magical spin on a summer day

Friday, July 14, 2006


We walk along the muddy road, my hand clenched tightly in my mothers, kicking up
sand beneath me, some of it even getting into my sandals and making me laugh. It was a beautiful sunny day and more important it was the day of the fair. Every year I loked forward to this special outing that I had with my mother. As we get closer I can see the rainbow colored tents against the blue sky, the smell of the animals and food all blended into one. , along the way there are vendors displaying toys, clothes, paintings, animals , balloons and cotton candy. Loud music fills the air along with the voices of children laughing and mothers screaming to make their children behave.

We pass by the games, I ask if we can play some, my mother tells me to hurry up, the money has to last us the whole day and not spent on foolish things like games. She stops by a needlework stall displaying cross stiched hand towels."Beautiful isn't it" she says. I am dis interested, my eyes wander to the merry -go-round. the shiny knobs glisten in the sun, I can smell the paint of the freshly painted horses, different colors with silver mettalic trim. the blue horse catches my eye, this is the horse I want to go on. I am brave enough to ride on this one alone, I purchase a ticket and run towards the blue horse and get up on it. The horses start to move and they go round and round, taking my feet off the ground and I can feel the wind blowing through my hair.You chase the horses around and around,you are still unable to cath them. The weightlessness that I felt could not be explained. I wish it would not stop. I only had enough money for one more ride, the last ride that was usually at the end of the day.

As night falls in the fair grounds there is only one last thrill, the Giant Wheel. It is essentially a vertical merry -go- round. Now a days kids want wilder rides , rides that give you the sense of imminent death. But for me the giant wheel did just that. We walk up the ramp together my mother and I. Holding her hand tight fearful but pretending to be brave. We climb on to the bench, my mother looks intense , I know that this is not her best ride but she is on it, for me. I look up to her and she smiles. I am re assured. The motor starts to humm and the wheel starts to turn and we go high above and it stops to load another passenger, from above I can see the colored lights and the people below. The wheel starts to turn, the bench sways and we pick up speed. we go whirling around, my stomach turns when we drop down . Nothing like the rise and fall of the wheel , you are raised away from the earth and dropped back again. It is a sheer delight , a mixture of fear and excitement. It eventually slows down and the ride ends and so does summer. When I look back so much has changed, new rides, new things but the Giant wheel or Ferris wheel as some call it remains the same. And with each turn I am transported back to a day in my childhood.


Ajay 12:59 PM  

oh dat sure is an amazing post:)
makes one nostalgic dossent it?
so uve written a lot in des days
god i need to read so much :)

starry nights 3:27 PM  

Ajay.thank you and where have u been.

Poetry by Kai 3:52 PM  

such a nice childhood memory..

Vineela 5:31 PM  

hi Starry nights,
Useful link of image shack.
I never tried Giant wheel but rollercoaster is my favourite.
Nice to read child hood memories,Lalitha

southpaw 6:00 PM  

Reminds me of all that i always wanted to do during my childhood but cudn't do.

passerby55 7:41 PM  

I loved this post Starry...

... How much i hated the gaint wheel and my brother always pulled me along. DAD gave him money for it and i wanted the buy all the pink coloured candy floss....have you tasted that...I liked this ones, he would put pink sugar in a machine spin, spin it on a woodden stick and I called sweet cotton...may be i post somehting on pink sweet cotton oneday...

I simply LOVED this post


Eclipsed Thoughts 10:02 PM  

Thanks for the post, it brought a smile on my face...
Made me go back to my past... and i LOVED giant wheel...

V N 10:05 PM  

true indeed. these days chidren wud see the giant wheel as.. errr.. 'child' stuff! LOL.

prithz 10:55 PM  

Beautiful write up.... Simply loved reading it... Wonderful memories.. :)

mathew 12:17 AM be transfixed to my kid days..
But the Giant wheel is something which i still fear climbing..lemme confess I have this phobia of heights!!

BUt i liked that vintage aircraft rides that go round n if i could turn back the clock!!!

Srijith Unni 12:33 AM  

I remember how once, I went on a ride, felt so dazed and yet pretended to be calm, so that my sister wouldn`t fret. and yet when we came down and when she remarked that it was a boring ride.. I felt so exhausted, i fainted on the ground..

But over the years have learned to take these rides well :)

Your description is so vivid, lalitha, that it instantly conjures up images in one`s mind.

Nice nostalgic and enjoyable post.

With Best Regards,

Contented 2:01 AM  

Hey Mate!! Thanky for dropping by my blog. Appreciate your comments and encouragement.

I am just back and what a day to start by reading your post on childhood. I dont have better words to say than Frost who said "I'd like to get away from earth awhile And then come back to it and begin over"...Wish our lives are like Giant wheels...May be they are thats how life and death comes in to play...Dont know!!!

Its my childhood which I (guess most people) cherish most. Thanks for a beautiful post which reminds me of beautiful days....:)

Sumitha 2:25 AM  

Star I have gone on such rides,but it makes me feel so uneasy...I never like these rides,love watching others enjoy taking such rides though!

Goan Pao 7:00 AM  

That post reminds me of the Bandra Fair..and how we waited a year to sit on that Giant Wheel...well the merry go round at National park was close by , those were the days...nostalgic post.

