Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I have been tagged by Karmic Jay ..really don't know what to write, just too much about me.I will try to make it short so as not to bore you.

I AM THINKING ABOUT: What I am going to write. I hope blogger does not go down while I am writing because lately it has been misbehaving. I have to wake Maya up for a Dr appointment. Wake Vijay up because he has summer school. what to have for breakfast and if today is going to be a good day.

I SAID: Maya you should read the comments on your last poem. you are talented and can write really well.

I WANT TO: Have my back fixed, be able to go to the beach, just watch the waves, bask in the moon light under the starry skies. I want to learn to dance and I want to go on a vacation with "J". I also want less squabbles and more fun.

I WISH: There was peace in this world. Most illnesses to be eradicated, there was no poverty and also I wish my mother was alive. I wish she could see my children, she would be proud of them. I wish I had told my mom that I loved her and I wish I was a better child and had not given her too many problems. I wish I could go into space , I wish "J" and me will have less arguments.

I WONDER: What the world would be like 50yrs from now. Will people not step out and just sit in front of their computers, maybe it will be just hanging around their necks . There is so many advances in Technology that sometimes it scares me. I wonder if people will be taking vacations into space. I wonder what will happen to my family when I die. I wonder if I am a good parent, I wonder if I am doing things right. I wonder when I will be well. I wonder if the world will ever be without war and terror.

I REGRET: Many things in life. I regret not pursuing my education further, I regret working when my children were little, regret not spending too much time with them. Regret not telling my mother I loved her or even A thank you. I took her for granted and thought she would be with me always. I regret saying unkind things to "J". I regret making him sad. I regret not taking better care of my back . I really have a lot of regrets. But I want to make every day a better one so I don't end up having a life of regrets.

I HEAR: The birds chirping in my back yard. The sound of a plane in the distance. People talking about the war and terrorists. I hear things that I don't want to hear. I hear music in my ears.

I AM: A wife, a mother of two. only 5ft tall. I am simple, quiet at times , don't have a lot of friends. love to have fun and enjoy the simple things in life. I am what I am.

I DANCE: Actually I don't know how to dance. If I get up on to the dance floor I just do my thing. I think dancing is a lot of fun. I am going to learn to dance. Once I got up on the table in our hotel room in vegas and danced. The kids thought I had a little bit too much wine. I was really pretending so as to make them laugh.

I SING: Sometimes when no one is around. I don't sing in the shower. I like to sing hindi songs, a lot of romantic and sad songs, sometimes spiritual ones. I dont sing in front of my family.

I CRY: when I am sad and sometimes when I am happy. Most times I cry when I have arguments with "J". I cried when my parents died and when my kids went off to school. I think I cry quite a bit, may be to fill a pond, but if you ask "J" he may say it is more of an ocean.

I AM NOT: always what people think. I try to hide my feelings. is very emotional or get hurt easily. I trust too many people. I am a pretty much of a private person. I think its only since I started blogging have I exposed so much of me. I am for most part what you see. I try to do what is right and fair.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: A home cooked meal for my family. I can make a sweater or a scarf either knitted or crochet. I can sew a simple garment. I like to paint and make simple stuff.

I WRITE: When I am happy and I write when I am sad. Most of my emotions are in my poems. it is straight from my heart. I think writing relaxes me and i am able to expose my feelings. When I have no one to talk to I write. Actually I like writing a lot.

I CONFUSE: people with my sense of direction. I dont know which direction North, south, East or West is. I confuse "J" with stupid questions sometimes.

I NEED: peace of mind. I need to get my back well. I need to stop arguing , i need to slow down and smell the flowers. I need to take a trip to India . Have not visited since 1995. I need to buy "J" a birthday present. His birthday is on Sept 1st. I need to go to the gym and I need to eat more healthy. looks like I am very needy dont I?

