Thursday, July 13, 2006


Meet this week's REAL hotties:

The REAL hot 100 highlights young women are smart, savvy, and actively trying to make the world a better place. This week's 2006 REAL hotties fought Abercrombie & Fitch -- and won! Because of their REALLY hot Girlcott, A&F pulled demeaning t-shirts from their shelves. How hot is that? Meet the Girlcott Girls:

The Girlctt Girls Who are they? The "Girlcott Girls," ages 13-18, Pittsburgh, PA
What makes them REALLY hot? "Give me something to scream about!" is just what Abercrombie & Fitch did for 24 young girls after releasing a line of female t-shirts containing this sexually charged phrase along with some other sexist and racist messages, including, "Who needs brains when you have these?" "I hope you can make more then I can spend," and "Last night I had a nightmare I was a brunette." These t-shirts sparked a feminist uproar in this group of teens, and they decided to take action! The group of 24 REALLY hot girls originally came together to learn to be grantmakers, in a youth program called "Girls as Grantmakers" run by The Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania. The girls went big with their fight against Abercrombie, waging a national Girlcott against A&F's sexist slogans. Supported by Heather Arnet, the Foundation's Executive Director, the teenagers launched what became a cause celebre and a successful social action. The Girlcott garnered national attention through radio and television-- and more than 23,000 stories about it appeared online! As a result, A&F pulled the demeaning t-shirts from the shelves and agreed to meet with the Girlcott group at A&F headquarters to discuss how the company could incorporate more empowering t-shirts for women.

As you know, looking to the media for positive images of young women is no easy task. We are here to celebrate these women and their accomplishments how hot SMART can be:I thought it was really smart of them to stand up for what is right and not support a company that was degrading women. they were all teenagers yet they were able to make a change.


southpaw 6:51 PM  

They perfectly justified the term HotSmart...thats the way to go!!!

Mumbai Guy 7:04 PM  

Hey, that's degrading? No offense but shouldn't we take it as humor?

Keshi 7:55 PM  

** "Who needs brains when you have these?"

**"I hope you can make more then I can spend," and

**"Last night I had a nightmare I was a brunette."

Starry I dunno how u see it but I see these lines as perfectly funny and nothing racist or sexist abt it. What say? And I agree with Mumbai_Guy.


Keshi 7:57 PM  

btw there r heaps more t-shirts like this in Aus and alot of ppl wear em with no probs. As long as they r not racist/sexist ofcourse. I dun see anything racist/sexist abt the phrases by Abercrombie & Fitch :)


starry nights 7:57 PM  

southpaw I think so.

starry nights 7:59 PM  

Mumbai guy..I dont think its humor and so did a lot of other people.They were in the headlines.

starry nights 8:00 PM  

I have to agrr with u on the last two slogans but the first one is sexist, saying girls dont need brains if they have B.....

Srijith Unni 10:04 PM  

Yes the words are what I would call instantly inflammatory and provoking..!

A great step taken forward by those girls.. My hearty conratz to them, and my thanks to you for sharing this..:)

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

Hiren 10:35 PM  

Interesting write up. It seems alongwith starry nights we are headed for starry days as well.

Rose 10:57 PM  


When will we discover who we truly are .. ??


Anand 11:31 PM  

I agree with whats written on the T-shirt..!:-)

prithz 2:15 AM  

Hmm... now in chennai, they have brought a new rule saying, t-shirts with such punch lines are not allowed... so mean!!! :(

Jeevan 2:23 AM  

very hot topic, its funny. but the guys will be happy to see this t-shirts wearing by girls;) I disagree with that lines.

jac 2:46 AM  

I am a bloody forigner !!
I would rather not read.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 5:34 AM  

hey !

thanx for stopping by !

yeah .. i saw this in a mag .. read the criticisms too !

Ganesh Ranganathan 5:48 AM  

I like T-shirt with funny messages but I won't wear them if it hurts someone....mostly it is self-depreciating humour like
" I was born intelligent, but education ruined me"

priya 7:23 AM  

Thanks for sharing starry!!! I wonder wat freedom speaks....

starry nights 7:41 AM  

Srijith..I thought so too.

starry nights 7:41 AM  

Hire,,starry days are good too , under starry nights.

starry nights 7:42 AM are right.

starry nights 7:42 AM  

Anand..each one has a right to his own opinion.If u like it then its good.

starry nights 7:43 AM  

Ptithz..I did not know that, humerous ones are really ok, and gives someone something to smile about.

starry nights 7:43 AM topic indeed.

starry nights 7:44 AM  

Jac..good fpr you, you can always pretend not being able to read, thats another way of looking at it.

starry nights 7:45 AM  

Deepa..thanks for stopping by.

starry nights 7:46 AM  

Ganesh..I like t shirts with funny messages too and have nothing against it. I have a daughter and would not like her to wear something which says she has no brains.

starry nights 7:46 AM  

Priya..freedom speaks a lot of things.

Avi 8:10 AM  

Well, a statement made in good humor does a world of difference....

PS: And thanks for dropping by at my blog. As, u said, its nice to share coffee always:) Thanks.

ashok 8:11 AM  

i think we shud take it humorously....these T-shirt captions r just ment for fun and nothing else...

christabelle 8:45 AM  

yeah I like those teens. sighs. wish all females were like them, dunno when we r going to realise that we r creatures of honour. another sigh. a pity we've lost all of our glory. very sad.

Starry nites i totally agree with u, it wasnt funny.

sophie 8:59 AM  

a heavy sigh..really smarthot..or hotsmart

chet 9:27 AM  

I have a 15 year old granddaughter with me now and I would not want her to wear that type of shirt. To me it is degrading and I don't see any morality in them.

starry nights 12:24 PM  

Avi..true in good humor. You can have cofee with me anytime, please come by again.

starry nights 12:25 PM a big sigh! too.

starry nights 12:26 PM  

I agree with you chet, I love humor, but it shoulb be tasteful when it is done for women.

starry nights 12:27 PM  

Dont know if I feel this way cause I have a daughter, but I do.sorry if I disagreed with anyone, but its my view.I did not think the first slogan was humor.

Saurabh 7:17 AM  

These days it is kind of fashionable to try to make a statement about ourselves in everyting we do. Even in our dress! Clothing is not just clothing anymore. It is a medium to avertise our thoughts, opinions, ideologies and political affinities. Has our lives become so dry that we look for humor even in our dress? Or have our egos become so vulnerable and flaccid that we feel a compulsive need to try to show the world how smart we are even wen it comes to what we wear? Where are we headed? I personally don't like to waer anyting with any kind of slgan. But hey I am a Man. Women are different!

starry nights 8:31 PM  

True saurabh.. a dress is not a dress anymore. sad.

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