Friday, August 11, 2006

Pictures of Butterflies with Transparent wings. Thought it was so beautiful Wanted to share with you all.


A butterfly hovers closely
And then quickly moves away,
Swiftly going where so ever
Her heart may freely say.

A butterfly lowers and rises
With the winds's gusty breath,
As if coupled within a dance
Of a loving tenderness.

The butterfly only knows
How it feels to have wings,
To kiss the petals of flowers
In such elegant flitterings.

To have but one moment
Of such an exquisite flight,
Would be like a dream
Where all seems so right.

Author Unknown


Pavithra 9:32 AM  

That was a cute post !!

Traveling Soldier 9:50 AM  

Nice picture...

Th thought that came to my mind....

Your dream can be transparent to others..few may think it is is the flight that matters...

southpaw 9:57 AM  

The butterfly only knows
How it feels to have wings,
To kiss the petals of flowers
In such elegant flitterings.***Beautifull and so true

karmic_jay 10:07 AM  

Kewl pics :)and you lady are on a tear.. great posts lined up one after the other..

Aditi 10:07 AM  

Wow.. I wonder if those occur in nature or are mutated.

starry nights 10:14 AM  


starry nights 10:15 AM  

Traveling soldier..I thought that picture was awesome. had never seen a transparent winged butterfly before. And so true it is the flight that matters.

starry nights 10:16 AM  

So true. raj..I thought so too.Have you seen a transparent winged buttefly before.I had notor may be I did not look closely.

starry nights 10:17 AM  

Jay..thank you. somene sent me these pics. It was too awesome not to share. I love butterlies.

starry nights 10:17 AM  

Jay..thank you. somene sent me these pics. It was too awesome not to share. I love butterlies.

starry nights 10:18 AM  

Aditi..nice question , never thought of it , I hope it is natural and not mutated. somehow you can't look at it the same way again.

Sudarshan 10:21 AM  

Wow...such pretty pics!!!!

I never knew butterflies with transparent wings existed!!! They look sooooooo pretty..thanks a lot for putting up such great pics:-)

Enjoy your weekend!

samuru999 10:37 AM  

I love butterflies!

The butterfly just
floats through life...
as carefee as a
That is how
I want my life
to be...
without trouble!

Have a nice weekend!:)

priya 11:28 AM  

I love butterflies. Starry I had in mind to post about butterflies and you did it.

These butterflies reminds me of the song by Nelly Furtado : I'm like a bird.. I will only fly away. Its my favo' song too.

Colors of butterflies are so wild and pretty, it makes me think how they can bring happiness to anyone who sees it.
I love it....

Shankari 12:17 PM  

Fabulous...where did u get this is simply superb..Everday I find something new about from God's creation

starry nights 12:18 PM  

Sudarshan..Never knew they existed too. apparently they are very rare.I am glad u liked the pics.

starry nights 12:19 PM  

Margie..I think thats why i just love Butterflies. They are beautiful to look at, and always seem carefree.

starry nights 12:20 PM  

Priya..I like that song also. somehow speaks of freedom. I love Butterflies. had to share these beautiful pics someone sent me.I am glad u liked it.

indianangel 2:23 PM  

Its so nice! Let me see if I can Keep that as my wallpaper :)

Hip Grandma 2:58 PM  

unfortunately the butterfly is also short lived like the good moments in life.a reminder that good things don't last forever.

starry nights 3:00 PM  

Indianangel..Really pretty isnt it?

starry nights 3:01 PM  

Shankari..someone sent it to me. It is a very rare species and the wings are transparent. I did not know these butterflies existed. That is so true everyday we see something new.

starry nights 3:02 PM  

Preeta...That is so true.So beautiful but short lived. It is a reminder to enjoy the good things in life when u can becaise it may not last forever.

ari4u 3:48 PM  

Awesome picutre and an awesome poem to go with it. I love butterflies! Thanks for sharing. That picture made my day and so did your poem :)

Take care

ari4u 3:51 PM  

and oh, i noticed the link to my blog in your blogroll is not correct. It wont take me to my blog. :(

starry nights 5:48 PM  

Ari4u..thank you.OH! I think I goofed.I will correct the link.thanks for telling me.Have a nice weekend.

Poetry by Kai 5:56 PM  

ah butterflies

Blessed 6:00 PM  

Just beautiful.

starry nights 9:21 PM  

Kai..I knew you would like those butterflies.

starry nights 9:21 PM  

Blessed.I am glad u liked them.

starry nights 9:22 PM  

Forgotten somebody..welcome to my blog and please do come again.thank you.

V N 9:59 PM  

Oh Wowwww!!
Those are some awesome pics, lalitha. Such adorable creatures, they are.

