Tuesday, July 11, 2006


MUMBAI, India (CNN) -- A series of seven explosions killed at least 145 people on crowded commuter trains and stations Tuesday evening in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai, police said.

Officials said 250 to 300 people were injured in the blasts in the city's western suburbs as commuters made their way home. All seven blasts came within an 11-minute span, between 6:24 and 6:35 p.m. (8:54 and 9:05 a.m. ET).

There was some confusion about the number of dead and injured as information was compiled from hospitals and explosion sites in Mumbai, the west Indian seaport previously called Bombay.

I was really sad to hear about this. my prayers and thoughts are with all the people there. I hope all my blogger friends in Mumbai are safe. My thoughts are with the families who have lost a loved one. My prayers for the ones who are injured.


sudhav 2:18 PM  

This is the worst that can happen to innocent people..i really dont understand y..y is the innocents always punished..And the blast has occured at such a peak time , when the trains all are tightly packed.Ho i can feel the scene, as i used to travel my train in mumbai, and i was staying in kandivili which is very close to borivili(one of the bombing spot).I feel the gove must take some immediate steps, else we are surly going to loose more innocent lifes..

Just cant image what the families of those who have lost their dear ones must have be undergoing.. isin't lalitha?

starry nights 2:30 PM  

I am so sad.Always the innocent lives are lost.I think the govt did stop another bomb from exploding.I cannot but imagine what those people are going through.innocent people who have nothing to do with anything that is going on.they were all just going or returning from work.

samuru999 2:44 PM  

oh... I am also so very sad about
this. I will pray also.


It is such a tragedy..I was talking ot my Dad at 9.30 EST n he told me the news first...Thrioughout the day have been following the same on CNN mainly....I think I am angered at this attack and want to know the culprit and want more security in India...Things right now are not effective. There is no use saying tht the mumabi Spirit will pick up soon...How many times should they pick up...Is it not time tht we as people and Government pick up and do our dues and make beefy security instead of gloating on Mumbai spirit...The good spirit is no excuse to take things lightly!

Dreamer 3:30 PM  

It is a sad feeling... It is heard that all the lines are jammed and people are not able to be reached

starry nights 3:59 PM  

scribblez..just sad, the gove has to take more safety measues .you are right it has happenend so many times before.I just feel so sad for the people.somebodys wife mother sister,brother father and son.

starry nights 4:00 PM  

samuru999...just too sad.

starry nights 4:01 PM  

Dreamer.yes I heard that all the lines in mumbai and all over the country are jammed.

Mumbai Guy 5:30 PM  

Starry, Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers. Appreciate it. God bless all.

starry nights 5:43 PM  

Mumbai guy..I am so happy that you were not on the train.praying for everyone over there.I was worried about you.

nandi23 7:07 PM  

I wonder if these idiots who bombed the trains even bother to look at the news and then ask themselves 'why did I do this?'

Anand 7:16 PM  

I felt sick to the stomach as I recalled the blast in 1992....dont understand why are we doing all this...hate to see the city where I have been born and brought up and thr city I call home in such shambles!

Ganesh Ranganathan 7:24 PM  

The government cannot protect the people without strict laws like POTA which it itself repealed...

Ekta 7:44 PM  

Feel sick to the stomach after seeing the coverage on TV yest!..Hope the doers are punished for this some day!

starry nights 8:11 PM  

Nandi23..if those guys had a conscience,they would not do what they did.

starry nights 8:11 PM  

Anand..that is sad.no words can say enough.

starry nights 8:13 PM  

Ganesh why did they repeal the pota.

starry nights 8:14 PM  

Ekta..I was sick too.just could not stand to see all those innocent people killed for nothing.does not prove anything.

southpaw 8:21 PM  

May Lord bless their souls!!!

Mindinside 8:49 PM  

I feel so sorry and worried

Saurabh 9:22 PM  

This is a manifestation of the failure of our society to look after our neighbours. Happy people are always good citizens. Only unhappy people spread chaos and destruction in society. All we can do is spread love, happiness and compassion.

Keshi 9:53 PM  

This tragedy is the epitome of senselessness.


