Monday, June 26, 2006


The door bell rings
Who can it be?
A uniformed man from Fedex
With a package adressed to me.

I tear open the package
Inside I see,
A small Aqua green box
With a white ribbon bow
Signed Tiffany & company.

My heart beats fast
From whom can it be?
A surprise gift from"J"
No! it cant be,
Because "surprise" is not in his vocabulary.

I slowly open the package
And there I see
A sterling silver chain with the initial"L"
In a aqua velvet pouch and a card for me.

It reads....
"Your thought of today, Happy Birthday"
Its from a young friend of mine.
Who looks up to me like a child of mine
And calls to say hello a dozen of times.

I smile and I think even if it is'nt from"J"
Its a beautiful gift and a wonderful thought.
Its something I will treasure and hold close to my heart.
Thank you Natashah.


Mindinside 7:26 PM  

Happy birthday(((((Starrynights))))
from the bottom of my heart

May your life be long and joyfull
May your wishes come true
May your future brings you happy messages

Kuan Gung 8:12 PM  

Happy Birthday!!! Very nice gift there sister!

Kuan Gung 8:13 PM  

Thank you for letting me post that wonderful "Summer Day"...beautiful images...

samuru999 8:28 PM  

How very sweet.
Thanks for sharing that.
Happy Birthday!

Manisha 8:33 PM  

Lalitha, a very Happy Birthday to you! I hope you had a wonderful day! So how did you celebrate? Do tell!

sudhav 8:37 PM  

Lalitha, if im not wrong your bth is on the 28th of this month isint?I dont want to be late in wishing you..Advance Birthday wishes..

Srijith Unni 9:29 PM  

Getting a gift makes you happy, and when it`s a surprise, the merrier.!!

Wish a very happy birthday for tomorrow.!

Anonymous,  9:52 PM  

Ahaaa...b'day gift:)

starry nights 10:00 PM  

Mindinside..thanks, the birthday is on the 28th but early wishes are always accepted.thank you

starry nights 10:01 PM  


starry nights 10:02 PM  

Manisha..thanks. the birthday is on the 28th , I will let u know how I celebrated.

starry nights 10:03 PM are right, birthday is on the 28th , but a day early or late does not matter.thanks for remembering.

starry nights 10:04 PM  

Srijith..thank you ....

starry nights 10:04 PM  

Southpaw..thank you for those wishes.

JamesBright 10:39 PM  

That was a lovely surprise...!
I wish you a wonderful birthday..!

geetha 11:08 PM  

Happy Birthday!
I hope J will be planning a suprise suprise for you *silent prayer* ;)
So sweet of your friend to send that gift :)

bLitzKrieg 11:31 PM  

hey happpyyy bday sis ;)

have da best bday u've ever had!!

Akshay 12:46 AM  

I know how a surprise for a bday can be, really awesome feeling. Very happy bday to you :)

Madhu 1:28 AM  

That's cho chweet. Advance birthday wishes dear starry

Sujay Sukumar 1:36 AM  

choooo chweet :)

Ghost Particle 4:14 AM  

now that is nice isnt it. There is still love in this world. Small things add up to infinity...

Has to be me 5:18 AM  

Happy bday starry! Thats so sweet n thotful of natasha! :) Enjoy ur day & ur yr ahead with many more pleasurable surprises as this!

Strictly for my friends 5:22 AM  

The bouquet and the jewellery were both lovely! Advanced Happy birthday!

My fiance gave me my engagement ring from Tiffany's!

Anonymous,  5:57 AM  

There's a small b'day wish for u on my wordpress

christabelle 7:13 AM  

oh starry nite, how come, u mean its ur birthday, oh dear, I wish u all the hppiness ur heart can contain. I hope u'll have a very beautiful day.
happy birthday!!!!

Dawn....सेहर 7:34 AM  

Hey Happy Birthday dear...:) I am a believer and I believe no wishes are late ever :D...
Many Wishes, Happy Wishes and Healthy Wishes too

Many Happy Returns Of The Day...

starry nights 7:35 AM  

James Bright..Thank you

starry nights 7:36 AM  

Geetha....Thank you and that was eally sweet of her, and she is only 18 but so thoughtful.she always says I am like a mom to her.

starry nights 7:36 AM  

Blitzkreig...THANK YOU

starry nights 7:37 AM  


starry nights 7:37 AM  

Madhu..thank You for your kind words.

starry nights 7:39 AM are right there is still love in this world. nomatter how small, because I think it all adds up and spreads around.

starry nights 7:40 AM  

Has to be me..Thank you. Natashah is really sweet, only 18 but so mature beyond her years. she is very dear to me.

starry nights 7:41 AM  

Christabelle..its my birthday to morrow. thank you in advance for your kind wishes.

starry nights 7:42 AM  

Dawn..Thank you very much for your wishes.

