Monday, August 28, 2006


It is saturday, the morning is a little cool but has promised to be a nice day and not very hot.Most of my family live far and are driving from all parts of Orange county .
Everything is set. J thinks it is a get together just so I can get to see everyone. The kids are really excited because we have not had a recent Birthday party for J.

The food has been ordered, drinks and tables all set, vijay pretends to be the DJ and tries to play some music, he likes all these mixes , even the hindi /english ones. Maya likes to dress up and look pretty. I am on the couch, cannot do too much of walking around so cannot greet my guests at the front door. Anyway most of the guests are family so it does not matter so much.I am just happy that everyone took time out of their busy schedule to make this day special for J especially since his whoole family is in India .

From where I sit on the couch I can see people arriving, some are dressed in western attire, some in Indian , some are casual and some are formal. its a mixed set of people of different ages.Its amazing when you watch how people gravitate and form groups. All the men were interested in J's new plasma T.V.they were discussing different makes and models and how clear the picture was, the women were all huddled together admiring each others clothes and jewellery.talking about the latest fashion in india be it salwars or sarees. There was a new mother in the group so her baby was the centre of attraction and mostly stole the whole show. the children found games to play between themselves.Everytime I heard a loud noise upstairs I just prayed that one of them was not hurt and they were ok.

The food had arrived, the smell of Indian food filled the air from vegetable pulao, chicken tikka, Kofta curry, aloo tikka and the likes. not forgetting the desserts. J did not know the party was for him untill the birthday cake came out and the presents. He was really happy. sorry cannot post pictures because J does not like his picture taken. All in all it was a wonderful day , except there was no dancing, first of all it was a luncheon and my family is not much into dancing, dont know where I got that gene from.

Toward the end of the afternoon we played a board game called Apples to Apples.It was a lot of fun. Suddenly in the middle of the party we heard that my brother-in-law was having chest pains and had to be rushed to the hospital. Anyway he was ok and came back home after spending a couple of hours in the E.R. So the party did come to an abrupt end.but was good. I sure got a good view of all that was going on from my corner, It was a lot of fun and especially since my family was there. Its at these times you really know the value of having a loving and wonderful family.

Thank you all my friends for all the wishes you sent J. and thinking of him on his birthday.


southpaw 7:30 AM  

Looks like someone had loads of fun...:)
How u doing my friend? How's ur back?

Lera 7:33 AM  

Sounds like you had a fun time with the birthday bash ..hope you are doing fine..:)

Cibbì 7:49 AM  

Hi Starry Nights, thanks for leaving the comment in my blog ages ago (12/05). I don't have time enough to keep updating this blog, so I just thank you for your trace left here and try to keep the other blog half italian half english. not sure it will work!! :)

Neers 8:05 AM  

:) so, the party WAS cool!! good! :)

thank you, starr, for the compliments... as for really what happened was... that, like so many, umpteen number of times... two people, fierecely in love, fail to talk... the communication breakdown, the movin on to different planes... vibrating on diff frequencies... always ends up taking a toll... and this happens, esp if people have strong personalities... and strong mental will... in a two... if one is a little meek... the "arranged marriage" kinda relationship works... and though the relationship between two strong perfectly matched ones.. sounds perfect... it creates a power... which is hard to handle... :) my two bits on human relationship... and i dunno much...

Neers 8:18 AM  
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Shankari 8:27 AM  

Glad to know that you had fun. How do you play the game apples to apples?

Aditi 8:41 AM  

I am glad it was a good party and that your brother is ok

christabelle 9:09 AM  

well, that was gr8, there is indeed nothing like a close knit family, glad u had a swell time.

Hey, happy birthday to J, that is in arrears!

alex 10:18 AM  

Glad that the party was good though it ended abruptly. And im hearing the board game called apples for the first time!

Hope you are fine!

Id it is 11:05 AM  

Sounds like a fun gathering.
'Apples to Apples' - never heard of that one before.
Here's wishing you a speedy recovery so that you are up and about when you celebrate J's next birthday.

starry nights 11:44 AM  

Thank you back is really not too good.will be having my back surgery soon, just waiting for insurance stuff to come through.

starry nights 11:45 AM  

Lera..thank you. It was a fun party. just could not dance.

starry nights 11:46 AM  

Cibbi..thanks for stopping by.

starry nights 11:47 AM  

Neers..thanks for the update. you are so right about two strong people thrown into a marriage is a power struggle. even if you dont intend for it to be like that it still is.

Twisted DNA 11:49 AM  

Hope your back is doing better now. Sounds like a fun party. And it's so true that if there is a newborn in the group, she/he steals the entire show. At least I focus on the newborn :)

starry nights 11:49 AM  

Shankari..thank you. It is a real neat game. you have all these cards and one person is the judge and you have to match a card that has the meaning to the word the judge gives. It is all up to the judge to pick your card even if he does not fel the meaning is right. I dont know if I have made myself clar. the winner with the most cards wins. It is something new and is really a lot of fun.

starry nights 11:50 AM  


starry nights 11:50 AM  

Christabelle. thank you. sure there is nothing like a close family. especially since I am not too well and they really step in to help me.

starry nights 11:51 AM  

Alex..thanks. its a really neat game. called Apples to apples.

starry nights 11:51 AM  

Thank you Id. I hope to be well by december to take a trip to India,

sudhav 1:58 PM  

Nice party thrown are u feeling lalitha..hope ur feeling better...

starry nights 2:33 PM  

Thank you twisted are right. she was the life of the party.

ari4u 3:09 PM  

I am glad you had fun at the birthday party and glad your surprise was a success. Hope your brother in law is feeling better now.

