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I thought it would be nice to share some facts about Simi Valley , a place I have called home for the last 16 years. Previously I had lived in large cities like Michigan and Chicago , so it was a nice change when we came here. It is a really small town located about 40 miles NW of Los angeles. It has been ranked as the safest city in America for a number of years. When we first came here the population was about 100,000 now it has grown to aprox 110,000. It is a beautiful place surrounded by hills but also is at a high risk for wild fires. We also are at a high risk for earthquakes because of the many earthquake faults that surround us. Southern california has a high fire risk ,usually the hot weather and the high winds cause several fires to sweep across the hills .Last year the whole city was surrounded by fire, we were very lucky not to have been harmed. From our bedroom window we could see the fire on the hills, it was an awesome but scary sight.

Simi valley was once inhabited by Chumash Indians. The word simi valley comes from the word "Shimiji" which means little white clouds. Simi Valley is home to the Ronald Reagen Library and also many western movies have been shot here, also tv shows like Little House on the Prarie and Mash and the 2003 Movie Dr Seuss " Cat in the Hat" . For transportation we have Metro buses, and the Amtrack and Metrolink trains run through the city. Simi Valley average temperature is 60 degrees F. The average low temperature is 51 degrees F. The average high temperature is 77 degrees F. We also get the santa Anna winds which usually shreds all the leaves .the banana leaf looks fringed and most of the weaker plants fall to the ground.
Even with fires and earthquakes it is still a nice place to live in, no place is perfect and we have to make the best of what we have. I have posted a few pictures of the hills and the fires.


Dotm 9:10 AM  

Some great pictures. I know the fear of a huge fire near your home. real scarry. Glad you, your family and your home was kept safe. I had a friend who lived in Danville. Is that anywhere near where you live?
I prefer living outside the city in the smaller populations, but our town has also grown a lot since i moved here.
Interesting to read about your area. Sounds like a nice place to live.

starry nights 9:15 AM  

Thanks dotm...Every year we go through this, sometimes it is a little further away, only once it came by really close and we were asked to evacuate.You cannot live in southern California and avoid the fires and earthquakes. we were affected by the Northridge Earthquake in 1995. It was scary but we were safe.I dont know where Danville is.


Wooo...I was wondering which place had those fires...Mama you said the view is spectacular but if it begins the destructive zone, it is just so depressing...Nice fact file...I for one know more about tht place!! thanks for the info! :)

starry nights 10:07 AM  

Scribblez..I am glad I was able to give you some info about simi valley and the fires.

Anu 10:12 AM  

Aaaahh! Lovely place! I am happier living in small towns too.

Dr. Deborah Serani 11:12 AM  

Wow, those are some amazing pictures! The fires in california are scary when they happen. So sudden and so hard to control.

starry nights 11:41 AM  

Anu..You are right I like living in a small town

starry nights 11:42 AM  

Dr Deborah Serani..Welcome to my blog and please do come again. The fires do come on all of a sudden and are scary.

I love Munich 11:49 AM  

I vaguely remember Simi Valley ... I lived for some years down in Costa Mesa (close to Newport Beach) and Lake Forest (not far from Irvine), about a car-hour south of LA! I thought though the temperatures are MUCH higher! Don't they go above the hundred in summer?
Earthquakes ... the smaller ones didn't much excite me. The big ones I experienced .. well, I SURE don't need them!!! I remember (during the two STRONG ones, three hours apart - in 1990) having sat under a massive oak-table which two strong men barely could lift ... it jumped above my head like a feather! I SURE don't need that ... but you're right - the whole area is beautiful!!

chet 1:32 PM  

Beautiful pictures, I could do without the fires and earthquakes. I was stationed in Long Beach years ago. Don't remember much but it was beautiful country then too. I did not realize the population was over 100,000. Makes my little town really look small since our population is just over 800 now. Great post!!!!

oopseedaisee 1:44 PM  

Thanks for the info. I love the 2nd photo. It is curved, did you take it from a reflection on the side of a car?
Sounds like a nice place to live.

starry nights 1:45 PM  

I love Munich..we are about 60-70 miles from Costa Mesa. The temperatures in some areas do go above 100 but lately there has been so many fluctuations in the temp that it has not been so hot anymore. were you in La during the 1994 Earthquake?

Shankari 2:58 PM  

Simi valley looks beautiful. Another place on my list for places I want to visit

JamesBright 3:10 PM  

Beautiful pics. I also enjoyed the narration.

starry nights 5:30 PM  

chet..thanks ,it was so much smaller when we moved here but has really grown over the years, we even have one indian grocery store and an indian restaurant, a really small one.

starry nights 5:31 PM  

oopseedaisy .thanks but I did not take the picture, I was hiding inside the house during the fires.

starry nights 5:31 PM  

James Bright...Thank you

starry nights 5:40 PM  

Shankari..You should visit simi valley, theres not a whole lot of stuff to do, but its nice.

geetha 6:53 PM  

Eventhough its a small place, we still love our home.. home is home :)
Nice pictures... seems very peaceful.

