Saturday, June 17, 2006


Fathers day is a day of commemoration and celebration of Dad. It is a day to honor your father. Happy Fathers Day To All The Dads in the world.

When I think of my father
I remember a man of small stature, soft spoken
A silent provider, immaculately dressed
Shoes shining bright.
Always reading a newspaper, smoking a pipe,
Occasionally playing the Harmonica,
Watching wrestling matches into the wee hours
of the night.

I saw love in his eyes
Always giving without compromise.
A man of few words, confident and fair
Even though he was always away
I knew he still cared.

Proud of his children, and
he went to great lengths
To give us what we needed depriving himself.
He taught me the things in life that
I needed to know.
He was the tower of strength, source of love
Even in the midst of my imperfections and pitfalls
He accepted me and helped me grow.

I remember the train rides to and fro
And helping me with my home work because
I did not know.
He was a man who enforced discipline
Yet lenient in some
My mothers best friend
Who was there to the end.

I am sad that he is no more
But he lives in my heart
He will always be remembered
Not only today but forever .
I am honored to have known this man
I wish you were here Dad.


bLitzKrieg 12:25 PM  

ah..vry sweet one..mus be vry spcl to you

starry nights 12:48 PM  

blitzkrieg..welcome to my blog and thank you.He was a very special person.

sudhav 1:54 PM  

Starry nights, thats a lovely write up on father..This shows how much he was special too you..Truly one best person that one could trust besides mother is father and father alone...

Akshay 2:02 PM  

Awesome !!! Very Articulate.

Sarah 3:12 PM  

So beautifully written.. you are have had him as a father.. and he certainly was lucky to have had such a wonderful daughter.

starry nights 3:33 PM  

Sudhav...That is so true, he was special, wish I had said this to him then.

starry nights 3:33 PM  


starry nights 3:34 PM  

Sarah..Thank you. He did not say much to us, but he was there when we needed him. I wish my children had known him.

priya 5:30 PM  

Simply superb!!!
/He taught me the things in life that
I needed to know/

Very true and thaz the basics of our life...

starry nights 6:36 PM  

Thank you Priya

Anonymous,  8:01 PM takes someone special to be a Dad. The only regret i hv is that i lost him just when a child needs a father the most.

starry nights 8:58 PM  

I am sorry southpaw, it must have been really hard for you.

silverine 9:24 PM  

That picture says a thousand words :)

Ghost Particle 9:50 PM  

superb words. Nice tribute. Wish you all the best.

passerby55 1:33 AM  


i am sorry to hear that.
but he will always live with you in your heart and all the little things he taught to you...


Cate 1:54 AM  

I read an your comment in a blog about religion , but....You are not iranian, isn't true??

Jeevan 4:26 AM  

Nice expression about father:)

RefleXtion 6:21 AM  

"Watching wrestling matches into the wee hours"


Hmmm sons and moms...fathers and daughters..

jac 8:06 AM  

A well deserved tribute, Lalita!!

nevermind 8:31 AM  

that, somehow, reminded me of atticus finch. nice:-)

starry nights 9:02 AM  

Silverine..yes a picture sometimes worth a thousand words.

starry nights 9:03 AM  

ghost particle thanks.

starry nights 9:04 AM  

cate..thanks for visiting my blog and please come again. no I am not iranian.but does it matter what I am?

starry nights 9:05 AM  


starry nights 9:05 AM  

Reflextion..Thank you. he loved to watch wrestling and really did not believe that some of them were staged.

hope and love 10:24 AM  

beautiful..!! my eyes are moist..

starry nights 11:38 AM  

nevermind..Thanks. dont know who atticus finch is but I will find out.Thanks for visiting my blog and come again

starry nights 12:27 PM  

hope&Love Thanks.

JamesBright 1:36 PM  

Very sad to know that he is no more..but your words shows how good a Dad he was..!

Madhu 7:37 PM  

I know dads are always special to daughters. There are our heros and our villans too (sometimes :) )

Nice one.

Ekta 9:04 PM  

lovely poem!
Guess somewhere he is always with u watching over u and smiling when he reads the poem..beaming with pride!

Keshi 9:08 PM  

Starry Im so sad to hear that ur another friend of mine who's lost her dad...I was so very sad to hear this. Cos I now realise that alot of ppl here dun have their mum/dad...

**He was a man who enforced discipline
Yet lenient in some

sounds very much like my dad..I miss him so very much too!