One thing got my attention, men were talking about gadgets and women were talking about bling-bling... lol how so typical.... hahaha. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Hip Grandma 4:27 PM  

glad you all had a nice time.what's wrong with your back?why don't you try ayurvedic massage?

samuru999 4:39 PM  

I am glad the party went well!
I gave a surprise party for my husband once... It was a disaster!
Hope you are feeling better!
Take care!

Keshi 6:18 PM  

Surprise parties r so cool except if someone's throwing it for me I better know beforehand cos I wanna be dressed up me so vain!

Glad u had a good time Starry.

**The food had arrived, the smell of Indian food filled the air from vegetable pulao, chicken tikka, Kofta curry, aloo tikka and the likes

YUMMMMMMMMM I can almost smell the aroma of Indian cuisine...I so love it!

Starry u danced? Where r the pics baby?


Ekta 6:38 PM  

Hey its so sweet of u to throw him a surprise even though ur not feeling well...really so glad it went off fine andu guys had a blast!

Hope u get better soon!

passerby55 6:59 PM  

hi Lalitha,

good to hear you had a good party.

its wonderful to observe a room full of fun, music and happiness... it peps up your spirit!

cheers to you and wishing you a quick recovery till then take good care of yurself.

Do you know you are The best Blogger here . you update your blog regularly and so lovingly.


Mumbai Guy 7:33 PM  

Looks like you'll had a blast. Glad!!

Kuan Gung 8:13 PM  

Enjoy...treasure the moment and remember it forever...

V N 8:24 PM  

Starry, Glad to hear that U had a one fun blast!! Good people like u sure deserve good things in life!!!


geetha 8:35 PM  

Ooo.. sounds like you guys had fun.. with MC and all ;P

It real nice to have family around with us during celebrations, right ;)

The Brown eyed one 8:45 PM  

hey you certainly had a lot of fun. Good for you.

BTW take care of your health

Pavithra 10:15 PM  

The cake looks yummy :-) Hope you had an enjoyable time. Wish you a speedy recovery !!

ishita 10:40 PM  

:)... i love family get togethers too!:)...which is why m a lil sad coz i'm gonna be missing a fmly wedding in Nov *sigh*...

Apples to Apples sounds fun:)...u say its a board game right? must get it....we love board way to spend time together:)...scores well over movies/cds etc...!

the food part had me hungry:P

hmmmm...:)...hopin u keep gettin reasons to keep

Ash 11:06 PM  

unexpected surprises versus the expected midnight birthday bashes are a lot of fun ....

just love to see that glow in their faces ....
makes me think of a lot of surprises .


Fresh Ink 2:53 AM  

Lovely party Starry! Glad to hear that the day went beautifully for u ;)

karmic_jay 4:31 AM  

How's your back? Glad that you all had fun. Wishing for you to have a quick recovery from your back problems soon as you can. And a belated happy b'day to J.

smiley 6:12 AM  

looks like a great party :)

Ghost Particle 6:16 AM  

Happy Birthday J! Dis ur big bro all d way from Malaysia saying Happy Birtday and hope u be a good kid always and be nice to ur parents!

--> nice setting and brought me memories...really fun to have ppl around.

Ghost Particle 6:17 AM  

okay J a big guy or a small guy?

Anali 6:55 AM  

I'm so glad the party was a big hit and that your brother-in-law ended up being okay. Whew! I liked your perspective too, seeing how everyone got together and talked. I can just smell the food too! And I'm quite curious about this apples to apples game now.

archana 7:09 AM  

Belated birthday wishes to J. How are you doing now Starry? Your prose is delightful to read,and has got the heart of a short story. Please do write more often.

priya 7:22 AM  

You go girl... You need fun and you had it. Whers the real birthday cake???

How is ur backache now??

starry nights 9:59 AM true women are always int fashion and jewellery and the men can never get tired of electronic gadgets.

starry nights 10:01 AM  

Preeta. I am told that I need two new discs and thats what I am waiting for. so much of paper work to get it approved because it has been out of clinical trials only 2 years ago.if this does not go through I am thinking of coming to India to have it done.Thanks for asking.

starry nights 10:02 AM  

Keshi..I am the only one who really loves to dance and I could not because of my back.when I am well I will dance and post a pic. how about that.

starry nights 10:03 AM  

Thank you Ekta..could not have done it without the help of my family.thanks for asking about my health.hope to be well soon.

hillgrandmom 10:03 AM  

Get well soon. Take care. Hope your surgery goes off well.

starry nights 10:04 AM  

Velu..thank you for your kind comment.