Suji 8:50 AM  

Lovely nostalgic post Starry. Took me back in time. But I was always scared of the gaint wheel...still

Yogi 11:53 AM  

well my mom never held my hand, it was more my dads in the swimming pool clutching it lest i die in the water!!hehe, but it was fun old memories :) sweet post!

starry nights 12:35 PM  

Southpaw..why couldn't you?. was the fair faraway or were you in boarding school.I wish you could have.

starry nights 12:36 PM  

Passerby..thanks, I know what you are talking about, cotton candy, I loved it too and it stuck to the roof of my mouth.

starry nights 12:37 PM  

Eclipsed thoughts, thanks I wanted to get a feel of how many people liked the giant wheel like me.

starry nights 12:38 PM  

Velu..thats true,so many wilder, bigger rides now that the giant wheel is kid stuff.

starry nights 12:38 PM  

Prithz..thank you.

starry nights 12:40 PM  

Matthew. I know what you mean. my husband is scared of heights too, but got over it learning to fly a plane.Heights did not bother me,I loved to just go round and round.

starry nights 12:42 PM  

Thanks srijith...wonderful memories indeed. I went on a rollercoaster once with my son,He was scared and I wanted him to experience it,But to tell you the truth at the end of the ride I was the one who was trembling.

starry nights 12:45 PM  

Contended..Thanks for stopping by and please come again.oh!to live life again.we did not have a lot of money but sure had happy and fun times.I try telling my children this but are unable to understand how someone can have fun like that,over here everything is monetary,not simple as it used to be when I was a child.

starry nights 12:46 PM are not alone, there are a lot of people who find these rides uneasy.Both my kids are not too fond of these rides.They prefer to be on the ground.

starry nights 12:47 PM  

Goan pao..welcome to my blog and please stop by again. yes it was all about the giant wheel.

starry nights 12:48 PM  

Suji..Thanks..I loved it as a child but as I grew older a little fear stepped in.dont know why.

starry nights 12:49 PM  

Yogi..that was cute. I never learned to die because I was always afraid I was going to die.

starry nights 12:50 PM  

Kai..thank you.

starry nights 12:51 PM  

Vineela....thank you.I used to love the small rollercoasters but the big ones still scare me.

Maya Cassis 1:53 PM  

wow...I still love going to the fair and riding the giant wheel and stopping at the colourful shops and check out what the vendors have to fav past time :)

starry nights 3:02 PM  

Maya...I know how u fee because I still love going to the fair too

Dotm 4:05 PM  

starry night, you sure brought back feelings from my childhood days. You wrote it so well that it brought back the way stomach reacted on the way back down each time. It was like losing the pit of my stomach when coming down on the ferris wheel. I liked all the rides, but back then we didn`t have the roller coaster or the one where the bottom of the cage drops down and you are just held in by gravity. Don`t think I would have ridden that one if they had had it when I was young. Good post. Sure brought back lots of fun carnival memories. We used to go almost every year when I was a teen-ager. Then I took my kids when the older ones were small. By the time the younger ones got old enough to go, they stopped having the carnival here.
Did you also have the motorcycle riders. I loved watching them even though the standard we stood on would start shaking while they rode and they came almost to the very top edge where we were standing. Was a Father and daughter riding the motorcycles.

starry nights 7:50 PM  

Dotm...Thank you. I loved going to the fair and going on the carousel but the ferris wheel was the best. we had the motorcycle rider at the circus and not at the fair.My father worked a lot out of town so my mother used to be the one to take me.

starry nights 7:50 PM  

mindinside thanks.

Neers 10:06 PM  

fares!!! fond memories... umm, from stories used to read as kids... as for me... have never been to one... :( dont ask me why!

and yea, that was a real scare and not a drill, thanks for stopping! :)

thank god, things are fine! :)

Bhavna Neel 10:31 PM  

hey that was beautiful.. really .. made me think of the days too when ma dad used to drive for so long , so far away meeting my demands of playing in some beautiful parks..

Saurabh 11:10 PM  

Good Post!

Jeevan 12:03 AM  

Sweet memories. Me too urge my parent to allow me to ride in spinning wheel many times, they don’t allow me, because of money. What ever rides can come now, but the excitements of riding in giant wheel dint reduce.

starry nights 9:15 AM  

Neers thanks.I am glad everything is fine now.I bet u were scared.

starry nights 9:16 AM  

Bhavna Neal..welcome to my blog and please do come again.I think parents go out of their way sometimes to make children happy.

starry nights 9:17 AM  


starry nights 9:17 AM  


southpaw 10:29 AM  

No my school wasn't boring and i cud actually see those giant wheels and the vertical fairies everyday when i used to paint the billboards on the beach after school to earn my schooling and other expenses during my childhood.

Id it is 11:29 AM  

The exhilaration, the catch of anticipation that knotted up ones stomach when going up; then in a matter of seconds it all changed! The sudden weightlessness, an intense void, a feeling of emptiness while coming down. Gosh, I still remember that experience so vivdly. Haven't sat in a giant wheel for a while now.

starry nights 12:03 PM  

Southpaw..oh so thats why you did not go on the giant wheel.You were a good son.helping with your education.My son vijay at 14 was also helping by teaching math at a kumon math centre.On the weekends,he earned enough pocket money. I think its good for kids, gives them a sense of responsibility.

starry nights 12:03 PM  

IdItIs..You iknow that feeling.exhilerating.

Gaurav Jain 1:32 PM  

Nice nostalgic touch of a post!

starry nights 2:47 PM  

Thank you Gaurav..nice to see u back.

southpaw 7:14 PM  

Yes coz by the time we finished our work they wud wind up and on sundays...since the entire week i just used to do my homework after school, sundays i used to sit peacefully and revise everybit of whatever was taught in the entire week.
Good to know abt vijay...yes u r right these sort of things do get the sense of responsibility in the child quite early...

starry nights 9:38 AM  

I understand rajbir. you were a good student with doing your homework so diligently. I wish you could have gone on the giant wheel.

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