Tuesday, May 01, 2007


We met in a classroom
Instantly we were friends.
Spent three years together
Had so much of fun
We could not be apart.
And always vowed
we would be friends forever.

We stood by each other
skipped classes, went to movies
Walked through the park.
Helped each other with homework
Shared our lunch
There was always a laugh.

Then came a day when we parted ways
I came to the U.S. You stayed in India
The letters were frequent, then they were few.
I was starting a new life
And forgot there was you.

The years have gone by
I often think of the good times
we had.
I wish I could relive them
The good and the bad.
I have tried to contact you
But heard that you had left
the country too.

Each night when I say my prayers
I always say a special prayer for you.
Good friends are rare to come by
I wish I had you.
Time has gone by
I am a mother of two.
I often think of you
And wonder if you have a family too.
I would love to meet yours and show mine to you.


Asha 9:53 AM  

That friend is lucky to have you.Hope you meet her/him again:))

mystic rose 1:46 PM  

oh .. starry lovely! It IS very specail to have a friend like that.. .. and although we may relasie how precious it is and we may value them, it isnt until we lose a friend that we realise how rarely this kind of a connection happens.. :)

hope you find her again soon.. perhaps she is thinking of you too.. wishing she could talk to you.

polona 2:21 PM  

oh, this is lovely and touching.

Dawn....सेहर 3:02 PM  

wow what a tribute to a lovely friend :)
Amazing way to start the month ;)


Kai C. 5:06 PM  

awwww, thats sweet! she's probably be thinking of you!

sudhav 5:33 PM  

Lalitha what a beautiful words of friendship..Reminds me of my friends..i really miss them a lot..some how i feel the friendship of girls are only upto marriage..

How r u feeling lalitha?..

Lisa Francisco 7:14 PM  

Thank you so much for this poetry/letter.....I've not been good at keeping friends...I just lost a friend for some unknown reason....and I miss her.....


p.s. thanks for stopping by...

Keshi 9:51 PM  

This is such a beautiful verse Starry! Got me thinking abt all my classmates back in school...I wonder where some of them are right now..how their lives r...

I've got a tear now...


Shionge 11:43 PM  

Sigh...like you I often think of my long lost friend too ;(

alex 2:20 AM  


'Sharing lunches' was/is my favourite. :)

Neihal 7:50 AM  

beautiful :)

I hope you find you r friend Starry :)

starry nights 9:18 AM  

Asha thank you, it has been more than 25 years, don't know where she is.wish I knew,

starry nights 9:19 AM  

Mystic rose..so true I never knew how much she meant to me untill I lost her.would love for her to visit and for us to maybe have a starbucks together.

starry nights 9:19 AM  

Polona..thank you

starry nights 9:19 AM  

Dawn..thank you.

starry nights 9:21 AM  

Sudha..thank you. yes its sad when we lose our friends.I lost mine and it is sad. maybe she will read this blog and try to contact me.I am feeling better sudha.getting well , just started to go out and visit some of my family that I could not do before.

starry nights 9:21 AM  

Kai..thank you

starry nights 9:22 AM  

Lisa,,thank you. I should have kept up with her.did not realize it would turn out like this.we always take people for granted and that they will always be around.

starry nights 9:23 AM  

Keshi..thank you.yes of late I keep thinking of all my class mates and wonder what they are doing and where they are.

starry nights 9:24 AM  

Shionge..know how you feel.

starry nights 9:24 AM  

Alex..thnk you.It is always fun to share lunches.

starry nights 9:24 AM  

Neihal..thank you

chitra 9:17 PM  

Hope you find her soon........
It happens with all of us. thankfully, for me, my friend didnt lose contact with me, despite my irregularities in correspondence.

Anali 9:39 PM  

What beautiful poem! I hope that you and your friend can see each other again. I'm sure she misses you too.

trinitystar 5:33 AM  

Good friends are hard to come by ... those that accept you for who you really are ...
hugs for you ...

