Tuesday, June 20, 2006


There is a saying "See no evil" "Hear no evil" and "speak no evil" and it is always portrayed by three monkeys closing their mouth, ears and eyes. Sometimes in life I think we just dont see, hear or speak about things that we need to. It is very easy to look the other way and pretend it is not happening when we dont want to be bothered. By doing this we somehow feel it is ok. Is it ok to look the other way or point fingers at someone who is down in life, is having a hard time and maybe not doing as well as you are. I think it is selfishness that makes us do this. We feel that as long as it is not happening to us or our immediate family , we should not worry about it. I think as a society we should look out for one another and lend a helping hand no matter how small. Sometimes all that is needed is a kind word or a gesture.


Madhu 6:48 PM  

Agreed that sometimes ppl do that but not all are like that. I know ppl who go out of the way to help even strangers in their bad times.
Many of us keep quiet, for whatever reasons. But I find it hard to believe some ppl derive pleasure seeing the other person's downfall or tragedy. I cant imagine what would cause that.

starry nights 6:52 PM  

You are right madhu not everyone is like that and for the most part people do help one another but I have seen the otherside too.

Ebun 6:54 PM  

It is unimaginable but it does happen. One thing I can say is that, Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life. Kindness is one of the attributes of being a successful person. If you rejoice in other people's downfall then you don't have Christ inside of you.

Keshi 7:00 PM  

I agree Starry. Many ppl dun wanna budge from their circle. They dun care abt another man's tears or feelings as long as it dun affect them. Thats how selfish the world is today.

But I also believe there r a few great souls still ard...ppl like u.


starry nights 7:26 PM  

Ebun..You are right, sometimes all it takes is a kind word.

starry nights 7:28 PM  

Keshi..you are right. I should not say all people are like that, because there are a lot of kind souls out there, but there are a few who pretend not to hear, see or talk about it.

Anonymous,  8:07 PM  

A kind word, or gesture is all that is needed sometime***Absolutely.

priya 8:36 PM  

People are scared to get into others problem and it is just an escapism to get unnoticed from their eyes.
But, ther are good people who care and support.
When you say gesture, I remember in few cities (NY), its hard to find ppl' who smile back you. Busy?? No...
They are insecure and not bothered.

geetha 8:38 PM  

People don't feel a thing, unless if it affects them directly. Many are like that.

Hats off to those who help others with nothing in return.. especially those blood donours!

jac 8:41 PM  

You are kinder than I thought.

Nandita 8:41 PM  

Hi Starry! You;ve been tagged with a meme, but fret not, it's fast to write and good to read- http://saffrontrail.blogspot.com/2006/06/confessions-in-groups-of-five-meme.html

Ekta 8:52 PM  

very weel said!
Sometimes we just need to stand up and speak and damn the world if they think otherwise!

Alexis Leon 9:07 PM  

Very true and very well said.

Reshmi 9:31 PM  

thtz sensibility summed in a few words..
well said..:)

Mindinside 9:47 PM  

The golden kind words spoken already here and there by other kind golden hearts .... but who is there to bring them to action?

Its easy to talk
how about taking an action?

Sorry .. am not intending to be rude to you, am speaking in general

Maddy 9:49 PM  

Very well said.
Wonderful picture as well!


starry nights 9:59 PM  

Southpaw..sometimes all it takes is a smile or a hello to make someones day better.

starry nights 10:00 PM  

Priya..yes there are a lot of wonderful people out there who are caring and kind and give of themselves.and then there are others.

starry nights 10:01 PM  

Jac..thank you , you are always kind to me.

starry nights 10:02 PM  

Geetha..true. many people give a lot including their blood to save strangers.

starry nights 10:03 PM  

Nandita..thanks will take u up on that tag.

starry nights 10:03 PM  

Ekta..true words.

starry nights 10:03 PM  


starry nights 10:04 PM  

Reshmi thanks.

starry nights 10:07 PM  

Mindinside..thanks for your comment. it is just a reminder for all including me to be aware of other people, be sensitive to each other and not be quick to judge. if each one of us is aware of this, it would be a better world. we really dont need a whole big campaign or an action commitee. The change has to come from within each one.

starry nights 10:08 PM  

Maddy..thanks. and welcome to my blog and do come again.

sailaja 11:08 PM  

Absolutely, SN. Couldnt agree more.

Every time, you spare your time, do a loving deed, say a kind word, love sincerely and unselfishly, you give GOD, because GOD is love.

"If you strive to make money, your fortune will be remembered. If you strive for fame and glory, your statue will be remembered. But if you live for others, you will be remembered, and you will live forever in the hearts of those you gave hope and love to."

There is no two ways about it!!

sailaja 11:09 PM  

And yes, you said it. The change has to be within ourself..

Annita 11:10 PM  

What you've said is very coorect Starry..I agree with you..

