Monday, July 17, 2006


prithz 10:06 PM  

Sometimes, the best answer is to remain silent... Silence is golden.. very well said... :)

Mindinside 10:24 PM  

And how good and difficult it is to behave normal:)

ufukhati 10:25 PM  

Silent. Lets hear the words of the winds.

Srijith Unni 10:53 PM  
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Dr O2 11:23 PM  

Silence is the key but I believe people should laisent-nous-tranquil if we are to achieve the goal.

Arun 12:06 AM  

Hey, thnx for stopping by. Nice blog...loads of images!

V N 2:53 AM  

u cudnt have chosen a better moment to talk abt silence, lalitha.

silence is what has been imposed on hundreds of bloggers across the country. only of a different kind than the kind u r talking about. i hope u have heard abt the Blogspot ban that has been imposed in India.

nice post, btw!:(

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 5:28 AM  

yeah !

i agree !

and abt the pic ., yes , i was talking abt the merry go round one

JamesBright 7:05 AM  

I think our friends in India can no more see any of the blogspot blogs any more..!
Is there any other alternative?
It is a very sad situation..!

starry nights 8:31 AM  

Prithz..silence is golden.

starry nights 8:31 AM is hard.

starry nights 8:32 AM  

ufukhati .....welcome to my blog and please do come again.

starry nights 8:32 AM  

dr o2....true. thanks

starry nights 8:33 AM drop by again.

starry nights 8:33 AM  

Velu..This is news to me. why is there a ban. I am sad.

starry nights 8:34 AM  

Deepa..thanks. the merry go round one was from

starry nights 8:35 AM  

James..why is that, what happened. Is there an alternative? I love all my indian bloggers.what am I going to do.


Precious words...We need to be silent to listen to our innerself and no amount of scremaing will let us listen to our selves even if we hear it.

Mr. J 11:41 AM  

Unable to view the pic. Access Denied, because i'm in India at the moment.

The pic has to do something about silence I assume. Hmmm....

For the moment, i'm definitely far from it.

starry nights 12:35 PM  

Scribblez..true, no use screaming.silence will allow us to hear within.

starry nights 12:38 PM  

Me ..thats sad. I heard about the ban.dont know how to get thru to u guys.It is a pic of a flower and it says.TO OPEN YOUR INNATE NATURE AND FEEL SOMETHING FROM THE BOTTOM OF YOUR HEART. YOU HAVE TO BE SILENT.

Keshi 6:31 PM  

so true! solitude and silence brings out the best in me.


Neers 4:38 AM  

silence has its own sounds... supersonic!! :) thank you so much lalitha for your words on my post and like i have said before, its always happy to be on your blog!!

Hip Grandma 2:29 PM  

silence is golden,i do agree.but it is one golden rule i keep forgetting!however i keep trying

Aditi 11:11 PM  

Very true.. sometimes silence screams at us and yet we are too dense to hear what it is trying to say

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