Wednesday, July 05, 2006

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1..Desired celebrity.The Dalai Lama.

Comment.. I like what he teaches , his attitude towards life and his simplicity. This Quote is one of my all time favorites."Compassion is not religious, it is human business.It is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability.It is essential for human survival."

2..Want to do this some day...Sky dive

Comment.. I am scared to do it alone so a tandem dive would be fun. I would like to float up into the sky, let the wind blow through my hair and I would like"J" to be with me . I would like him to see all the things I see and enjoy the beauty and thrill of it all.

3..A place I would want to visit...TIBET

Comment.. Always wanted to visit Tibet. I think it is a beautiful place and I would like to climb up one of those mountains and place a prayer flag. I had this desire even before I read about the Dalai Lama. Those beautiful mountains and monastaries are calling.

4..Random Favorite. THE UNIVERSE

Comment..I love the universe and am always in awe when I look up into the sky. I always wonder what it would be like to go into space and look down on the earth .I think it would be an awesome sight. It is my all time favorite.

5..I was tagged by James Bright.
Comment .. Post the picture of the post where you were tagged and if you picked up the tag yourself then show the picture of the post you picked it from.( sorry I am unable to do this .)

I would like to tag..Abhishek..Rajbir, Gaurav..Sudhav..Scribblez..Adi..Keshi, samuru999, geetha hastobe me, suji, sophie and anyone else who wishes to play this picture tag, please do. Its a lot of fun.



The Dalai Lama is an inspiring figure. However, he is no Buddha. Have you seen television programs that show him getting up at 3 in the morning to "meditate" after which he wakes up and wipes away the drool from his other sleep? What is achieved through this? Why can't the Dalai Lama write his own books rather than always having a co-author? He may be a Great Man but certainly not The Greatest.

prithz 9:52 AM  

Cute tag!!! :)

See the earth from space!!!... that's something i have wished for like crazy.. when i was a kid, i used to tell my teachers that i would like to become an astronaut... :)


huh? I am confused...The place where you were tagged..Like I sit on my couch n I read this and I have been tagged or the places I like or things I like , the manne rin which you have posted it?? I am all confused Starry...
And ofcourse Starry will love the universe, wont she?? :)

Shankari 11:05 AM  

sky diving - would love to do that , but scared to death about hurting my back one more time

Vineela 11:12 AM  

Hi Lalitha,
Belated birthday wishes and your blog is very interesting.

JamesBright 11:23 AM  

Dalai Lama is a great spiritual leader and this shows your inner enlightment and innate attitude..!
Very pleasant to know about it.

Tibet is a beautiful place and I too love to visit there once..!

Sky diving...! My God..I won't be able to think about it even..!
I am very afraid of heights..!
You are very brave to choose that..!
Seeing the earth from above..from the universe will be a grand experience..!

And sincere thanks for taking this tag..You did very well..!

samuru999 12:12 PM  

wonderful post!
My favorite would be "to go into
space and look down upon the Earth.
To go to Tibet would be pretty wonderful too.
I will check on doing the tagging.

starry nights 12:29 PM  

tdworsky...welcome to my blog and please come again. The dalai Lama is certainly not the greatest.I just like his teachings.I am really not into his personal life and when he goes to sleep .He does not proclaim to be god and he is not.

starry nights 12:29 PM to see the earth from space.dont htink it will happen in my life time.why dont u take the tag.

starry nights 12:32 PM  

Scribblez..sorry for the confusion. my wording is not correct.what I mean is a picture from the site where u were tageed.( so it would be from my site.) I was not able to do that so dont bother just do the tag.You can refer to dreamslittle was your july4th weekend.Had fun?

starry nights 12:33 PM  

Shankari..true , I have a bad back dont know if I will ever be able to do it, but would love to do it with some one not alone.

starry nights 12:35 PM  

James..thanks for tagging me.I think i would be scared to skydive alone but with another person I could do it.It has been my dream to visit Tibet before I leave this earth.

starry nights 12:36 PM  

Vineela..thanks.come again.I like your blog too.but it always makes me hungry and straight to the kitchen.

starry nights 12:37 PM  

Samuru999. thanks will be looking forward to your post.

