Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Blogger Portrait

A new, national phone survey of bloggers finds that most are focused on describing their personal experiences to a relatively small audience of readers and that only a small proportion focus their coverage on politics, media, government, or technology. Blogs, the survey finds, are as individual as the people who keep them. However, most bloggers are primarily interested in creative, personal expression - documenting individual experiences, sharing practical knowledge, or just keeping in touch with friends and family.


I was all alone at home one day
Surfing the world wide web
When I came upon a blog
Written by someone in a land faraway

I made my way through all the posts
And found other bloggers too.
Sometimes I left a comment
Or left without a word or two.

I was afraid to have a blog
Not knowing what to write.
But took a chance
To post my views,make friends
And hear what others had to say.

Everyday my friendship grows.
Across the world
In leaps and bounds.
I have met so many wonderful
People along the way.
You have helped me through
Good times and bad.
Given me courage to hold on
And helped me not to be sad.

I read many posts
Some are sad
Some are funny
Some are about love
And some are about money.

There are stories, poems
Recipes and news.
Pictures to share
Journeys to take.
Music to listen to
Words of inspiration
Words of praise.

There is a whole world out there.
A world that I had not known
A world that has made me see
right from wrong.
A world that has taught me
not to always think of myself.
A world that has shown me
That others have problems too.
And that there are nice, caring people
Like you.

Thank you all my blogger friends
You made my day and helped me along the way.

This is the reason I blog.


karmic_jay 8:25 AM  

You said it well for yourself and for me as well. Thank you.

christabelle 8:32 AM  

hey, cool, did you write this?
when I read it I smiled, the same goes for me too, I've met so many wonderful pple thru blogging including YOU.

Take care.

Shankari 9:09 AM  

my niece introduced me to the world of blogs and I have now met a whole bunch of friends, who dont judge me by the way I look or how much money I have...it is a wonderful feeling! your poem is well thought and well written

samuru999 9:21 AM  

Wonderful Starry!
You wrote the poem?
Love it!
I blog mostly for a pure love of poetry, and I have met so many special people since I started!
(like you and Christabelle)

When I first started my blog... I thought to myself, " This is stupid, nooone will want to read your poems... and if they do read them, they probably will not reply"
But, now I think "I am glad my poems might add a little something to someone's day!"
And, if they reply or not...
it does not matter.

All that matters is that my poems
are shared and maybe enjoyed enough by some that they care to reply!
Take care!

Loga 9:36 AM  

Wonderful...Exactly the same reason I started blogging...:)

Aditi 10:02 AM  

Echoes my thoughts, not many people I know understand my need to blog.. for it is a need an obsession.. but it lets me meet so many people, encounter so many views.. its a whole new world

priya 10:24 AM  

Well said Starry!!!
I admire how wonderful poet you are..
I came into blog knew nothing. Started writing what I felt and happy to have a bunch of wonderful friends to share, care and view what I say.

Awesome post.

BTW: I am still with side bar. Isn't it funny coz I am learning but need more patience to sit with html.

jac 11:21 AM  

Very well written starry ! a novel topic too.

My urge to write started long back.
I started to write about nature and about birds and animals but it all ended every day in waste paper baskets, torn in to fine odd pieces.
I grew up, qualified and the writing increased but the only difference was that it all ended up this time in a different place...a paper shedder, taken out every day for recycling as fine even pieces. No more I worried about tearing it in pieces.
So the shredder became my close friend.
I realized so late, that I am so shy to show what I wrote, reticent to tell anyone or anybody about my interest. It continued for long until a Lady advised me to write verse. The first few were truly waste-bin stuff, but I was encouraged time and time again. I came to know later that she writes poems, by far one of the best poetesses
She still remains one of my best admirers, always congratulating me for any crap I write. As she wishes to remain anonymous, I let her be.
The rest you know.

When I retire, I would like to write a book of short, crisp poems or a journal.

I have wasted so much of your space.
Sorry, starry dear !


This is very nice and the best summation of the reasons. I liked it. Could be delayed in blogosphere in the next couple of weeks...Just letting u know...

Anonymous,  11:59 AM  

Hey Starry! It was a lovely poem.
When I started blogging, it was a way of letting my inner feelings out as I had been devoid of friends at that time.
I never cared whether any one would read or want to read my blog. But I have to admit that I too have got some great friends by blogging!!

Take care

Anonymous,  11:59 AM  

Hey Starry! It was a lovely poem.
When I started blogging, it was a way of letting my inner feelings out as I had been devoid of friends at that time.
I never cared whether any one would read or want to read my blog. But I have to admit that I too have got some great friends by blogging!!