starry nights 10:04 AM are right family says it all.

starry nights 10:05 AM  

Brown eyed one ..thank you.

starry nights 10:05 AM  

Passerby..thank you. I dont know if its true but it is so kind of you to say that.

starry nights 10:06 AM  

Mumbai guy..thank you.

starry nights 10:07 AM  

Margie..thanks.but what happened at the party , was he upset at being surprised.

starry nights 10:08 AM  

Thank you Sudha for asking. I hope to be well soon.

starry nights 10:09 AM  

Pavithra..thanks. that was not the actual cake, its only a was a small cake.

starry nights 10:10 AM  

Ishita..thank you. this board game is new but is a lot of fun and can be played by all even should get it. we love board games too.

starry nights 10:11 AM are right ..thank you.

starry nights 10:11 AM  

Fresh ink thank you.

starry nights 10:25 AM  

Fresh ink..thank you.

starry nights 10:27 AM  

Kuan..thank you.

starry nights 10:28 AM  

Jay..thank you. my backs the same, have to have surgery.

starry nights 10:28 AM  

smiley..thank you.

starry nights 10:29 AM  

Ghost particle.thank you but J is my husband and he says thanks.

starry nights 10:35 AM will love this game.its kind of new but a lot of fun.

starry nights 10:35 AM  

Archana..thank you.

starry nights 10:36 AM  

priya..thank you.

Eclipsed Thoughts 12:07 PM  

Hey, looks like you did have good time.
Well, take care of your back so that you can dance and enjoy for the next party! Take care!

starry nights 4:04 PM  

Thank you hill grandmom.

starry nights 4:04 PM  

eclipsed thoughts.thanks.

Robyn 4:52 PM  

Sounds like a wonderful time! Great job pulling off a surprise party. I'm terrible at keeping surprises. There's nothing like getting your closest friends and family together for a party!

PS: I'm relieved your brother-in-law is ok!

anand 6:30 PM  

ur post reminded me of the surprise party my wife threw for me last yr...on my first bday away from india and i was feeling so low..but the surprise party made up for it!

Anonymous,  6:52 PM  


starry nights 6:53 PM  


Keshi 8:19 PM  

oh ok.


Natasha 8:39 PM  

This reminds me of parties at my place :)

Dr O2 9:28 PM  

chest pain is a good way to call an immediate ending to a party!! happy that in your brother in law's case it was nth serious but I will write this down for further usage :-)

chandni 12:07 AM  

i just cant express how beautifully you write.

Its so siple and yet so heart warming!!

I am glad things went well and J got a good birthday party!! That reminds me, I havent got one for ages!! :(

Jeevan 2:07 AM  

Cool Birthday Party! Hope u had a wonderful day with J and family:)

I have seen many function, the first thing women who participate in the function used to look at others dress and jewels and comment, its funny to hear there comments:)

prithz 6:27 AM  

Whoaaaaaa!!! Nice to note that so many ppl turned out and u had loads of fun... except of course,i was feeling bad that u couldnt walk around much :( dutn worry.. i shall pray that u get well soon.... take care..

jhantu 6:44 AM  

Im still working on ur tag, and once im out of hibernation fully i shall work on it full-time ;-)

party sounded nice

Has to be me 7:13 AM  

so sweet of u to have hosted such a lovely surprise party fr ur hubby despite not being fully fit. U r amazing! Was J on cloud 9? The party sounds so much fun! Wish I were there too! :)

Suji 8:41 AM  

Good to know u had a great time. Hope ur brother-in-law is fine now.

sophie 8:57 AM  

seems there is so much fun here

Neers 10:24 AM  

paper work for being fine... its so goddamn.. nonsense.. you take care, lalitha!

starry nights 11:47 AM  

Natasha..thank you

starry nights 11:49 AM  

Dr o2..thanks. yeah it sure came to an abrupt end.but he was fine. its good he went to the ER because with chest pains you can never tell.

starry nights 11:50 AM  

Chandni..thanks for your sweet comment. My family wanted to throw a party for me on my birthday but I was not feeling up to it so did not have one. hopefully next year I will be fine and can have a party.and you too.

starry nights 11:51 AM  

Jeevan..thanks. I think the same thing goes on no matter which party you go to.

starry nights 11:51 AM  

Thank you Prithz..

starry nights 11:52 AM  

Has to be me..thanks. yeah it was a lot of fun and I wish you were there too.

starry nights 11:53 AM  

Jhantu..well I do hope you are out of hibernation sometime soon. take care.

starry nights 11:54 AM  

Suji..thanks and yes he is fine.

starry nights 11:54 AM  

Sophie..yes it was a fun party and I wish you could have been here.

starry nights 11:56 AM  

Neers..thanks.You know people think that just because you are in the U.S. everything goes smoothly but it does not, especially medical stuff so many insurance companies and HMO's .the Doctor I have to see is out of network and so the delay.I wanted the best dr for my back, so I have to wait.

KK 9:23 PM  

Seems like it was a great party...Glad to know that you had lots of fun...The list of food that you mentioned is inviting me to ur place :)

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