Strictly for my friends 11:02 PM  

Amen to that!

I do not understand people who resort to vengeful acts of violence that injure so many innocent people!

mathew 11:02 PM  

wonder when these terrorist will come to their senses..

pray mumbaikar's have strength to overcome these troubled times!!

KJ 11:31 PM  
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KJ 11:35 PM  

hi, thanks for dropping on my blog.
the blasts y'day, reminded me of the one that happened in Mar 93.

innocent lives lost, for wat cause, for no fault of their own?

But wat was important that BOMBAY stands UNITED in the time of crisis as it was seen last year also, during the downpour. The trains have started, the schools, colleges are open, offices also will function. The attendance might be a bit low, but the Spirit of BOMBAY ROCKS!!!!!!!

God will surely punish the culprits..they will face their D-Day soon enuff.


Anil The Great 11:49 PM  

innocent lives... bloodshed ... communication systems jammed ... chaos and confusion... life strandled, death would seem better for some, than life, at this time.

and there is only one reason why all this happen,again and again and again, coz we do not have any respect for human life. And that is reflected in our governance of the country. When 9/11 happened in US, the whole of world and the US came up with attacking Afganistan in a very swift action, but when parliament was attacked, when so many srinigar blasts happened, when so many such other incidences happened, India was almsot silent. Nothing much was spoken beyind condolences and some angry words against the terrorists. And then back to normal, life as usual. For most of us, it was just and incidence, something to re-collect at times, but for those who were victims, they, their families will never be the same again. So many families would have lost their sole bread earner. A well settled, happy middle class, family comes to a poverty line. Just imagine what trauma they would have gone through. A child studying in a good private school, now either doesnt sudy at all or studies in a small public school, fate of so many lives, has been decided in a few moments. And what does our Government does, silence.

I feel ashamed sometimes, of the shyness of our country to act on its own. When we know that 99% of the terrorism is instigated from the neighbouring country's soil, why not go and attack it, initially diplomatically and later maybe millatarily. Why dont we seek support of international community in taking to task the culprit nations which let terrorism thrive on their soil.

I feel so damm helpless and feel like screaming aloud, for the pain suffered by the victims and theur family.

Sumitha 1:27 AM  

Anil the great,I agree with you,the main reason why innocent people die in our country is because there is no value for human life,the life of the common men and women.
Look at one year of London bombing,just a few days back,people pay tribute to the innocent who died,what such thing happens in India?why doesnt it happen?who remembers the dead and their family after it has disappeared from the headlines?all this happens simply because there is absolutely no value for human life in our country!

For all the games that the politicians play,the innocent common man has to pay the price.

Rose 1:53 AM  

I am quivering with rage for what transpired.. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost their luvd ones.. I wish all the people who are injured wud get well soon.. I dont know wat to say to the families who donot know abt the whereabouts of their luvd ones till now..

And I wish whoever did this will rot in hell !! I cant fathom any notion that justifies such an act..


JamesBright 1:54 AM  

We can share the sorrow and sympathy in this testing times..!

prithz 2:42 AM  

Horrible incident... The value of life is being neglected... i hope everyone gets bk to normality soon... my prayers too...

Has to be me 3:56 AM  

Like I have mentioned in my blog, all we can do is to pray for peace. When will things brighten?

christabelle 6:09 AM  

this is very, vey sad and depressing news, I wonder y pple r so wicked, I mean what do they gain by cutting pples lives shrt?

my prayers r def. with all Indians now.

Ghost Particle 6:14 AM  

theyre cowards who they are, karma wont let them go.