Yogi 2:50 PM  

:) man, tags are scary heh , but very interesting, your thoughts range on tibet and dalai lama and then the universe..quite fascinating the correlationg between all three :)

b v n 4:52 PM  

Lama,sky,tibet and cosmos,it seems you always desire to be purposefully far from the crowd.sure you are not pisceian ?

sudhav 4:59 PM  

thanks lalitha, will surly play...nice post..

Prash 5:38 PM  

Dalai Lama is a personality. Yes, but he is not God. What I admire in him is his determination to get the Tibet free. I am "for" for the freedom for Tibet. India supported that for a long time. Since couple of years, India is getting friends with China and neglecting Dalai Lama. Knowing this, he is not asking anymore 'freedom' but 'greater autonomy'. I think 'greater autonomy' maybe a good idea. But not certainly the best.

Prash 5:42 PM  

Tibet is a wonderful to place. First, let me try visit Indian parts of Himalayas and then Nepal. I am really looking forward to go there.

Prash 5:43 PM  

Skydiving...scares me! Mama help!

Prash 5:43 PM  

Universe is a beautiful mysterious concept I adore it too.

Ekta 6:33 PM  

Wonderful tag!
Hey tibet is on the top of my list too..simply divine place!

Mumbai Guy 6:38 PM  

Could someone PLEASEEEEEEEE tell me what is a tag?

starry nights 6:57 PM  

Yogi.I love all three in no order of importance.

starry nights 7:00 PM  

Bnv...I am a cancerian to the T am down to earth, love family and am only secure when I am home. But the universe intrigues me, The Dalai lama because of the teachings and Tibet, always wanted to visit the monasteries and the people.Sometimes it is good to get away from the maddening crowd.

starry nights 7:01 PM  

Sudhav..will be looking out for your post.


Thanks, Starry, in reference to your comment on my post. Likewise. Your blog here is always worth stopping by to check out.

starry nights 7:02 PM  

Prash..The Dalai Lama is not god, I think I have a soft corner for the tibetian people because of the chinese occupation. They had to leave their country and take refuge in India for the most part. I think his teachings are very down to earth and deals with our day to day living.

starry nights 7:03 PM  

Ekta..Atlast I have found company.

starry nights 7:06 PM  

Mumbai Guy....ok you are tagged todo this same your desired celibrity, somehting you always wanted to do and a place u would like to visit and then anything random you choose.Then name a few people you would like to do this this way one person tags another and so learn a lot about people from tags, their likes , dislikes, weird habits and so forth.its just fun.

southpaw 7:18 PM  

The picture of tibet is really beautifull.
I have already done a tag like this...
but we r more than happy to do it again...:), Gimme 24 hrs...

Keshi 7:44 PM  

Starry I was tagged on this one by Burfy too :) Nice one.

Great pics WOW! Some very unique selection! I love the Dalai Lama and the Tibet pics. I dun wanna do sky-diving tho cos Im afraid of heights :(

I have to do this tag soon but I have probs uploading pics in Blogger...not multiple pics. D u know why?


starry nights 7:57 PM  

Well rajbir did not know you had done a tag like this .I love Tibet, will go there one day.

starry nights 7:59 PM  

Keshi..I used to have problems uploading multiple pics also, so I did them one by one.wrote a comment, uploaded the pic, sometimes had to drag and drop to where I wanted it to go.I am not very computer savvy, just learning.

Robyn 8:21 PM  

Hi there!

Wow, I really like your blog. I'll bookmark it and check back. This looks like a fun tag too (can I play along? how does this work?)! Sky Diving is on my list of things to do in the near future (tandem).

southpaw 8:38 PM  

Oh oh my mistake...actually i dont name the posts maybe thats why, otherwise u even commented on the pic from russia on it.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 9:34 PM  

hey !

thanx for stopping by !

yeah , i agree the tag was fun

and i admire the dalai lama for his perseverence and his courage


nandi23 10:00 PM  

I was talking about the dalai lama today with my dad and telling him how cool tibet would be!

This is just awesome:D

wow even with a family to look after you can still listen to the world, I always think that this is supercool about you.
general comment about your blog, thanks for sharing these thoughts and insights

Reshmi 10:25 PM  

on the favorite person and favourite place, i have found a person with common interest..:)..dalai lama and tibet both in my list too..

jac 10:50 PM  

A wonderful tag, very thoughtful answers.