I think I have said enough about Me. I need to tag a few others so they can write about themselves. I tag Scribblez, Neers, Faith, Fresh ink, Passerby, The preacher ( I like to know what the preacher has to say) And the teacher Hip grandmom. Rajbir , Neihal, and Jhantu.


neihal 11:33 AM  

haha. me first

Eclipsed Thoughts 11:34 AM  

You surely are a cancerian to the core!
And the way you have described.... great!!! I am sure you had been a good daughter just like a good mother you are!!!
Take care... (for your back) and then get all fresh to smell the flowers and bask in the moonlight, looking at shooting stars....
hmmm.... 1 sept "j's" b'day...
Happy b'day in advance!!

priya 11:45 AM  

Starry: One thing I knew, Cancerians are awesome writers and great poets. I have seen ppl' born in this sign really write well.
You must be a great mother, daughter and wife....
Good post!!!

starry nights 11:49 AM  

Neihal..thanks..Why dont you take the tag, would like to know all about you.

starry nights 11:50 AM  

Eclipsed thoughts..thanks.

starry nights 11:50 AM  

Priya..thank you so much. I wish everyone would take this tag so we know a little more aout each other.

Shankari 12:09 PM  

very nicely written.

starry nights 1:18 PM  

Shankari..thank you.

V N 1:34 PM  

~I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: A home cooked meal for my family. I can make a sweater or a scarf either knitted or crochet. I can sew a simple garment. I like to paint and make simple stuff.~

Somehow I liked those lines best of the lot!!


And Starry,


The New Year starts tomorrow in Kerala, and thought I would wish u and ur family a wonderful year ahead!!


Contented 1:52 PM  

This is what I mean by getting to know more about each other better....:) Couldnt stop dropping by...:D
Hope to get some time to take up the tag..:)

KK 2:39 PM  

Nice post Starry.
Wish you a speedy recovery for your back.

BTW, just noticed that you have blog rolled my travel blog. I have a general blog which I updated frequently.

Mumbai Guy 2:47 PM  

Since 1995? That is long long time.

Mumbai Guy 2:48 PM  

Priya, am I qualify? :)

Helen Wang 3:13 PM  

Good to get to know you!

Hip Grandma 3:14 PM  

Thanx for tagging me.will respond soon tho' my answers may not be as good as yours.

samuru999 3:28 PM  

Nice post starry...
nice to get to know you a little
My sense of direction is not so great either!
I do hope your back is better you can enjoy life more!
You are shorter than me...
I am 5ft2in.
I sing too... and do sing in the shower!
And, I love to dance!
Take care!

priya 3:33 PM  

MG: U got me scared seeing your Ogle:-))))

You have such weird dreams....

starry nights 4:44 PM  

Velu..that was so sweet. thank you. and I want to wish you and your family a happy new year too.

Don Iannone 5:08 PM  

So may you look up in the sky this evening and relish your star which is about to shine. Blessings.

passerby55 6:01 PM  
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passerby55 6:03 PM  

I CRY: when I am sad and sometimes when I am happy...

i bel. every word in this...
mu mother is a cancerian...

she can cry even if the movie had a happy ending.

thanks for tagging me...will do it....a little difficult many EYES (I ... I... I ...)

bye take care ....

Fresh Ink 6:37 PM  

Oh wow..this is the first time i've been tagged... Ok, will work on it and link to your post, starry. Cool ;)

Anali 6:41 PM  

What a wonderful post. I hope your back feels better soon. You say that you don't have many friends, but you seem like the type of person (by your posts at least!!) that is valued as a friend by many people, but maybe you don't realize how much. Your writing is really wonderful and I'm glad I found your blog! : ) Take care!

Keshi 6:59 PM  

Nice one Starry! I took up this tag in many other blogs :)

**Regret not telling my mother I loved her or even A thank you.

Hugggggz girl! But Im sure ur Ma knows u loved her. Mebbe u didnt tell her in words but Im sure u showed her that u loved her?

U better learn to dance...cos when we meet we can have alot of fun :)


Ekta 7:01 PM  

Guess most women cry an ocean according to most men!
But hey whats wrong with ur back??..hope it gets fixed fast and u can do all the things u want to!

Lera 7:09 PM  

Starry, I loved reading your blog ,you are such a prolific writer, not to mention agreat Mother...:)I am sure you would make a great writer..if, you plan to write a book some day.

indianangel 7:30 PM  

Very nice! All the I's really show want you want, how you felt, where you would be forever in your life!
I always thinks from two perspectives: just looking at what you've writtne the 2 thoughts I have are
1. The positive thought I have about this writing of yours is
Instead of cribbing about others, they,them.... its always nice when a person says I need to improve!