U know soemthing, with the kind of pollution that has been ravaging the coastline these days, one rarely gets to see a butterfly out here. Sad, the way we have messed up with the environment!

starry nights 10:31 PM  

Velu..that is sad. nature has been altered with all the pollution.These are a rare species of butterflies because their wings are transparent.

Manic Street Preacher 11:20 PM  

i missed ur last to last post.
and i was awed. as usual..:)
and oh, you've been tagged.
go to my blog to see how..
happy tagging!!

Yogi 1:09 AM  

man those are some awesome pictures wonder who took them!!

Rose 2:58 AM  

WOW! Is it for real .. butterflies with transperant wings..




Don Iannone 4:10 AM  

Beautiful words and pictures. I've added your blog to my links.

Ashley 6:31 AM  


Mindinside 6:38 AM  

Thanx for sharing the lovely pics.
I'd never seen such beauty b4

adi 6:42 AM  

for the first time, i'm commenting without reading, these pics are wonderful, truly wonderful

and now i'll go back to reading :)

Inji Pennu 8:01 AM  

Wow! Is this a real one? Wow!

The Brown eyed one 8:02 AM  

Those butterflies are so pretty. This is the first time i'm seeing butterflies with transperant wings. Thanx for sharing :-)

Eclipsed Thoughts 8:17 AM  

Beautiful pictures... and beautiful poem...
Thinking about the "transparent-winged" butterflies... there was some color, but just on the borders... yet the butterflied looks so beautiful, complete... maybe its only the human beings who want colors and opacity to cover-up that transparency in our thoughts na??

Well, thanks for sharing the pics... they were lovely

starry nights 9:23 AM  

Preacher. where have you been.So I have been tagged. will check it out . thanks.

starry nights 9:23 AM  

Yogi..I thought they were beautiful too.

starry nights 9:24 AM  

Rose..they are real. apparently they are very rare.Never seen one before.

starry nights 9:27 AM  

Don..welcome to my blog and do come by again. thanks for adding me to your link.I am going to add yours.I think your poems are awesome.

starry nights 9:27 AM  

Ashley..thanks.Im glad you liked it.

starry nights 9:28 AM  

Mindinside. It was too beautiful not to share. I was not sure if anyone else had seen transparent winged butterflies before.

starry nights 9:29 AM  

Adi..I am glad you are back. missed you. thanks.

starry nights 9:29 AM  

Inji pennu..thats what I said WOW!

starry nights 9:30 AM  

Brown eyed one. first time for me also.They are beautiful.

starry nights 9:34 AM  

Eclipsed thoughts..So true.Beautiful even though most of it is transparent.was thinking about what you wrote. Humans doo need to cover up because afraid to show the real self.

b v n 10:54 AM  

great pic and good verses,saved the pic for future use.what comes to mind is 'butterflies are pretty things prettier than you and i'..authour is unknown...maybe i wrote it sometime and forgot :-)

KK 12:45 PM  

Nice one, I have never seen a butterfly like this one....

starry nights 12:59 PM  

Bvn..maybe we may never know.I wonder sometimes why a person would write such a beautiful poem and not leave a name.

starry nights 12:59 PM  

KK..this was new to me too.

aklanta 1:33 PM  

had there been transperent hearts like this...

starry nights 2:04 PM you want people to see whats in your heart or do you want to see whats in other peoples hearts.?

Nagesh Pai 2:21 PM  

Beautiful poem and great fotos too!!

you know what.. imagination within each one of us.. flies beautifully like the butterfly drawing beautiful patterns and with great elegance... as beautiful as the butterfly..

We miss it all since we are busy looking the other way towards our stressful life .. sigh!

Nagesh Pai 2:22 PM  

Beautiful poem and great fotos too!!

you know what.. imagination within each one of us.. flies beautifully like the butterfly drawing beautiful patterns and with great elegance... as beautiful as the butterfly..

We miss it all since we are busy looking the other way towards our stressful life .. sigh!

starry nights 7:59 PM  

Nagesh..welcome to my blog and please do come again. thanks. It is so true what u said, we dont look at the beauty within, we are busy worrying about our stressful life.

RefleXtion 8:17 PM  

I went into the forest on Kodi slope when I was a kid, I chanced upon this thicket with more than a dozen butterflies in a swarm...I've never seen butterflies in a was the most beautiful thing ever!

neihal 10:21 PM  

beautiful pictures....and nice poem :)

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samuru999 1:39 AM  

Oh how sweet of you!
Thank you for those beautiful birthday wishes!
I loved your poem!
Take care!

Abhishek Upadhyay 2:34 AM  

I never knew few butterflies have transparent wings.

