Monday, August 14, 2006

World Of books

I have been tagged by THE Preacher and by Passerby55.. Lately I have been doing too much blogging and little reading but here I go.


There are many books that have helped me along the way.really cannot pick just one. But the one that I really liked was "The purpose driven life" By Rick Warren.It unpacks the the big questions of personal meaning and motivation and points the way to a more purpose filled life."Magnificiant Obsession". by Llyod Douglas.It is a classic novel of goodwill, compassion and service to others.
Another book I liked was FINDING JOY By Charlotte Davis.. 101 ways to fee your spirit and dance with life.


MAYA ANGELOU "I know why the caged bird sings." Namesake By Jhumpa Lahiri and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall By Anne Bronte."The prophet By Khalil Gibran."
I have read a few others but cannot think of the names .


If I am stranded on a desert Island.First I am going to look for company, then something to eat, then enjoy the beauty around, sleep as much as I want, then write, keep a journal and when I am tired of that I would like to read the " Harry Potter series." may be I can been transported to "Hogwarts castle".


SHPOHOLIC & SHOPOHOLIC & SISTER written by Sophie Kinsella. It tells of the one woman shopping phenomenon Becky Bloomwood. It is a heartwarming tale of married life, best friends, and long lost sisters. and the perils of shopping and the things you must have.And also Shopoholic takes Manhattan. I also enjoyed Funny & Farshi.


"A FINE BALANCE" written by ROHINTON MISTRY. this book captures the cruelty and corruption, dignity and heroism of India. It takes place in 1975 where four strangers- a spirited widow, a young student, and two tailors will be thrust together to share an apartment and face an unknown futeure. The characters move from distrust to friendship and eventually to Love. It made me cry. I think it is one of the best books I had read.

I can think of many books that I have read over the years that I wished I had written or could write. I really cannot name just one.


I have to agree with passerby .."Mathematics" I still cant get it and dont think I ever will. I will go to my grave never knowing how to calculate a % . A simple thing I still have a hard time with. It has been explained to me over and over but I still dont get it.My answer to the problem on the right would be (C).


" Reading Lolita in Tehran" By Azar Nafishi... It is a poignant tale about the secret ways Iranian women defy the regime and the radical islam war against women.Her memoir contain important complex reflections about the ravages of theocracy, about thoughtfulness, and about the ordeals of freedom.


MY Life by Bill clinton and Men are from Mars and women are from Venus."Night watch.By Terrence Dickerson , it is a practical guide to viewing the universe. and "The heart is a lonely Hunter" By Carson Mcullen..It follows the lives of lonely misfits looking for a connection in a small town. What unfolds is a Poignant exploration of the mysteries of the human heart.

Now I tag Margie, Keshi, Priya, Karmic Jay , Twisted Dna and Ari4u. Any other of my blogger friends please take up the tag. there were too many names to pick from .



U sure have read a lot....!!! I dont thin I have read in the past so many years...Seems like ages ago when I did read actually

starry nights 1:48 PM  

Scribblez these were read before I started to theres no time to read.

alex 1:55 PM  

Hey, thats a lot of books you have read...its nice to see people reading...i ahve got a lot of books waiting to be read...thanks to you, i might start tomorrow..

ari4u 2:24 PM  

whoa... another bookaholic here :) ... my sister is going to love you.. she too reads a lot of books. Got thick glasses in the process... lol. My reading slumped by the time i was done with college. Till then, i had finished most of sidney sheldon, jeffrey archer, irwing wallace, james patterson, dean koontz and so many others (not to forget nancy drew, hardy boys, the ones i started out first in school). I miss reading now, but have no time.

I have never been tagged before and i dont know how to respond to a tag. Little help here?? :)

Take care

priya 3:16 PM  

Starry: I wonder wat made you think I read lots of books. You have read a lot and thaz wat I see you as a good writer and a poet.
You have boosted me to read something something....

Ari: Just tag the same way what books you have read. I had problems too when I hardly knew how to tag.

Mumbai Guy 3:28 PM  

Not sure if I have read any of non-academic books. Guess, am out of this league!!

Anali 5:42 PM  

Great post! I just did a book list after being tagged too!

Yogi 6:12 PM  

that is definitely a lot of books!! :)

Hip Grandma 6:20 PM  

got to know about many books thro' you.thanx. I also read a fine balance by Rohinton Mistry and liked it very much

starry nights 6:36 PM  

Thank you Alex. theres always a good book to read.

