Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Whether we work in the home or outside the home a mothers work is never done.A full time housewife has as much work to do as a mom who works outside the house, I think each in its own right needs a tribute.I am a working mom so I thought I should write what my morning used to be.

Its Monday morning , you would think that after a weekend of rest I would be bouncing off my bed when the alarm goes off, but I press the snooze button hoping to get a few more winks. After five minutes the alarm goes off again, I drag myself out of bed, barely awake I make it downstairs. Make a cup of coffee for me and "J", turn on the Tv to get a wrap on the weather and the headlines, scan the traffic report. Wake up the children, pack lunches for all.

Pour cereal for one
Toast for another
No time for breakfast for mother.
Take a shower, get dressed
Take a quick look into the childrens rooms
Make sure they were up with the first call
And are dressed.
Straighten a shirt, Pull up a skirt
Buckle a shoe and tie up a lace
Wash the toothpaste off ones face.

Pick up my bag
The children their backpacks
And head to the door.
Get into the car
But one has to go back to retrieve
The homework that was left on the floor.

I turn on some music
That will be enjoyed by all.
Amidst cries from the children
To switch to another.
Because they dont like the
Choice made by their mother.

I try to drive with caution and care
To set an example for the future
Drivers that are in here.
We make our way through traffic and rain
Before I drop each one off
At their final destination.

I make my way to work
Try to look fresh and ready
To tackle the world
In a wizardly fashion.

During lunch breaks there is still work to do
Make doctor appointments,
Pay some bills,check after school activities
And make a "to do list" too.

After work there are children to pick up
Games to go to.
Dinner to prepare
Drop one off for Tennis and one for Basketball
Check homework, help with projects
Catch a show on Tv
Try to do it all.

A Parent's work is never done
Tomorrow will be another run.


The Brown eyed one 9:35 AM  

An amazing post!!!

neihal 9:47 AM  

Simply AMAZING. 'applause'.
You have written it so beautifully.
Kudos to you.

starry nights 10:04 AM  

Thank you brown eyed one.

starry nights 10:04 AM  


starry nights 10:51 AM  

Scribblez..sorry I accidently delated your comment. ATM I dont work.will start may be next year. recovering from an injury.

Aditi 10:59 AM  

Yea I think none of us actually say thank u often enough to our mothers. I remember how much my mother has done for me and hope that i can be half as good when my time comes

jac 11:16 AM  

Thats a lovely lively one, Lalitha !

starry nights 1:12 PM  

Aditi..so true.

starry nights 1:12 PM  

Jac..thank you


Simple awesome ...

starry nights 2:12 PM  

Pridera..welcome to my blog and please do come again.thank you.

priya 2:40 PM  

That was a beautiful post starry. How true mothers work hard for all the whole day!!!

You are so practical and I love it....

Id it is 3:23 PM  

What an apt tribute!

Deepali 3:30 PM  

Nicely written =)

samuru999 4:48 PM  

That was a very nice post!
I so enjoyed It!
Very well written!
Thank you for sharing!!

Ekta 6:25 PM  

I have always been amazed how women manage work and home together!..Its like never ending marathon!!
and indeed hats off to working moms who manage to achieve this ...it indeed is a feat!

Keshi 6:51 PM  

Ur an amazing and loving mum Starry!

I sure wud love to postpone motherhood for a lil while longer then lol!


sudhav 6:56 PM  

how very true lalitha...may be thats y V said.when we had taniya, decided whether you want to be a working mom or a full time mom..anything was acceptable for him.I had to make a choice and decided that i will be a full time mother. no regrats today for that..as u said be it a working women or a house wife, the work never is less for either of them.Lovely post lalitha.

Blessed 7:01 PM  

I can't begin to imagine what it's like. I am married with no youngin's. It always blows my mind what ALL I see parents do. No time for rest, not time to slow down....it's go, go, go!

starry nights 7:33 PM  

Priya..thank you.

starry nights 7:34 PM  

Id it is..Thank you.

starry nights 7:34 PM  

Deepali..thank you.

starry nights 7:35 PM  

Samuru..thank you margie.

starry nights 7:35 PM  

Ekta..true a never ending marathon and I only had two.

starry nights 7:36 PM  

Keshi..Thank you and I am sure you will make a really nice mom too.

starry nights 7:37 PM  

Sudha..thanks. A mothes work is never done.It does not matter whether you work at home or outside the home.

starry nights 7:38 PM  

Blessed...I think it is still worth it.

Saurabh 7:41 PM  

Impressive! Inspite of doing so much work you still get time to blog? You are a very dynamic personality!

starry nights 9:13 PM  

Saurabh..At the moment I am at home recovering from an inury so have the time to blog.

sudhav 9:19 PM  

lalitha hope ur feeling better now..take good care...

V N 10:18 PM  

with two working moms around me - my mom and my sis - i hv known quite a bit abt their travails. kudos to every working woman out there!

gr8 post, starry!