2. The negative thought to this is Why do people always think I need this, I want this, I wish people loved me... rather than thinking what we have done to others.!

Your candid feelings are seen in your writing - keep that up!

Blessed 7:38 PM  

your answers were awesome.
if you know how inspiring you are?

southpaw 7:43 PM  

Maya you should read the comments on your last poem. you are talented and can write really well.***Absolutely, pls encourage her always.
Alright so now we know pretty much about being Lalitha-The starry nights/Across the miles....:)

southpaw 8:00 PM  

Since i hv recently updated,i'll take this tag in my next update...:)

Srijith Unni 9:13 PM  

Well!, that did give a lot of insight about you.. :)
Nice Tag.. A Job Well Done..

With Best Regards,
Srijith Unni.

starry nights 9:24 PM  

Contented..thanks.why dont you take the tag and we can get to know about you too. thanks for stopping by even with your busy schedule. I miss reading your posts.

starry nights 9:25 PM  

KK..thanks. I will blogroll your other blog.thanks for telling me.

starry nights 9:26 PM  

Mumbai guy. yeah it is a long time. and I am answering for Priya. you do qualify and why dont you take the tag also.

starry nights 9:26 PM  

Helen..thanks for stopping by and please do come again.

starry nights 9:27 PM  

Preeta..thanks. I am sure yours will be good.looking forward to reading your post.

starry nights 9:28 PM  

Margie. I wish I was 2" taller like you. my husband is 6ft 2". I love to dance also. thanks for your wishes.

Robyn 9:29 PM  


You are such a beautiful writer. I really enjoyed reading this. This post truly demonstrates your values and every time I read your blog I learn a little bit more about you :)


starry nights 9:29 PM  

Thank you don. do I love those starry skies.

starry nights 9:30 PM  

Passerby..this is the only post where it is going to be I, I and I. looking forward to reading your post.

starry nights 9:31 PM  

Fresh Ink will be reading your post.thanks.

starry nights 9:32 PM  

Thank you Anali. please do come back again. I am really a very friendly person and love everyone. But I really dont have lots of friends.

starry nights 9:33 PM  

Keshi..ok you are off the hook this time. When my back is fixed I am going to learn to dance. would love to learn the salsa.

starry nights 9:35 PM  

Ekta.thanks. isnt it true that most men think you cry a lot. I say if it makes you feel better why not. I have two damaged discs from a back injury and need surgery. hopefully it is going to be soon .after that I am going to hit the ceiling!

starry nights 9:37 PM  

Indian angel thank you so much for your comments. it is encouraging. I try and god knows I try to be a better person. I honestly believe that I can only change me. I cannot change others. So thats where I start.

starry nights 9:38 PM  

Thanks Rajbir.. gotta know a lot more about you.even though you sure have told us a lot.take your time.thanks for your comment.

starry nights 9:39 PM  

Lera..thank you. you are making me blush. nobody said that I am good enough to write a book. this is my first attempt at writing for public viewing. thank you so much for your kind comments.

starry nights 9:40 PM  

Blessed..thank you for your kind words.

starry nights 9:41 PM  

Thank you Robyn. I love reading your posts too. hope you are having a good time on your vacation.

neihal 9:52 PM  

my connection snapped yesterday.after I wrote that first here's the actual comment.

a sweet and honestly done tag...loved reading it.... I'll give you more credit than you give yourself. :)

will do the tag soon...:)

Cyberkitty 10:30 PM  

hi starry , great post, even i like to paint and knit - my brother is a cancerian but he never writes anything !!

Aditi 10:51 PM  

Nice tag..
gives an insight into u

Mindinside 11:30 PM  

yeahhh .. feels good to write .. that's why I'm keeping mindinside .. I found writing as a release when am overflowed, either happy or sad.

You are a lovely person .. you are someone your family is lucky to have.
Treasures are usualy take forgarnted you know:)

chandni 11:37 PM  

as always, a beautiful honest post from the heart...

Its been a pleasure to get to know u a little more through this post :)

I hope u're able to do these things that u mentioned, including taking care of ur back and fighting less with J


Rose 12:17 AM  

What happened to ur back???

alex 2:23 AM  

All in all you are a wonderful person!

Make sure you take good care of your back and i am sure you make a wonderful mother.

