Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A fellow blogger Shankari has requested me to post this .If anyone else would like to post this on your blog please do.Public awareness may bring some help. Perhaps it is you who is destined to save a life.

Dear Friends, we request your help. Nirali Naik of Chicago, IL a sweet and wonderful 18 month
old girl - and the daughter of dear friends of ours is suffering from Leukemia. Please see

All of us well wishers of Nirali are trying to find a matching bone marrow donor for her. We are doing this by organizing numerous bone marrow drives around the country. SAMAR (South Asian Marrow Association of Recruiters) is helping us do this.More info on SAMAR -

We urge you to please come to the drives that are located near you - (they are listed in Nirali's website) and register for bone marrow donation to see if you can save her life. Because Nirali's race is Indian, the likelihood of finding a matching donor is highest among Indians. As you can see from the SAMAR home page, there are many patients of Indian origin who are waiting for a Bone marrow donor - this is a chance for us to potentially help out many others as well.At a bone marrow drive, potential donors are asked to fill in aform and the test for marrow match is very simple - most likely an oral swab (or a blood sample). It is absolutely FREE for minority races. The samples are then tested for a particular series of Antigens (called Human Leukocyte Antigens) and the information is stored in a national database maintained by the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP).

If the donors are potential matches with patients (including Nirali), the NMDP will contact them directly. Bone marrow donation has no long term side effect at all.Please forward this email to Individuals/Organisations of Indian race who might be interested in helping.Feel free to contact us - Hiral & Anurag ( or SAMAR directly for any questions.

If there is no drive located in your area and you would like to help in arranging one, SAMAR will provide all the resources free of cost and thiswould be a huge help.Thank you very much for your help in our efforts to save Nirali.Sincerely,Hiral DesaiPosted on August 23, 2006, at 12:20 AM by Rakesh Mahajan

We have organized a drive on Sunday 27th Aug 2006 in San Ramon, CA from Noon - 4: 00 pm . The organizer from LTI are Sadanand Krishnan and myself. Address CABANA Club house , Country Brook Apartments 12355 Alcosta Boulevard San Ramon , CA 94583 We have spoken to AADP and organized for the sample collection and also the logistics is in place.

We will be sending out an appeal to larger audience outside LTI community to tap Chevron Indian population, other IT companies and also thru temple and India Grocery. That is the bear minimum we can do to help Nirali. Hope to have a great drive to help the cause. Thanks Rakesh Mahajan, PMP,CSCP Certified SAP Consultant and PMI Project Manager Certified Supply Chain Professional LTI-Center of Excellence Manager(Chevron ADM) USA Internet: (732) 925 0327(Cell) (925) 680 3080(Concord)


priya 10:47 AM  

Me first..
That was nice of you to post here and share it starry. Hope it brings some help/ support.

starry nights 11:09 AM  

Yeah I hope so also. shankari had asked me to ,I think it is a friend of theirs.

Shankari 11:16 AM  

Thanks lalitha, I got this email from another friend adn decided to take this work and help as much as we can.

Keshi 5:18 PM  

thats a wonderful gesture. And I know that blog world is deeply connected and Im sure this will brings loads of help to the lil bubz.

Angel blessings to her!

Ekta 5:51 PM  

Hey starry,
I pray that she get the help required and recovers soon

Hip Grandma 5:53 PM  

a very nice gesture lalitha.I'll see what I can do about it.

Hip Grandma 5:54 PM  

God bless the child and her family.We are with them

Mumbai Guy 7:21 PM  

Just wanted to ask if you personally know this person. I would like to put this in my blog but I have seen one such email before, hence the question.

Hope she recovers fast. God bless.


Shankari 7:56 PM  

Mumbai Guy - I had asked Lalitha to post this in her blog, this is one of our friend's family friends. The parents would love for all of us to post it inorder to create awareness

Aditi 9:04 PM  

I am already registered in Il..

Jeevan 12:53 AM  

It was nice to bring here, hope there will be some one to help that cute!

Neers 2:33 AM  

how can we (presently located in India) can help???

Neers 3:12 AM  

hmm, so i sent a query on their site and wish we could organise, do something in india, itself; unfortunately, all the business trips for this financial year have been exhausted, else... or maybe a bunch of us (here in india) can get togther, organise a drive... lets hops something comes up...

ravi,  3:45 AM  

how in india can we help the child?? I mean how this bonemarrow donation cud be given to Nirali here in India..if the child cud come to India n her parents advertise the same in newspapers or thru anyother media i surely shall register myself with that. But meanwhile my good wishes are with Nirali n yes thanks for putting up the concerns of Nirali's parents in ur blog. Wishes or blessings do count n this exactly are my blessings for the child. Hope she recovers soon. God bless Nirali n my family's prayers shall always be with Nirali n her parents. Amen

starry nights 6:29 AM  

Thank you everyone for asking about Nireli.I hope there is someone in the indian community here that would be a good match for this prayers are also with this family. Anyone who likes can post this on their blog.maybe some one in the U.S.will read it and maybe that person will be the right match.thank you.

Contented 7:06 AM  

Nice work Starry! I pray that Nirali gets the required help and gets better soon!

dumbdodi 8:37 AM  

Will check out nirali's link. Thanks

Balaji 11:12 AM  

I have posted this message in my blog too and passed it onto some friends of mine. Hopefully they will send it to their friends and get the doner that is needed.

Apoplexy 12:45 PM  

That is a wondeful initiative.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ 12:00 AM  

hey !

how did it go ? the drive should have been yesterday , isnt it ?

starry nights 6:39 AM  

Deepa.yes the drive was yesterday. I could not go because of my back injurey and have not heard anything yet. I do hope they found a match.

starry nights 6:40 AM  

Deepa.yes the drive was yesterday. I could not go because of my back injurey and have not heard anything yet. I do hope they found a match.

satish,  1:42 PM  

we have organized a drive here in Arizona. Following are the deatils. Please pass to all your friends , especially in Arizona.
Please register at,
Diwali festival,
Heritage and science park,
115 N 6th street, Phoenix
Sunday, 19th November 2006
Time 11am - 6 pm

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