Blessed 6:40 PM  

What an awesome tag.
I have been neglecting my reading too.
I am going to have to remember to take this tag as well.
Of course, it won't be filled with all these awesome reads.

starry nights 6:44 PM  

Ari..Thanks. these are some of the books I read in the past. lately have not read too much.Just follow this format. you may or may not have pictures. I just chose to have pics.

One book that changed your life
one book that made you laugh
one book that made you cry
one book that should not have been written
one book that you wish you had written
One book that you are currently reading
One book you have been meaning to read.

Then name a few of your blogger friends to take the tag.

starry nights 6:45 PM  

Priya.. Now I dont do much reading.these are some I have read and loved.looking forward to reading yours.

starry nights 6:46 PM  

Mumbai guy..not to late to start.theres a lot of good books out there.

starry nights 6:46 PM  

Anali..I have to go read your post and see what books you read.thanks.

starry nights 6:47 PM  

Yogi..why dont you take the tag too.It looks like a lot because of the pics.

starry nights 6:48 PM  

Hip grandma.. why dont you take the tag. I am sure you have read a lot of fine books.would like to see your list.

starry nights 6:48 PM  

Blessing..take the tag and I would like to see what you read and are reading.

southpaw 7:15 PM  

u had to be an avid reader as well...:)

passerby55 7:24 PM  

very well done tag ... lalitha!

there are a few names i need to read now... thanks.

btw. that mathematics part is so true...even my answer is the third one...I used to get nightmares before every mathematics paper..

Keshi 8:02 PM  

Starry this is an interesting tag wow! U sure read alot of books ha! btw I used to read alot back then but not time for reading these days. So I dunno if I can take up this tag :( lol!


Don Iannone 8:12 PM  

Terrific. Thank you so much. This is very helpful.

samuru999 8:13 PM  

I am an avid reader!
You too huh?
But, lately I do not have the time to indulge this passion of mine!
So many wonderful books you have read!
I love The Prophet!
Have you read Narcissus and Goldmund, by Herman Hesse?
One of my favorites!
Take care!

Gaurav Jain 8:14 PM  

Nice choice of books. I would want to read the alchemist if left on a desert island though :)

Anand 9:14 PM  

hey honetsly,
I read namesake and just didnt like it that much...i liked her first book but thot the second one was a drag and a bit of a dissapointment!

starry nights 9:24 PM  

Raj..Reading helps pass the time and ease the mind.Take you to places you have never been and experience the life told by others.

neihal 9:25 PM  

I am a readoholic...literally addicted..but I dont thinik there is any book that has changed my life...a good list yo have put up...keep reading:)

starry nights 9:25 PM  

Passerby..thanks.. I hated math and did not want to go to school because of math and even to this day dont get most of the math stuff.

starry nights 9:26 PM  

Keshi..most of those books I read before not now.I am too busy blogging. anyway thats OK.may be another time.

starry nights 9:28 PM too dont have too much time nowadays. Have not read "Narcissus and Goldmund, by Herman Hesse. I will add it to the books I am meaning to read.right after men are from mars and women are from venus.

starry nights 9:28 PM  

Gaurav..have not read that one.

starry nights 9:29 PM  

Neihal..thank you.No one book has really changed my life but given me points and helped me along the way.

starry nights 9:31 PM come you did not like namesake. I think I could relate to some of the experiences the family had to go through coming to a new country and bring up children here.Thats why I liked the book.Maybe the movie will be more exciting.

Anand 11:03 PM  

hey ,
I have the fine balance but havent yet got my hands ard reading this awesome book called down under by bill bryson..another book u will simplylove and have to read is the kite runner by khalid hosseini!

KK 11:26 PM  

Wow! that's a lot of books...I don't know why I am finding it difficult to cultivate the habit of reading...any tips? :)

Anand, yes, Down under is an awesome book.

Ghost Particle 12:13 AM  

superb line of I wanna get them all!

christabelle 4:51 AM  

To tell u the truth, I've not even read any of the books u mentioned,
and to think I consider myself to have read a whole lot of books hehe!, u sure hv read a lot.

Reading is a very good thing, it broadens one's knowledge.

karmic_jay 6:02 AM  

Nice list am impressed :)
I might get the Rohinton Mistry book.

The purprose driven life has been criticized as being to Chritian - centric. Is that true?

REading Lolita in Teheran is simply amazing. I would love to see the movie when it comes out.

prithz 8:25 AM  

I love harry potter books too :) read them so many many times... but every time i rad them, its like i am reading it afresh... ;p

Wild Reeds 8:43 AM  

Read some of them, have wanted to read some of them. Fascinating, how books tell you a story about someone. But then again, do they really?

