Saturday, August 05, 2006


We have had Surya tv for some time and noticed that the same movies keep repeating itself,time for a change my husband says.We changed to Kaireli TV. The first few days were exciting, there were movies we had not seen. we were overjoyed but this joy did not last too long because after sometime we noticed that the movies were starting to repeat itself. We normally prefer to watch Malayalam Movies but thought we would give Sun TV a go. This is a Tamil Channel. After watching a couple of movies we decided that Surya was better even if we had to watch repeat movies.We were back to where we started.

I was thinking about this and felt that we all do this sometimes, in different ways. As Human beings we are always looking at some thing or some one else and wishing we were like them or wanting something they have.When you are single you look at a married couple and wish you were married. When you are married you look at the single people having fun and wish you were single.

I think it is human nature no to be content and always be on the look out to see what someone else has.There are ups and downs in life and even though the grass looks greener on the other side it may have its downfall.A different situation always appears better than ones own.The grass is greener when it is watered and cared for.

It is our discontent that thrives on the illusion that the grass is always greener on the other side.Whatever side you are on, what you have is a blessing, enjoy and learn from ones experiences.I think Happiness and fulfillment starts on the inside. We keep looking and looking, sometimes the grass is greener on the other side, but before you leap over the fence do some research and ask yourself if this is where you want to be.Once you are there it may not be as green as you thought it was.

I looked over my neighbors fence
The grass was greener
The house was bigger
The wife was prettier
The people who lived there were happier.

I stepped over the fence
My house looked bigger
The grass greener
I heard children laughing
Everyone appeared happy
Thats when I realized
The grass always looks greener
On the other side.




jhantu 5:24 PM  

What if I need the lot, the lock the stock and the two smoking barrels as well. That doesnt mean that its the green grass syndrome im going through.

neihal 5:45 PM  

I think the first instinct usually is to find the other side better. and then we learn to appreciate what we have.Then there will always be the people who never learn to do so.

southpaw 6:45 PM  

No. Call me proud, call me cocky, coz my list of accomplishments is quite meatier than many, so its always a high looking at them.

starry nights 7:10 PM  

If you are content in keeping the lock stock and barrel then it does not mean u are going thru the green grass syndrome.

starry nights 7:11 PM  

True. Its always good to check it out because untill u do so, you will always think the grass is greener on the other side.

starry nights 7:12 PM  

Thats called contentment are happy with who u are.

Blessed 8:47 PM  

That is so wild that you posted about something that I had just been thinking about in the last few months. I don't believe that the grass is greener on the other side. For example, I have girlfriend who is married with no children and she was feeling a little neglected and there was this man that she met, that was married and had children. They met thru her work, so of course, instantly they had something in common, and then she came to realize that she was attracted to this man, she saw things in him that she didn't have in her husband. She felt a real connection but felt it would go nowhere since he was married, she was married and they both felt that marriage was sacred. Even tho she felt drawn to this man, and she could tell that the feeling was mutual, she did step back and realize that she didn't know this man she was attracted to, she knew that they shared things in common but there were other things, things that she probably didn't know about him, and so she tried to see the big picture and she realized then that the grass wasn't always greener on the other side. So despite their attraction, she put it aside, and looked at just how green her grass was!

indianangel 9:03 PM  

Well Said! It is indeed the human nature to compare with the others.

If Desire is the door to motivation,
Contentment is the Key to happiness!

Othersideblue 9:18 PM  
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Othersideblue 9:24 PM  

Sometimes the grass looks blue
On the other side.

Aditi 10:37 PM  

Yes theg rass is always greener on the other side... just like the road not taken is a better choice

neihal 12:02 AM  

happy freinship day.

Anonymous,  12:17 AM  

reminds me of "Affirmation" - song by Savage Garden where they say, " I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side ... :-)

While reading the last part of ur post, I was reminded of the poem which revolves around the fact "Good fences make good neighbours"

I know i got drifted ... ;)


Mindinside 12:59 AM  

I have never believed so.
The grass is green everywhere.

Pain & happiness are a blend in everybody's life and my neighbour's grass no greener than mine.

I'm even embarrassed to know so many people are now getting killed and so many without a roof above their head and me sleeping peacefully in a bed unable to solve their problem, unable to put a stop to people's misery....

People need peace and they are not getting any.

