Thursday, July 20, 2006


Morning has broken
Chirping birds,humming bees.
Sunlight filtering in
Sound of the Alarm
Soft touch of a hand
Eyes will not open
Just want to sleep

Thoughts of running late
I climb out of bed.
Shower and dress
Hot cup of coffee
My morning begins.

On the road again
Music interrupted,
Sounds of sirens, ambulance
People crying, holding hands
Someones life taken.
The morning had just begun
Nitefall will never arrive.



Excellent poem Starry. Very simple and realistic. Your choice of words too are very simple and yet a very nice outcome to the entire thing. :)

KK 1:56 PM  

Nice poem! enjoyed reading it.

First time here :)

starry nights 2:17 PM  

Thank you scribblez.

starry nights 2:17 PM  

KK welcome to my blog and do come again. thanks.

Prash 5:32 PM  

I agree with scribblez - simple and realistic and bravo for the choice of words -

I am a night bird. You have got a poem for that ?


Kuan Gung 5:37 PM  

Simple images and powerful can almost see the smoke rising in the distance...

jac 6:01 PM  

So down to earth words made in to a garland, that I see as pearls of truth.

Do you have a mail ID, Lalitha ! to add to my mailing list ?

starry nights 6:24 PM  

Thank you Prash..I am a simple person.

starry nights 6:25 PM  

Jac..thank you for your kind mail ID is

starry nights 6:26 PM  

Thank you Kuan.

southpaw 7:03 PM  

Since last 3 years i hv been blogging and wondering how do ppl manage to weave words so nicely....

starry nights 7:53 PM  

Thank you are kind.

neermathalam 8:45 PM  

The story is pretty clear....
your predicaments...
and the urge for darkness....
and as soemone said
The show must go on......

neermathalam 8:46 PM  

Thks for droppping into my blog..and posting kind words...

Ekta 9:07 PM  

oh man...lovely poem..but why did u add "someones life being taken"...sad!

Anand 9:08 PM  

hey lovely pic...makes me wanna go there!

Keshi 9:33 PM  

Starry how very realistic! Nice one.

To some it's the beginning of a beautiful day and to some others it's their last day on Earth.


Aditi 11:24 PM  

Nice poem... paints an interesting picture.

Has to be me 1:47 AM  

*(Trying to put it simply - just like ya!)*

This is just plain & simply superb! :) U've a way with words.

Jeevan 1:49 AM  

its (1st one morning has broken...) what happen evey day for me. Good one:)

ufukhati 1:50 AM  

You say : "People crying holding hands / Someones life taken."

Yes, on the other part of this globe someone has been killed by fellow human being. Surely these killings are not fictional.

No more cheers, no more tears.

Contented 2:06 AM  

Very well written about reality of life every one of us live in...Thanks for sharing it with us.

Rose 6:30 AM  

Amidst the crowdy streets and muddy roads,
the flashy houses and the dull lives,
the hot heads and the cold hearts,
somewhere amidst these busy worlds..
I stumbled over life..
- Anonymous

starry nights 7:51 AM  

neermathalam...Thank you

starry nights 7:52 AM  

Ekta..sad but true. this actually happened.thanks.

starry nights 7:52 AM  

Has to be me..thanks.

starry nights 7:53 AM  

Aditi..thank you

starry nights 7:53 AM  

Jeevan..thank you

starry nights 7:54 AM  

Anand..yes. doesn't it look serene and beautiful. I would like to go there too.the bird is on its morning flight.

Contented 7:55 AM  

hey are u online?? I can see someone from US online on the counter.

starry nights 7:55 AM true. No cheers ust tears..welcome to my blog and please come again.

V N 7:55 AM  

thats nice, starry!
am feeling so happy with the ban lifted! :)

starry nights 7:56 AM  

Contended..I am on line.

starry nights 7:57 AM  

Contended..thank you.

starry nights 7:58 AM  

Rose..that was a beautiful poem.I cannot write like that, just simple stuff that happens in my daily life.

starry nights 7:59 AM  

Velu..thank you. I am happy the ban is lifted also.

Contented 8:03 AM  

Thats cool!! Its good to meet you!! Well dont know how else I can talk to you...:)

ashok 8:58 AM  

sweetly written..keep it up

Neers 8:59 AM  

Thank You Lalitha!! Cool...!! I know Marriage!! ahh... anyways... this is quite a flowing poem!! :)

Magik 9:11 AM  

Hey Starry... so cute!! hope the a little sadness is not really there... :)

Too_Many_Thoughts 9:17 AM  

ahh! very dramatic,
a simple morning turned into a bizarre incident..
keep up the good work!

Dh@v@! 9:33 AM  

nice poem Starry n a nice selection of picure also...

Mr. J 10:06 AM  

The last few lines... that's life. Some get up in the morning, never to see the night again.

starry nights 10:43 AM  

Ashok..thank you

starry nights 10:44 AM  

Neers..thank you.Marriage is always a happy topic.

starry nights 10:45 AM  

Magik..welcome and please come again. no the ending is what happenend when I was going to work one day.

Ajay 10:45 AM  

never liked d morning
one has to get up n go to work :)))
but d post sure changed my attitude
n finally i got to know how one can access blogs :)))
may b i will rise early tom morning :)))

starry nights 10:46 AM  

Too many thoughts..true, we wake up each day and go about our work never thinking if we will come back. some never return.

starry nights 10:47 AM  

Dh@v@..thanks. I think it is a beautiful pic of a birds morning flight.

starry nights 10:48 AM  

Kai..thanks.I see u have a new pic on your profile..cute.

Alexis Leon 11:31 AM  

Nice painting. Beautiful poem.

starry nights 11:33 AM  

Ajay..Early bird catches the worm.

Thanks for ur comment.

starry nights 11:33 AM  


starry nights 11:34 AM  

Contended...good to meet u too. I like your blog.

Hip Grandma 7:37 PM  

first visit to ur blog.will come for more.nice poem.

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