White Forest 3:54 AM  

beautiful butterflies..i love them :)

Jeevan 6:03 AM  

Wonderful butterflies! Never seen like this. Beautiful poem, dear:)

Unaiza Nasim 6:09 AM  

OMG! such beautiful creatures...
Well maintained blog.

faith 10:49 AM  


Ajay 12:44 PM  

amazing pics
u know wht butterflies r lucky for me
if one flits across my path , the day is bound to be good :)
wish u many colourful moments with d butterflies ;)

Natasha 5:13 PM  

simply lovely!

starry nights 7:39 PM are welcome. I hope you had a wonderful day.

starry nights 7:40 PM  

Abhishek..this a very rare species. I thought they were beautiful also.

starry nights 7:40 PM  

White forest.thanks.I love butterflies too.

starry nights 7:40 PM  


starry nights 7:41 PM  

Unaiza..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again, thanks.

starry nights 7:42 PM  

Reflexation. I am sure they looked beautiful.Good to see you back.

starry nights 7:43 PM  


starry nights 7:43 PM  


starry nights 7:44 PM  

Ajay..thank you. I did not know butterflies bring good luck. thanks I am hoping a butterfly comes my way.

starry nights 7:45 PM  


b v n 7:50 PM  

maybe his point was to write . Once that was done, really didnt care :)

Suji 9:32 PM  

Wow so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

mathew 10:22 PM  

great it!!!!!!!!!

Keshi 10:29 PM  

Lovely butterfly post!

Starry I think ur another pretty butterfly who graces us with her inner beauty with every post of her's.


geetha 12:08 AM  

So beautiful.. I haven't seen a transparent winged butterfly before!

Very nice.. did you take the picture yourself?

chandni 1:41 AM  

pretty! are they for real? never seen/heard of them before...

thanks for sharing!

alex 2:19 AM  

It is seldom that i find people who appreciate the beauty of nature and who shares it with others.
The butterfly was created so beautifully.

Ekta 2:41 AM  

oh wow!
These snaps are gorgeous and the snap itself is amazingly clear...its so amazing to see god unique and wonderful creations!

fun2fun 2:43 AM  

hey cute... :) btw, 1st time here... n thanks for dropping by..

Fresh Ink 2:52 AM  

Oh starry, those butterflies are beowtiful!!

karmic_jay 4:13 AM  

. Here is the ice cream machine we have. It comes with a recipe book too, but I haven't looked to clsely at it. Good luck if you are planning to make your own ice cream/gelato etc. :)

Pritika Gupta 5:42 AM  

Wow!! god is gr88....remind me of poem.. all thing bright n beautiful..good god made them all...

Has to be me 6:25 AM  

I love butterflies! Have seen this b4 as a fwd & liked it so much. The transparent ones r a site indeed!

Id it is 7:57 AM  

Transparent and frail yet a beauty beyong compare.

starry nights 8:19 AM  

bvn..dont know what you are talking about.

starry nights 8:20 AM  

suji..thanks nd your'e welcome.

starry nights 8:20 AM  


starry nights 8:22 AM  

keshi you are just too sweet. thanks and big huggggz.

starry nights 8:25 AM  

geetha thanks and No I did not take this pic. someone sent it to me.

starry nights 8:25 AM  

Ganesh..Natures beauty indeed.

starry nights 8:26 AM  

Chandni..It is supposed to be a rare species. I had never seen or heard of this before.

starry nights 8:28 AM  

Alex..thanks. This is a beautiful picture and nature is to be enjoyed by all, thats why god planted it out there in the open. No charge. free for all to enjoy.

starry nights 8:29 AM  

Ekta,,so true.Sometimes I am in Awe.

starry nights 8:30 AM  

Fun2fun...thanks for stopping by and please stop by again. thank you.

starry nights 8:30 AM  

Fresh Ink..thanks.

starry nights 8:31 AM  

Jay..thanks for the info..The Gelato you made looked irresistable. May try it some time.

starry nights 8:33 AM  

Pritika.. so true. so many creatures so many colors and all of them beautiful.

starry nights 8:33 AM  

Has to be Me.. I never knew they even existed.

starry nights 8:34 AM  

Id It Is.. so true. transparent but still has beauty.

b v n 9:17 PM  

you said "maybe we may never know.I wonder sometimes why a person would write such a beautiful poem and not leave a name"

I said "maybe his point was to write . Once that was done, really didnt care :)"

'ope its clear now :)

Kuan Gung 11:28 PM  

Very, very nice starry!

Dawn....सेहर 3:10 PM  

WOW thats a prettiest thing I ever saw...
Thanks for sharing

mandy 12:49 PM  

Absolutely amazing!!

gr.mandy, holland

pegasus 10:08 PM  

wow.. what a wonderful transparent butterful

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