Neers 2:30 AM  

oh my god!! tags!! :) well, Madame, i shall take it up... and you shall be treated to all the dope on me!! :)

by the way, did i mention, i like the hustle and bustle here... :)

the sunflower 3:40 AM  

straight from the heart!!!!

Mumbai Guy 3:49 AM  

Hey Priya, I am on same side as you when it comes to getting scared. I was hoping people ogle at the google AD creativity but everyone is just after her :) Not wierd, I have sweeeeeeeeeet dreams, always!!

btw, You still haven't answered my question.

Starry, thank you friend for answering on behalf of priya. About tag, I still dont understand the concept. But I will get involved wid tagging someday, now jus lil buzy.

The Brown eyed one 7:00 AM  

Hey that was a beautiful post. And I share the same of direction as you do. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the post:)

luvwannabefree25 7:27 AM  

found ya through Ishita... wow... what a great post.. you are lucky to have been "tagged"... it probably helps to re-evaluate where you are in life... it looks like you carry a lot of sadness... I'd like to read more of your posts.. I'll stop back by later today...


JD ;)

Has to be me 7:53 AM  

Hey thats a neat tag! Dont have too many regrets....its not worth it! Im glad that u r working towards it! :) Just enjoy & let be!

southpaw 8:41 AM  

The tag's been taken and posted...:)

Known Stranger 8:48 AM  

I AM THINKING ABOUT: Its 23.30 hrs isnt it time to go to bed so i need to wake up at 6

I SAID: oh you too in orkut just now to a frined

I WANT TO: change this chair at my computer desk

I WISH: the working hours in this country be from 9 to 5.30.

I WONDER: why am i writtin even though you had nto tagged me

I REGRET: for drinning so much beer in india - now i have gained a cute belly

I AM: a stupid idiot nonsense chattign guy

I DANCE: when i intoxicated with alchol and a music if played

I SING: when i want people around me to get irritated

I CRY: when i sit in beach alone and it rains to get my tears not seen realised

I AM NOT: what others think of me

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: nothing to mention useful or interesting except kite , card board houses, paining, sketches while i was studying

I WRITE: when i want to .

I CONFUSE: how to confuse others.

I NEED: sleep now

starry nights 9:00 AM  

Thanks Neihal . looking forward t0 reading the write up about you.

starry nights 9:02 AM  

Cyberkitty..welcome to my blog and please do come again. love the name cyberkitty. glad you like to knit and crochet. its relaxing. I just like to make small stuff so I can finish it fast.

starry nights 9:02 AM  


starry nights 9:03 AM  

Srijith..thank you. maybe u should do the tag also. I think all of you we can know more about each other.

starry nights 9:04 AM  

Mindinside..thank you for your kind words. I feel relaxed also. just pen my thoughts down no matter what. sometimes I get solutions to my problems when I write.

starry nights 9:05 AM  

Chandni..thanks. first I need to have less squabbles and then need to fix my back.

starry nights 9:07 AM  

Rose..I injured two discs in my back and they need to be replaced. Hopefully the surgery may be next month and by the end of the year I think I am going to make a trip to India. thats my goal.

starry nights 9:08 AM  

Neers..thanks. looking forward to reading All About Neers.I am sure there will be some interesting stuff.

starry nights 9:09 AM  

Sunflower..thanks. how about spreading some sunshine about you.take the tag.

starry nights 9:10 AM  

Mumbai guy..I nearly died at the oogle. my eyes nearly popped out. this tag is really easy and fun. Maybe on the weekend when u are not too busy with work you can do it.

starry nights 9:12 AM  

Brown eyed one. thanks. I sure have a poor sense of direction. have got lost so many times that I stopped counting.why dont you take the tag.

starry nights 9:13 AM  

Luvwannabefree..welcome to my blog and please do come by again. there is some sadness. it is enevitable. cannot be happy all the time. am trying to as I realize life is short.

starry nights 9:15 AM  

Has to be me..yeah I do have regrets but I decided I cant do too much about the past so I am going to do something each day better than the day before so I dont have lots of regrets when I look back at my life.Thanks for your kind words.

starry nights 9:16 AM going to read it now.

starry nights 9:18 AM  

Known stranger. I am glad you took the tag and even though its late at night you decided to write. I feel like dancing also after a couple glasses of wine. no beer for me.dont like it.I think I need to go sit at the beach to cry also. I can let it just run in the water and make it all salty. Thanks and take care.dont drink too much beer and dont confuse too many people.