Divya 11:20 PM  

Very true.. well said..
P.S.- what a cute pic!!!

Bittu's Mamma 12:13 AM  

Very well said! It is very true.From the time we're young children, we're taught not to be selfish.We're taught that being selfish is bad. But we don't remember that often.

Rose 12:15 AM  

Cudnt agree with you more..

I think we al should jst stand still for sometime and see, listen, voice and feel for whats happening around us..


Strictly for my friends 12:45 AM  

I think a lot of sensitive people feel the way you do. There are so many times when you want to go out and help and you can't because of social constraints, time constraints, etc. No point feeling guilty about such things. I try not to. And when it does, inspite of everything, I just go back to what I felt bad about and try and do something about it, however belated.

Strictly for my friends 12:52 AM  

I just re-read my comment and thought it made me sound callous, but that's not really what I meant nor was I talking about myself. Of course, there are people who help with a generous heart, but there are those too who want to but cannot do anything to help , due to various reasons.

RefleXtion 3:00 AM  

Pointing fingures at someone is definately a no no...usually I'm confronted with...how much should I do...I want to help people...sometimes they don't want to be saved...sometimes...I need to do more but I can't. Sometimes I can do more but I don't want to...because I feel the person will not make efforts to pick themselves up..and they are looking for pity. I'd like to believe I AM doing my bit.

richunderconstruction 3:02 AM  

think we all live in our own sphere...
a small helping hand...we seem to lose it as we becum 'worldly wise'

sad... children are so nice,
wat happens as we grow up?

(lil drifting away, bt been thinking so...)

Jeevan 4:44 AM  

i agree, i used think if we are in trouble, that time when no one helps who will be our mind.

Jeevan 4:44 AM  
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Has to be me 6:00 AM  

So true. What to do everyone thinks its not their responsibility. Good post.

starry nights 7:33 AM  

sailaja..true. I cant agree with you more. when you are gone people will remember you by what you have done in this world.

starry nights 7:34 AM  


starry nights 7:35 AM  

Divya. thank you and I liked that picture too. it just strung a chord in my heart.

starry nights 7:36 AM  

Bittu's mamma..well said. I agree with you. sometimes we dont even realize what we do, because to us it seems right.

starry nights 7:36 AM  

Rose..I think silence is golden, it makes us feel what is happening around us.

starry nights 7:37 AM  

Strictly for my friends., Sometimes all it takes is a smile.

starry nights 7:39 AM  

Reflextion..I understand what you mean, you cannot save the whole world. and you cannot uplift every one, but we can try and make someone elses day a little brighter by being kind.

starry nights 7:40 AM  

Rich ..we do live in our own sphere sometimes. well said.I am guilty of tht too.

starry nights 7:41 AM  

Jeevan..This is actually what I meant, about helping someone or being their friend when they are in trouble and not be there only when everything runs smoothly.

starry nights 7:42 AM  

Has to be me..Thanks. I think it takes every person to lend a hand.

Neers 7:59 AM  

this was CUTE!!!! :)

christabelle 8:18 AM  

this is so true, infact from the part of the world i come frm, I think its even worse pple are just so selfish.

starry nights 8:18 AM  

Thank you Neers.

Prash 8:49 AM  

You are so right. We have to hear, see and speak what we have to. Most of the times, we don't do what he have to...

Sumitha 9:22 AM  

what a pretty picture Star,I just loved it,I shall share one of my favourite quote to u star,I dont know if these r the right words but it goes something like this...
The world is dangerous not because of the people who do evil,but because of the people who let it happen!

Delaleuverses 10:25 AM  

This is a powerful post plus adding the pic of the eggs, wow, most enjoyed the read

starry nights 10:46 AM  

Christabelle..thanks and you are right.

starry nights 10:47 AM  

Prash.. cannot always close our eyes, ears and mouth. sometimes we have to open all three and take note.

starry nights 10:48 AM  

Sumitha..thank you and I love your quote it makes so much sense."he world is dangerous not because of the people who do evil,but because of the people who let it happen!"

starry nights 10:49 AM  

Thank you Dela.welcome to my blog.

I love Munich 3:09 PM  

Starry nights - I couldn't agree more!! Wonderfully said!! I have seen the other side only too often ... our sick society lacks this kind of compassion even though I hate to generalize!


Written and said well and everyone wants to do it but at the end of the day we do end up looking after our backs in most cases and exceptionally we take care of others...This policy is the best but I believe more in the policy of not hurting anyone if I cant be of good....And yes, kind words are often heard from me!! :)

Keshi 9:32 PM  

**there are a few who pretend not to hear, see or talk about it.

thats cos they r insensitive...let em be. We have us :)


smiley 1:55 AM  

Sometimes all that is needed is a kind word or a gesture.

u r absolutely right :)

adi 10:20 PM  

pls. send me the link to ur weird things tag post...

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