Sudarshan 9:50 PM  

Thats a superb post:-) Very nicely written..Hats off!!
I came here first time: you've got a great blog.Keep up the good work!!

shiv 10:07 PM  

hiee..thaz an amazing one!!..truly touchin..

starry nights 10:25 PM  

James Bright..thanks, i always wish he was here.

starry nights 10:27 PM  

Madhu.. thats right he was a hero and at the same time when he disciplined us we thought he was a villan.

starry nights 10:28 PM  

Ekta..first welcome to my blog and do hope u come again. I hope he is looking down on me and smiling.

starry nights 10:29 PM  

Keshi..thanks. i sure do miss him.

starry nights 10:31 PM  

Sudarshan...Thank you and welcome to my blog and do stop by again.

starry nights 10:32 PM  

Shiv..Thank you. and welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.

geetha 10:35 PM  

Very sweet. He is a lucky man to have a daughter like you.. remembering fondly of him.

Gaurav Jain 11:13 PM  

beautiful post, and great tribute!


Dinma 11:44 PM  

I love this writeup.It's striaght from the heart. Though he is no more but I can see his smiles from heaven as he must have read your tribute.Sorry to say we are in the same shoe but mine is both of them.

nishu 1:13 AM  

ok now that was os emotinal. we all feel the same way

Srijith Unni 2:46 AM  

I can understand how special little daughters are for their fathers. A very nice post to read. Surely something which is not special just on Father`s Day but all through the year.
Hope your father will always be looking at you, with you in spirit and at heart.
With Best Regards,

Has to be me 3:03 AM  

Wow! Thats so sweet. Gr8 pic n nice words too.

Reshmi 4:50 AM  

He was the tower of strength, source of love
Even in the midst of my imperfections and pitfalls
He accepted me and helped me grow...

How very true..:)..touching lines..

starry nights 7:06 AM  


starry nights 7:07 AM  

Gaurav..thank you .

starry nights 7:08 AM  

Dinma...Welcome to my blog and do come again. thank you , both my parents are no more.its hard I miss them but we have to live on.Atleast we were given the tools to do so.

starry nights 7:10 AM  


starry nights 7:10 AM  

Srijith ...Thanks. I hope he is smiling down on me.

starry nights 7:11 AM  

Has to be me..Thanks.

starry nights 7:12 AM  

Reshmi..welcome to my blog and please do come again.thank you for your comment.

Shankari 8:33 AM  

Beautiful! loved the way your words have flowed..that can happen only when it comes from deep within

Sumitha 8:52 AM  

Beautiful just beautiful poem Star!I have tagged you for a meme,do check my blog!

christabelle 9:37 AM  

that very beautiful, I jealous u though, at least u hv memories and good ones 2, me I barely knew my dad, he died when I was abt 4, I used 2 feel so much pain when pple tell me, " ur dad was a great guy" i used 2 b angry with God 4 taking him and nt granting me the privilege to no him, thats y I'm grateful 2day that's I've found a heveanly father who by the way is a great guy 2.

Syam 10:38 AM  

//It takes someone special to be a dad//

very true... :-)


Very nice poem for your Dad. Can read all the emotionas within you as you write this too. Hope you had a great Fathers Day, I mean your J had a great fathers day! This poem is something tht I can never forget Starry. Something about it is so personal and so right from the heart!

starry nights 1:50 PM  

Thank you Shankeri

starry nights 1:52 PM  

Christabelle..thank you and its true that sometimes we question gods ways.we dont know why these things happen.I feel sad too that my mom & Dad did not get to know my children.

starry nights 1:53 PM  

Syam...Thank you and welcome to my blog and do stop by again.

starry nights 1:54 PM  

Sumitha..Thank you and I will check your blog.

starry nights 1:55 PM  

Scribblez..thanks and he sure was a good person, sacrificed a lot so our lives could be better. he never got to know my kids and that makes me sad.

Ganesh Ranganathan 5:03 PM  

Arre Baap re...I completely forgot fathers day...

starry nights 6:20 PM  

Ganesh..its not too late you can still wish him.

Bindu Vijayakumar 10:47 PM  

Wow thats a lovely write up on father....

he has been a perfect dad to you and you a perfect daughter...

smiley 2:04 AM  

u had a special dad :)

Vaishali 10:25 AM  

You father - wherever he is - must be proud to have you as his daughter. Because you appreciate him and what he did for you. Not all children do that for their fathers.

starry nights 11:59 AM  

Thank you Bindu.

starry nights 11:59 AM  

Thank you smiley

starry nights 11:59 AM  

Thank you Vaishali

Srivalli 2:43 AM  

excellent one..shows how special he was....great writing...


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