Twisted DNA 1:19 AM  

So true. Being content with what we have is the path for happiness. It is so true that "Happiness comes from within." It starts with being happy wiht ourselves and what we have! Good post

Ganesh Ranganathan 2:27 AM  

I agree that the grass is alwaysw greener on the other side....My Advice : Go out at night and mow the neighbours lawn :-))

Sumitha 3:28 AM  

Star you have written about this topic so beautifully!No matter what, I think we humans will never be content and the grass on the other side is will always be greener!

Vinesh 4:05 AM  

I have always known grass to be greener on the other side!

Contented 4:07 AM  

Its very much true!! Thats kind of nature we humans haven't understood yet fully I guess. Its always important to be content with what you have. Sometimes looking at other side can be a way to motivate your self. Just thinking rather than dwelling over it acceptable I suppose...what ya say??

Btw, Happy friendship Day..-)

Eclipsed Thoughts 6:51 AM  

Good thought starry....
Sometimes i feel the grass is greener on the other side, but if i have to look at every passing moment, i think i like the way it is for me... i never had this desire of looking at somebody else and wishing i had this or that... its not satisfaction or pride, but i think i am cozy and comfy the way i am...
but yeah, when things get very hard, sometimes even i think the grass is greener on the other side.

Have you tried reading faces in the parking lot? Sometimes i wonder what these ppl think... and what do i think... maybe they are undergoing the same worries as i have been... or maybe.... dunno!!!

Thanks starry!!!

samuru999 6:54 AM  

Wonderful post Starry!
Very meaningful!
Thank you!
I do believe most of us think the
grass is greener on the other side, but is it really????

I searched the world
for happiness
But sorrows met me
They drove me back
to my own heart...
And happiness was
waiting there!

(I was going to put that little poem on my blog today...
how interesting you have this post)

Dh@v@! 7:10 AM  

yeah its true...

gr8 post

starry nights 8:45 AM true.we dont realize what we have and think what someone else has is better.I always say a known devil is better than an unknown one.

starry nights 8:45 AM  

Indian angel..well is human nature and we all do it.

starry nights 8:47 AM  

Othersideblue....HA ha ha so true for some the other side is blue.

starry nights 8:47 AM  

True, the road not taken was a better choice but what if that road looked enticing and you took it.

starry nights 8:48 AM  

Happy friendship day to you too.

archana 8:50 AM  

That's indeed true StarryN, sometimes we are over occupied in magnifying our miseries and totally not counting our blessings. Loved the poem.

Sarah 9:27 AM  

You know my Ammachi told me this when I was about 11.. There is always someone who has more than what you have.. there is also someone who has less than what you have.. But there is no one who has what you have.. that is your happiness!

starry nights 9:37 AM  

Meet-me..true.good fences make good neighbors.what happens if you want to hop on over to the neighbors side of the fence?

starry nights 9:39 AM  

Mindinside..could not have said it better. in the end no matter where the grass is green if you have found peace then it is all worth it.People are dying by the thousands and no homes and we are worried about ourselves.I am guilty of that too.good point.maybe we should think of the plight of others before we complain.

starry nights 9:40 AM  

Twisted DNA..thank you. I truly believe happiness is within.but why then are we constantly looking for it outside of ourselves.

starry nights 9:41 AM  

Ganesh..the grass may be greener,what do you think makes it green? care, nuturing, fertilizer and these things and your yard will be just as green.

starry nights 9:42 AM  

Sumitha..true its human nature.we are constantly looking.

starry nights 9:43 AM  

Vinesh..we all think that.its not what it looks like.more than often it is an illusion of our minds. Thanks for stopping by my blog and plese come again.

starry nights 9:45 AM  

Contented..happy friendship day to you too. I think its ok to look and maybe it will help motivate you to do better. I dont htink it is wrong to do so because it gives you ambition and strength to do that.but once you have done that will you still be looking? because the chase will never end.

starry nights 9:49 AM  

Eclipsed thoughts..good points.everything may look rosy on the outside but we dont know whats happening on the inside.Many times I have gone to work upset or sad but appeared happy. I am sure people looked at me and did not know what was troubling me. I am guilty of sometimes wishing I was like someone else or had something that someone has but on the whole I think I am contented with my life and my family.I have seen people who have it really bad.I think its because you are happy and contented that you do not see the grass greener on the other side.

starry nights 9:50 AM  

Margie..such a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing it. so true.we keep searching and dont realize that its right here within us.But sometimes the grass does look greener on the other side.

starry nights 9:52 AM  

Dh@v@...yes it does look greener doesn't it.

starry nights 9:53 AM  

Archana..thank true our miseries are always magnified and looks bigger than someone elses untill we take a look at theirs and realize ours was miniscule.

starry nights 9:55 AM Ammachi was such a wise person. I wish I had known her.I think she taught you so much. You are right..happiness is what you have and is unique to each person.

