Saturday, July 08, 2006


It used to be intense
Nothing else mattered.
No walls, no boundaries
Strong like the wind, piercing hearts
Feeling ecstacy and joy.

Now little is felt, no patience, no kindness
There is no special smile
There is no longing or belonging.
He is there, she is here
They are like two different people
Going through life as one.
The world sees them differently
only they know that they are far gone.
Where is the love.?


Mumbai Guy 3:55 PM  

One more poetess. How do you'll manage to write these lines?

Mumbai Guy 3:58 PM  

"only they know that they are far gone.
Where is the love.? "

Ok, I know little about peotry and I admit I am not good at interpreting. But the last two lines do not they sound contradictory? or Is that peotic thing? Hey, I already said I am just trying to get used to.

starry nights 4:18 PM  

Mumbai guy. They know for themselves that there is no more love.but alas sigh and think to themselves."where did the love that they had for each other go.

samuru999 5:23 PM  

Hi my friend,
I love this poem.
Nice to see you on my blog
You have a nice weekend too.

Jon Cox 5:33 PM  

I like this! VERY WELL DONE! Thank you so much for your comment, I'm so glad you enjoy my wok, thank you so much!!! :o)

southpaw 6:14 PM  

Beautifully written...
Where is the love?
It buried under loads of responsibilities and uncertainties of future,but its still breathing....

Sarah 6:43 PM  

Responsibilities killed the love!!! been there, gone thorugh tht..

Mindinside 7:55 PM  

Hearts are roses

Roses need sunshine; need attention and care

starry nights 8:03 PM  


starry nights 8:03 PM  

Jon cox..thanks and welcome to my blog.

starry nights 8:04 PM  

Rajbir..I guess it is. Thanks

starry nights 8:06 PM  

Immigrant in canada..sometimes I wonder .

starry nights 8:07 PM  

Mindinside.. so true , it has to be nurtured to grow.

Kuan Gung 11:30 PM  

Amazing post...really, I can relate so much to begins in passion and with some the tragedy is years later the investment of one's many years of life is not what it was thought to error long term, leaves a lifetime of regrets...thank you

Hiren 12:33 AM  

Nice and profound. Some words remind of what the J.krishnamurthy used to say in prose.

JamesBright 12:45 AM  

That is the truth..!

Sorabh Raina 1:11 AM  

but i like the background of the pic u have posted

i m already saving it on to my desktop

b v n 3:20 AM  

After the initial curiosity years,relationships become silent,most of the external stuff is known by then...then its all about how we share the silence...once we do it,life becomes more meaningful than ever...without exaggerations.

hillgrandmom 4:43 AM  

Haven't so many of us long-maried ones been there? But as southpaw says, it's still there and comes out on a good day!

V N 6:11 AM  

Love is missing someone whenever u r apart, but somehow feeling warm inside coz u r close in heart!

Jeevan 6:40 AM  

WHERE IS THE LOVE? Love is in air, so its every where. Nice one friend.

Anonymous,  11:28 AM  

this is a beautiful poem. i relate to it so much, it really brought tears to my eyes

Shankari 1:04 PM  

wow...very intense poem that has a lot of underlying meaning

smz 2:53 PM  

awwwwwwww sooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee .... really liked it :D

passerby55 4:41 PM  

hi Starry,

Now little is felt, no patience, no kindness .... maybe a lack of understanding!

Its Love only when it can stand/fight the test of time!

lovely poem ... you imagine well, u dream well!

Ekta 6:43 PM  

very sad...hope this does not reflect the reality in someones life!:-(

starry nights 6:51 PM  

Kuan..yes after many years of being together, we take each other for granted,unless love is nutured it will not grow, it will die or just fade away.

starry nights 6:52 PM  

James Bright..thanks.

starry nights 6:53 PM  

Soraub...I liked the pic too was kind of cute.

starry nights 6:54 PM  

Bvn..I hope what u said is true. what happens if the silence just draws two people away.

starry nights 6:56 PM  

Hillgrandmom..yes the ones who have been married for long know that its true. sometimes it does not come out but rather remains dorment.

starry nights 6:56 PM  

Velu.. distance does make the heart grow fonder.

starry nights 6:57 PM  


starry nights 6:58 PM  


starry nights 6:58 PM true "Its Love only when it can stand/fight the test of time!

starry nights 7:00 PM can. because it does happen.almost too often.sometimes it is two people just being together because they have to, not because they love each other.the love has died.

jac 7:14 PM  

It still exists.

I am sure. and you are too

Poetry by Kai 7:20 PM  

no i wrote that one in june& had breakfast..

starry nights 7:21 PM  

I hope it does Jac..thanks

geetha 7:22 PM  

Seems like a familiar situation in all homes? Do we all go through this sometime in our lifes? Is tehre hope to change it?

Hmm, I wonder..

sudhav 8:06 PM  

Very true Lalitha, in this present world once has to realy search the magical spell called LOVE. Beautiful write up ..

the sunflower 12:25 AM  

amazing and truthful.... strong emotions in simple words....

Why Am I 2:12 AM  

hey first time on ur blog...neat!...its nice to see tht so many ppl have hidden talents:)

Has to be me 8:03 AM  

Ya happens I guess.........part of life. Sad.

priya 12:23 PM  

Hmmm Dreamy...

Thaz simply great starryyy.


Hey good one....

Perosonally feel tht the love has not escaped the people but is now a part of their lifes and is not something they see as a separate dish...So many feel feel tht the relationship has no love like before..Yes, the mystery n excitement goes and wears off but essential LOVE is always there...Have seen this come out at a time when my Dad had to watch my Mom in hosital after an accident a few years ago.....I saw all of the love tht I thought was not there as they were old.....

nandi23 1:59 PM  

I like this poem,
surprisingly I wondered the same thing this weekend. It is sad when love fades.

starry nights 9:15 PM  

Geetha..I think its not too uncommon.

starry nights 9:16 PM  

Sudhav..thanks you are right

starry nights 9:16 PM  

Scribblez..yes, I think as the years go by you just take each other for granted. love needs nurturing and food to grow.

starry nights 9:17 PM  


starry nights 9:18 PM  

Why am I..thanks and welcome to my blofg and do come again.

starry nights 9:18 PM  

Has to be me..sad but true.

starry nights 9:19 PM  

Nandi23..thats funny that we both were thinking along the same lines.

richunderconstruction 6:31 AM  

whrs the love gone?
i ll tell you its sitting silently within... wen u feel love, it needs no response, wants yes...

arguments n fights, whrs the love to lose?

archana 12:50 PM  

What a nice description of existing together but at the same time not being there !!!

starry nights 9:11 PM  

Rich..I do hope it is silently sitting within.

starry nights 9:11 PM  


neermathalam 1:55 AM  

There is no longing or belonging.
He is there, she is here
They are like two different people
Going through life as one.

crevity is soul of poetry...
and u have perfectly sruck chord with that...nice it is...

starry nights 8:25 AM  

Thank you neermathalam..and welcome to my blog and do come again.

smiley 8:17 AM  

where is the love? very meaningful

when we loose our purse we search for it...

y do we never search for the love we once had?

Anonymous,  3:27 PM  

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