Mama Mia- Wow...starry, you did show us an alternative you. i just could not belive tht you dont have many friends...I remember you talking about a baby shower you hosted, common you are being harsh on yourself....You cry coz you r hurt by wht J says, he should read this...Poor u...U know something, u r very sweet lady, a very very sweet one. its been more than a decade since u went to India last, be prepared for all sort of shocks, esp in BANGALORE!! :)

Jon Cox 9:44 AM  

Wonderful list!!!

chet 10:55 AM  

Great Post! It is hard to believe you don't have many friends. Just reading your blog is enough to know that you are a friend to everyone. I think you have many friends but just haven't meant them all yet in person.

starry nights 10:59 AM  

Scribblez..true I have friends but not really true friends.I did host a baby shower, it was for someone in my family and only family came. thanks for your kind words.

starry nights 11:00 AM  

Chet..thanks. I really dont have too many friends. I am not kidding.

starry nights 11:01 AM  

Scribblez..I have not been to India since dec 1995. Everyone says I am going to be shocked t see what has become of Bangalore my home sweet home.

White Forest 1:23 PM  

"I CONFUSE: people with my sense of direction. "

Lolzz...i too do that soemtiems :)

sudhav 3:13 PM  

Good confesion Lalitha...

Mumbai Guy 3:14 PM  

Starry...weekends for me goes faster than weekdays. Tell you what, when am ready, am going to pester you on how to be on tag-loop.

Take care.

I love Munich 3:26 PM  

GREAT answers dear!! I can "sing a song" about backpain ... just passed a slipped disc which made me hear the angels sing ...

starry nights 4:01 PM  

White forest..glad to see that i am not alone on this. I do have a really poor sense of direction.

starry nights 4:01 PM  

Sudha..thank you. Hey why dont you take this tag.

starry nights 4:02 PM  

Karin I do hope you feel better. I know what you mean.thanks.

starry nights 4:03 PM  

Mumbai Guy..I will be glad to help. dont be too busy.

JamesBright 4:41 PM  

Very beautiful and revealing tag!
You are surely a very nice person.
Very caring and loving.
My best wishes to you and your family.

priya 4:55 PM  

Starry: Never look back what you regret now. Times has passed and do things what you can for today and the future. I expected your comments in my page for about me. Still missing from starry.

MG: Some women never Ogle other women hehee. If they did you know what I mean. And she is a fake, why dream so much MG.
You write well and I do agree most of cancerians really write well. What a brainwave they have?
Hope you feel better now. Tk.

anand 6:13 PM  

sometimes I wonder the same wld things be when we r 60-70 yrs old?

jac 7:30 PM  

I saw it the moment you posted it, but thought I will come back to comment later.

I like the answers all but I loved "I hear"

Take care Lalitha.

Mumbai Guy 7:38 PM  

Priya-aaaaaaa...I am telling you again I am not dreaming of her *almost about to cry*

Staryyyyyyyy....please help me, priya still mean wid me :-(.

starry nights 8:27 PM  

Priya I dont know how I missed that post. I just read it and commented. you did a good job and I got to know more about you.

starry nights 8:30 PM  

Priya I dont know how I missed that post. I just read it and commented. you did a good job and I got to know more about you.

starry nights 8:31 PM  

Thank you James for your kind comments.How about you taking the taag.

starry nights 8:32 PM  

Anand..yeah it is something to think about.

starry nights 8:33 PM  

Thanks Jac. I hear lots of things. I hear that you are going to do this tag also. Did I hear right.

starry nights 8:34 PM  

Priya..I think Mumbai guy really likes her that is why the oogle......dont cry mumbai guy.its ok. just say you do.

Keshi 9:41 PM  

I learnt Salsa from a friend...but it's not perfect yet...I just wiggle my hips and butt like a Spanish dancer and it looks funny lol!


its me 11:26 PM  

WOW. that was sooooo beautifully put...
and hope you recover very very soon...

and thank you for visiting my blog :)

ekta 11:34 PM  

*But I want to make every day a better one so I don't end up having a life of regrets.*

Well we all have regrets...but like u said its important to move on and not make the same mistakes again so that we dont have a life full of regrets!