Blessed 10:26 AM  

"I always say a known devil is better than an unknown one"
Starry Nights-I love that! I am going to write that one down!
(I really am enjoying your blog!)

Gaurav Jain 10:45 AM  

Indeed, the grass looks greener on the other side, but is actually not. What's most surprising is the fact that we know this is the case, but still keep on thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.

I think this is human nature, and cannot be changed. Though it can be practiced... people who look happy to you may not actually be happy when you go close and look. It's all a matter of perspective.

Contented 10:53 AM  

Thanks...You are right! The chase will never end. But one should know his/her limitations in chasing, then only one can be content with what he/she already have and what he/she can have by chasing...:) Chasing something unrealistic though it looks green always leads to unhappiness in life...It all depends on your perspctive of things to chase...

starry nights 11:51 AM  

Gaurav..thanks .You are absolutely right.

starry nights 11:52 AM  

Blessed..thanks.I enjoy your blog also.

starry nights 11:54 AM true. It is ok to chase but eventually you have to be happy with what you have.Sometimes A bird in your hand is worth two in the bush.

Sumitha 12:28 PM  

A great Friendships Day to you too Star!

samuru999 1:00 PM  

Happy friendship day to you Starry!

We're here so short
a time before
We go to unknown
We may not meet
in other worlds...
Let's hurry and
be friends!!!!

starry nights 1:17 PM  

Sumi..thanks.Happy friendship day to you too.

Abhishek Upadhyay 1:17 PM  

I think its good that humans are not satisfied with what they have.....coz its the hard work and search for more and better options to makes a man moving.
Little discontent is good in my opinion.

Happy Friendship day to you too.

starry nights 1:18 PM true. We are here for a short time, so hurry and be friends. I wish everyone would think this way.I love the way you put these lines together.amazing talent.Happy friendship day to you.

starry nights 1:29 PM  

Abhishek..first let me welcome you to my blog and Hope you will stop by again.You are absolutely right, if we are just content where we are then progress would not have been made.We should have ambition and strive for something better in life.I am talking about getting there in life and still not content where you are and what you have.Always looking to see what someoneelse has and being miserable.

Poetry by Kai 2:16 PM  

nice post.
i like ur new profile.

starry nights 3:00 PM  

Thank u Kai.The other one was a pic of me when I was tired of looking at it.I love the universe so thought I would put a pic of it and also a star.

JamesBright 4:40 PM  

This is very true.
We always think that the other side is better..! That is very bad actually..!

KK 4:46 PM  

Yup, I agree that grass is always greener on the otheside.
Very Nicely written Starry :)

Saurabh 8:47 PM  

We should appreciate what is good in others and try to integrate the goodness in our lives. So if my neighbour's grass is greener I can get tips from him on how to make my grass greener like his. Thereby we can always strive to improve our own conditions by following other's examples. That being said if we have something good we should not undermine that. The balance is difficult.

Jon Cox 9:09 PM  

GREAT POST!!!! I think we really just have to think differently & not take certain things so much for granted. Instead, learn to appreciate what you've got & find a way to make the best of the situation. I love your new profile picture! That is REALLY cool! :o) Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate it A LOT! Thank you so much for all of your support & encouragement! It really means so much to me!
Happy Friendship Day! :o)

starry nights 9:11 PM  

James I think you are right.the other side always looks greener.

starry nights 9:16 PM  

Saurabh..what you are saying is true. we sure can learn a lot from our neighbours.But do you look at your neighbors life and wish it were yours instead of working at making your life like his and after that when do we stop or are we going to continuously keep looking at our neighbor and try to be like him instead of enjoying what u have.

starry nights 9:18 PM  

Thanks Jon.I agree with what you say. at some time we have to be content in our lives.congrats again on winning .You deserved it.happy friendship day to you too.

starry nights 9:18 PM  

James I think you are right.the other side always looks greener.

Mumbai Guy 9:47 PM  

As much as I like to compare grass on other side, I can say confidently that greenery is on my side. Most of the time :)

Keshi 9:55 PM  

Happy Belated Friendship day to u too Starry!


Yes it's always the case. As humans we tend to feel that we have less and the others have more. But soon this feeling will die and we realise that what we have is what we have and that no 2 ppl can have the same things in life. We have to realise that. If u dun realise that, then that's when it starts to get to ya.


southpaw 10:03 PM  

A belated happy friendship day to u lalitha...:)

chandni 10:05 PM  

happy friendship day!