Keshi 10:52 PM  

**so I did them one by one.wrote a comment, uploaded the pic,

but I see one post here na...??


Kuan Gung 11:08 PM  

The Dalai my view, the most significant spiritual influence walking this earth incredible soul and a true hero....

V N 12:06 AM  

big coincidence that i was just reading an interview with dalai lama a few minutes back!

u have done a wonderful job with the tag. me, yet to take it up. :)

Anand 1:31 AM  

Sky Diving!!
Aha..u spoke my mind!!!
Am hoping sometime will get a chance to do it!

sophie 4:04 AM  

oh my God..u tagged me!!!

Mr. J 4:36 AM  

Sky diving.. :O I'd pass out.

passerby55 5:45 AM  

Dalai Lama have read him, he ones said in his interview when asked what he regretted most in his life...he replied Only one thing "MArriage".

SKy diving...i did that many years ago when i would try to catch my kids to drink A Glass OF MILK

Tibet ... But I want to be invited by Dalai Lama...want his company to see and understand Tibet...LOL Only a wish.

The UNiverse ... Not a bad place for my next vacation ...

lovely pictures and lovely wishes..I pray they come true for you...Cheers!

starry nights 7:04 AM  

Keshi..sorry you are having trouble.on eblogger after u click on pic ,click on browse, upload your picture then press done.then click on picture again and repeat the same process over and over till all your pics are in.drag and drop if they are not in the order u want it to be in and then save draft and then publish. try that and see.

starry nights 7:07 AM  

Robyn..welcome to my blog and do hope u come by again.Please do the tag , I have explained how on your blog.

starry nights 7:09 AM I remember, I did comment on the pic from Russia, it reminded me of the winters in Chicago and michigan.

starry nights 7:10 AM  

Deepa...thanks and welcome.please come again.

starry nights 7:12 AM  

Nandi23..thank you.I admire all the drawings you post, just awesome to be able to draw like that.I love Tibet and its people.wish they had their country back.I had a "save Tibet" sticker on my car for the longest time,then lost it.

starry nights 7:13 AM  

Kuan..I agree with you.

starry nights 7:14 AM  


starry nights 7:14 AM  

Velu..Thanks. waiting to see your post.

starry nights 7:15 AM too, scared to do it alone,tandem will be fun.

Ghost Particle 7:45 AM  

amazing tag, very original. I too want to meet the Dalai Lama to ask about the secrets of life. But that would be selfish. And I want to see the universe also.

Suji 8:21 AM  

Amazing pictures and very interesting places n people. Hope you are able to meet the Dalai Lama, visit Tibet and see Earth from space soon.
I will try to do this tag soon. :)

starry nights 8:30 AM  

Sophie..its a fun tag.mostly pics.

starry nights 8:31 AM  

Me..I will pass out too if I am alone,together with someone would be fun.

starry nights 8:34 AM  

Passerby..Thanks for your wishes, I know what u mean skydiving to catch a glass of milk, have done that before with my kids.I want to visit Tibet first then visit the Dalai Lama.skydive dont know if it will come true because I have a back injury, space trip ..not going to haPPEN IN MY LIFETIME.

starry nights 8:35 AM  

Ghost particle..thank you. why dont you take up this tag.?

starry nights 8:36 AM  

Suji..thanks.I would love to see your tag.

Jeevan 8:49 AM  

Its different tag, you have wrote about The Dalai Lama a day before birthday (July 6th). Visiting the Universe, one of my dream:)

priya 9:21 AM  

Dalai Lama: He celebrates his 71st birthday and wish him a happy birthday!!!
He is an icon of peace and I love reading his books

Sky Dive: Take me with you when you flyyyyy.....

Tibet: I travel within North America. I have lot to adventure other places.