Eclipsed Thoughts 10:35 AM  

I read books during my college days...(i think i missed reading mt text-books then), but well... now i dont read much... lack of time can be my excuse.... hehe!!

jac 10:59 AM  


"Men are from Mars and women are from Venus".

Again suggest
"Githanjali Express"

starry nights 11:06 AM  

Anand.. have not read the book down under, have to read that. i have read kite runner and really enjoyed that book.Read A fine Balance.It was an awesome but sad book.

starry nights 11:07 AM  

KK.. Start with a really interesting book and then you will never stop wanting to read.

starry nights 11:08 AM  

Ghost particle..sure go ahead you will enjoy them all.

starry nights 11:09 AM  

Christabelle... thanks. i used to read a lot, now not as much.

starry nights 11:11 AM  

Jay..You should read A fine Balance. It was an awesome ook , really sad.I think I may read it again. A purpose driven life is a bit too christian but you can pick up some good points.

starry nights 11:13 AM  

prithz..i love them also. takes you far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Ankit 12:14 PM  

u def a voracious reader :)
the pics are awesome :)

starry nights 12:38 PM  

Ankit..thank you.

Dawn....सेहर 3:09 PM  

Thats an amazing post I must say as it also gives others to choose a book :D
I have added to my collection.
lately I am reading one of Sebastian Faulks 'Birdsong'...a novel of love n war :)
Thanks & Cheers

starry nights 4:01 PM  

Dawn..I have not read that one so will add it to my list.Thanks

indianangel 6:37 PM  

Great you seem to be a voracious reader! Have you read Jonathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. Thats a short yet awesome book!

jhantu 8:04 PM  

some nice books there starry nights

starry nights 9:47 PM  

Indian angel..have not read that, have to add that to me list of books to read.thanks.

starry nights 9:47 PM  

Jhantu..thanks.and what books do you read?.

b v n 10:26 PM  

its amazing!!'ve read a lot...maybe I'll pick up some from your list...they better be good :)...readin My Life nowadays...its huge...a thousand pages *grrr*...

Mr. J 1:50 AM  

Quite an interesting line up of books ;)

shruti 4:32 AM  

hi buddy..
nice to go through ur blog...
as im also very much in reading its being interesting to know more abt it..
well just try "the kite runner" by khalid hossini
its a wonderful story,so simple

take care

Keshi 5:06 AM  

Starry thanks :)


Id it is 7:45 AM  

'Reading Lolita in Tehran' is a great read!
Lahiri's 'The Namesake' came in highly recommended but it didn't live up to its expectations.
'A Fine Balance', first of all is a page-too-many and toward the end is a trifle farfetched. However the metaphor of the blanket is beautifuuly interwoven through the entire novel and may be its saving grace.
The Kite Runner was a racy read and saw me through some 10 odd thousand transatlantic miles so I can't complain. It has a gripping story and was a timely write and therefore had to make the bestseller list.

Interesting tag.

Twisted DNA 8:19 AM  

That's a nice tag Lalitha. You do have a varied taste in books. Thanks for tagging me. I will do the tag soon

priya 12:36 PM  

I just published about book tag and I jsut finishe din 4 lines. Cudn't writeup like u. Sorry.

starry nights 1:45 PM about you doing this tag.

starry nights 1:45 PM  


starry nights 1:46 PM  

Shruti..welcome to my blog and please do come again. I have read kite runner and thought it was an awesome book.I forgot to add it in my post.

starry nights 1:47 PM  

Keshi..cant wait to see your list of books.maybe I can add some more to books I need to read.

starry nights 1:48 PM  

Id it is..true about fine balamce, a really fat book, made me not want to read it but once I started could not put it down. How come you thought the end was far fetched.

starry nights 1:49 PM  

Twisted Dna..thanks. like to know about everything. read whatever comes my way.

starry nights 1:50 PM  

Priya..i am going to check your post now. Does not have to be elaborate.

Aditi 10:52 PM  

Ooh i almost bought the shopaholic book yesterday, maybe i will now since it comes recommended

Known Stranger 4:29 PM  

moon ruling planet, Lunatic ? heiehieh just kidding.

moon the planet of emotional fluctation if added with mars - you tend to be a fighting it if joined by venus - you would be romantic and if jupiter - you would be using the emotions for the purpose of learning etc....

where is my tagged commnet.

starry nights 9:28 PM  

I do believe that some lunatics do come out when the full moon is out. not me.he he he.

starry nights 9:29 PM  

Aditi.. love the shopoholic series. its funny and good.

Jeevan 2:02 AM  

Nice tag! Have a good read:)

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