I believe the grass is no more greener on the other side!

mathew 10:44 PM  

Lol!!!..Thats the universal problem!!..

root cause for all evils!!
Most of the time the grass is greener at our side and we rarely realise that!!

neihal 11:50 PM  

happy freindship day once again.

justme 12:14 AM  

It always is greeener on the other side...!! Atleast for me it is..!!

The Brown eyed one 1:35 AM  


Happy friendship day to you too!! A very nice post.

I remember when I was a little girl, I had an antique doll. It's still there with me and it's very pretty. But when I saw my friend with a Barbie Doll I wanted that. My mom actually took me to a shop to buy the Barbie for me. But "I changed my mind when I saw that the barbie dolls where not really very attractive when compared to my Antique doll. So I jsut learnt to be satisfied with what I had.

Ekta 1:45 AM  

completely agree and bang on!
For most of matter how well wer doing and how good life is.."Its always greener on the other side!"

However like u said...its important to look at ourselves and for once thank god that wer not worse off than we are...

V N 3:54 AM  

if only the never ending process of comparison and contrasts would stop. if only we cud find some peace within ourselves.

nice post!

i love that new avtar of urs. kinda goes awesomely well with ur nick!!!

Suji 3:58 AM  

"The grass is greener on the other side but you still have to mow it."

karmic_jay 4:58 AM  

I think it's ok to look and keep an open mind about what is on the other side. One may always learn something about oneself for that is a never ending journey.
Good post.

Jeevan 6:19 AM  

Life has two sides, one is green and one is dry. Its in your hand to chose, their is no end for your wishes know. Friendship is a holiness relationship in the world.

Mr. J 6:34 AM  

If the grass is greener on the other side, set it on fire is what I say ;) Howdy doo.

christabelle 7:03 AM  

starrynites, u couldnt have said it any better, hey! this is a keeper!!!

Sure the grass always looks greener on the other side;opinion.

but it sure isnt; fact.
hm thats the irony of life.

thks soooo much, u've answered a lot of questions for me today.

starry nights 7:27 AM  

mumbai guy true.I am glad the gras is greener on your side as well.

starry nights 7:28 AM  

Keshi..happy friendship day and I could not have said it better.

starry nights 7:29 AM if the grass is greener on the other side are you going to make your grass just as green or are u going to be unhappy because the grass is greener on the other side.

adi 7:30 AM  

happy friendship day to you too...
but yes, grass is always greener on the other side

starry nights 7:30 AM true.A lot of unhappiness because of discontentment. happy friendship day to you.

starry nights 7:31 AM  

Rajbir..happy friendship day to you.

starry nights 7:31 AM  

Neihal..happy friendship day to you.thnks.

starry nights 7:32 AM  

Justme.. Are you going to make your grass just as green?.

starry nights 7:33 AM  

Brown eyed one..that was cute. even at a young age you were happy with what you had.Because in your eyes the doll you had was prettier.
Happy friendship day to you.

starry nights 7:34 AM  

Christabelle. thanks.

starry nights 7:35 AM  

Adi..happy friendship day to you..I guess it is human nature to see the grass greener on the other side.

starry nights 8:07 AM are right that the grass is always greener on the other side.and as human beings we all look and compare.

starry nights 8:08 AM  

Suji..happy friendship day to you.So true it does not stay green like magic.hard work went into making that grass green.Right on.

prithz 8:09 AM  


Simply loved it... A wonderful post.. at the rite time for me... thnx a lot starry!!!!

prithz 8:09 AM  


Simply loved it... A wonderful post.. at the rite time for me... thnx a lot starry!!!!

starry nights 8:09 AM  

Karmic jay..happy friendship day to you.It is ok to look and learn but not covet and feel unhappy about it.

starry nights 8:12 AM  

Prithz...happy friendship day and is the grass greener?

Mr. J 8:28 AM  

Naaah... i'm color blind.. so it doesn't matter how green the other side is ;)

priya 9:58 AM  

Thought I will be the 100th coment hmm nope.
When you start comparing yourself with others, you loose your happiness. If the other side is green, you shud think how hard they must have worked hard to keep the grass green. I will be happy with my grass and only improve in my own way rather feeling depressed or a sens eof jealous.

b v n 10:32 AM  

I thought about the short vacations we take after getting tired of work.Then we go trekking or swimming,get tired and long for being back in the comfy chair in office.back in office we long for the next vacations.oh...this whirling thread of karma :)

Pavithra 10:50 AM  

Very true and very nicely written. I think its human nature to compare, but life should move on happily when we realize that everything happens for a reason and be contended with the life we have.