Fuzzylogic 6:21 AM  

Wow,this really touched me. I am still in touch with my close friends but I know at times how life can get in the way and other things take over lessening the contact. Friedship is indeed such a beautiful thing. I'm sure this friend of yours would also be thinking of you and hope someday you both find way to get in touch again.

starry nights 8:37 AM  

Chitra..thanks.I do hope I find her again.

starry nights 8:38 AM  

Anali..thanks.I feel sad that I let this friendship go.

starry nights 8:39 AM  

Trinity star..you are so right,good friends are hard to come by.and mine was sure a good friend.

starry nights 8:40 AM  

Fuzzylogic..yes I was caught up with my own stuff and did not have time foor my friend.It is aweful that I did that.I wish I had kept in touch with her.

priya 9:20 AM  

Beautiful starry. I too miss my best friends but have lost with no contact.

Keshi 10:49 PM  

yeah. And recently one of my school-friends told me that a good friend of mine from Kindy had died during child-birth..I didnt even know...she's been dead for like 5yrs now. But she was in SL and Im over here...we lost touch for many years. I cried after hearing that.


Anonymous,  12:56 AM  

WOW this is beautiful I can imagine you being so far from your friends and seeing your thoguht and how you think of your friend ..powerful my friend


Pinku 6:10 AM  


I found you on Lisa's blog and thought will check out yours too. That poem is lovely.
You are plain lucky to have had such a good friend hope you are able to connect up sometime soon.

Miracles do happen you know.

Good Luck!

Jeevan 8:16 AM  

wow... loving friendship starry! Sweet memories and also took me to my school days:)

hillgrandmom 10:37 AM  

don't lose hope starry, you never know. i got to meet up with one of my school friends after 35 years and recently, from the Net, another old school friend contacted me after 40 years! Maybe you could search for her online.

Orchid 8:50 PM  

vow!....i wish my long lost friends would write poems like these for me :)

Shruti 12:07 AM  

Times flows and so does our life..but the memories of the lovely moments of our life always stay with us as a part of our life..
Hope you get to see her again...
Take care..

Anonymous,  3:41 AM  

beautiful lines starry


Cyberkitty 8:53 AM  

lovely poem. i caught up with lots of my old friends on orkut.com

AlterinG Abhishek 11:04 AM  

wow this is really lovely!!

ashish soni 7:55 PM  

nice one....your friend must have been lucky that he/she was given a gift like you by god :)

Princess 3:25 AM  

beautiful poem...

absolutely matches with my life and my friend...

Only change is that I'm studying and u are married :)

I was busy for a while, thats y missed ur lovely blog.


Krithika 11:33 AM  

hello how are you? how are you doing?
Wow starry..i never really got to see this emotional side of urs n now I'm so moved.I love this poem.I hope you get in touch with her soon

Neelu 1:38 PM  

I read this post the day you write it,dint know what to say,may be because it brought back so many memories and the long lost friend who now is a strange,all i keep wondering is if he remembers me atleast:)

pRicky 4:07 PM  


Lisa Francisco 1:31 AM  

How are you? Have a nice monday?! :)


starry nights 11:45 AM  

priya..thank you.

starry nights 11:45 AM  

Keshi..that was really sad.I wish you had seen her before this happenned.

starry nights 11:46 AM  

Nasra..thank you and welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.

starry nights 11:47 AM  

Pinku..Thanks and welcome to my blog and do hope you stop by again.I do hope I meet my friend some day.

starry nights 11:47 AM  

Jeevan..thank you.I do have many sweet memories.and more to share with her if I could find her.

starry nights 11:48 AM  

Hillgrandmom..so there is hope after all. I am going to see if I can meet her online, maybe she is looking for me too.

starry nights 11:49 AM  


starry nights 11:49 AM  

Shruti..thank you. so true how time flies and what we have left is beautiful memories that we hold on to.