Mr. J 10:29 PM  

Wooooooooooowwwwww... You sure struck a chord with this one.

Keshi 11:57 PM  

aww u think so Starry? now I wanna be a mum :)


geetha 11:58 PM  

Way to go, mommy!
That's is a whole lot of thinsg to do in a day. Hats off to you! :)

mathew 12:01 AM  

wow..blowaway post..
mommy tribute!!!!!

Jeevan 12:09 AM  

Ho! how much works are their for working mom, really a stressfull life. Nice way of writing this post:)

Rose 12:10 AM  


They juggle a million things with utmost grace and without letting the smile on their faces waver even for a minute.. They ought to be worshipped..

Yet they are the first ones to be taken for granted..



christabelle 12:53 AM  

aha! ur posts so reminds me of my mum, she used to be a stay at home mum until my dad passed away, then she had to go out to work, I dnt really know how she made it thru, but she did, u know when I look back now, I hv so much respect 4 her 4 what she had to go thru, really working mothers need a gr8 tribute.

so beautifully written, starry nites... and by the way ur a great MOM!!

prithz 1:26 AM  

WoooooW!!! That one was so beautifully written... I got a mind picture with your words!!!!

U manage it so well... 3 cheers!!!

Othersideblue 2:41 AM  

Lovely lovely, the way u describe a mom's life.
I live oceans away from you and i don't work outside but how much alike our lives are.

So true it is as you write:
A Parent's work is never done
Tomorrow will be another run.

neermathalam 4:15 AM  

beautifully written....

Sumitha 4:26 AM  

Star it was so so good!Very very well written!Hats off to all you working mums:)

samuru999 5:06 AM  

Just checking back again brfore I
head to Denver for the day.
I have the day off from work.
Oh ... you have an injury....
what happened?
Get well soon.
And... I should have said in my
earlier post....
"You are a GREAT MOM!"
See you later.

Ganesh Ranganathan 5:51 AM  

madam, I agree that working mothers have lots and lots of work to do....but doesn't the child feel lonely too....coming home to an empty home...

Known Stranger 6:42 AM  

worth a tribute.

starry nights 7:28 AM  

Me..thank you.

starry nights 7:29 AM  

Keshi..I am sure you would be one of those fun mum's.All your kids friends will want to come to your house.

starry nights 7:30 AM  

Geetha..thanks. I am sure you are as busy with two of your own.

starry nights 7:31 AM  

Mathew..Yes..mommy's need a post once in a way.

starry nights 7:31 AM  

Jeevan..thank you.

starry nights 7:32 AM  

Rose you could not have said it better. Its all worth it to see a smile on their face.

starry nights 7:33 AM  

Thank you christabelle for your kind words. All done for a few hugs and kisses.

starry nights 7:33 AM  

Prithz..thank you

starry nights 7:37 AM  

Otherside of blue..we may live oceans away but inside we all are one. we have the same feelings, emotions and life. a mother is a mother no matter where she lives.And like I said just because you choose not to work outside the home does not make your work less important.Either way you look at it being a mother is a full time job.

starry nights 7:37 AM  

neermathalam...Thank you.

starry nights 7:38 AM  

Sumitha thanks.

starry nights 7:39 AM  

Margie..thanks. I had a back injury so laid up for some time, but I hope to be up and runnning soon.

starry nights 7:41 AM  

Ganesh..I have to agree with you.My kids did not come home to an empty home because either me or my husband came home just in time.

starry nights 7:41 AM  

known stranger..thank you.

karmic_jay 8:55 AM  

Hats off to you and other mums!

Shankari 9:00 AM  

Beautifully written. Like you, I feel that both housewives and working woman are amazing how they manage time

Inji Pennu 9:23 AM  

True! so true! 24/7!

Eclipsed Thoughts 10:34 AM  

You are amazing!!!
I cannot imagine myself doing all this... KUDOS!!!
I think even i should run to my mom and say thanks....

Well written, it was beautiful!!!!

Alexis Leon 10:59 AM  

Beautiful. Well written and nice flow and very touching. Now I know how your daughter got her gift fot poetry. Keep writing poems. Wishing all the best...

Pavithra 1:32 PM  

Excellent post !!

Hip Grandma 2:24 PM  

you've summed it up so well.thank you on behalf of all working moms.

starry nights 2:51 PM  

inji pennu....welcome to my blog and please do come again.thank you

starry nights 2:52 PM  

Eclipsed thoughts thank you.

starry nights 2:53 PM  

Alexis..thank you for your kind words.It is a simple attempt to put a few lines together from real life.

starry nights 2:53 PM  

Pavithra..thank you.

starry nights 2:54 PM  

Preeta..working moms do need all the support they can.because it is not easy and it has to be done.

Poetry by Kai 3:32 PM  


great post.

i'm fine.
just alittle busy.


faith 4:46 PM  

just one word...