Madhu 7:08 PM  

good pics. wow! and u tell me simi valley was rankest the safest city :) i too prefer to live outside the city, away from the noise and pollution.

earthquakes and forest fires, mother nature's angry unleashed. wow! it must be exciting around there. unfortunately or fortunately, i slept throught the only earthquake that came in chennai. but yes, did experience the terror of tsunami. gosh, i dread the fury of nature!!!

passerby55 8:38 PM  

".... no place is perfect and we have to make the best of what we have"

A wonderful positive approach!

This post is a well written piece of work. The pictures are awesum. the last picture has so many vibrant colours in the sky.....loved them!

It sounds good to stay in a place named Simi(meaning so well)...and that too a valley!

enjoy life and keep posting!


starry nights 8:45 PM  

Yes Githa Home is where the heart is , regardless of how big it is or where it is.

starry nights 8:46 PM  

Madhu..Sometimes we cannot escape natures Fury. so we still stay here and pray that god will protect us,and so far he has.

Keshi 8:57 PM  

wow some very interesting pics of a very interesting place..never heard of Simi Valley b4, so thanks for the enlightenment Starry!


Suji 11:00 PM  

Seems to be a beautiful and peaceful place even with the earthquakes and fires. I would love to live in a small town away from the maddening city life. Great pics and information. Thanks for sharing.

Dr O2 11:17 PM  

the only places around L.A I know abt are Diamond bar, Orange county n Riverside! anywhere near?

Dh@v@! 11:47 PM  

safest city in America :O:O:O
never knew that…
and yar don’t talk about earthquake… I have phobia of it cuz I have experienced Gujarat Earthquake (Jan 26, 2001)

but I must say those pics are kewl

Gaurav Jain 11:53 PM  

Hello Lalitha!
Those are some really lovely pictures; a very picturesque countryside that you live in!

I was in LA early this year, and am visiting again in July (to meet my sis and my niece). I must say even LA is really beautiful, though I'll only be spending 2 days with them :(

It's quite amazing that Simi Valley, despite having those wild fires and all, is still considered one of the safest places in the world!!

Take care.

jac 2:30 AM  

Astonishingly beautiful!
You have an eye on the beauty.

RefleXtion 4:52 AM  

wow place looks really beautiful!

Even with fires and earthquakes it is still a nice place to live in


southpaw 7:21 AM  

Lovely place!!!

Anonymous,  7:44 AM  

i wonder how it felt in the 'indians' time
ur blog friend

Onyeka George Nwelue 7:47 AM  

Holy shit! This is really a nice post. I loved the pictures...

Ankit 8:06 AM  

nice pics but laod hone mein infy time lag gaya :(

starry nights 8:15 AM  

Keshi..Thanks I am glad to have been able to tell everyone about simi valley.

starry nights 8:16 AM  

Thanks Passer by. It is small but is growing everyday.

starry nights 8:18 AM  

Thanks Suji.It is small and nothing happens here , and at night it is very quiet. There was a postcard once which read,"simi valley's night life" and the card was just black, thats how exciting this place is,

starry nights 8:19 AM  

Dr o2 we are 40 miles NW of LA , maybe a 100 miles from River side and I really dont know how far Diamond bar is.

starry nights 8:21 AM  

Dh@v@...I think this city is safe because many cops live here , it is true that it has been ranked several times as the safest city. But you always have to be cautious no matter where u live.

starry nights 8:25 AM  

Gaurav..I hope you have a good time in La and to see you neice for the first time. If u have time you should make a quick trip to Simi valley. It is only 40 miles nw , not much to see, The Ronald Reagen Library is there.not a favorite of my husbands because he is a Democrat. Dont come after dark because the city is dead. It is ranked the safest city because of the low crime rate. more and more people are moving in here and the city is growing because it is safe and less expensive than in LA and also many people work in LA and live here.have a good trip.

starry nights 8:26 AM  

Jac..Thanks. may be you will visit simi valley some time, it is not the most beautiful place on earth but it is nice.

starry nights 8:27 AM  

Reflextion..Thanks, it is safe because of the low crime rate , even with fires and earthquake.

starry nights 8:29 AM  


starry nights 8:31 AM  

Adi..During the time of the Indians this was a small Horse and buggy town.only hollywood movies were shot here , only after a freeway was built people started moving in, otherwise it was hard to get into the valley, the only way in was through a canyon which still exists and people use it, i do also sometimes when I am in a hurry.

starry nights 8:34 AM  

Onyeka..Thanks for visiting my blog, and please come again.

starry nights 8:34 AM  

Ankit..welcome to my blog and please do stop by again.

Maya Cassis 4:45 PM  

wow!gorgeous pics :)

Known Stranger 4:47 AM  

for any recent future i dont forsee myself laying my feet into america. The pictures of yoru town is so beautiful seems a town of my liking with mountains and sea near by.

Sumitha 12:56 PM  

Hey Star,seems like quite a scary place to live in!

starry nights 1:24 PM its a nice place to live in.even with earthquakes and fires. I am alive am I not

Anonymous,  11:24 AM  

Looking to see what its like, my husband would love to come out and see it. He absolutely loved Ronald Reagan.


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