Hip Grandma 11:00 AM  

you are indeed right.grass is always green on the other side of the fence.but the greenest grass has weeds growing along with is these weeds that we never seem to notice.even if do notice them we always think that our own weeds are worse than theirs! happy friendship day to you too and to all our blogger friends!

Too_Many_Thoughts 11:54 AM  

happy friendship day to u too!

starry nights 5:11 PM  

Velu..thanks.happy friendship day to you. having peace is the utmost thing anyone can wish for.So you like my new Pic?

starry nights 5:13 PM  

Me..hahaha..does not have to be green can be any color.As long as you dont think it is a better color than yours.

starry nights 5:14 PM  

Priya..well said. thats what I say work on making your own lawn green,take ideas from someone else but in the end it is up to you.

starry nights 5:15 PM true it is like a cycle goes on and on.Happy friendship day to you.

starry nights 5:16 PM  

Pavithra..thank you and it is so happy and be content.

starry nights 5:18 PM  

Hip grandma..thank you and happy friendship day to you too.I entirely forgot about the weeds because I did not see them either.My eyes were only on the green grass. So true we see weeds in our yard and feel depressed. not knowing that other people have weeds too along with the green grass.thanks for that input.

starry nights 5:19 PM  

2many thoughts..thank you and happy friendship day to you.

passerby55 5:35 PM  

Happy friendship day to you Lalitha!

yes, the grass APPEARS greener, but sit with her/her for a moment you realise how lucky you are because your grass is less green.

prithz 6:00 PM  

At times of distress,i usedto feel that the grass is greener on the other side...that i might have been better of elsewhere, had i taken some other decision in life...but now, i am beggining to realise that its all part of life.. and since i am thoroughly enjoying watver i am doin,i am very comfortable...the grass is greener on my side.. :)

starry nights 6:11 PM true.

starry nights 6:13 PM  

Prithz...Isn't that how life is.As human beings we are constantly looking and then realize its good to be where we are.I sometimes feel like you and then I have to tell myself that my grass is just as green.

Ashley 6:22 PM  

Well, even if the grass isn't greener, something, somewhere is invariably going to be better.

That's what's so great about the world -- there is always something new and interesting to see if you just keep looking! All the while, appreciating what you have.

Anali 7:27 PM  

Nice blog and very interesting topic! The whole grass is greener thing is so true. I wonder why we humans find it so easy to be filled with discontent? I do find that the older I get, the more I appreciate my life, no matter how many flaws. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

starry nights 10:06 PM true. look around and at the same time appreciate what we have.

starry nights 10:08 PM  

Anali..thanks for stopping by and do come again.I think it is human nature thats all.

Has to be me 5:39 AM  

Superb thinking! And so right! I just loved ur words - the grass is greener when watered & cared for. Lovely post!


Hey...I am so very late..COmcast concked out for few days leaving my net access to a zilch...

Grass being greener on the other side is always an illution and no matter how greener is seems, we relaise it is not all tht greener...
SOme people say tht unless we see tht greeness, we dont really work hard to get there and tht illution is necessary but I dont agree...I try to be contended but I am never contended. Excellent topic!

White Magpie 8:16 AM  

Life is a paradox. It is always green "from" the other side.

starry nights 8:23 AM  

Has to be me..thanks.

starry nights 8:24 AM  

Scribblez..Thought you were on a vacation. glad to see you back..true the grass does look green, and wont know till you get there and then it was an illusion.

starry nights 8:25 AM  

White magpie..So true. it does look green.Life is a Paradox.

ari4u 8:29 PM  

Good post. The grass "only looks" greener on the other side, no matter which side you stand. It is never actually green.

I know i commented this on someone;s blog today. Human beings always want what they dont have. Few people are happy when they look to see what they have which others dont, but most of the people are sad when they look to see what they dont have that the neighbor does. If one can separate the wants from the needs, most of the problems in this world will be solved.
Take care

mathew 11:08 PM  

thanks for the wishes...same to u as well!! :)

Sojourner 2:38 AM  

the grass is perhaps of a different green on either side... just switch over , get a better view and decide..may be bring some grass from there too of that color :)

starry nights 5:36 PM hit the nail on the head, instead of moving over to the other side, I htink we should bring some of it over so our grass would look just as green. nice thought.

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