Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Lying on the couch
Sad and in pain.
Wishing things were different.
Everyday seems to be the same.

He made himself a sandwich.
Did not even offer to share
Just ate it and left
Like I was not even there.

Sometimes I am invisible.


Anonymous,  2:33 PM  

this is so sad, sometimes I feel like no one understands me but sometimes when i read your poetry I feel that someone really does understand.

Sarah 3:34 PM  

No starry, you aren't invisible.. You are very much there..it is he who is blind! blinded by chores, responsibilities etc..

Poetry by Kai 3:36 PM  


thats how i feel sometimes...

Prash 5:32 PM  

I try to be invisible all the time, apparently...everybody sees me! damn it!

The way we feel invisible is in our mind...if we look at the world in a different way and give a damn and continue our life (be it same or different everyday) we will be very visible...

starry nights 6:26 PM  

anonymous..thank you

starry nights 6:26 PM  

I know what u mean sarah.

starry nights 6:27 PM  

Kai..thats a sad feeling.

starry nights 6:27 PM  

Prash..thank you. I think you are right, but sometimes it hurts.

Keshi 6:30 PM  

**Sometimes I am invisible.

u r not invisible. Just that he's blind. So be ard ppl who can see u.

Huggggggz Starry!

passerby55 6:31 PM  

I guess sometimes when you get invisible its then you realise how much All around you-Inside you
And wrapped around you are the ones you love and care ...

bye and take care

geetha 6:48 PM  

Yeah, sometimes these things can happen. They forget to notice.. May be he needs a pinch? Make him wake up once in a while and notice his surroundings.. ;P

starry nights 6:56 PM  

Thanks for the hugz keshi..I needed it.

starry nights 6:57 PM  

Thank you passerby. so true.

starry nights 6:57 PM  

Geetha you are sweet. thanks.

Mindinside 8:19 PM  

You are as precious as his eyes
but will he ever notice the value of his eyes as long as he has not lost them?
They usualy notice when it's too late

Keshi 8:32 PM  

Starry look how the Indian govt made alot of bloggers seem invisible! Just push urself to be heard and seen :)


Srijith Unni 9:29 PM  

Starry, i`ve had exactly the same feeling before and i can very much feel the pain, in the words..
Nice post..!

With Regards,

starry nights 9:46 PM  

Mindinside, I had not looked at it that way.thanks.

starry nights 9:48 PM  

Keshi..I intend to do that, no use sitting around and feeling sorry for myself. Thanks for the push.I aaplaud the Indian bloggers, may they always have courage to stand up for what is right.

Sowjanya 11:34 PM  

Nice post starry.

Dinma 11:53 PM  

Sorry dear but just that you should have appeared visible and at least get a bite of the sandwich by letting him know you were there i.e ask for some.

prithz 11:58 PM  

Beautifully written, but sad to understand... dutn u worry... take care...

Ekta 2:21 AM  

hey dont be sad...here...big hugzzzz to u!
Men are idiots...and dont worry things will change soon...!
Cheer up girl!

Contented 4:10 AM  

Nice poetry...but sad one!!! I guess its just matter of time to heal those feelings!! Hope things workout well for Good..:)

Too_Many_Thoughts 7:18 AM  

well, damn him for that!
if he can't appreciate u, then it's his loss not yours..
just pack ur bags and move on..

christabelle 7:32 AM  

starry nites I sure dnt like the sound of this poetry.

I hope u're ok. Pls be.

...and be rest assured that ur nt invisible around here, take care of u.

priya 8:02 AM  

Someone pretending not being ther for you. Very true..

starry nights 8:28 AM  

Sowjania..welcome to my blog and please do come back again.

starry nights 8:32 AM  


starry nights 8:34 AM  


starry nights 8:35 AM  

Ekta..thanks for the hugz. today is another day. I am fine.

starry nights 8:36 AM  

Contended..thank you.

starry nights 8:36 AM  

Too many thoughts. thanks

starry nights 8:37 AM  

Christabelle. thanks. I am doing OK

starry nights 8:38 AM  

Priya.. thanks.

Eclipsed Thoughts 12:26 PM  

Who said you are invisible??? Dont think you are invisible because of someone who is blind!!!

nandi23 12:30 PM  

your feelings run so deep,
reading this I wonder though why did the speaker make no attempt to speak?
maybe both parties feel invisible?

this was sad, but well worded as usual,

starry nights 1:57 PM  

Thank you eclipsed thoughts.you are kind.

starry nights 1:58 PM  


Gaurav Jain 5:14 PM  

agreed with "immigrant in canada". it's not you, but he who is invisible.

Jeevan 7:04 PM  

Everyday seems to be the same, but their should be some changes, or life will be bore. Nice poem.

southpaw 7:42 PM  

I can feel u my friend.

starry nights 8:53 PM  

Thank u gaurav.

starry nights 8:53 PM  

Jeevan,, yes sometimes it is boring.

starry nights 8:53 PM  


Strictly for my friends 5:05 AM  

Invisibility is definitely one of the things I hate the most! How can I be there and still not be seen?

Reminds me of the song in Chicago called Mr Cellophane (or something like that)!

Has to be me 6:02 AM  

Men r made that way starry. I think u shd just demand 4 a sandwich 2 b made 4 ya! Cheer up gal! :)

neermathalam 8:51 PM  

nice one indeed

Don Iannone 11:14 AM  

Starry Nights: Visible blessings!

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