Pray for the souls who departed to early.

jac 6:56 AM  

So sad !

starry nights 7:20 AM  

Rajbir..Yes may god bless their souls and they say Vengence is Gods, may god ake vengence on who ever did this.

starry nights 7:21 AM  

Mindinside. I am too worried and very sad.

starry nights 7:22 AM  

Saurabh..true. It has to start on our own soil first. the govt has to make sure the people are safe.

starry nights 7:22 AM  

Keshi..true, just another senseless tragedy.

starry nights 7:23 AM  

Strictly for my friends..tue. so many lives taken and for what.

starry nights 7:24 AM  

Matthew..They will stand up and move on. But are they guaranteed it wont happen again.

starry nights 7:26 AM  

KG...true. I think God cannot just see what is happening and not punish the responsible people..My thoughts are will all the people of Mumbai.

starry nights 7:28 AM  

Anil..I totally understand what you are saying. people have to get up and continue living, what else is there to do. soon all will be forgotton and only the families who have lost a loved one or have been hurt will feel the pain.I do hope the Govt will take security measures to protect its people.

starry nights 7:29 AM  

Sumitha..I have to agree with you. no respect for life, thats what makes people do what they do.Its time the Govt did something,

starry nights 7:31 AM  

Rose..I am so glad you are OK. I was thinking of you the whole time. My prayers and thoughts are with all the families. I hope the people who did this will get the punishment they deserve.and may it never be repeated again. The innocent people lost their lives, the Govt sits pretty.

starry nights 7:32 AM  

James..you are right.we feel the pain no matter how far we are.They are our brothers and sisters.

starry nights 7:32 AM  

Pritz. true.They will get up and go , but what will erase the pain.

starry nights 7:33 AM  

Has to be me..yes prayers for peace.Violence will only lead to the loss of more innocent lives.

starry nights 7:34 AM  

Christabelle. yes they need our prayers at this time.

starry nights 7:35 AM  

Ghost particle..I believe in Karma. may they get what they deserve. My prayers and thoughts are with them.

starry nights 7:36 AM  

Jac..I was thinking of you. because you were on a trip to India and did not know if you were in Mumbai or not. glad to see you are ok.

V N 8:09 AM  

am so happy that I hear mumbai is back to normal today. almost. its indeed courageous of mumbaites to have come together in this hour of grief, and lend each other a helping hand.

life goes on.

starry nights 8:24 AM  

Velu..thanks for the update, I am glad things are returning to normal.True..life goes on

Chirikudukka 12:09 PM  

I wish there will be more moves frm the govt to save the innocent lives...there is nothing we can do other than to pray

priya 12:29 PM  

I read somewhere, "fear" is a deadly disease. Why such fear keeps humans restless?
If I say I have a fear, let me tell you, I shud fear for myself and for who I am. But why fear for all.....
Fear is a basic tool keeping the society under stress.
My heart goes to all who felt the pain and I also salute to people who brought things normal and proved what society is.

starry nights 12:38 PM  

Ann. true we should pray for the ones who have been hurt and also for our enemies that they will know better and not repeat things like this.violence does not solve anything. welcome to my blog and please do come again.

starry nights 12:39 PM  

Priya..true. we should not fear. terrorist like to scare people, instead of coming forward they hide behind bombs and by killing people.

Jon Cox 3:01 PM  

What a horrible thing to happen. I really hope your blogger friends, as well as others are alright as well. :o( God bless tem all! Thank you for your comment by the way, I appreciate it A LOT!

Jeevan 11:29 PM  

lets pray for their soul to be happy in heaven, that all we can do for them.

Chirikudukka 10:58 AM  

U know there is something else tht i think would have motivated whoever did the bombing...JEALOUSY...u know India have been developing rapidly and i am sure not everyone likes it...but still like our PM said this wouldn't stop us or we shouldn't let it stop us.

Kuan Gung 7:12 PM  

What an incredible and horrific chain of events...I just don't understand this, the motive, what is expected to be gained through hate and destruction...it boggles the mind...you can't help but feel incredible pain and sadness for those innocent victims...how tragic.

smiley 8:06 AM  

very very sad :(

Dotm 3:47 PM  

I have been reading about it and I hope the ones responsible are caught and punished. It is terrible to either see or hear about so many losing their lives when they have done nothing to deserve this uncivilized behavior. God Bless those hurt and those who have lost loved ones. Seeing so many comments shows how much people all over the world have feelings for the innoscent who were hurt or killed in Mumbai. Joining together is the best way to fight these terrorists. So much violence all over the world lately. What a world we are leaving for the next generation unless we are able to find and stop these senseless killings.

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