Prash 7:51 AM  

Joyeuse Anniversiare...(Happy b'day in French°...

May you be showered with all happiness, health and wealth all your life.


Alexis Leon 8:13 AM  

Happy birthday Lalitha. Wishing you all the very best in the coming year.... And that was a lovely gift.

starry nights 8:22 AM  

Prash..Thank you.

starry nights 8:22 AM  

Alexis..Thank you so much for your wishes.

Loga 9:24 AM  

Happy birthday !!!
Advanced birthday wishes!!!
Enjoi ur day !!!

Id it is 10:26 AM  

Happy Birthday.
Great thank you poem.

starry nights 10:58 AM  

Loga..thank u for ur wishes.

starry nights 10:58 AM  

Id it is ...thank you.

chandni,  1:02 PM  

oh happy birthday!!!

and that's beautiful gift!!!!

hope u have a great day and year ahead!!!!


Hey wonderful!!! This is wht I was saying when I said we have no surprises anymore and to beat my point you get a gift, I feel so thrilled!! Guess you got it a day in advance right?
If I am rong about the date, let me WISH YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY (today) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow)

starry nights 1:51 PM  

Thank you Chandni.

starry nights 1:53 PM  

Scribblez..thank you. its tomorrow, but its ok to start the celebrations a day ahead. "J" always buys me Indian Jewellery, so it was a nice surprise to get something from Tiffanys.

indianadoc 2:25 PM  

Belated wishes...May God bless you with everything best in life!...that's indeed a cute post!

starry nights 2:28 PM  

Indiandoc..welcome to my blog and please stop by again.thank u for your wishes.

Anonymous,  4:07 PM  

Oh! that was lovely!

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day! May God bless you for a 100 more years of happy life!

starry nights 7:50 PM  

Lg....Thank you for your wishes.

nandi23 8:22 PM  

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doris,  10:10 PM  

A Wish and a Prayer that God will shower you with His Blessings,of Peace,Joy Happiness and above all good Health. You are so deserving of this. In spite of all your pain and suffering you never complain. You are an inspiration to all of us and a joy to be around. You will soon be on your feet again and it will be like old times. JESUS NEVER FAILS. Happy Birthday my Sister my Friend. I Love you very much.

chitra 10:31 PM  

wish you many many happy returns of the day and may u receive many more such surprise gifts!

AlterinG Abhishek 10:52 PM  

wow!! nice gifts and all!!
Belated birthday wishes!!

Shankari 12:06 AM  

wish you a very very happy birthday and many many years more (we need to read your blogs

Ekta 12:09 AM  

hey happy bday!!!
what a wonderful present!
U lucky girl...enjoy the day to the fullest and hope u have a joyful year ahead!

Sumitha 1:29 AM  

Hey Star a wonderful Birthday wish for you!Have a great time and lots of fun!

Raji 2:08 AM  

Dear Lalitha,

Have a smashing birthday. May all your cherished dreams come true.


Jeevan 3:05 AM  

Wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) that's a sweet gift form your friend.

Anonymous,  3:13 AM  

nice. finally some poetry ican understand. :)

Gaurav Jain 3:14 AM  

Looks like I'm 2 days late, but anyways..

Belated Happy Birthday!

May this birthday bring all the joys of the world to your doorsteps (not just the surprise gift pack!)

priya 4:10 AM  

Happy birthday starry!!!!
Thaz a wonderful gift.
Have fun and enjoy your day!!!

Reshmi 4:51 AM  

Happy b'day starry dear..:)
Itz been nice knowing a wonderful person like u..
N keep penning ur thoughts on this lil space..

*hugs* Reshmi

sudhav 6:24 AM  

happy birthday lalitha..have a wonderful day today and the year ahead..

starry nights 11:23 AM  

Nandi 23..Thank you

starry nights 11:24 AM  

Doris..Thank you. you are a kind and wonderful person, everyone should be lucky to have a sister like you.

starry nights 11:25 AM  

Chitra..welcome to my blog and do come again. thank u for your wishes.

starry nights 11:26 AM  

Alter Abhishek..thank you.

starry nights 11:27 AM  

Shankari..Thank you very much.

starry nights 5:39 AM  

James Bright...thanks

starry nights 5:39 AM  

Geetha..thank you for your wishes. I am praying too.

starry nights 5:42 AM  

Ekta...welcome to my blog and thank u for your wishes.

starry nights 5:42 AM  


starry nights 5:43 AM  

Raji..thank you for your kind wishes.

starry nights 5:43 AM  

Gaurav..thank you for your wishes.

starry nights 5:44 AM  

Priya..thank you for your wishes.

starry nights 5:44 AM  

Reshmi..thank you

starry nights 5:44 AM  

Sudav..Thank you

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