Universe: Starry grab a telescope and sit quiet on the top floor and enjoy your moments...... (just kidding)

shadows 11:09 AM  

hi starry nights....i think u shud learn to read and understand hindi now.....coz adis(delhidreams) poems are worth reading ....especially in hindi ....he is really good..... believe me !

and yeah its my dreAM TO sky dive sometime, .....sigh..wonder wen i will get a chance

shadows 11:19 AM  

by the way is this the indian lalitha?

starry nights 2:04 PM tellu the truth I did not even know that the 6th was his birthday.

starry nights 2:19 PM  

Priya..did not know it is his Birthday. just a coincidence.He is a man of peace and I have great respect for him.
I would love to skydive not alone maybe with another person.How about you?
I think the patio off of my bedroom is the closest I am going to the universe.from here I see the stars,moon and imagine what it would be like in space.Atleast I can dream.

starry nights 2:22 PM  

Shadows..I studied hindi , can read some, understand the Hindi movies but dont understand the poems well.I always stop by Adi's site and am sad when the poem is in Hindi. well one day I will. Atleast I admire the paintings that accompany the poem.I am the Indian Lalitha.

Poetry by Kai 4:55 PM  

thank u....

i use the site called imageshack.. & i upload my photos from my computer..

put them on a slideshow site...

u should try it...

southpaw 8:33 PM  

The tag's ready my friend...:)

Keshi 8:42 PM  

no no all that was working b4...not anymore. Thats what I meant :)

Thanks anyways Starry!

Mindinside 8:46 PM  

I would like to float up into the sky, let the wind blow through my hair also :)

Nice post

adi 10:49 PM  

the chivalrous knight descended from his stallion and bowed lightly to the lady sitting there in a frock...

the beautifull maiden held out her right hand for the knight,
there was something glittering in her hand, the knight wondered what it could be...

it was a 'tag'
needless to say, the great knight adi gallantly accepted her question and rode out to where his blog lay... waiting to be explored and conquered

see you there, in the next part of the story ;)

Madhu 12:05 AM  

Hey starry, nice tag. Dalai Lama is a inspiring person and I too love Tibet. I dont know if i can ever sky dive, too frightened of heights for that!!

anyways nice ones u mentioned

Ganesh Ranganathan 1:03 AM  

you don't know Rahul Dravid????

How long since you left India?

Neers 2:14 AM  

Thanks Lalitha!! and heyyy, we have a huge thing in common... i am certified star gazer!! :) and you are right, both Tibet and Dalai Lama would figure in my personal journal!! you do have a huge friend circle!! hey i blog rolled you on my blog! hope this is okay!

christabelle 3:27 AM  

Datai Lama? never had of him b/4, think I'll go check him out and starry nite, sky dive, What? u wnt catch me dead wishing to do that, u must be a brave person, well mayb b/c I have this phobia 4 heights.

this is another interesting tag!!

smiley 5:57 AM  

sky diving, wow try it out and let us know ur experience. :)

starry nights 6:45 AM  

Kai..thanks for the info I will try it out.

starry nights 7:12 AM  

Mindinside..we can tandem dive about that.

starry nights 7:13 AM  

Adi..tha lady is very pleased that the gallent knight has accepted her invitation to plag along. Thanks.BTW I love ur blog even thpough most times I cant read.

starry nights 7:14 AM  

Madhu..its a thought have not tried it but will love to if someonelse is willing to also.

starry nights 7:15 AM has been a really long time.

starry nights 7:16 AM  

Neers..thanks. Yes I love the stars and want to visit Tibet before my life on this planet is over.

starry nights 7:16 AM  

Neers..sure you can blog roll me anytime. I have put u on mine.

starry nights 7:18 AM  

Christabelle...have not heard of the Dalai Lama? he won the Nobel peace prize and is a great spiritual leader.I would love to skydive one day.not scared of height, thank god.

Anonymous,  7:18 AM  

great desires , thats all and well expressed .

starry nights 7:18 AM  

Smiley..need someone to skydive with. want to come along?

Has to be me 7:21 AM  

Starry,Thats a nice one! Sky diving I wld love to do it too...but no guts!
Shall take up the tag but I may not post the pictures...cos I'm lazy n busy to hunt for them!!!!! :)

Mindinside 9:59 PM  

I'd love to:)

mathew 11:17 PM  

got into ur blog through silverine..Infact Tibet is fascinating place for me as well..
Maybe sikkim should look good as well..

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