Take care

starry nights 12:04 PM  

Thank you Jay.

starry nights 12:05 PM  

Christabelle..Yeah I wrote this because thats how I got to blog.thanks.

starry nights 12:06 PM  

Shankari..thank you and you said it well also. no matter who you are or what you have or where you come from In the world of blogs you are just another person like everyone else.I think thats what I like most.

starry nights 12:09 PM  

Margie..thanks. I wrote that and I felt the same way you do atleast you write good poetry. It was my first attempt in writing and was worried about how everyone was going to laugh at it. but now I see there are so many wonderful and caring people, friends from all walks of life it does not matter if they laugh or think its stupid they are still my friends and I am glad I met each and every one.

starry nights 12:10 PM  

loga..thanks.Did not know so many people felt this way.

starry nights 12:11 PM  

Aditi..I am with you on this. I cannot express how many wonderful people I have met and learnt so much from each one along the way.I look at each comment as something to learn from.

starry nights 12:16 PM  

Jac..I am so glad that your poems are not in the shredder any more. each and everything you write is special. It may not seem that way to u but I am sure just like me some one takes something away after reading it. I was so embarrased to allow anyone to read what I write. I thought "J"would be the worst critic. But even he encouraged me to write and I am so glad I did. I am no poet or writer but its from my heart and I share it and take something away from the comments left. I am so glad I did or else I would not have met a person like you and many other good friends from around the world.

starry nights 12:18 PM  

Priya..thanks. I am still stuck with the feed burner and trying but I know in the end I will succeed. I am glad you blog also , you actually write well and on various topics. I am glad I met you.I know you will get your side bar done.

starry nights 12:19 PM  

Scribblez..thank you.will be seeing you around when you are ready.

starry nights 12:20 PM  

Annonymous..thanks. I did for the same reasons. I just wrote and hoped atleast one person will read and now I have met so many beautiful friends.

Natasha 12:36 PM  

Very interesting!!

Eclipsed Thoughts 12:57 PM  

I guess you said it for me as well!

sudhav 1:17 PM  

Lalitha, u have penned down so many bloggers heart..

Sarah 3:21 PM  

exactly my thought.. I have so many friends in the blogosphere..

starry nights 3:38 PM  


starry nights 3:38 PM  

eclipsed thoughts..thanks.

starry nights 3:39 PM  

Thank you Sudha.

starry nights 3:40 PM  

Sarah..thanks. I have made so many friends, so many wonderful story tellers, poets, artists and cooks to name a few.

Jon Cox 4:34 PM  

VERY WELL SAID & DONE!!! :o) This is such a wonderful & beautiful post! :o) I started out just useing my blog to help promote my art & then I found the most incredibly wonderful people & besides my art, they are the reason I'm still here! Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm glad you like my latest work, especially the one from San Diego! I love this post! :o)

Anali 4:59 PM  

I love the poem and I am very glad that you blog. I've always loved to write and did some freelancing. I spent a lot of time writing articles about things that I really didn't want to write about for not much money. I figured that I'd rather write about what I love for no money! Meeting so many cool people has been the big bonus!

Poetry by Kai 5:08 PM  

i loveeee blogging!

KK 5:41 PM  

Very nicely written starry!!
I admire your poetic skills...my entry into blog started with jotting down my travel encounters... later reading other blogs I felt like having another general blog...Thanks you!!!

Keshi 6:25 PM  

aww this touched my heart Starry. mwahhhhhh!

**There is a whole world out there.
A world that I had not known

thats so true and u realise ur not alone...everyone had probs and everyone is coping somehow. Blogging has made me grow in many ways. I wouldnt trade this experience for the world! It's priceless.

I started my blog to blast some a##holes on IT chat site. That first post hit a record 100+ comments which I had to delete cos most of it was abuse from those losers :) Now see where I am with my blog. I have met so many lovely ppl like u and it's my 2nd home - such a beautiful place.



Lera 6:41 PM  

Starry, It was nice reading...I would say ,you have just taken the words from my mouth...Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

anand 6:53 PM  

Well each one of us have various reasons to blog but guess one common factor is that its a means of self-expression where people like u or dislike u for your thoughts only and no oher factor...and thats the beauty of blogs1

geetha 7:13 PM  

Same here! ;)

Friends on the blog are interesting.. sometimes more interesting than the real ones :P

Mumbai Guy 7:33 PM  

Starry you wrote this poem? Cool one.

