Friday, July 07, 2006


priya 8:04 AM  

Good one again starry. I have no clue why I keep calling u starry when others call u lalita.

But I like to be different....

/Give the world the best you have//

Thaz me and love to do whatever I can and give the best.

Poetry by Kai 8:32 AM  

thank u & ur welcome...

precious pics!

samuru999 9:22 AM  

Oh How I loved this!!!!
I was feeling somewhat sad this morning... this is just what I
needed to be joyful.
Thank you.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous,  9:28 AM  

Absolutely right thats why i always say,
Do what ur heart says,
If u win, Fine
If u loose, Learn...
As far as the surroundings r concerned, there's a very old example, An elephant never bothers abt the barking stray dogs on his way...

Loved reading every bit of it and liked the combination of pictures...:)

sudhav 9:37 AM  

They all are so true lalitha, espcially "if you are kind, people may accuse you of being selfish and having ulterior motives, be kind anyway" and " The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow, do good anyway." So true each of these lines are...It brought tears in my words to praise, beautiful is all that i can say lalitha..

Vinesh 11:41 AM  

Hi Starry..
Good blog u have here..

Sumitha 12:37 PM  

Beautiful post Star:)


Its between you n God!!! Wish I could take it so very seriously...Maybe if I do, I may end up hurting people who love me n care for me!! Kidding..Have a nice weekend Starry! :)

starry nights 12:49 PM  

Thanks Priya..You can call me any name u want,i believe in that also, do the best I can and hope it works.

starry nights 12:50 PM  

Samuru999..thanks, made me feel good also.

starry nights 12:51 PM  

Thanks Rajbir..have a good weekend.

starry nights 1:04 PM  

Sudhav..thanks. these words struck a chord in my heart also.

starry nights 1:04 PM  

Vinesh..welcome to my blog and please do come again. thank you.

starry nights 1:05 PM  

Scribblez..did I confuse u again.I think in the end its all about what u do that is importannt and not what man thinks. It is between u and your god.

starry nights 1:16 PM  


Akshay 1:17 PM  

awesome !!!

Sarah 3:05 PM  

so beautiful.. one life to live and live each day... right??

Shankari 4:00 PM  

"the good u do today , people will often forget tomorrow" - so so true , beautiful

Prash 7:24 PM  

Wow...I never heard this before. So realistic and optimistic..

If you are born and going to live in this are going to die one day...Live anyway!!!

starry nights 8:02 PM  

Akshay..good words to live by.

starry nights 8:03 PM  

Immigrant in canada..True one day at a time.thats how I try to live.

starry nights 8:04 PM  


starry nights 8:05 PM have a way with words. I like this....."f you are born and going to live in this are going to die one day...Live anyway!!!

Anonymous,  10:03 PM  

Starry, nice pictures and quotations.

nishu 11:19 PM  

ok that was so sweeeeeeet.but pt. is good sensible quotes tooo

JamesBright 11:41 PM  

True and strange..!
Very kind of you to present them here..!
Good work..!

jac 11:47 PM  

Writing is easier but doing is not.
But write it anyhow.
Congrats for the goodwill.

Anonymous,  12:34 AM  

Adorable pictures as well as poems!! WONDERFUL BLOG as well! :o)

V N 4:40 AM  

I remember having read the lines somewhere, but the accompanying pics make the words even more endearing. Fine post!

Hiren 5:45 AM  

I had read all the text stuff somewhere else but I think the presentation with the children's pictures is bang on target. Only children with their undoncitioned minds can do all that is suggested in the messages. Children along with nature are the obvious symbols of spirituality. God bless you.

Manny 7:31 AM  

Awesome post sweetie. All od it is so very true. I like your style, keep up the good work.

mystery 9:03 AM  

nice post...really optimistic i would say...thanks for the boost of energy..:)

Anonymous,  9:35 AM  

Thanks, u hv a great weekend too friend...:)

starry nights 11:32 AM  

James..true words.makes one think.

starry nights 11:33 AM are right it is really easy to write but folowing thru is not easy.but sometimes it helps to read the written word.

starry nights 11:34 AM  

Jon cox..welcome to my blog and plese do come again.Thank you

starry nights 11:35 AM  

Hiren..welcome to my blog and please do come again.

starry nights 11:36 AM  

Thank you Mannay and welcome to my blog and do stop by again.

starry nights 11:36 AM  

Mystery..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.thanks.

starry nights 11:37 AM  

Rajbir..thanks and u have a good weekend too.

starry nights 11:41 AM  

Nishu..thank you. sensible quotes indeed but hard to follow.

Kuan Gung 10:42 PM  

I guess it always comes down to, it's not what people think, it's what you believe.

I'd never leave the thought of my personal happiness in other people's hands...great stuff!

hillgrandmom 4:40 AM  

That was really perfectly put--'between you and God...never between you and them anyway'.

Jeevan 6:37 AM  

Nice thoughts, 6th pic was very cute.

Fresh Ink 11:18 PM  

Really nice pixs!


You didnt confuse me..I was saying tht I should realise this with more maturity and act like I am answerable and need to be able to show myself to God in a fine way...I think the way I am expressing this is misleading so I shall not attmpt..Got the meaning Starry!! Dont worry, you havent confused me at all

Ajay 1:01 PM  

haha cute:)

Maya Cassis 1:59 PM  

loved the last baby a whole lot hahaha

Anonymous,  2:08 AM  

Great pictures again :)

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