Nandita 1:00 AM  

Your post made me cry-very very touching-you reached out to my soul-don;t stop writing-and I too want to learn to dance. I'm sure you'll learn dancing soon and will dance like a dream-high on wine or otherwise.
Lots of love

Mr. J 1:09 AM  

This is one really cute post ;)

Jeevan 1:35 AM  

This Tag help to know about you something:) Hope, you wishes and what ever u want to do will be done soon. The techonology is changing our life day-by-day! wish to live till 50 and watch the world.

ufukhati 2:38 AM  

Write more!
Your voice is your heart.

Neers 2:38 AM  

so Mam... just finished the Tag... finally! :)

deepsat 3:16 AM  

beautifully written!! i got to post the last comment!! hopefully!!!

good post dear!!


Alapana 3:33 AM  

Interesting read.Specially about dancing and singing,And sure you are a simple and emotional person,who strives to be happy and content in her small world.Thats what i felt after reading the tag.
One day maybe you will learn to dance and sing for your family,hoping is next to dreaming,isnt it.

karmic_jay 4:32 AM  

Loved your list and it is always touching. Have you considered acupuncture and yoga for your back?

Once I got up on the table in our hotel room in vegas and danced.

heyyy.. not fair.. what happened to the " what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? thingy? ;-)

mathew 4:46 AM  

seems like cancerians rule the roost in blogger world...high fives..

nice post that reveals a lot about the person..

have a nice weekend!!

flawed_guy 4:52 AM  

A blog that may interest you. It may sound familiar too, cuz we all need our "own" space.

jac 5:08 AM  

You heard wrong Lalitha. LOL

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Keshi..thats cute. I can just pictue you.

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Its Me..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.thank you.

starry nights 8:17 AM  

Jeevan..thank you. I hope so too.hope u live t0 a hundred.

starry nights 8:18 AM  

ufukhati..thank you for your kind comment.

starry nights 8:18 AM  

Neers..I am going to your blog right now to read all about you.

starry nights 8:34 AM  

Ekta..thats what I am trying to do. make each day a better one.

starry nights 8:36 AM  

Nanditia..thank you.for your kind comment.Once I learn to dance I will post a pic.

starry nights 8:36 AM  

Deepsat..thanks. you are not last though.

starry nights 8:37 AM  

Alpana..thanks.And I never stop dreaming.It is said dreams do come true.

starry nights 8:40 AM  

Jay..most of the stuff we do stays in vegas, but this I had to say because my husband tells everyone I was drunk and danced on the table. I tried accupuncture but did not help much, I am told I need a disc replacement surgery so am planning to have it done soon, and after that boy am I going to learn to dance.

starry nights 8:41 AM  

Flawed guy..thanks for visiting my blog and please do come again.I will check out the blog u mentioned.

starry nights 8:43 AM  

Jac..I think I heard right. There was this loud voice which said."I think I am going to do the tag "All about ME"I am sure my blogger friends want to know a little more about me.Jac my back is bad but my hearing is still in intact.

starry nights 8:43 AM  

Thank you Matthew. Are u a cancerian too. I have to check your profile. have a good weekend.

Neers 8:55 AM  

arent you really sweet? and encouraging? know a secret?? (hurray, idea for the next post).... :)

hugs for you... by the way, any luck on the presents for 1st Sept? :)

hello for maya and vijay, too!

p.s: if i ever get around publishing anything in hardcover.. YOU get my first copy! :)

starry nights 10:34 AM  

Neers. I am so happy cuz I wil be getting an autographed copy.:) have not got the present yet. take care.

jac 11:29 AM  

Well ! Your antenna seems to be much sharper than mine.

Unaiza Nasim 11:32 AM  

One of the touching posts!
I loved teh way u have expressed urself and it made me tell my mom i love her alot before i had to regret it for the rest of my life!

Andrew 11:37 AM  


Thank you so much for visiting "To Love, Honor and Dismay" and for leaving such a nice comment. That's nice if you found some ideas you can use with your husband.

Please do make good on your promise to come back. (...maybe you would even consider adding me to your list of links so your readers can find their way as well? I promise I'll leave the porch light on for them :o)

All the best!

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