Saturday, June 10, 2006


I click on on my guest map and what do I see
Just Chet, Madhu and Starry-Thats me.
The whole world looks so bare
Are there any people out there?
I know I have many friends
Because they care to comment
on the posts that they read.
So would you be kind enough to place your pin
on my map for the whole world to see
So the next time I click on my map
There will be a seaful of people
Just smiling back at me.

P.S. The guest map is down below to your left.


Anu 1:19 PM  

done! Now you can see me everyday.

Sumitha 3:10 PM  

Hi Star!Lovely,how do you write so well,I cant write a single line like how you do!

Id it is 3:18 PM  

Miles are a mere mathematical measure; proximity is better determined by the frequency and spontaniety of those smiles that come to be when a person reaches out to another to make contact.
Nice post.

nandi23 3:18 PM  

awww, that was beautiful!

starry nights 3:23 PM  

Thank you sumitha,I cant cook like you.

starry nights 3:24 PM  

Id it is...thank you so true miles is just a number. we can still be friends Across the miles.

starry nights 3:24 PM  

Nandi23 thank you.

passerby55 4:04 PM  


good post to make each of your friends feel so special...


Prash 5:39 PM  

how do i pin on your map ?

@ the comments you made in my blog,

The cake was delicious. And I cooked chicken Curry (kerala nadan style with coconut milk, lemon rice and raita (and I got some parathas from an indian restaurant) for my friends and Jean Philippe was there. :-) I am sure you cook much better than me.

starry nights 7:06 PM  


starry nights 7:08 PM  

passerby55...yes I think each one of you is special and thats why I respond to each comment individually.

starry nights 7:17 PM  

Prash..sorry I was not too clear on this.The map is below my profile on the left.
I think the menu sounds good. I think you cook well. Me not so good.I try.

Ajay 7:49 PM  

wow cool :)

I love Munich 12:10 AM  

I just put myself on your guest-map! I was here OFTEN .. you checked at the wrong time!! :)

nishu 4:37 AM  

nice blog .im really worthless in front of you. beautiful

Kevin 11:37 AM  

Since I do not know how to do it, i'l just tell you my location. I'm from Kolkata, India. Just to let you know, "I'll be there for you
these five words I say for you."
Keep posting!

Prash 1:11 PM  

Bingo...I've done it. I've pinned Paris and Hong Kong for me...As I am leaving Paris in two months to Hong Kong.

southpaw 7:09 PM  

Been there :)

starry nights 8:07 PM  

I love Munich..I see you here all the time, just did not see u on my map.

starry nights 8:07 PM  

Kevin..thanks for stopping by, come again.

starry nights 8:09 PM  

Nishu.. thanks but dont say you are worthless. every one in this world is special.

starry nights 8:10 PM  

Prash..Thanks. hope your stay in Hong kong in good. visited Hong kong in 1995.enroute from India.

starry nights 8:11 PM  

Southpaw.. Thanks for taking the time.

rajeev 10:20 PM  

I pineed, but so late, i hide behind Suji :).

rajeev 10:20 PM  

I pinned, but so late, i hide behind Suji :).

Divya 10:30 PM  

Hahaha how cute is your post!! Ok slightly confused, but I'm at Mumbai!

Dh@v@! 1:09 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose 1:21 AM  


Me will be smiling ear-to-ear whenevr u wana see me.



starry nights 7:53 AM  

Rajiv ..Thank you and welcome to my blog and please come back again.

starry nights 7:54 AM  

Divya..welcome, glad to see that you stopped by and please come again.and Thanks

starry nights 7:55 AM  


starry nights 7:56 AM  

Rose..Thanks I will be smiling when I see you there.

starry nights 7:56 AM  

Rajeev...Even if you are behind suji I will know you are there.

Keshi 8:59 PM  

d u see me? :)


chitra 11:57 PM  

Unable to do. I am in suburb of Delhi. Lovely post. Lovely photographs of the place you live.

Envy you.

starry nights 9:09 AM  

Keshi..I see you. Tanks.

starry nights 9:09 AM  

Chitra..thats ok. i am glad you stopped by and please do come again.

Anonymous,  11:36 PM  

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