Friday, August 25, 2006


It was a warm summer day
In a land far away
You had an accident
And I was there.

Who would have thought
That an accidental meeting
Would bring us together.
To share our lives forever.

Movies, lunches, and dinners
A few dates is all it took.
We had obstacles in our way
We nearly went our ways.

It has been many years.
I have sometimes looked back
And wondered what may have been
If our paths had not entwined

But I have to look forward
And stay on the right track.
I know it is said
Fate has a part to play
I am so glad it did that day.

Happy Birthday "J" I am glad you came my way.


Neers 9:24 AM  

OHHh!! Finally,the Day is here!! Well, Happy Birthday!! So, what did you get?? Whens yours though??

starry nights 9:28 AM  

Mine is in June. I am having a surprise birthday party for him to-morrow. I am really not well but my family arranged it. he does not know.I would really like to take him to egypt because he is crazy about egyptian history. maybe next year when I am well it will happen. have a good weekend Neer. We really cannot buy him a present because invariably it is returned.either he thought it was too expensive or it did not fit.

Shankari 9:51 AM  

More than a gift, make his day special, make something special and that is all that matters.

KK 10:35 AM  

Happy B'day to J!!!
Have a nice party and a great weekend!!

starry nights 10:49 AM  

Thank you shankari..I am going to.

Ajay 11:05 AM  

oh wish J many happy returns of the day :)
hope u r doing fine
:)hav fun on his bday :)))

samuru999 12:48 PM  

Hi Starry
Hope you and your hubby will have a wonderful day!
I send Best Wishes to him for a Happy Day!
Funny how fate can play a part in our lives!
I like your poem!

Eclipsed Thoughts 12:53 PM  

Hey, so a surprise party for him? Enjoy. And take care of yourself and get well soon

starry nights 2:04 PM  

Margie..thank you

starry nights 2:04 PM  

eclipsed thoughts..thanks.

White Forest 2:05 PM  

"But I have to look forward
And stay on the right track."

very well said!

Dawn....सेहर 3:21 PM  

Many Happy Returns Of The Day for him...a nice poetry to go with ...:) keep writing

ari4u 6:31 PM  

awwww... that is very very sweet. After the ten reasons you listed in one of your previous posts, this one adds icing to the cake :) J is very lucky to have you. Are you reading this Mr. J? lol

Very good and sweet poem. It brought back sweet memories :)

Take care and have fun at the party. Save some cake for us :)

Mumbai Guy 7:37 PM  

Interesting meet up. Wish him a very happy birthday from all of us.

southpaw 8:03 PM  

Many happy returns of the day to 'J'
what a beautifull write-up and a perfect title as well.

indianangel 8:06 PM  

Very nice! Best Birthday wishes to your hubby! Have more fun and excitment than you have ever had so far!

Hip Grandma 8:38 PM  

Say Happy b'day to "j" from my family and me.He is lucky to have you for a wife.Or is it the other way round?God bless you both!

priya 8:55 PM  

A special poem dedicated to a special person from his sweetie.
Have a wonderful party and our birthday wishes to him.

Your hugs and kisses will make his day!!!

I didn't log in much today and thaz why the delay.

Kuan Gung 9:27 PM  

Nice tribute starry...I love surprise Birthday Parties when you can pull them off...

sudhav 9:56 PM  

B'th day wishes to "J"..that was so well said about the meeting lalitha..i know so truly said fate plays a very important role....

starry nights 10:32 PM  

Ajay..thank you

starry nights 10:32 PM  


starry nights 10:32 PM  

eclipsed thoughts.thanks

starry nights 10:33 PM  

White forest..thanks.

starry nights 10:33 PM  

Dawn..thank you

starry nights 10:34 PM  

Ari..thank you. sure a slice of cake to all my wonderful friends like you.

starry nights 10:35 PM  

Mumbai guy..thank you

starry nights 10:35 PM  

Raj..thanks. Yeah it was destiny.

starry nights 10:35 PM  

Indian angel thank you.

Don Iannone 10:35 PM  

Lovely tribute and a very touching poem. Blessings.

starry nights 10:36 PM  

Preeta..thank you. I think I am lucky I have him.

starry nights 10:36 PM  

Don..thank you.