I blog because I feel I can share few laughs, few thoughts with the world.

Fresh Ink 7:46 PM  

Oh wow, starry!
You really hit the nail on the head with tat poem. Captures wat I feel abt blogging very well. Great work, dear!

southpaw 8:03 PM  

I still don't know why i started blogging, was introduced to it by a friend 3 yrs back and now i m addicted.

indianangel 8:07 PM  

Very nice one there are two kinds of poems : one that u can enjoy for the english and lovely build of phrases and the second are the plain words that run through your mind and heart! Your writings fall under the second category - Great one! Do keep writing more.

The Kid 8:36 PM  

awesome poem, dudette!

Don Iannone 8:45 PM  

This is great. Well-done. Why do I blog? Good question. Maybe I should stop and start sailing.

starry nights 8:51 PM  

Thank you Jon. Its amazing to see how everyone writes because of the friendship and what it gives them. I really get more from my readers than what I give.

starry nights 8:53 PM  

Anali that is so cool.now you can write what you want and when you want and the added bonus really wonderful people out there.

starry nights 8:53 PM  

Kai..you love blogging and you write such wonderful poetry. truly talented.

starry nights 8:55 PM  

KK.thanks. I dont know if it makes any poetic sense. I just write what I feel.I am glad you have a general and a travel blog.

starry nights 8:57 PM  

Keshi..you said it all. You all have become like a family to me. did not even know you guys existed out there.I really just happened to come across a blog and went from there.Did not even know what a blog was.I am glad I did and like you I would not trade it for anything.

starry nights 8:58 PM  

Lera..thanks.I think most bloggers feel the same as me.

starry nights 8:59 PM  

Anand so true. Priya said it well when she said no body can judge you from the outside as to who or what you are.Its your thoughts that they can agree or disagree on.

starry nights 9:00 PM  

Geetha so true.

starry nights 9:01 PM  

Mumbai guy. yeah I wrote this poem and thanks.I blog for the same reason too.

starry nights 9:01 PM  

Thank you fresh Ink. we all feel the same.

starry nights 9:02 PM  

Thank you indian angel.

starry nights 9:03 PM  

Pratap..welcome to my blog and please do come again.thank you.

starry nights 9:03 PM  

Don..I love what you write dont stop blogging .you can do both.ha ha ha

Mr. J 10:01 PM  

Awwwww hey, this is soooo neat. And you also get to read movie reviews too :D

neihal 10:34 PM  

loved the post....beautiful :)

Srijith Unni 11:27 PM  

Hi Starry..!

That was an awesome post.!
If there is a post called "Official Spokeswoman of the Blogging Community", I would nominate you for it.!

With Best Regards,

Bittu's Mamma 12:41 AM  

Beautifully written!!! feeling like you just gave words to my thoughts! Yeah, exactly thats how I got to blog. You rocks Starry!

hope and love 1:17 AM  

that was a great read..
i iddentified with what u have written..

Has to be me 3:32 AM  

Thats a lovely post Starry! And a good reason to blog too.
I like blogging cos its a good form of expressing myself. Sometimes I cant do so in real life. It also helps me get new friends, get opinions, & also provides entertainment, news, etc in a subtle informal way, which is interesting. And like u said, we get to make gr8 friends (like u)...across the miles! :)

Ram 3:41 AM  

A superb post. I wonder how I missed your blog all these days! Shall catch up on the earlier posts over the coming weekend.

Rose 3:47 AM  


I have no reason to blog.. Not one..


ufukhati 4:19 AM  

I like to put this word :


dumbdodi 4:49 AM  

Beautiful, I have learnt so much here too, made som many friends, come across such incredible human beings
I love it here, thank you for writing a tribute to thsi world

Ash 5:41 AM  

A friend introduced me to blogs 3 years back and ever since it has been a wonderful journey ..

i guess if reading is a routine in life and expression comes naturally thru words then blog is the best place to be entertained and infotained ...

i love this place.


ishita 6:03 AM  

that is a lovely poem:)...and one that most bloggers will hold close to their hearts...i know i do:)...

like Kesh says this is gettin to be like my second home:)...and ppl i meet and share my experiences with...frenz i make....they feel like an extended fmly:)

but most of all it's been a learning experience....

hmmmmm...thanks for putting all that i (and so many others) feel in such beautiful words:)

priya 6:33 AM  

Starry you have a good memory. I was readin your comments and suddenly saw my name. Wow. I was like hmm, when did I say, coz its difficult to remember lot of things. You are too good.