Awesome !!!


Dreamer 5:56 PM  

Hey Starz,
reminds me of a forward that was floating around a while back on the requirement specs for a mother! nice one!

(Thanks for dropping by)

Keshi 6:15 PM  

**All your kids friends will want to come to your house.

well Starry r u a mind-reader cos all my friends' and cousins' kids already want to visit me all the time! :):)


starry nights 7:03 PM  

Kai..thank you

starry nights 7:04 PM  

Faith..thank you and welcome to my blog and do hope you come again.

starry nights 7:06 PM  

Dreamer.thanks.did not see that forward. welcome to my blog and please come again.

starry nights 7:08 PM  

Keshi..I said that because you are a fun loving person,and cool. kids usually gravitate to cool moms.I think you will make a really nice momand you are a cancerian.the motherly instinct to nurture and care for is inborn.

Natasha 8:18 PM  

Women are the ultimate multi-taskers. Good post.

Keshi 8:25 PM  

oh that I know ;-) lol Im too braggy too..hehehe. tnxxxxx Starry huggggggz!


Dawn....सेहर 10:34 PM  

Amazing...infact salute to you dear for showing that consideration and dedicating this post...!
Three cheers to u... hip hip..hurray ;)

Marthyan 10:54 PM  

A Parent's work is never done
Tomorrow will be another run.

Well said :)

KK 11:14 PM  

Hots off to all the moms in this world. Very well written starry!!

Contented 11:36 PM  

Very nice post...I have got a clear picture of working mom with your words...Quite helpful actually....:)
I have very well experience with my Mom only taking responsiblity in shaping of family...I do realize how hard it is....I feel Father also has as much responsiblity as a mother...What ya say??

Neers 12:11 AM  

CORRECTO!!! A parents job is never done... like life... the moment you decide to be a parent... it just goes on... very good one!!

chandni 1:59 AM  

u write so beautifully....all emotions come out so well

Anonymous,  2:39 AM  

Hi Starry,

Relly well written. I like the pixs too!

Fresh Ink 2:46 AM  

Hi Starry,
Really lovely post. Although am not a mother, can really appreciate the trials and tribulations a mother goes through. Makes me want to go hme rite now to give my mum a hug!

Has to be me 3:42 AM  

Starry, soooooooo gooooooood & soooooooo true! Cheers!

Alapana 4:44 AM  

My mom is a working mother,i know how difficult it was for her to juggle between work and we both kids,but she did an excellent job and today when i got married just a few months back i feel so tired with work and new found life of wife:) but then how would i fare when it comes to motherhood,work and wifes job? scary:(
Felt very good reading the post:) very well written.

richunderconstruction 6:34 AM  

my tribute to all working mums...

especially my mum dearest n you.
im sure you are a great mom.
beautiful post...
sounds straight frm the heart.

starry nights 7:15 AM  


starry nights 7:15 AM  


starry nights 7:17 AM  

Dawn..thank you. working moms need to be saluted once in a way.

starry nights 7:17 AM  


starry nights 7:20 AM  

Contented..you are right. A lot of working fathers do the same thing and My salute to them as well. This post should have been titled as Working parent but it was just from my point of view so The tribute was for morking mom.

starry nights 7:20 AM  

Thank you Neers. did u have a good vacation.

starry nights 7:21 AM  

Chandni..thank you for your kind words.

starry nights 7:21 AM  


starry nights 7:22 AM  

Fresh Ink..thanks. I think your mom deserves a nice big HUG or lots of HUGZZZZZZZZ.

starry nights 7:23 AM  

Has to be me..thanks.

starry nights 7:26 AM  

Alapana..first of all congrats on being married. when the time comes to handle Your job and kids, God gives you the strength to do it and do it well. It sounds kind of hectic but it is not. just have to be a little organized sometimes.Dont worry about it millions of mothers are doing this each day and raising wonderful kids.

starry nights 7:26 AM  

Rich..thank you.

southpaw 8:47 AM  

Beautifully written and expressed so honestly, now u see why i m a fan of urs...

Anonymous,  8:37 PM  

So true. My Amma is also a working mother. So touched my heart. Thanks !

chitra 4:42 AM  

What you have written stands true for most of us woking moms.

Office is sometimes so much a relief and blog friends have come to our rescue!

starry nights 2:48 PM  

Rajbir thanks.

starry nights 2:48 PM  

Annonymous..thank you. there are a lot of working moms out there who can relate to this.

starry nights 2:49 PM  

Chitra..thanks.and yes what would we do without bloger friends.

Varsha 9:33 AM  

Wonderful.....you are indeed doing a tough job...reminds me of my mom :)

starry nights 11:56 AM  


Sojourner 2:36 AM  

its exhausting to read:)

starry nights 5:40 PM  

sojourner......I think all working mothers can relate to this.

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