Mr. J 10:49 PM  

Ohh wow.. Hapy B'day to J. Y'know, you should put up a post on how the 'accidental' meet took place.. :D

Congratulations and have a nice day... and what gift did you give??

Contented 11:50 PM  

Hey Starry! That was beautiful!

Happy B'day to "J". He is lucky to have you!

Have a great time over weekend!

Jeevan 2:23 AM  

Wish you J a HAPPY BIRTHDAY:) God created that accident to give u a beautiful life!!

alex 3:09 AM  

A beautiful song and a wonderful gift!

A happy blessed day to you J!

Your writing is very beautiful and very simple.

mathew 3:09 AM  

Wishing "J" a memorable birthday!!..Okay am giving virtual birthday bumps!!! ;)

have a great weekend!!

passerby55 5:26 AM  

that is lovely post,

convey my wishes to J.

God BLess you both and your lovely kids.

Anonymous,  5:59 AM  

Warm Wishes for J
and hey, lalitha ji, if i sign my comments as anonymous, i still write my name beneath. anyways, thanks for some real writing after all.
pls. take me along wen u visit egypt, m too crazy about the place.
from delhidreams

V N 6:35 AM  

Many Many Many Happy Returns to J!!

NB:Starry, have u noticed that a 'script src=' is showing up at the bottom of ur posts?? Some html tag left incomplete, perhaps?

jac 6:58 AM  


I don't need a woman in the middle.
A very Happy Birthday to you.

well, forgot tell ya fella, that you are so lucky to have her.

How do we know 11:47 AM  

Hey.. your husband is one Lucky Guy if you wrote this for him on his birthday.. i think thats really very sweet!! God Bless the two of you .. :-)

Santosh Jayamurugan 11:57 AM  

Oops sorry..jus noticed that u r a female..
Well done dudette!!

prithz 7:48 PM  

Wooowww!!! Such a cute poem for 'J'... Happy B'day to 'J'.. Have a blast!!!

b v n 8:11 PM  

thats a nice way to say
happy b'day jay :)

Mindinside 10:17 PM  

Happy birthday to J ***

and this poem u wrote for him i consider the most beautiful gift.

Anonymous,  11:37 PM  

Many happy returns to J. God bless him n u both .. :D


suemamma,  3:09 AM  

Happy birthday to your husband and may you both have a peaceful, happy day.

Ganesh Ranganathan 5:17 AM  

lovely poem starry, you write sooooo well...

Aditi 5:36 AM  

Happy birthday to J
and that poem i think would be an invaluable gift to J that he will cherish for a long time
hope the party went well and u get better quickly

Sudarshan 7:31 AM  

Hey how are you???:-)

Actually I've been out of blogworld for quite some time now...I'm sorry if I haven't been visiting your blog..

Beautiful words...I'm sure he'll love it:-) Wish your Hubby a very special birthday!

Anali 9:34 AM  

I hope your husband had a wonderful birthday!! He must love the poem!

Gaurav Jain 10:41 AM  

Birthday wishes to 'J' from my side too :)

Alexis Leon 11:39 AM  

Happy birthday to J... Have a blast...

aklanta 1:42 PM  

That's really perhaps nothing but a set of collisions of destination and coincidence...

Robyn 3:20 PM  

I love this...I truly believe in destiny and "accidental meetings." I strongly feel that everyone comes into your life for a reason (friends and loves). I really enjoyed reading your poem, so simple and true!

starry nights 3:22 PM  

me...thanks. I will write a post on that one day, its kind of complicated.

starry nights 3:23 PM  

Contented..thank you. I hope you had a good weekend too.

starry nights 3:24 PM  

Thank you Priya.hope u had a good weekend.

starry nights 3:24 PM  

Jeevan..thanks. I know it was.

starry nights 3:25 PM  

Alex..thank you.Its what I feel that I write.I am no poet just jot down a few lines.

starry nights 3:26 PM  


starry nights 3:26 PM  

Thank you passer by.

starry nights 3:27 PM  

Thank you Kuan.

starry nights 3:27 PM  

Thank you Sudha.Fate does have a part to play.

starry nights 3:28 PM  

Adi..thanks. And you are welcome to come with us.WE may go next year when I am well.

starry nights 3:29 PM  

How do we know..welcome to my blog and please do come again. yeah I wrote this for him. I hope he reads it.

