work and i hardly find time to comment or blog.

Was it you who commented on my post "behind the lens?" I wasnt sure as the username said lalitha instead of the starry i know.

Hope you have a great V-Day.
How is your back these days?

smiley 9:58 PM  

touching ....

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