chet 7:38 AM  

You said it well, After reading blogs by others, I decided it was a good way to say what I had felt. Little did I know that I would have more friends through blogging than I have around me now. It is also helping me know myself better. Thanks.

starry nights 7:49 AM  

Me..you are so right I forgot to add that to my poem.yes I do love the movie reviews.thanks.

starry nights 7:50 AM  

Srijith..thanks.that was sweet of you to leave that kind comment.

starry nights 7:50 AM  


starry nights 7:51 AM  

Browneyed one..thank you.

starry nights 7:52 AM  

Thank you hope & love. i get the feeling most people blog for the same reasons.

starry nights 7:53 AM  

Has to be me..thanks. You are so right about expressing yourself.I have found out that I can be myself when I blog. I dont have to worry about what other people think.and most of like you said.I have met wonderful people like you.

starry nights 7:54 AM  

Ram..welcome to my blog and please do come back again.thanks

starry nights 7:55 AM  

Rose..I know one reason. I met you and can read all those beautiful poems and stories. would have missed that if u did not blog.

starry nights 7:55 AM  


starry nights 7:56 AM  

Priya..you made some valid points.how can I forget.thanks.

starry nights 7:59 AM  

Dumbdodi..thanks.Thats exactly how I feel.

starry nights 8:01 AM  

Ash thanks. so true.Its free ,you can express yourself and also get critqued.cannot ask for more.And I feel its a learning platform and also sometimes a psychiatrists couch.You get some free, good advice.

starry nights 8:02 AM  

Thank you Ishita. you said it all.you guys are like my extended family.

starry nights 8:03 AM  

bittu's Mamma..thanks.I am glad you blog too.or else would not have met you.

starry nights 8:04 AM  

Chet..you are so right. atleast these friends are there and you can stop by their home unannounced.

prithz 8:13 AM  

That one of the best poems i have ever read... :) i share similar feelings as u... :) keep blogging.. am so glad i met u... u r really sweet :)

Neers 8:32 AM  

Damn Neat!! yep, i guess thats why most of us... blog! think, this is next best thing after search engines! :)

Shirazi 9:15 AM  

You have a point in words but the image says it all.

priya 10:49 AM  

Its time for you to add feedburner coz many ppl' may like to subscribe it.
Just a thought.

b v n 12:04 PM  

Ha good one !...never thought about it ...for me blogging is more about unloading the crap that goes on in the head...and nowadays i dont mind ppl reading it ....LOL

adi 1:18 PM  

how can i ever praise this... n wat more can i say, its good dat i stumble on ur blog

starry nights 1:23 PM  

Thank you Bvn..but this is how I started to blog just by accident.

alex 2:39 PM  

This is so beautiful. I dont have the words to express my reaction to it.


Dawn....सेहर 5:07 PM  

Amazing to express in this way :)
Kudos to you....keep writing more


Keshi 5:19 PM  

hugggggggggz Starry!


Hip Grandma 5:56 PM  

I blog for the same reason.It was wonderful getting to know all of you.

starry nights 7:16 PM  

Prithz..thanks. I am glad I met you too.

starry nights 7:17 PM  

Neers..thanks. I think so to. search engines are good for the vast amount of knowledge that one can retrieve.

starry nights 7:18 PM  

Dawn..thank you.

starry nights 7:18 PM  

Hip grandma..thank you. looks like everyone blogs for the same reasons.

seriously_frivolous 9:36 PM  

Thanks to you too Starry nights. Well written, Amazingly simple, yet simply amazing.

Jeevan 12:56 AM  

what ever u said are very true! Let's share more:)

Varsha 1:14 AM  

wow lovely..so true

I was inspired by half a dozen blogs to give it a shot...now I am so damn addicted to blogging....

tastycooks 10:20 AM  

Nice poem! I want to write a small poem to comment your poem. Guess what am not talented like you. Anyway,I will defintely visit your blog often.

hillgrandmom 2:21 AM  

Very well put! Lovely poem.

ari4u 6:23 PM  

Well said starry. I loved the simplicity and sweetness in your poem. Good one. :)

I started blogging because i wanted to share the way i look at the world through my eyes. I may not be good at words, but pictures are all i got.

aklanta 2:21 PM  

well said...i started knowing my limits and beyond only after i started blogging...

neermathalam 8:34 PM  

could not have expressed it better than that...
Hats off starry....
And why do I blog ???
for me I do certain things without any reason and bloggin is one of them

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