starry nights 3:30 PM  

Santosh..thanks and welcome to my blog and do hope you come again.

starry nights 3:30 PM  

Prithz..thanks. we did.

starry nights 3:31 PM  

Thank you Velu. I dont know how to get rid of it. I tried but it keeps showing up like a bad penny.

starry nights 3:32 PM  

Mindinside..thank you.

starry nights 3:32 PM  

Meet-me..thank you

starry nights 3:33 PM  

Suemamma..welcome to my blog and please do come again.

starry nights 3:33 PM  

Ganesh..thank you

starry nights 3:34 PM  

Aditi..thank you. yes it was written for him because thats how we met.

starry nights 3:35 PM  

Sudharshan..thank you. hope to see you around again.

starry nights 3:35 PM  

known stranger..thanks.

starry nights 3:35 PM  

Anali..thank you.

starry nights 3:56 PM  

Gaurauv..thank you.

starry nights 3:56 PM  

Alexis..thank you

starry nights 3:57 PM  

Aklanta..thank you.

starry nights 3:58 PM  

Robyn..thank you. I believe everything happens for a reason too.

karmic_jay 7:22 PM  

Happy Birthday to J.. that was very sweet. :)

Ekta 7:25 PM  

awww...such a lovely poem!
Indeed fate does have a hand to play!
Happy bday from my side too!!

deepsat 8:53 PM  

hope you have a great time with him!!


ishita 9:04 PM  

I'm late :(((( ...!! :((((

Belated Happy Birthday!!

Love the lines...:)...

still can't believe m so late:(

Natasha 9:05 PM  

Lovely poem starry :)

Srijith Unni 10:09 PM  

Nice beautiful poem, Meaningful rhyming lines, with a touch of reality.. The best gift you can give "J".. Convey my regards too..!

With Best Regards,

the sunflower 10:32 PM  

oh am late in wishing J, but a very happy belated b'day.... what'd u guys do??

Keshi 11:07 PM  

Nicely put. Happy Birthday J!


anand 11:16 PM  

sometimes life does these little coincidences which end up to be the most important moments of our lives....thank god for these moments!
Happy bday to J from me!

Rose 12:22 AM  


Long live ur love..



Prashant 1:54 AM  

Its late but not teh least---
Happy B'day.........

Neers 2:21 AM  

about "lethal".. i knew, you would agree! :p
how was the weekend??

Alapana 2:45 AM  

I hope you had a wonderful day with the party and the lovedones around.Happy birthday to him and Next year sure take him to Egypt,you will recover by then and can enjoy the joy of it all.

Abhishek Upadhyay 4:33 AM  

Good Poem,

I think the best gift J can get.

starry nights 6:30 AM  

Jay..thank you.

starry nights 6:31 AM  

Ekta..thanks. fate did have a part to play.I am sure of that.

starry nights 6:32 AM  

Deepsat..thank you.we had a wonderful time.

starry nights 6:32 AM  

Ishita..A birthday wish is never late.thank you.

starry nights 6:33 AM  

Thank you Ntasha

starry nights 6:33 AM  

Srijith..thank you.

starry nights 6:34 AM  

Thank you sunflower.

starry nights 6:34 AM  

Thank you Keshi.

starry nights 6:35 AM  

Anand.thank you. Its amazing how sometimes little incidents in our lives can change our lives.

starry nights 6:36 AM  

Prashant..thank you.

starry nights 6:36 AM  


starry nights 6:36 AM  

Alpana..thank you.

starry nights 6:37 AM can be nothing but lethal in so many ways. we had a good weekend thank you.

Has to be me 6:54 AM  

Happy bday wishes to J. Hope he enjoyed the surprise party u'd planned for him. :) Do post in detail abt the surprise party too!

Id it is 11:03 AM  

What a great way to commemorate a birthday! A touching composition. Happy Birtday J.

starry nights 2:31 PM  

Has to be me..thanks

starry nights 2:31 PM  

Id it is..thank you

dumbdodi 6:37 AM  

How sweet was that...from you most recent post you seem to have had a great time...great poem...

nandi23 8:50 PM  

awww! cute, happy birthday to J, and I hope that your brotherinlaw is better.
why were you on the couch all the time though?

Mayur 11:51 PM  

Hey tht was beautiful...
..and yeah warm wishes to the b'day boy-lucky man :)

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