starry nights 11:50 AM  

Adee..thank you. I like the way you have incorporated her name with yours.thats just so sweet.

starry nights 11:50 AM  

Adee..thank you. I like the way you have incorporated her name with yours.thats just so sweet.

starry nights 11:51 AM  

cyberkitty..thanks I will try that.

starry nights 11:51 AM  

Abhishek..thank you

starry nights 11:52 AM  

Ashish..thank you and welcome to my blog and please stop by again.

starry nights 11:53 AM  

Princess.thank you and wish you well with your studies.stop by when you have time.

starry nights 11:53 AM  

Krithika..thank you and I do hope I meet her someday.

starry nights 11:55 AM  

Neelu..welcome to my blog and do stop by again. I think friendship will always be remembered even when we part ways. I think he remembers you and maybe is looking for you or would like to see you again.

starry nights 11:55 AM  

pricky..thank you.

starry nights 11:56 AM  

Lisa..I am doing well.how are you and have a good Monday too.

Lisa Francisco 4:01 PM  


Thanks for stopping by today! I really appreciate your thoughts today. I was actually taking a 2 hour nap before I work on my song.

It was nice waking up and the first thing I read is a comment of support. Thank you. Now I got a little motivation to work on the song before my meeting with my teacher in a few hours. have a nice evening! Bye!


dharmabum 9:16 PM  

its like a long train journey - u meet people, talk to them, and then when ur station comes, u get off, irrespective of the others...

i had such good friends in college - we were this gang, always together. today, i have no clue what most guys r doing.

and so we move on...:)

smiley 2:14 AM  

very touching ! i have also trying to reach out to my old friends. glad i can contact some while a few have disappeared. u should try to trace ur friend and relive all those old wonderful memories :)

Lotus Reads 7:47 AM  

Ohhhh Starry, what a lovely poem and beautiful sentiments. I have moved so much in my life that I have lost touch with many of my closest school friends. Fortunately for me, one day out of the blue, my best friend during my school years contacted me all the way from Australia. She has been in touch with the other girls in our school group so I have been lucky enough to meet up (virtually) with a lot of them.

I hope your friend contacts you one day...don't give up hope...with the internet anything is possible!

christabelle 10:31 AM  

you sure made me cry, I can really identify with this, well life they say goes on, you move on and make new friends, but there's sure something about old friends.

I hope you guys someday meet again.

mathew 11:22 AM  

really..it is gets u really hard when friends drift away..we miss them all of a sudden and feel like if they were near us!!

starry nights 1:41 PM  

Lisa thanks.You have so much talent and you are going to make it.hang on.

starry nights 1:42 PM  

Lotus reads..thanks.I do hope I meet up with her one day.like you said nothing is impossible with the internet.

starry nights 1:43 PM  

Dharmabum..thanks.true it is like a train journey.sometimes you have such good company that you wish this ride did not end.such was my friendship only lost with disatance.

starry nights 1:43 PM  


Id it is 2:45 PM  

What an awesome poem about a heartfelt friendship!

Kai C. 5:04 PM  

hi starry night

Pritika Gupta 4:38 AM  

Even i miss my frnd.. n irony is tht we both have each other contacts... but sth else has come in b/w

Sugarlips 10:39 AM  

This is very sweet and touching...I hope your friend contacts you :)

I have moved a lot in my life and there are few friends I truly miss and want to meet them one day inshAllah :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Keshi 6:43 PM  

Have a lovely Mums Day wknd Starry!


Shiva 10:36 PM  

Lovely Starry, like the call of the Nightingale.

Your poem m will definitely find your friend.

Let me know if anything I can do from India:)

starry nights 10:42 AM  

Thanks Keshi and have wonderful weekend.

starry nights 10:43 AM  

id it is..thank you.

starry nights 10:44 AM  

Prithika..I do hope you guys get in touch and become friends again.

starry nights 10:44 AM  

sugarlips..thank you

starry nights 10:45 AM  

Red soul..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.

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